I fixed the pedo counter!

6 07 2017

Goddamn i missed that thing.

The script broke a while back. Like, a coupla years back. Had to remove it since it wasn’t working. And i never bothered to fix it. Well, mostly because i didn’t have access to the backend to actually fix it but now i got it fixed!

It’s never going to ever show numbers in the hundreds anymore (like back in the day) but at least it’s functioning. Probably need to have javascript enabled on your browser for it to work. Maybe.

Here’s an old screenshot of the site from 2003 when this place used to have hundreds of people on here at any given time.

Is it bad that we joke about pedos and being pedos on here?

(Yes. It is bad and we should feel bad.)


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19 responses to “I fixed the pedo counter!”

    6 07 2017
  • 1.  Justin (06:18:15) :

    holy crap, i managed to fixed the page navigation thing at the bottom of the site. the ‘next page – previous page’ thing.

    that was also broken for the longest time.

    this is stupidly exiting because i haven’t played around with HTML and PHP in fucking years.

  • 6 07 2017
  • 2.  pirho (12:17:24) :

    You feeling nostalgic or something that you are on this fixing rampage now?

  • 6 07 2017
  • 3.  Justin (13:42:11) :

    just fixing all the stuff that’s been broken for while that i couldn’t fix because i couldn’t get into the backend.

    the old forum (tjnr version) broke too. it was actually up after i fixed it a while back, but now it’s down again.

  • 6 07 2017
  • 4.  Jono (14:22:56) :

    I wonder if Im the only one still using the RSS feed?

  • 6 07 2017
  • 5.  pirho (16:20:02) :

    Does that at least work?

  • 6 07 2017
  • 6.  Justin (22:58:34) :

    is RSS even still a thing in 2017?

  • 7 07 2017
  • 7.  pirho (13:42:25) :

    Well I see it in mine, not sure until a new update is posted. Maybe some new info on the whereabouts of Miss Hanna Minx? Maybe a video of Justin Undousuru

  • 9 07 2017
  • 8.  daserca (05:24:12) :

    And when are you making your website responsive? We have smartphone now, you know? ?

  • 9 07 2017
  • 9.  Glitter (11:34:27) :

    I am currently the only pedo visiting this site…

    … Right now.

  • 9 07 2017
  • 10.  Ray (19:33:29) :

    Still a fan here I hope you update the header pic with a new batch of girls!!! :)

  • 15 07 2017
  • 11.  el Gigante (09:00:34) :

    RSS is the only reason I still visit this site! Seriously, who just randomly visits this site expecting an update? That’s a fools errand and a jester’s pastime! Hark!

  • 23 08 2017
  • 12.  Bubba (00:20:49) :

    Can I post in this shit now? Haven’t been able to in years.

  • 16 09 2017
  • 13.  FukkenSaved (06:25:26) :

    At the end of the day this was the place that led me to Kewtr, which eventually resulted in me making the system of self-reliance from mass Youtube scanning I use today.
    What initially started as a means to watch the girls’ videos without leading to the girls getting heroed evolved into an efficient way to scan 500 of the girls’ videos a day, in just 15 minutes.
    Who knows what would’ve happened instead had that chain of events not been started. I don’t know how everyone else can stand the crap they get off to.
    Maybe something like Kewtr used to be continues in girlti.me, but I highly doubt I’ll ever see a serious community for collecting the videos I’ve wanted to see out of many places since and never got anywhere

  • 16 09 2017
  • 14.  Justin (07:53:30) :

    videos of chicks getting naked on cam and leaked onto the internets used to be something special back in the day (see: psycho girl, libby hoeller etc).

  • 16 09 2017
  • 15.  FukkenSaved (20:01:03) :

    Fuck that, I want to see videos of chicks doing their ballet stretches

  • 4 10 2017
  • 16.  Filthyfish (12:50:24) :

    FukkenSaved, in a round about way I see that as a compliment.

    An interesting and checkered story it is. Fast forward gosh knows how many years it has been and I wouldn’t even dare mention the involvement I had in various nefarious web ventures.

    Facebook and YouTube can still yield gold. It’s not setting the world on fire but the gold is out there nonetheless. The rush is over and the 49ers have run their course long ago. All that’s left is a middle aged man and cool “back in the day” stories of the wild west pedo-net.

    Take care fruit cake. Even at odds we’re still kindred spirits.

  • 18 02 2018
  • 17.  The Moist Llama (05:30:29) :

    Manushka is a shoe.

  • 28 02 2018
  • 18.  The Moist Llama (08:00:34) :

    Why is this tarmen? Who will go heyhey?

  • 28 02 2018
  • 19.  The Moist Llama (08:01:05) :

    Why is this tarmen? Who will go hey hey?

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