Libby Hoeller: The Complete Story

7 04 2002

Well okay, not really COMPLETE complete but pretty close. Or maybe not. All i’m doing is really just throwing together every bit of information other people have gathered about Elizabeth Hoeller, otherwise known as Libby Hoeller, onto one page.

Because i’m bored and i have nothing else better to do. So for those of you who don’t know, this is BASICALLY how the story goes:

Chick has boyfriend. Chick makes videos of herself doing a striptease for boyfriend. Somewhere along the lines, chick cheats on boyfriend. Boyfriend gets pissed. Boyfriend send videos to EVERYONE. Videos somehow get onto P2P file sharing servers (Morpheus/Kazaa etc etc). And everything else after that… is a mystery.

You’ve probably heard different takes on the whole Libby Hoeller story. What’s true? And what’s not? I can’t tell you what exactly happened (because i don’t really know myself) but i can show you what other people (who claim to have first hand information about her) have said.

I’ve recently had my eyes opened wide and starry by an amazing video starring a girl called Libby Hoeler. Apparently she went to University of Wisconsin and made these home videos with her webcam for her boyfriend who was away. Like I said, they were for her boyfriend’s eyes only. Something must have happened between the two of them because he leaked the clips with her name, address and phone number genlocked at the start. Before long, they had circulated far and wide and poor Libby Hoeler became an involuntary internet legend. There are supposedly 10 or so clips in circulation, and the one I watched is called “The Complete Libby Hoeler.mpg” even though it is only a merge of 5 of them. They all have sound and she sings as she dances to a various songs.

I am a strong advocate for the “some things should remain sacred” school of thought. Nothing the girl did to him could have justified his actions. I started feeling pissed off on her behalf when watching it. It was so personal and here it was for the world to see. What really made me mad was the way she kept pointing to the camera everytime the word “you” came up in the song lyics. (eg. “i love YOU”, “… for YOU”, etc). She ended each clip by blowing a kiss at the camera. Her jerk of a boyfriend sure didn’t deserve her. He apparently received a 12 month jail sentence, mild consolation for Libby who probably had her life ruined.

That’s the dominant story in my crude search engine investigations. Another theory was that her bf’s roommate found and released the clips.

I probably should have stopped watching as soon as i realized what the clip was and who it was meant for and you’re probably wondering why I didn’t. I did say earlier in this post that the video was amazing and indeed it was. I do not exaggerate.

posted by Devante Swing at 12:15 PM


“VERY nice to see Elizabeth “Libby” Hoeller is so prominent in the news. Her story was the one taking place in Wisconsin, and the original videos posted of her have her name, address and phone number in the beginning. What a sick ex-boyfriend, he didn’t need to do that. Good thing he ended up getting a 12-moth prison sentence out of it.


Is this true? Did he really go to jail? Apparently not:

as a first hand source i just wanted to let you know that libby’s boyfriend did not receive any kind of jail sentence. he also did not put her name and address on the videos. that happened later after they had been circulating for a few weeks.

Posted by madison student – 10:38am December 5, 2001

Here’s another take on it.

to whom it may concern:

i know libby hoeller’s ex-boyfriend… videos got uploaded accidentally… were in his download folder, and people uploaded it over Scour back in the day… he did not get a 12 month prison sentance… he is alive and well, attending university of indiana, highly amused by it… they broke up but maintained a sex relationship for seven more months…

Posted by Raul Duke – 3:27pm December 24, 2001

Somebody once wrote something about Libby in my guestbook. Saying:

Comments: Those movies are not Libby. Some ass thought it would be funny to rename some porno movies that he had found on a now defunct web site in sweden and pass them around her campus. Needless to say it is not funny. I am sure you can figure out how horrible something like this would be for a person. If not, ask any of the girls who visit your web site what they would think if something like this happeneed to them. Please just call them some chick dancing or something instead of using a name. Someone has to start this, and I’m hoping it is you.

Yeah okay dude. Whatever.

Anyway, here are two e-mails from two students who’re from University of Wisconsin Madison (where the videos originated from) that pretty much prove that this all really did happen and isn’t just some hoax or myth.

Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 17:34:44 -0600
Subject: libby hoeler

hey. i came across your site after searching google for libby hoeler, i was bored. anyway, as a student at UW madison i could tell you what i know of her and the story. her real name is elizabeth heller. she is a sophomore now but was a freshman living in university housing when it happened. she lived in sellery hall, i was living across the street in witte hall where one of her good friends lived on my floor. the story i heard from him is that she made them for her boyfriend who was at college in milwaukee. she cheated on him and he found out, and he sent them to her parents, her grandparents, all her friends whose email addresses he knew and naturally they ended up on morpheus and kazaa. i dont know much else about it, i personally dont know her other than seeing her at a few parties.

And one more:

Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 20:41:59 -0600
Subject: Libby Hoeller


Yes, the story is true. Of course, we knew about it about a year and a half ago. It happened sometime at the beginning of the 00-01 school year in Sellery Hall. It was funny; we even looked her up in the student directory. She lived about 3 doors down from where I used to live, but she was long gone by the time the pictures were distributed (and everyone tried to contact her). But yes, it is true. And if I have any credibility on this subject at all, it should be from my email address. Heh.


A little update on the Libby Hoeller story. A reader of mine sent this in. I’ll let him do the talking:

Subject: Libby Hoeller/Heller… whatever.
From: “Liquid” liquid@***.net
Date: Sun, Apr 14 2002 2:04:57 AM -0700

Justin —

So I’m reading your rants, and I happen to be unusually entertained by them. Ok. Not unusually. More like its the fucking status quo. Never mind that tho.

When I read your little “synopsis” on Mrs. Hoeller/Heller/Whatever, I recalled that one of the posts mentioned that her name/address was put at the beginning of the now quite infamous strip-cams. I also remember thinking that it sounded more like web-lore than anything else. No one would possible know this sort of crap one way or another in the vast sludge known as the internet. However, I recently deleted my libby-‘stash’ by accident, and started looking for suitable replacements, when it seems that I actually ran across a version that still had the name in the opening. I enclosed a .jpg just for kicks. Not sure if you care, but what the hell. I thought it was sort of surprising, and anything I can do to further your research into the hoeller-case.

Like I said, I thought that part of the story would HAVE to be bullshit.

I guess not.


Libby’s address.

I guess it wouldn’t hurt to post it up here. Since i’m sure she’s not living there anymore.

