First you complain about too much Bell/Panettiere. Then you’re all like, “More Bell/Panettiere!”. Make up your mind!

So anyway, for those of you not following the comments of the recent Bell/Panettiere posts, there’s been quite a number of fan fic style stories getting written up based on pictures of them together (courtesy of fubarvet2). If you’ve missed them, read on to catch up and maybe we’ll see a new one based on these pics:

Story #1

And as Hayden turned her head back toward Kristen, they leaned in closer to one another.

Kristen’s hand began to slide slowly from it’s comfortable perch above Hayden’s muscled rear; she had been waiting a long time for this moment. Feeling the roundness of her firm backside, she squeezed her hand ever so gently and pulled her hips closer.

Hayden had been expecting this. Despite her youth, she readily picked up on the signals which Kristen had been sending since her new assignment to the show. She felt Kristin’s hand wavering on her waist and knew that ultimately Kristin’s hand would find it’s way down to her ample ass. She longed for it. And when the time finally came as she felt that hand sliding down her silky dress, Hayden was ready. Her hand was free as well; she had not left it hanging innocently in front of Kristin’s waist without reason. Its placement was strategic; and though her patience had begun to wear thin, Kristin had finally made her move and the game was on.

As their hips pulled together and their noses now lingered within touching distance, Hayden’s hand came around and was placed fully on Kristen’s lower abdomen. In much the same way as Kristen’s hand had slid down Hayden’s backside, Hayden’s hand pushed down further below Kristin’s stomach in slow, but deliberate fashion. She felt her skin flush as she heard Kristin’s breath escape her lips.

Story #2 Part 1:

She was beginning to think less and less about him, and more and more about her.

The fact that she could not keep her mind off of Hayden had become quite obvious to Kristen now. She did not understand why it was happening, she only knew that it was. Sure, Hayden was pretty and her extroverted personality was infectious, but she had been around others who were prettier or more dynamic before. Something was different this time, but she couldn’t put her finger on it. The reality was that her head was still swimming from where those same fingers had been.

The night before seemed almost like a dream. One minute they were at a party, like all the parties before, and the next, they were hungrily enjoying the bodily gifts God had bestowed upon each. Hayden’s energy was insatiable and Kristen labored to continue breathing between each kiss, lick, and thrust. Hayden’s tongue was almost reptilian and Kristen’s body shuddered over and over again with each passing moment that Hayden lingered below. Beginning to feel faint, the mixture of erotic pleasure and absolute exhaustion finally pushed her beyond consciousness.

Kristen awoke to find only a bright yellow sticky-note on her dresser. A smiley face had been drawn on it and It was affixed to yet another Heroes cast party announcement. Veronica Mars was nothing like this; the marketing of a Top 10 TV show was even more than she had counted on. But then again, so had her recent late night encounters. Hayden had circled the time and place of that night’s event: the “Bowling for the Arts” celebrity games. They weren’t working that day, and Kristen relished the opportunity to relax and finally be able to attend something she could dress down for. This free time also gave her time to lay plans for their next night together.

Kristen arrived with the standard production guy posing as her acquaintance to throw the paparazzi on a new trail. She was no more interested in this ear-drooping, semi-mohawk-haired, poor-excuse- for-a-man than Hayden was of Masi. She stayed with him long enough for one photo to be taken together before setting off to find Hayden. The crowded bowling alley was tough to navigate and the announcement Hayden left did not mention a lane assignment.

Continuing her search, Kristen began to feel anxious as if she would not be able to locate them. She looked back at the announcement in her purse and once again saw Hayden’s smiley-faced yellow sticky-note. It brought a smile to her lips which broadened even more as she looked up and saw a single, yellow point of light standing out in the distance amongst the crowd of photographers snapping pictures around lane 69. She blushed realizing that the note was the only clue she needed. It was, of course, Hayden. The game was on indeed.

