Red Eye/Rachel McAdams

I kinda regret watching the trailer for Red Eye all those months ago because it would’ve been nice to have gone into it not knowing the plot twist that happens halfway through the movie (which was totally given away in the fucking trailer, i hate that).

Of course, i don’t think anybody would’ve been fooled if they thought Red Eye would just be another romantic comedy (which is what the trailer starts off looking like, complete with happy music). Besides, Cillian Murphy is just too creepy as fuck to be a leading man in a rom com. Plus, it IS a Wes Craven movie after all (but then again he did do Music of the Heart…) but the point is, it would’ve been pretty neat if that twist was never revealed in the trailer. Although i’m sure there’s probably more than just the one.

But oh well. I’ll be watching it mostly for Rachel McAdamsAwesome anyway. I love this girl. I hear she gives another great performance in the movie (and the movie itself’s been getting some pretty positive reviews too). Seems like she can do no wrong.

16 thoughts on “Red Eye/Rachel McAdams

  1. Craven also did Cursed…dumb.

    McFirst. ^_^

    #1 | Comment by AngelBaby — August 20, 2005 @ 4:02 am

  2. I thought it had to do with supernaturalness (not a real word) type stuff but I guess its a “thriller” and it has to do with her having to kill somebody on the plane or else her dad gets killed. Oh well i wanna go see it anyway, damn trailers!

    *shakes fist in air in anger*

    #2 | Comment by DUDEMASTER — August 20, 2005 @ 4:04 am

  3. you fucker. that had better not be a spoiler.

    and cursed was still a horror movie noob!

    music of the heart was wes cravens only non horror movie.

    #3 | Comment by Justin — August 20, 2005 @ 4:07 am

  4. I thought “New Nightmare” was his only non-horror movie.

    I crack myself up.

    #4 | Comment by Ruprecht Jones — August 20, 2005 @ 4:18 am

  5. Not a spoiler, its on the sypnosis at and on every damn review of the movie out there, so stop being such a mangina and go see it.

    #5 | Comment by DUDEMASTER — August 20, 2005 @ 4:26 am

  6. P.S. Cillian’s character carries an infected monkey on board and it bites and spits its way through the whole plane and everyone gets Rage. While Cillian runs up and down the plane with a bag over his head while screaming “boo” to everybody. It all ends when Rachel gets her taser gun and ends it all. THE END

    *spoiler end*

    Now thats a spoiler

    #6 | Comment by DUDEMASTER — August 20, 2005 @ 4:32 am

  7. well if you are hot and have small boobs you actually have to be talented to make up for the lack thereof

    #7 | Comment by Ryan — August 20, 2005 @ 6:03 am

  8. The 40-Year-Old Virgin is funny.

    #8 | Comment by JustSumDude — August 20, 2005 @ 6:08 am

  9. Justin, that WAS a spoiler, and besides being talked about in all the reviews and the synopsis and stuff, Rachel herself was talking about it during her promotion for the movie (on Letterman, at least, which is where I saw her).

    If you want total non-spoilage on a movie these days, you have to not read any interviews or reviews, not watch any appearances by the cast on TV, and it’s probably not a good idea to even watch the trailer. Then again, if you don’t do any of that, particularly the trailer thing, I am not sure how you would know you want to see a movie in the first place, but that’s for you to figure out if you are going to be such a fagola about the whole thing.


    #9 | Comment by ButterscotchStallion — August 20, 2005 @ 6:49 am

  10. exactly. everybody loses these days.

    #10 | Comment by Justin — August 20, 2005 @ 12:06 pm

  11. Red Eye? Is that a prequel to Pink Eye?

    #11 | Comment by DisconcertedGeorge — August 20, 2005 @ 1:08 pm

  12. I thought it was the sequel to Brown Eye.

    #12 | Comment by SpankMonkey — August 20, 2005 @ 11:34 pm

  13. I see in these photos (especially in the ones along the left side of the page) a similarity between Rachel McAdams and a younger Denise Williams, maybe circa “Starship Troopers”. For pure enjoyment, let’s just say circa-“Wild Things”.

    #13 | Comment by fubarvet — August 21, 2005 @ 12:38 pm

  14. I just saw Red Eye and I thought it was only ok. I mean Rachel’s still hot and kicks butt, but there just wasn’t anything unexpected in it. Since you know the twist, you can pretty watch it and predict how everything is going to happen. When I left, I was thinking, man that went exactly how I thought it would. Oh well.

    #14 | Comment by Elder Young — August 22, 2005 @ 9:41 am

  15. I went into the movie not seeing or reading anything besides the initial faux-romance comedy trailer; I even skipped reading this post until today, just in case. This lead to me actually liking the movie a whole lot more than I would’ve otherwise. I’ve done this with Batman Begins and Spider-Man 2 to the same effect.

    #15 | Comment by Ricochet — August 22, 2005 @ 11:08 pm

  16. ricochet ftw!

    #16 | Comment by Justin — August 22, 2005 @ 11:23 pm

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