Okay. Now i’m slightly confused. Is it Hoeller? Or Heller? Because according to one of the two UWM students up there, her last name is Heller. And according to the other, she lived in Sellery Hall. But in the screenshot, it says Hoeler. Not Heller. The Sellery thing checks out though. That seems to be true. But as for her name, which is it? Hoeler or Heller?

Does anybody know? (Does anybody even care??)

The videos in question:

  • Libby 1
  • Libby 2
  • Libby 3
  • Libby 4
  • And that’s… all that i have on Libby Hoeler.

    University of Wisconsin Madison… wow. If only that kinda stuff happened here at Western Michigan University…

    Actually… it has.

    I have two short videos of some chick that goes to WMU fingering herself. Got em from this dude that i know from this other dorm here at Western. Click on the link for more.

    18/3/02 12:32 AM
    xxxxxxxxx: yo
    psykotik2k: yo
    xxxxxxxxx: check this out
    xxxxxxxxx: its a delta zeta from WMU fingerin her self
    xxxxxxxxx: good stuf
    xxxxxxxxx: i just wanna see her one day and be like hey dont i know you from some where
    psykotik2k: WOO
    psykotik2k: where’d you get this dude?
    psykotik2k: haha
    psykotik2k: all i see is ass
    psykotik2k: do you get to see her face
    psykotik2k: whoops. spoke too soon
    xxxxxxxxx: ya
    xxxxxxxxx: one of my buddys
    psykotik2k: you sure she’s from here?
    xxxxxxxxx: she realy goes her i guess
    xxxxxxxxx: cause someone knows her
    xxxxxxxxx: she is a delta zeta
    psykotik2k: haha. man, this is like some libby hoeler sorta shit
    xxxxxxxxx: for rill but million times beter
    psykotik2k: oh yeah
    psykotik2k: she looks older
    xxxxxxxxx: but she goes here thats what makes it beter
    psykotik2k: haha
    xxxxxxxxx: plus she looks beter
    psykotik2k: so her name’s tiffany?
    xxxxxxxxx: i guess
    xxxxxxxxx: i am gunna see if i can find pics of her
    xxxxxxxxx: with cloths on
    psykotik2k: haha. from where?
    xxxxxxxxx: dz websites
    psykotik2k: geez. she’s got a loose pussy man
    xxxxxxxxx: ya
    xxxxxxxxx: the second one
    psykotik2k: she’s been around. haha
    xxxxxxxxx: camel toe like woah
    psykotik2k: hahaha
    xxxxxxxxx: she must must be in a dorm with comunity bathrooms
    xxxxxxxxx: bigelow or somthin like that
    xxxxxxxxx: cause thats the room style at bigelow
    psykotik2k: hmm.. lemme have another look
    xxxxxxxxx: it looks just like the rooms in nigelow
    xxxxxxxxx: haha
    xxxxxxxxx: bigelow
    psykotik2k: when was this?
    psykotik2k: when’d this happen?
    xxxxxxxxx: prety resently i guess
    xxxxxxxxx: not sure ill ask my roomie when he gets back
    psykotik2k: yep. that’s from somewhere in wmu all right. the walls in the vids are the same as mine. haha
    psykotik2k: big blocks
    xxxxxxxxx: yup
    psykotik2k: i wonder if i’ll get in trouble if i post this up at my site. hahaha

    The DZ videos can be found here


  • More info about the Delta Zeta chick.


  • Picture of Libby. Possibly from College? Maybe High School?


  • Libby Hoeller 2. Sort of.


  • Libby Hoeller 3?


    Libby’s Mom/Aunt (?) e-mails me. She’s a lawyer!

    Taken from: this post.

    Dear webmaster:

    I am the attorney for Elizabeth Hoeller (aka Libby Hoeler and Libby Heller) and I ask that you immediately delete all reference to her or her story in your web content. I will give you until 5:00 p.m. e.s.t on December 15, 2003 to do so. If I check your web site and determine that information about Elizabeth Hoeller is still on your site, I will file the appropriate complaints and advise my client of her right for further legal action against you.

    Mary J. Hoeller
    Of Counsel
    White & Raub, LLP
    36 South Pennsylvania Street
    700 Century Building
    Indianapolis, IN 46204

    Telephone: 317 633 4000 ext. 254
    Fax: 317 633 1499

    So, i got e-mailed by Libby’s laywer/mom(?). Probably the worst laywer ever. She actually left a comment on the site threatening to press charges or something. And you’d think that she’d have the sense to leave that comment on the offending post itself but nooo, she left it on one the older Libby posts from way back in December 2001. At first i thought that it was just a prank. In fact, i was almost certain that it was because of all the bad spelling. Some guy even left a comment after that saying something to the extent of “Boy, for a lawyer, you sure don’t know how to spell”.

    In addition to leaving a comment, the lawyer actually did e-mail me. But for some reason, her e-mails never reached my inbox properly. It got buried with all the other September e-mails, even though she sent the e-mails in December. I say “e-mails” because she sent me the same e-mail twice.

    Why? Well, if you look closely at the e-mail above, you’ll see her telling me to get rid of the Libby stuff by December 15th, 2003. She corrected herself the second time around though but what the hell. I’m just gonna disregard her second e-mail and leave the Libby stuff online anyway. Besides, she can’t really do that. It’s not like i even have the videos hosted on my site. I don’t even have any pictures of Libby on here. And what pictures there are in this post are hosted on another site. I only linked to them. Why doesn’t she just go after that site instead of mine? What happened to Freedom of Speech?

    Of course, i could be wrong and she could probably sue the pants off of me and i could probably get thrown in jail or something but hey, if i’m wrong, you’d tell me right? And then i’ll just take down the post. But for now, i’m just gonna leave it up.

    I will give you until 5:00 p.m. e.s.t on December 15, 2003 to do so.


    New Libby news via e-mail.

    Subject: libby hoeller, alive and well
    From: “mazaru monkey”
    Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2003 02:21:55 +0000

    her birthday was a few days ago… she was at a bar in madison here’s a pic of her taken just a few days ago (the one on the right ;)

    she’s apparently doing fine…and still in madison too.

    (Image mirror in case original pic is taken down)


    New e-mail that sort of confirms the address posted in the comments?

    Sent: Mon, 22 Dec 2003 12:55:50 -0800
    Subject: Libby Hoeller

    I work at a Debt Collection agency, and after finding your site this morning, decided to look her up.
    Forgetting that her address was listed here (/archives/444) I managed to find her social security number and address.

