“Gimme some sugar baby”

I’m gonna miss bitching about the price of things here in Malaysia once i get to Michigan. Because really, bitching about how much DVD’s and Doritos cost here probably makes up for like… 20% of this site’s content.

Stuff’s gonna be so much cheaper over there. No more 9 dollar Doritos or 149 dollar DVD’s. Although i hear that the taxi fares over there are outrageous. Maybe you’ll hear me bitch out that come January 2002.

Anyway, i bought 3 DVD’s two nights ago:

  • Planet Of The Apes (2001): 2 Disc Special Edition
  • Blow: Infinifilm
  • Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs: Platinum Edition

I’ve been getting shit from Rico and my farting roommate for buying Snow White. And i got this strange look from Moe when i told him about Snow White being one of my more recent purchases.

What the hell?

What’s so wrong about Snow White?? It’s a classic dammit. And it’s one hell of a loaded DVD.

The same goes for the Planet Of The Apes DVD. It’s fucking stacked to the brim with extras and shit. It’s got this really nice shiny packaging and the menus are fucking awesome. I loved the menus.

And Estella Warren. Mmm.

I finally got around to watching Blow. I didn’t get the chance to watch it when it first came out. It’s a pretty darn good movie i gotta say. Franka Potente looks better with red hair though. She doesn’t look right being blonde. Or maybe it’s just me. I dunno. I just can’t imagine her playing anyone else other than Lola (from Run Lola Run).

And yes, she still reminds me of Thess. I don’t know why.

In other news:

I’m still getting people coming up to me asking me how i did those 360 degree ‘Matrix’ shots (which i still think is more Guy Ritchie than anything else). It’s actually not really that big a deal really. It just so happened that i edited some of the scenes in our movie in a music video/trailer kinda of way. Speeded up some shots. Pausing for a second then speeding it up again. Using slow motion for one single event shown from 3 different angle back to back. Very basic music video/trailer style editing. Which apparently nobody has ever attempted before for their student films. And they were just blown away by it i guess.

Stacey scared the crap out of me again about 3 days ago. Came up behind me with Steph and one of her other friends and went “Hi Justin”. I was fooling around with my POWERBOOK G4 at the time and she was like, “Is that yours?” and “Why do you even bother using the PC’s in the library when you have that?”.

But that’s not the point. The point is, she scared the crap out me. I swear she must be doing it on purpose.

She looked really good though that day. She had this green turtleneck sweater kinda thing on. Had her long hair all let down. HOT.


Anyway, today’s like this national day of mourning here in Malaysia. The King died yesterday. So all classes have been cancelled and shit. In other words, it’s a holiday here. Some people were actually rejoicing yesterday at the thought of not having to go to school the next day. My swearing lecturer (you long time readers might remember him) even told us that one of the staff members practically had an orgasm when she heard that today was gonna be a holiday.

Weird weird.

In search referral news, it seems that Osama Bin Laden is no where near as popular as he was before. My referrals have been dominated by people looking for Libby Hoeler as of late. And for some reason, Christy Chung.

She’s pretty popular these days. According to my referrals anyway.

I should capitalize on that a bit more.

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