Story #2 Part 2:

As Kristen walked up to the lane, the paparazzi swung around to shift their attention on her.

Hayden did not see Kristen at first, as her casual ensemble blended in “a bit” more than hers. When she finally did, her heart leaped and she ran over to greet her. It had been less than 24 hours, but the time spent apart seemed an eternity now.

As Kristen came up to Hayden she could see how radiant she was. There it was again; that energy, that excitement, the feel of her skin as they faced each other once again arm in arm. She knew the star mags would continue promoting their new friendship. “If only they knew”, thought Kristen. “If only they knew.”

After catching up on a few of the days events, Kristen was ready to bowl a few frames, if for no other reason than to show everyone she could do it without looking foolish. She was also getting a little tired of seeing Hayden’s TV dad, Jack, always hanging around behind her; it reminded her of the line from the old Police song she had on her MP3 player, but worse: “this girl is (less than) half his age”. It creeped her out and she began to wonder if her negative feelings towards him were based upon some kind of subconscious jealousy since the cheerleader and her dad always seemed to be posing together. He had never said an ill word to her and had always been exceedingly kind. No matter.

She asked Hayden which lane she was bowling in and to her surprise Hayden told her she was not bowling. Not only did she not know how to do it well, but she was also afraid her dress would give the paparazzi some revealing shots. Hayden did insist however on picking out the ball for Kristin to use. She came back over holding a shiny pink ball and asked Kristin, “Do you like the color I picked out?” Kristen did and asked her why she chose that color. Hayden’s response: “It reminds me of you.” She leaned over and whispered in Kristen’s ear, “No go and see if you can keep your mind, I mean your ball, out of the gutter”

After a few frames Kristen had bowled all she cared to. She had almost fallen once and basically could not see the lane or where the ball went from the temporary blindness caused by hundreds of flash bulbs each time she bowled. As her eyes attempted to adjust, she walked back to find Hayden.

Not surprisingly, Kristen found her eating her little heart out. Though new on the scene, Kristen had seen Hayden in this position often. She could not eat like Hayden did. Anytime she ate anything besides a watercress salad, or some broiled chicken dish, she felt fat. She told Hayden that she better watch all those carbs. Hayden looked up and let out a hearty laugh before proceeding to devour the burger. She had already eaten the fries. And the baked beans. She didn’t care for salad. Kristen stroked Hayden’s face in wonder at the unflinching honesty of this girl. She was falling fast.

“Did I pick out a good ball for you?” Hayden asked. “Well, THE BALL stayed out of the gutter!”, replied Kristen slyly. “That’s not what I meant. Did the holes in that ball fit your fingers snugly?, asked Hayden with a bit of a twinkle in her eye. Kristen noticed that Masi was listening to their conversation and decided to phrase her answer in a way that would catch his attention. “The holes were a little big. I would have rather something a little smaller, and wet.” Hayden laughed again, fully catching Kristen’s comment. Masi’s face was unchanged. Kristen realized he wasn’t listening after all; he was looking down her blouse.

The night wore on and Kristen was glad she had used the off day to catch up on some much needed sleep. The guy who player Sylar, Zachary, spoke with her for a few minutes. He told her that he was happy to know they would be able to act together and joked that perhaps they would have to film a love scene. Kristen smiled sheepishly, hiding the digust she actually felt. He was even weirder in person than his character on the show.

Finally she got away from some of the crowd and found an empty bench. It was not empty for long. Another young actress which Kristen had yet to meet sat down to introduce herself. Flashbulbs instantly started again. She had some part in the production but Kristen was not really listening; she was waiting to see if Hayden would remove herself from the marketing machine and find her.

It was now 10:30pm and they had to be on the set for 5am the next morning. She watched Hayden bounce from actor to actress, agent to reporter, in a manner that was best described as a moth to a flame. Hayden enjoyed it and she should. Just 18, and on one of the hottest shows on television; the dream of any girl or person for that matter. Not wanting to act upon her own lustfully selfish desires, Kristen decided not to pull Hayden away from her extended hayday. It was time to go.