    219 N BASSETT ST APT 3
    MADISON WI 53703

    Sadly, that is the only address associated with the SSN, says it is current, but the database is not perfect. It is likely she moved away and hasn’t been using her name/ssn for shit.

    I guess this is really all old information.

    I can lookup that ‘lawyer’ who emailed you if you want. Just let me know.

    I’m anonymous as well. :)


    Subject: I think you’ll like this.
    From: d.s.
    Date: Mon, 07 Jun 2004 19:06:22 +0000

    Hi Justin,

    I recently discovered your website and I gotta say, I fucking love it. I too love boobs…two guys who love boobs, what are the odds. Seriously though, I think I have found something of interest for you. After surfing your site and learning about the Libby Hoeller chick (yes, I did not know about her) I became determined to find out her whereabouts. Well after a grueling 5 minutes, I think I hit paydirt. Here’s what I found:

    Elizabeth Hoeller
    100 E. Franklin St.
    Jefferson City, MO 65101-2732
    Tel : 1-573-636-8133

    Now I’m not sure if it is her, but it was the only Elizabeth Margerat Hoeller I found, so it is most likely her. I leave the verification up to you.

    D. S.



  • Is it true? (update: proven to be fake. she’s still alive)
  • Update:

    Libby Hoeller Personal Sighting!!

  • Read about it here
  • Update:

    Libby Hoeller update!!

  • Read about it here
  • And that’s all i’ve got. More misc. info can be found in the comments section before.


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      well, since nobody else is going to say anything:

      justin, your link to these new videos doesn’t work. i read through all of that, got all excited about seeing some new chick, and then the link didn’t even work. i’m so dissappointed.

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      Hey good to see you back…you tool. (lol)
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      i found your page because of libby hoeller…..doesnt that make you feel special….you knew this anyway… was like 8 months ago and im still here……..whats that tell you

    • 17 04 2002
    • 6.  Joesomebody (09:49:29) :

      Does anybody know if the Elizabeth M. Hoeller of the videos the same Elizabeth M. Hoeller whose name shows up on the Divine Savior Holy Angels High School website? The school is located in Milwaukee Wisconsin and the award ceremony this Elizabeth M. Hoeller took part in occured in 1998. If you want to check out the website the address is

    • 17 04 2002
    • 7.  Joesomebody (09:54:02) :

      Sorry about the grammer- I meant:
      Does anybody know if the Elizabeth M. Hoeller of the videos is the same Elizabeth M. Hoeller whose name shows up on the Divine Savior Holy Angels High School website? The school is located in Milwaukee Wisconsin and the award ceremony this Elizabeth M. Hoeller took part in occured in 1998. If you want to check out the website the address is
      Simply do a search on the page for ‘Elizabeth’, its about 1/2 way down. Wouldn’t that be something if it was the same chick and she was a Catholic school girl!

    • 20 04 2002
    • 8.  falcon (15:03:43) :

      i have a 56k and it downloads fine, it just takes about a half hour to an hour

    • 25 04 2002
    • 9.  BluntMan! (01:23:14) :

      I think libby hoeler is damn fine and if i were her man i wouldn’t have lived so far away, thats his bad. bitter fuck. anyways, i wish i could marry her and have her dance for me every night. Sick yes, twisted, a little, do i care…fuck nah.

    • 2 05 2002
    • 10.  Arclyte (23:44:34) :

      ya, i saw the video when my little brother was on morpheus for a porno raid. i just read this, and saw the screenshots of the movie, and i realized i have seen that before. that’s a really sad story tho, that must blow to get ur private happy dance out on the internet for anyone to see it…

    • 7 05 2002
    • 11.  Drunk University (12:04:21) :

      To clue everyone in Libby Hoeller did graduate from Devine Savior Holy Angel in Milwaukee and attended the University of Wisconsin Madison where she sent these videos to her boyfriend who went to the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. She hooked up with another guy and like all high school couples who go off to college broke up after a couple months. He was angry because he wasn’t getting any so he sent the videos only a few with her address to friends and they put them up on Scour which then got transfered around to the Guntella network to where it is today. She transfered to a different school a small school in Wisconsin where she lives. I know Libby becuse I went to summer camp with her when I was younger and one of my best friends is a family friend. No one dares bring this up in front of her or some of her friends. She is a really nice girl and did not deserve this.

    • 8 05 2002
    • 12.  joesomebody (10:54:36) :

      The dude from drunk university must be right b/c I did another search on the Devine Savior Holy Angle website and found a reference to "Libby Hoeller" on this page:
      Notice that the date on the page is 1998- consistent with her approximate age and the date on the honors page on Devine Savior Holy Angle website also. So this must be her.

    • 8 05 2002
    • 13.  Bluntman2 (11:02:06) :

      Here’s another 1998 link from the high school sight that refers to Elizabeth M. Hoeller as Libby Hoeller.

    • 11 05 2002
    • 14.  justaman (19:06:08) :

      Hey that’s a nice blue birds by her, don’t you think? I think this "painting" can be sold for good money. Well, poor Libby. But look, first of all she dances and masturbates and do toys on cameras, then she cheats on her boyfriends – is she really a victim? maybe she was asking for that.

    • 14 05 2002
    • 15.  CreatureKiller (18:05:47) :

      honestly, I think libby hoeller is an all right looking girl but i do love that little dance she done

    • 15 05 2002
    • 16.  Chris Spirito (20:45:11) :

      I sent this to everybody who graduated in 94-00 from the Divine Holy Angle High School via the alumni page:

      My name is Chris Spirito and I got your name off the Divine Holy Angle School’s website. I was hoping you could give me some information on a Elizabeth or Libby Hoeller and tell me if she went to school with you. I’m trying to get a hold of this person so I can interview them for my school’s paper and website. Apparently a girl named Elizabeth Hoeller made some webcam videos that caught the interest of 1000’s of people online and I wanted to track her down and ask her some questions about them and what she thinks of all the attention she has received over them. Any help would be welcomed and I thank you for taking the time to read this.

      Chris Spirito

      If I hear anything back from any of the student or get a year book pic or something I’ll be sure to inform you all of my findings and post information on my website.

    • 16 05 2002
    • 17.  Chris Spirito (06:10:33) :

      If Libby/Elizabeth went to that school she was rather forgettable to say the least as 6 people already responded to my emails from the class of 97 and 98 and had never heard of her. Here are a few of the emails.

