Mastercard Revenge!

9 08 2002

Remember Libby Hoeler? Of course you do. If you haven’t, well then you’ve probably been living under a rock.I wrote a post about her once. Actually a coupla posts. Then i decided to compile all the Libby stories together into one post and this was the result.

That page has sort of become the unofficial Libby Hoeler info page now. And there’s been A LOT of activity going on in that page. Libby ‘fans’ from all across America (and the world actually) contributing new facts, new pictures and basically just lots and lots of new info about Miss Hoeler (and her friends. And her family etc etc).


Take a look!

But this post isn’t really about Libby Hoeler. It’s about Cay. Or Cay Lynn. Or Caylynn. Or whatever her name is.Basically she’s Libby Hoeler 2. In a way.This is pretty old news now and everybody’s probably heard her story already but i figured i’d just post about it anyway. I have nothing else better to do.I’m too lazy to write up a little synopsis of what actually happened so i’m just gonna cut and paste what the boys from Beer Or Sex and Really Nice Jerk have said about the whole thing.

The bottom line is this guy took this girl to their prom (600$)- then proposed to her (6,000$) and then took a trip to Washington DC to visit her after her first week of college (300$) where she promptly dumped him and made him spend the night on the streets of DC. So it’s understandable why the guy wanted revenge. – Beer Or Sex

This guy spent thousands of dollars on his high school sweet heart / fiance, and when he flew to see her after her first week in college she dumped him on the spot, leaving him to spend the night on the streets of Washington D.C. so he put a video of the two of them having sex on the internet for revenge, and here it is for us all to enjoy! – Really Nice Jerk

If you wanna download the video yourself, just click here.


You could just click on ‘more’ to see screencaps of the vids.


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13 responses to “Mastercard Revenge!”

    16 01 2007
  • 1.  hmm (06:41:47) :

    that’s kind of fucked up… probably should have put some thought before ya proposed or whatever. I mean catching bass are fun, but you don’t bring them home to mount on the wall. You need a nice marlin. The chick isn’t too hot, and if you fell in love with her for her personality that’s just fucked up to do that anyways. Gotta be the bigger person

  • 16 01 2007
  • 2.  Duffman (20:30:28) :

    Wow, how’d a post from 2002 get revived like this?

    That man = genius. She had that coming…

  • 5 04 2007
  • 3.  Pussylicker (16:16:56) :

    Yo this shit be ill son. Gotta keep them bitches in line. Skanky hoes ain’t got no business leaving a pimp on the street. Homeboy shoulda fucked her ass stupid and gave her a dirty sanchez in revenge steada dis video though cuz now she gonna be tryin to hit up his dough. I hate them bloody cunt rags.

  • 7 04 2007
  • 4.  Lex (15:18:57) :

    Would love to see the full vid unedited! Does it exist on the web?

  • 28 01 2008
  • 5.  Wolf (03:56:37) :

    Found this site while looking for full lenght mastercard video. Did some quick reserch and the room number given might actually be right. I feel bad for the poor girl really. I found a picture of the building which is called Mabel Thurston hall. Pretty sure its the building. There is 9 floors and her room number in the video is 907 which would put her on the 9th floor.

  • 20 03 2008
  • 6.  no (00:21:03) :

    Is this the same guy? Jim Bastard ??!?!?

    I don’t get it?

  • 7 05 2008
  • 7.  Jim Bastard (02:43:46) :

    Wow! Thanks for the linkage!

    Check out my new site

    As for this article I have no comment.

  • 30 05 2009
  • 8.  Joe Realist (17:55:19) :

    $6000 for a ring? Stupid, unless you’re a multimillionaire. Maybe that’s why she dumped him, in which case, she showed good sense.

  • 31 05 2010
  • 9.  dasani (04:28:34) :

    youre all idiots. no one knows the situation here… well i do. marak had no idea what he was getting into – he was naieve thinking he could propose to this girl at EIGHTEEN years old. for those of us that live in the area we know that he is a bit of a psycho – the dude has some mental issues. this was seriously a fucked up thing for him to do and he got what he deserved from it. anyone who think she ‘got what she deserved’ is an inconsiderate ass hole. she did not – he was lucky to have her for the time he did, and this was how he thanked her. plus, there is no fucking way marak could have afforded a 6k ring – that part is just BS. actually most of the vide ois BS. she never wanted to MARRY MARAK – are you insane? you believe what this criminal/child pornographer posts without question… please people think before you comment. ive known caylynn for over 10 years – dated her long before marak did – and she actually fucked me over a lot worse than she did him!!!! but shes a great girl and does not deserve this.

  • 2 08 2010
  • 10.  cid (23:37:37) :

    i took her virginity

  • 30 05 2012
  • 11.  Yo Daddy (19:27:46) :

    @ Dasani, Mother fucker, fuck you! You don’t know shit! This cunt got what she deserved and had it been me, I woulda punched her right in the fucking mouth. You stupid ass bitch!

  • 31 05 2012
  • 12.  coolstream (06:24:24) :

    wow… some people have such strong feelings for something that happened so long ago!

  • 1 10 2013
  • 13.  yo you dyne (02:34:48) :

    Still looking for a full version of this video…

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