Jennifer Tilly and Jennifer Connelly are gonna be on Leno and Conan tonight!

JENNIFER TILLY IS SO HOT. Jennifer Connelly’s pretty hot too. Well… she was a lot hotter before anyway. But not as much anymore. She sorta did a Christina Ricci and got skinny. And her boobs shrunk. =(

I mean, did you see her during the Oscars? LOOK.


And compare that to how she was… BEFORE.




Subject: Le Boobies de Connelly
From: L Traiun
Date: Mon, Apr 22 2002 10:43:21 PM -0700 (PDT)

In case you needed an explanation, she got them ruduced. Heard through a friend of a friend of her publicist. Good friend of a good friend.

But it does suck.


Anyway, did anyone catch Jennifer Tilly’s appearance on Leno? Wow. I never knew she was that bubbly. She’s pretty funny in a whacked out kinda way.

I like her a lot.

I think i might just have to hunt down Bride of Chucky and Bound on DVD this weekend. Two of her better movies. Oh. And she’s also in that new movie with Kirsten Dunst. The Cats Meow. I need to see that. If only for the fact that Jennifer Tilly and Kirsten Dunst are in it.

The movie that i’m REALLY looking forward to see is, of course, Spider-man. But hey, who isn’t?

Money shot! Wee!

5 thoughts on “omg

  1. Hey people i made a site when furbar was dead, wanan chekit out !?, even U justin take a look , and ime not giving up onit, its been steady posting since open day.

    #1 | Comment by Visentinel — April 23, 2002 @ 8:38 am

  2. justin, is jennifer connelly on that ‘Inventing the Abbots’ flick with Liv Tyler?

    #2 | Comment by meloveyoulongtimejustin — April 23, 2002 @ 1:32 pm

  3. you faggot. christina ricci is so hot, especially since she lost weight. i mean, have you seen her recently? you just feel like she’s the hottest person in this world. even kiki is second-rate

    p.s. you can catch christina ricci’s guest appearance in ally mcbeal. she’s sooo hot. ricci, that is.

    #3 | Comment by dude,whoaaaa — April 23, 2002 @ 4:05 pm

  4. dude tilly made me change the channel like five times because she was getting on my fucking nerves. If you ask me I think she was either amped or on one to many stiff vodka drinks.

    BTW….the money shot pick does make an/a excellent backround….I was getting tired of miss stefani anyway.

    kiki, second rate…….nope

    #4 | Comment by vass — April 23, 2002 @ 8:12 pm

  5. Tilly is hot, but only in the pics. As soon as I hear her talk I cringe and change the channel.

    #5 | Comment by scloop — April 23, 2002 @ 10:29 pm

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