      "Dear Chris,
      Unfortunately, I do not know Elizabeth or Libby Hoeller. Sorry I cannot
      be of help.
      Stacey Armstrong"

      "To Chris,
      I have not heard of either of those two girls. I graduated from DSHA in 1997 and they don’t even ring a bell as a name from another class. Sorry I could not be of any assistance to you.
      Kathleen Haines"

      "I do not know of a Libby Hoeller.
      Elana Rubin"

      "Sorry I have no idea who that is. I wish I could have been of some service!
      Lauren Hartmann"

      But with all that said on the school’s site is a girl that shares the same name as the webcam mystry girl so maybe somebody will remember her. I emailed 109 people so somebodies gotta know something.


    • 18 05 2002
    • 18.  Chris Spirito (23:37:53) :

      I got conformation today she went to that school. A very upset student from that school emailed me this letter saying I was a "twisted sick-o" for wanting information on her. Here’s the email.

      I cant believe the insensitivity and lack of integrity
      that a person in journalism, such as yourself, could
      have. So much to the point that I hardly believe that
      you are. No doubt you are simply some pervert wanting
      to meet her to fulfill some kind of sick twisted
      fantasy or fetish, as this "news" you so describe is
      over a year old. What kind of school newspaper or
      website would want content on pornography, such as
      this? No school that I know of. Please dont think I
      am so naive as to believe you for one second.

      What happened with libby is old, hopefully she has
      been able to resume a somewhat respectable life
      afterwards. May you have nothing but the utmost
      trouble finding any information on her, as she tries
      to recover from such a traumatizing ordeal.

      Jamie Seiberlich class of 1999

      Well that proves she went to that school although I doubt she was popular as over a dozen people emailed me saying they never heard of her. One nice gal is gonna check her yearbook for me and if she finds a pic is gonna scan it for me. If I get one I will post a link here to it on my site.


    • 27 05 2002
    • 19.  joesomebody (14:28:01) :

      Libby Hoeller is from Glendale, Wisconsin! Read the following story from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in 1998- her name appear almost at the end:

      HEADLINE: Don’t count out the girls just yet
      DSHA students dispute study that says they trail boys in computer skills


      SOURCE: Journal Sentinel staff

      Screamed the headline: "Girls left behind in learning to use computers."

      Screamed Emily Grum: "Behind boys? I don’t think so."

      Steamed Rebecca Kolaga: "I think we’re equal or even more advanced."

      Jane Duffy offered proof.

      At her job last summer, she said with a smile or was it a smirk:

      "I taught some of the guys." That, she continued and this time it was a smirk "was a lot of fun." The three were among 11 Divine Savio r Holy Angels High School students all eager to refute that statement while sitting in a former study hall being transformed into a lecture hall with a sloped floor, an 8-by-8-foot screen, six speakers and electricity to each row of desks that will a llow students to take notes on laptops.

      And that’s just part of the $800,000 technological update at DSHA and just part of the reason why these students at the all-girls high school on Milwaukee’s far west side insisted that they own the Internet.

      So does Betty Jo Azpell, head of the school’s science department, who added her two beakers worth: "I think our girls will be the leading scientists in the city of Milwaukee."

      It doesn’t hurt their chances that all sci ence work stations not only have water and gas outlets, but computer hookups as well. That, the girls say, is worth another high-five.

      The study behind the headline was commissioned by the American Association of University Women, which c omplained that not only do more boys take computer science classes than girls, but the classes girls take tend to be more basic kind of the computer-era version of typing.

      "Technology is now the new boys club in our nation’s public schoo ls," said Janice Weinman, executive director of the association.

      Paul Stamm, DSHA technology coordinator, agreed that there could be a gender problem because "even in an ideal classroom, boys tend to take over."

      DSHA students will buy that part of the study.

      "I went to a coed school before I came here, and in class the boys dominated questions or they goofed off, and those who wanted to learn couldn’t because the teacher was spending time disciplining," said B ridget Fetters, a freshman from Wauwatosa.

      "Here," she added, "there’s no distraction, and we have more time for learning."

      Fetters also said that in coed schools, teachers tend to give boys an advantage by "calling on boys more than girls."

      But again, said Libby Hoeller, a junior from Glendale, "here we learn to be individuals and do things for ourselves."

      "We have a good technology department, and it’s all focused on girls," emphasized Grum, a freshm an from Brookfield.

      At coed schools, said Kolaga, a freshman from Brookfield, "The focus is on what they are going to do on weekends."

      But the other part of the study that girls are content with basic classes needs to be reboo ted, the students said.

      At DSHA, basic keyboarding classes are required to make sure students have the basics, but then, said Maren Szollar, a freshman from Brookfield, "You are expected to do stuff on the computer in every single class."

      It’s that constant demand, added Katie Koss, a junior from Milwaukee, "that really helps you become familiar with what’s out there."

      "I know a lot of other students are surprised about what we do and what we do with technology," said Stephanie Stadler, a senior from Brookfield.

      Liz Nuccio, a freshman from New Berlin, agreed.

      When she tells her friends what DSHA students do on computers, "They say, wow, you do that much?"

      Anne Simon, a junio r from Milwaukee, said her friends who go to public schools don’t even seem to be aware of the environmental issues she studies in her science labs.

      DSHA students are so deeply into computer use that Melinda Cherwin, a senior from Mequon, said assignments in advanced placement history are e-mailed to the teacher.

      Duffy, a junior from Germantown, said that kind of experience turns DSHA students into tutors for others not students who need tutoring. Personally, she admitte d to pulling her parents, as well as those boys last summer, out of the computer dark ages.

      And the final word, in case there still are lingering doubts or was this a gauntlet tossed at boys? came from Fetters:

      "We know what w e are talking about."

      LOAD-DATE: October 30, 1998

    • 27 05 2002
    • 20.  joesomebody (14:35:12) :

      I don’t think my first comment made it through, so here’s what I’ve discovered. Libby is from Glendale, Wisconsin. Her name appears in an October 1998 article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. It also looks like her father’s name is Donald J. Hoeller, of 6221 N. Sunnypoint Road, Glendale, Wisconsin!

    • 28 05 2002
    • 21.  joesomebody (10:16:49) :

      O.K.- I’m about 75% sure Elizabeth M. Hoeller’s parent’s names are Donald and Bernadette Hoeller of Glendale, Wisconsin. Their telephone number is (414) 964-2294.

