Last night

Well, Dan and Pat are on their way back to the city as i speak. Just got back from sending them off to the bus station. Haha. They both have to pay 6 (six) dollar bus fares. Haha. Anyway, after they both got back from the country club last night, we all played some Playstation games. Pat’s been playing this stupid tennis game that i have the whole time he’s been here. I actually contemplated on hiding that damn game. Stupid tennis. But nonetheless, he had his way for a while so we played stupid tennis. Well, Dan and him did anyway. I didn’t. Hate that fucking game. One game change later and we’re playing Nascar Rumble. That’s the most psychotic racing game i’ve ever played. You genuinely felt tired after finishing one race. Good game. Of course, with Rumble being a racing game, someone’s bound to be a loser and soon after stupid Pat and stupid Dan started a damn pillow fight.

My whole fucking room was enshrouded in a fucking dust storm. We were all coughing and fucking sneezing that whole night. Shit. Anyway, i opened my door and hooked up my damn air cleaner/ionizer thing to let the stupid dust settle down. Assholes. Me and Pat left the room to go out side to watch movies. Dan stayed on and started playing Final Fantasy 8.

Anyway, Pat and me watched Payback and Since You’ve Been Gone. Four (4) hours later after watching both movies, we came back into my room only to see Dan STILL on the damn Playstation playing (still) FF8. What a freak. It was already like 2am and we started playing Puzzle Fighter. Oh we also played this gun game Point Blank earlier on too. But anyway, that’s enough about games. I’m left all alone now. I’m *probably* going to the city either later in the day or tomorrow. I’ll *probably* be spending the night there too. Just so you know. Damn i’m bored. Chrono Cross kicks ass.

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