Once back at her condo, Kristen prepared herself for bed, all the while thinking of what had just taken place there the night before. She began to feel warm again just at the thought. Her hopes for a repeat tonight now dashed, she actually felt a tinge of sadness as she turned off the light and set her alarm. In a little more than five hours, she would need to be on the set. Resting her head on the pillow, she closed her eyes, and began to drift to sleep.

She was awakened abruptly by the sound of her text message alert on her cell phone. Grabbing it off the nightstand, Kristen noticed it was just past midnight. Looking at the screen, it read:

“Be there if five minutes”

Story #3:

Fighting her half-sleeping state, Kristen put the cellphone down. Her heart began to race, though not as much as her mind did. She was tired and was looking forward to at least being able to get 4-5 hours of sleep before her workday began. She contemplated texting back to say that she was too tired.

Reaching over to grab the phone, her hand stopped short. Kristen thought about how much she had been wanting this to happen; how melancoly she felt leaving the party earlier alone; how good she knew she would feel soon if she just let it happen; how this time she wanted to be the aggressor.

Instead of taking her normal 4:30am shower, she decided to just hop in really quick, knowing that Hayden would probably be more like 15 minutes instead of just 5. She noticed Hayden had a way of exaggerating things, and chalked it up to her youthful spirit. It was obvious sometimes, but not meant to be harmful. Kristen took it rather humorously and it actually made her smile when she thought about it.

With the warm water cascading over her body, Kristen’s mind continued its assault, fantasizing about how nice it would be to have Hayden in that shower along side her. She imagined that small but well proportioned body and her hands all over it. She thought of Hayden’s head arching back while Kristen returned the favors she had received the night before. She put down the loofa and began to rub the soap from her skin. Her nipples began to harden, similar to the embarrassing scene from that “Moonlight Bay” movie she was in a few years ago..

“Mind if I join you?”

Kristen shrieked as the shower curtain suddenly was pulled aside and a voice broke into her waking dream.

It was Hayden. Kristen was speechless as her heart pounded out of her chest. She leaned back against the wall of the shower, slumping a bit. She was almost on the verge of tears.

“I didn’t mean to scare you!”, Hayden started. After you passed out last night, I took one of your extra keys on the counter. I meant to tell you tonight, but you know it was kind of crazy over there, and I didn’t want to take the chance of being overheard anyway.”

Kristen still could not speak, though she began to feel a sense of relief that her brief attempt to wake up by taking a shower had not suddenly turned into a Hitchcockian thriller.

“I’m soooo sorry”, Hayden continued. “Please let me make it up to you!”

Still adorned in that sunshine yellow dress, she simply slid it over her left shoulder, then her right and let it fall down to her ankles. She was bare beneath it. Kristen remembered why Hayden didn’t want to bowl in it earlier for fear of being caught in some compromising position. That brief thought vanished quickly as she beheld what she already thought was one of the most lovely, little, feminine yet athletic bodies she had ever seen. Although actually equal in height, Kristen marveled at how Hayden’s body was more muscular than her lithe frame.

Hayden stepped out of the dress and into the shower. With her back now to the showerhead, she extended her hand to Kristen, who was still leaning back against the shower wall. Helping her to a standing position again, they now faced each other, eye to eye.

Hayden smiled.

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  18. Kristen’s heart had resumed its normal rhythym, but was now facing the blood churning passion she felt the night before as her young friend was alone with her, naked, and in the shower. She almost couldn’t believe it.

    “Bet they’d love some pics of this scene!”, said Hayden, making obvious reference to all the paparazzi pics that had been taken of the two of them together almost daily of late.

    “I think we could make a fortune with these” laughed Kristen, whose breasts were now pressed up against Hayden’s chest. “Just think how popular we’d be then! Especially on this one website I know about”.