    • 29 05 2002
    • 22.  joesomebody (12:46:10) :

      O.K.- I could be wrong, but I think that David A. Hoeller and Katherine Hoeller of Glendale, Wisconsin are Elizabeth M. Hoeller’s parents. Their address is 800 West Glen River Road, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53217. Their telephone number is (414) 962-9657. The address for Donald and Bernadette Hoeller I gave above is possibly for her grandparents b/c they live very close to David and Katherine Hoeller and I found out Donald Hoeller is in his seventies. Although the mailing address is Milwaukee- they live VERY close to Glendale. Also note that if you look up these addresses on mapquest- a small college is very close to them (see Drunk University’s comments above).

    • 29 05 2002
    • 23.  Spirito (13:35:21) :

      Did you call and ask for her?

    • 29 05 2002
    • 24.  Bud Rockford (19:48:08) :

      Word. I just stumbled onto this whole Libby Hoeler thing and this is great. Keep up the good sleuthin’!

    • 29 05 2002
    • 25.  Kalb (20:49:55) :

      Kudos to joesomebody!

    • 30 05 2002
    • 26.  arclyte (09:42:26) :

      where in the world is… libby hoeller? how’d ya find that shit ‘somebody?

    • 30 05 2002
    • 27.  Chris (22:17:10) :

      I think this e-detective thread is incredible. Good work, all of you, who contributed. I must say it sure takes the "anon" out of porn by putting reality to the pic/mpg to it…just goes to show..NEVER put your personal porn in electronic format!!!

    • 31 05 2002
    • 28.  Wicked (05:39:46) :

      How can i download the delta zeta slut video? It asks for a password and username.

    • 4 06 2002
    • 29.  VAZKINHO (17:20:53) :




    • 6 06 2002
    • 30.  grasshoppa (13:00:55) :

      Damn, youse guys are some sleuthful, morley shafer, mofos. fascinating thread to read. i’m sure it sucks to be libby this days, but dammnnn, she give me a chubby. Regarding the other chick from the host’s school, nice – but she ain’t no libby hoeller. And based on her 2nd vid, is her nickname around campus something like mudflaps or beef curtains?

    • 7 06 2002
    • 31.  Moral Bandit (02:08:28) :

      Damn. Since I can’t decide whether to be proud or ashamed for following all of this e-detective work, I will defer to awe. Thanks for the entertainment!

    • 8 06 2002
    • 32.  illwill (12:47:38) :

      are the links fixed i tried getting them like a week ago with no luck… new url?

    • 10 06 2002
    • 33.  brian (22:35:56) :

      damn guys. I am freaking laughing my ass off at the sleuth work you have done to find one chick.. albeit fun chick.. I am not believing some of you guys determination.. I have a really crazy Idea.. use that work in school and let this poor girl be!! haha.. well if you are keeping the torch for her.. why don’t you see if you can get her email addy, and tell her she has a fan following beyond her belief!!

    • 11 06 2002
    • 34.  Dennis (03:46:28) :

      for as far as i can get it this is happening in the US, right. I have never heard this heppening in Holland, mebey in the near futher. but i feel sorry for you Girl i realy do, aldo you ware the one cheating he should never have done this


    • 12 06 2002
    • 35.  Eddie (11:03:14) :

      damn – my posts either never appear or get deleted.

      like i said before – this whole thing seems a little odd to me cos in one of the videos you can clearly see a wedding band on her finger. (i think #4)

      sort of blows the whole story to shit – wedding band hence no annoyed boyfriend…

      but good work sleuth squad.
      (*ping* – web site idea)

    • 12 06 2002
    • 36.  none (18:50:23) :

      "Eddie" is wrong and this is why- the Jamie Seiberlich’s name, who Chris Spirito talked to by email (see above) shows up on the divine holy angle’s website:

      So why would she talk about the video to Spirito if the Libby Hoeller who went to her high school is not in the video?

      Maybe the ring is not a wedding band as Eddie suggests, but merely a ring.

    • 13 06 2002
    • 37.  G Booty (02:09:40) :

      So after finding your site tonight via. google I found myself mesmorized by your detective work to track down this poor chick. I too was amazed by her little naked dances to crappy pop music, but anyway, my contribution…an email address, mabey, I found it via a german website that somehow gave me the idea to check ICQ, and a very possible lead describes a girl who goes by "Libbs" outta Madison, Wisconson, unless this person did their homewok like you guys, and started a fake account the comments in their profile simply states "If you don’t Know me, don’t talk to me" anyway it could be a fake but I’ll let you guys try…, thats what I got, sounds a little too corny but whatevs, just a lea, let me know how you do.

    • 13 06 2002
    • 38.  Chris Spirito (09:38:45) :

      Has anybody tried the phone numbers that are posted and actually talked or tried to talk to Libby?

    • 18 06 2002
    • 39.  Talon_78 (15:32:43) :

      I saw the videos a couple years ago when I was going to school at Michigan Tech. Well, now I find myself living and working in Madison, WI. So naturally I remembered the movies and did a search to find info. I looked her up on the U.W. website directory and got her email… or something like that. It too gave her address as being near Milwaukee, same phone number as given above. I wrote her but haven’t heard back yet. Kinda don’t feel like calling. No guts, no glory though right…so maybe I will.

    • 21 06 2002
    • 40.  boris #b# (05:33:58) :

      Hi guys…
      I think someone should set off a web site only for Libby…I think her story should become a WEB-LEGGENDARY-FACT…IT MAY PROBABLY PROVE "THE REALITY" OF THE WEB AND IT MIGHT SHOW EVERYBODY HOW CAN BE SERIOUS AND ALSO CRUEL THE WWW.
      although she had become a leggend and she had got her private life ruined…I think she should be Mentioned as a STAR of the web….

      please let me hear the latest news if somebody cans…write me.

    • 23 06 2002
    • 41.  mike (05:57:31) :

      Im fascinated with this whole thing… I was wondering since I think court records are public information if anyone knows how to do a search with her name on some sort of database with court records from Wisconsin… If the story is true there should be records of her exboyfriend in court right? Anyone who know how to do that sort of thing should go for it… Just to see how it really went down… (and by the way it was insane to hear her talked about on the howard stern show… i thought she was an underground thing until I heard her talked about on the radio) Great detective work hopefully you get a yearbook pic out of it!

    • 27 06 2002
    • 42.  Kris (13:09:06) :

      A video got out of a girl from my high school last year when she was a junior of a tape that she made for her boyfriend. They broke up and it got out. Everybody in the whole school seen it. It is uploaded on the net somewhere. If you want to look it up her name is Amanda Murphy. Its not all that great since she gags during one part.

