It seems that i’ve freaked out at least 1 (one) person yesterday with one single comment. If you reread yesterdays posts you’ll know which one it is. Case in point, Dana who signed my guestbook wrote:

Comments: Hmmmm…Jus What to say….when the fuck did your page get so screwed…by all means i think it good…but gosh Jus..you are very not there….not that it’s bad…but it makes one think…Jus is a sick pervert….maybe a provert in your case. Hmmm…can you get any worst? or have you peaked….? Did you say moist left ball….can i see? Please…pretty please….I wonder why….are you sure it’s not BLUE BALLS..? Jus my darling good naughty boy…may you be as psykotik as ever and scare me away…hehehe….YOU’re Fucked UP! 🙂 HAVE A NICE DAY!

My response would be: It got screwed the moment i thought it up. And yes, i do know it’s good(/shit). What me? Pervert? A little American pie/Dumb and Dumber/Kingpin/Road Trip/There’s Something About Mary/Me, Myself and Irene kind of humor won’t hurt. Get worse? Um. Probably. I’ll moderate myself. You wanna see? No. And nope, it’s not blue balls. Yes, i’ll try to scare everyone away from this page. Me? Fucked up? Wrong. FUBAR more like. Heheh.

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