    Hayden’s curiousity peaked, as her generation was nursed in the internet culture . “Which one is that?”, she asked, despite the reality of their present state of undress in the shower together.

    “Well, you probably wouldn’t like it. For those who don’t know it’s history, you’d think it was for a bunch of pedophiles”, Kristen recounted. “It’s run by some oriental guy and he’s been posting pictures of us up there like crazy lately. My people discovered it when he starting posting pics of me last year.”

    “Doesn’t that creep you out?,” asked Hayden, as she grabbed the loofa and began to soap it up. “Not really”, said Kristen. “You just have to get over the fact that not everyone thinks you are hot. You’re still young; you’ll see.”

    “How could anyone think that about you?” grinned Hayden as she ran the loofa across Kristen’s breasts, watching her nipples grow harder.

    “Tell you what I decided to do”, Kristen spoke. “I went ahead and logged in as someone else when they started putting our pics up together. I starting leaving these narrative story-type posts describing what was happening in these pics. Since they don’t know its me, they think its some kind of fan fiction! Isn’t that hilarious?”

    Hayden didn’t speak. Instead she proceeded to get that hyperactive tongue of hers licking again. Kristen was her human lollipop. She gasped as Hayden inserted her fingers below while nursing like a hungry baby at her bosom. Trying to maintain her footing while the water splashed off of their intertwined bodies, Kristen realized that Hayden had once again assumed control of the situation. Kristen was determined to switch roles, despite the climax she could feel building within.

    When Hayden finally came up for air, Kristen asked her if she wouldn’t mind taking this to the comfort of her bed. Hayden happily agreed, though her eyes were still transfixed on Kristen’s body. Kristen helped Hayden finish washing first so she could hurriedly shave herself.

    “Don’t take too long,” shouted Hayden as she walked out of the bathroom still toweling off.

    Kristen did her best to finish as quickly as she could without cutting herself to bits. Even though she would be in jeans and heels on the set tomorrow, she still needed to look her best in case of some other unplanned wardrobe change or function they had to attend. She looked forward to that day’s taping in a semi-erotic way; it was the first time she would get to see Hayden in her cheerleading costume.

    As Kristen finished toweling off, she looked in the mirror. “I think I’ve gained weight!” she shouted to Hayden in the bedroom, where she could hear the TV was on. “Too many cast parties with too many good vegetable and fruit trays!” chuckled Kristen, reminding Hayden of her vegetarian lifestyle and hoping she could convince her to convert. “I know. You don’t want to give up those burgers!”

    Kristen realized that Hayden had not responded. She walked into the bedroom and found Hayden laying on her side, on top of the sheets, still nude. She was facing the TV, away from Kristen, who once again marveled at Hayden’s body in its present state. She actually could feel her mouth begin to salivate as she approached the bed.

    “Wouldn’t you rather some music?” asked Kristen, who wanted no distractions from the TV. Still no response from Hayden. Kristen suddenly realized why. She walked around the foot of the bed and could now see Hayden’s face.

    She was fast asleep…

    #18 | Comment by Fubarvet2 — October 8, 2007 @ 1:32 am

  19. Holy shit! Fubarvet2 is actually Kristen Bell!!
    If that’s true then I love you fubarvet2! And if that’s not true, well i love you anyway for giving us such great fapping material (I advise reading it with the pictures on the screen…)

    #19 | Comment by furtivman — October 8, 2007 @ 6:14 am

  20. so I guess this means that Claire is allowed to join the cheerleading squad this season?

    #20 | Comment by DisconcertedGeorge — October 8, 2007 @ 12:48 pm

  21. Making it? It actually looks more like he is getting all rapey with her.

    Or he fell asleep mid humping.

    Or he’s hurt and cannot fly and she got under him to brace the fall.

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  23. Verry Nice! So how long as everyone been following Hayden?

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  24. go hayden Kristen go

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