    • 29 06 2002
    • 43.  C (01:52:23) :

      I just realized tonight that i had had her video for a long time… She is really beautiful… My heart truly goes out to her wherever she is.. and you people should just let this die… I wont insult anyone here.. Insults dont carry you very far in this world.. you know you are going to do what your going to do anyway.. i just wanted to say my piece…

    • 2 07 2002
    • 44.  Eddie (05:59:42) :

      Did the whole Google search thing,

      anyone been able to find this Amanda Murphy video?

      BTW. has already been bought at

      Shame really…
      I’m still for

      All those who bring and prove information about these net mysteries could get a kick back from the advertising revs.

      (the same one as above)

    • 2 07 2002
    • 45.  kermitdafrog (18:49:16) :

      Ok, I like the vids (alot), and am mildly curious about the story of the girl, but jeez, do you HAVE to advertise her parents’ phone number and address? Uncool! Let her have her space.

    • 3 07 2002
    • 46.  Poopman McGraw (20:17:36) :

      I like to see nekked woman

    • 16 07 2002
    • 47.  sparky (14:17:56) :


      Just heard of Libby thru this site awhile back, but didn’t bother getting the videos. (i stay in the middle east by the way.) So, one morning i awaken with a stiffer, and decide to check out libby’s work. awesome videos indeed, and yes, she is rather pretty. I say she cheating on her boyfriend was a bad idea, but then again we’ve all made mistakes like that. Good job to all of you, as this story as well as the videos, has kept me quiet entertained. I do agree with some however, that maybe it’s gone too far, and i indeed would not want me, in a similar predicament. I do hope however, taht she eventually recovers from this, as i’m sure most of us have done a lot of kinky things, though not on tape.


    • 21 07 2002
    • 48.  gdm (10:18:03) :

      Ok, so there’s some interesting backstory to the Libby videos. But, does anyone know the story (rumor or fact) on one of my other favorites, called something like "Teen Sex 0030 NCSU – University Towers porno (18m14s).mpg" Check your favorite file share for it (it’s big 80+ worth).

      It’s a couple of college students going at it in a dorm room. He seems to know that it’s being filmed because you can see him look right into the camera several times. She may or may not know, I can’t really tell.

      Anyone know the story?

    • 21 07 2002
    • 49.  Matthias (11:22:30) :

      Hi, i’m from belgium and i wanna say DAMN i like that kind of web site.. especially this one. i wish i could do such a thing, one time in my life. anyway, big up to all of you….

    • 21 07 2002
    • 50.  Matthias (11:22:47) :

      Hi, i’m from belgium and i wanna say DAMN i like that kind of web site.. especially this one. i wish i could do such a thing, one time in my life. anyway, big up to all of you….

    • 24 07 2002
    • 51.  JOSH (16:20:45) :


    • 27 07 2002
    • 52.  tr (15:25:41) :

      I don’t think her life is ruined – she is pretty wild and obviously a great girlfriend! The kind of guy who would be offended for her past is not the type she would want for the future. I think some guy will be extremely lucky to have a woman willing to goto such lenghts to please him. If I was a few years younger I’d send her an e-mail myself. Keep it up girl! I admire you and think you are beautiful! …except for the cheating part!

    • 28 07 2002
    • 53.  Gollum (14:00:55) :

      I just read through this page and found it intence, sad and extreamly entertaining.

      Damn people, where the hell do you even start looking for this kind of info. It’s scary to know this sort of stuff can happen. but then again, she was absolutly stupid as hell to film herself like that. I do feel sorry for her, and for her family. Imagine if you were her father, god that would be painfull… Don;t harass these people. It’s her own fault, but that doesn’t excuse you guys for makinjg it so damn hard. Don;t post phone numbers, way uncool.

      Anyways, just wanted to put my two cents in. Thanks for the excellent read.

    • 29 07 2002
    • 54.  badger (19:05:26) :

      My sources say this song is actually about the Libby Hoeller even tho he discredits it in his song description. He is from Madison and it was written around the time she was reported to have left the UW so the timeline does fit.

    • 30 07 2002
    • 55.  ShAdDoW (01:34:44) : These are American families that have not yet been fitted into any American group. If you have information linking them into any family, please let me know! Group nine "Libby Hoeller"

    • 30 07 2002
    • 56.  ShAdOw (02:09:12) :

      Reply to Post by Joesomebody – 9:49am April 17, 2002
      It is true, here’s the link

    • 30 07 2002
    • 57.  ShAdDoW (23:29:41) :

      The link that mentions libby hoeller in the Howard Stern Message Board. I don’t believe it mentions anything about this site though, but then again I didn’t read the whole page.

    • 31 07 2002
    • 58.  ShAdDoW (11:43:03) :

      There’s another song titled "Libby I’m Listening", by Blue October I personally like it better than "Libby Holla" by B. Levesque. It was also recorded around the same time period

    • 31 07 2002
    • 59.  ShAdDoW (12:41:59) :

      Here’s a cool site for ya’ll. Someone decided to make some money off the Libby Hoeller Collection. This site claims to have the 5 Part Postcard Series for sale with additionaly bonus videos. I read somewhere that she sent these videos through an onlne postcard site. You know these video’s could have been copied by a guy she was involved with in a online chat. In part 2 you can here the distinct Yahoo Knock and she pauses for a moment as if she were looking to see who just came online. Besides if she recorded these herself why wouldn’t she have edited them, bad music and video quality in some, the telephone rings in Part 3, and then Jay Leno in Part 4. The only thing I could make out of the Leno Monologue was Ali McBeal as a guest and he mentions "How many guy’s have seen the new movie _____ ? One guy, one guy that’s it. So if anyone knows what the movie was let me know. I must have listened to it for 30 minutes before I gave up. By the way I did find another Elizabeth Hoeller in Jefferson City, Mo. she was in the 12th Grade honor roll. But I guess this would not coincide with the timeline.

    • 1 08 2002
    • 60.  J.C. (13:31:33) :

      wow all of you have done some great work. and hell yeah those videos are good. keep it up!!

    • 1 08 2002
    • 61.  Will (15:26:44) :

      Hey eveyone…i represent the libby hoeller florida association. glad to see that there is so much talk about her.

      are you guys getting medical coverage up there in wisconson yet?

      anyway, like all the work you guys are doing…and Libby – keep those videos cummin.

