decided not to stalk her today and not to give her the URL of this site cuz he’s now afraid.
Another friend, Jason (who’s also in my tutor group) tried oh so hard to strike up a conversation with her this morning to no avail.

He just couldn’t do it. It was pretty damn funny. She was looking down at her diary and Jason just turns to her and looks at her. After about a minute of just looking, he turns back to me and just shakes his head. And as expected, even though i’ve not even done anything, people think that i’m like trying to go for her. Sheesh.

Anyway, prepare for a whole week of all this dumbass failed approaches. I’m currently downloading the english version of 99 luft balloons called 99 red balloons.

I’ve been singing that damn song since last night. And the only words that i know to the song is ’99 luft balloons’. So it gets pretty annoying when you hear “99 luft balloons” over and over and over again.

I need the lyrics.

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