    • 2 08 2002
    • 62.  J.C. (01:57:24) :

      i emailed libby with the address talon_78 gave, turns out the mail was sent back. she dosent use that address anymore. hm oh well

    • 3 08 2002
    • 63.  maarten (17:16:17) :

      joesomebody’s link to the guestbook contains some pictures too.

      could the third girl from the left be libby?

      the other pics are here

    • 4 08 2002
    • 64.  mike (11:30:27) :

      hey man i looked at that picture and a coulple of others on that site and OH MY GOD! she’s in 3 of them!

      ^^^ in this one she’s the one in the top right hand corner.

      ^^^ in this one she’s the one first from right with the really long hair, and a shirt with japanese writing on it.

      ^^^ in this one she’s the one on the left.

      ^^^ in this one she’s fourth from left with two necklaces on.

      i can’t frikkin believe it!!! it’s her! you can tell just look at her eyes…

      here’s some to compare…

      she even looks hot with clothes on!

      oh by the way here’s what she wrote in the guest book…

      "Hey Jen! Sorry I was diseased when I saw you last week and couldn’t talk. I’m over my mono now (finally!) so I’ll hopefully see you soon! I miss you a lot–hope everything is going well! Love ya babes, Libs"

      here’s what her mom wrote…

      "Dear Jenny, Libby keeps me posted on your progress. I’m glad to hear that things are looking up for you. We keep you and your family in our prayers every day. Mrs. Hoeller"

      this is huge news!

      to me anyway :)

    • 4 08 2002
    • 65.  mike (11:43:37) :

      edit- i obviously meant she’s in 4 not 3.

      also it looks like she has naturally dark hair. she must have lightened it in the videos…

    • 5 08 2002
    • 66.  anonymous (09:17:30) :

      i agree it’s the same girl you pointed out in all of the pics mike, except for the last one with 2 necklaces, that one of not positive about.
      but is it really libby? i’m not so sure. maybe that’s because i have really crappy versions of the videos, or maybe i should just watch them again a few times and try to pay attention to her face this time :)
      anyway, i’m curious what others think about this. is it really libby in the pics or not?

    • 5 08 2002
    • 67.  anonymous (09:23:11) :

      ow, by the way if it is her, then she’s in too. front row, far right.

    • 5 08 2002
    • 68.  mike (10:47:06) :

      well the one with the necklace is at graduation so she was older. i think in that one she looks more like she does in the videos because she lightened her hair like she did in the videos.

      ^^^ i was going to post this one too but it was to hard to tell because it was far away and she was squinting… it could be though. im positive the other ones are her because she and her mother both leave comments in the guestbook which makes me think they were very good friends hence all the pictures with her in them.

      ^^^ in this one she’s in her ANGELAIRES outfit which is some sort of swing choir that was at her highshcool. that’s another reason im pretty sure it’s her.

      yeah watch the videos again you can tell by her face.

      ^^^ here’s the ANGELAIRES site…

    • 5 08 2002
    • 69.  ShAdDoW (16:28:44) :

      I was thinking the same thing, but I couln’t be certain that it was Libby in these pictures. I thought the pictures were of Jenny, look at the opening web page here and let me know what you think.

    • 5 08 2002
    • 70.  mike (17:28:35) :

      ^^^ you can’t look at that picture and not think it’s her on the left. that chick jenny is sitting next to her…

      also check out the date in bottom right hand corner (jun 13, 1994). so she was a lot younger there.

      im 100 percent sure it’s her. although now i am questioning the graduation picture…

    • 5 08 2002
    • 71.  anonymous (17:40:33) :

      it’s jenny’s page alright. she’s the girl who appears in every one of the pics. we’re talking about libby, who’s there together with jenny in SOME of them. btw mike u’ve totally convinced me now :)

    • 5 08 2002
    • 72.  mike (17:50:14) :

      finally a believer! :) as soon as i saw them i knew! she’s hard to miss ;)

    • 5 08 2002
    • 73.  anonymous (17:54:29) :

      anybody thought of signing the guestbook…..

    • 5 08 2002
    • 74.  mike (17:57:49) :

      lol… something like i hope you get better. oh and by the way libbys hot :) i don’t think i could though…

    • 5 08 2002
    • 75.  anonymous (18:06:39) :

      yeah that would be just evil… would it?
      besides i’m starting to feel sorry for libby now more than ever. she really looks a like a very smart girl, totally not deserving this fate. maybe we should give it a rest. yeah i think i will.

    • 5 08 2002
    • 76.  mike (18:27:51) :

      i agree no one deserves what happen to her. although she doesn’t seem like the kinda girl that would let this ruin her life. im sure she’s over it and doesn’t know the extent she’s known/admired. well i hope so anyway because that would suck for her. although i don’t look at this as bad. just an exchange of info. no harm done :)

    • 5 08 2002
    • 77.  ShAdDoW (23:38:17) :

      Well Mike, looking at the picture again I do believe that is Libby. And I also agree with your last post. I wouldn’t think that this would or has ruined her life. I think those videos were in very good taste considering they were meant for her boyfriend. I myself see her as the girl next door type. I think she’s very beautiful and hope she does well in life. Besides I don’t think her videos are anything to be ashamed of, maybe a little embarased… If anyone were to give her a hard time or judge her in a negative way, then those people are very shallow and their opinion really doesn’t matter.

    • 6 08 2002
    • 78.  Adamo (05:28:05) :

      I just have to say, this is the best and only forum I’ll keep with. I saw the "Libby Hoeler" videos awhile back, and out of respect for her will continue to use her nickname out of respect for her in my little speech. It’s said that she’s intelligent, which could be refuted by the fact that she so trustingly sent her boyfriend those vids. She seemed to be just really into the guy, and he was a fool for not forgiving her after her affair. I’ve been cheated on before, and it hurt like a motherfucker, but if you’re vengeful, you stop getting yours. Now this guy is probably with some trailer trash whose beauty doesn’t hold a candle to "Libby"’s, reflecting on the largest mistake he ever made. I know that telling you guys to quit stalking her would be futile, considering that you’re all so into her. With good reason too, I mean, she is gorgeous. But, I believe it was a poster by the name of Gollum who asked you guys not to post her parents phone numbers and stuff on the site. I recommend you take his advice. Anyway, I have a friend with the same last name as "Libby", Hoeller. For his protection from online prosecution, we’ll call him G. And yes, I will ask him and his parents if he has relatives in Wisconsin by the names given on this page. A chance to meet the infamous "Libby" is a once in a lifetime opportunity, after all, enough so that it’s peaked my interest. I’ll let you know what I find out. Sorry the speach was so long-winded.

    • 6 08 2002
    • 79.  Adamo (14:11:38) :

      A thought:
      would anyone like to see "Libby" in a movie?
      I’ve been giving this some careful consideration, and what if what she had to put up with throughout this ordeal is a part of something bigger? Her face is obviously starworthy, and anyone can act. She’s like the next Milla Johovich. As a young screenwriter/director, I would like to see her in a real film. I know people will say things like "shouldn’t she just be left alone?" Well, I think it should be her choice, and I wonder if she’s had a proposition like this yet. She could have a real feature film career that would be a shame to go to waste, and people who know her story would be proud to see her on the big screen. Post if you agree/disagree.

    • 7 08 2002
    • 80.  Cooter (01:25:43) :

      Does anyone know if if there are any new libby videos, i seen the complete libby hoeler download but was wondering if anyone has gotten creative and compiled some new videos?

    • 7 08 2002
    • 81.  Immature Kiddo (05:46:25) :

      Does anyone know stuff about things that are possible? If so I’ll take a shit in your bed and laugh at you when you lay in it… HAHAHA

    • 7 08 2002
    • 82.  Premature Kiddo (17:01:25) :

      heres another site with more libby info it’s actually a pretty cool site.

    • 8 08 2002
    • 83.  MadTown Student (01:39:25) :

      This site is simply unbelievable.

      This nice young women lived in the same dorm as me freshmen year, and had friends on my floor she visited quite often. She’s just a normal girl who you see walking around Madison like any other junior in college.

      She is not going to make more videos just for "you". And for those of you who dream of meeting her, as if she will be flattered by your mention of watching her videos, please get a life.

      I honestly don’t know her, but I do see her around campus all the time. Everyone needs to realize she is a normal person, not some one-dimensional porn star. I hope that soon all of you will have forgotten Libby, because she is just as interesting, probably just as uninteresting, as everyone else.

    • 9 08 2002
    • 84.  The Prick (02:22:32) :

      In response to MadTown Student…
      The only person able to answer any of these questions or comments on this post is the "person" in the video. This is just a harmless forum to bullshit about some chick that made some videos. Hell nobody knows for sure what the truth behind the videos are. Just as long as nobody harasses the girl there is nothing wrong with talking about her. Shit your probably a fucked up democratic vegitarian with nothing better to do than cry about how much life should treat all people equal. Get a life! People are not equal and life isn’t fair. If this "Libby" didn’t want this kind of attention she shouldn’t have made the videos. I serioulsy doubt this has been a life altering experience for her other than a few smart ass comments.

    • 9 08 2002
    • 85.  mike (12:33:55) :

      ^^^ word!

    • 9 08 2002
    • 86.  Adamo (13:03:30) :

      Yeah, as long as this forum doesn’t hurt her, I’m for it. Just to clarify, in one of my earlier rants I WAS talking about her having a major motion picture career, not pornography. I would never subject her to that world after what she’s been through.

    • 9 08 2002
    • 87.  ShAdDoW (16:33:25) :

      I would like to see Libby in a Movie, she’s attractive and I think she performs well in front of a camera. Besides she deserves something for having her video broadcast all over the internet. If she has the chance she might as well capitalize off the little slice of popularity she has.

    • 10 08 2002
    • 88.  Dusty (02:12:54) :

      Here’s a site with pretty much the same spin as what has been said here but still worth checking out if your interested.

    • 10 08 2002
    • 89.  Adamo (03:05:48) :

      I’m with you, Shadow.

    • 13 08 2002
    • 90.  MUguy (16:48:10) :

      I was bored and stumbled on this site the other day. As a student at Marquette University in Milwaukee I had become aware of the Libby videos roughly two years ago. I was suprised when I read that the story provided on this site, and apparently considered to be the real story, differed so much from the one going around the Marquette campus. I decided to ask a few people I knew from DSHA, Marquette High and UW Madison what they had heard and their stories coincided with what I had already heard. So to add o the legend here is what I’ve heard:
      Obviously Libby went to Madison but her boyfriend went to school in Indianna. Her friend did come to Marquette my freshman year and had to leave due to Leukemia. From talking with an underclassmen from DSHA, yes she did go to school there and worked on the newspaper with said underclassmen who says that she was always a really nice girl but also kind of a slut. She also said that the rumor mill around DSHA was that Libby had initially just been sending her boyfriend cleaner videos that eventually progressed into the full out porno that we now all know of. From what I’ve heard Libby’s boyfriend did not post the videos on Kaza or send them out to her family members. What I’ve always heard was that some of his friends found the videos and sent them to each other, and eventually back to some of their Milwaukee area highschool buddies who happened to go to Marquette. It spread slowly at first by word of mouth until it ended up in a variety download folders at various schools that made it accessible from scour/kaza/etc. My Madison connection did not know Libby but aparently lived in Selery Hall at the same time heard about how some girl in her dorm had been posted all over the internet. Apparently Libby was harrassed and embarassed to the point that she had to leave school mid-semester. (Mom… Dad… I need to come home I’m an internet porn star) From what I heard she immediately broke up her boyfriend because "You asshole how could you let this happen? you’ve ruined my life!" My DSHA connection says she heard recently that Libby was still not in school (In MadTowns eye) but does not know whether she is currently living in the Milwaukee area.
      Sorry the story was so long but at least it gives another possible situation, true or not.

    • 13 08 2002
    • 91.  HA HA HA (18:58:40) :

      HA HA.. funny shit!! haha.. you guys need to get a life!! a MOVIE?? damn.. seriously.. this last guy story seems very true..

    • 14 08 2002
    • 92.  NGEddie (07:15:51) :


      This is a much more likely scenario,

      Do you know anything about the wedding band clearly visible in vid 4 (i think)

      thanks for the info,

    • 14 08 2002
    • 93.  monkeytard (23:05:26) :

      ok. I’m no public relations mastermind, but here are some thoughts as far as I’m concerned. If MUGUY is right about what he wrote:

      A> Why not come foward with her side of the story?

      I know she most likely just wishes that this thing went away. While I don’t think she has anything to be embarrassed about (come on ñ she did some stripping, and masturbated ñ big deal), wouldn’t it be nice to give those shit-for-brains that posted her video AND WORSE her address attached to the video, a run for their money. I’m sure there would be plenty of people that would want to give those dumbasses a piece of their minds… A sort of tit-for-tat.

      B>If she opened a BLOG site with a pay-access part, I think she’d be rich within months. Her being naked is already out there, she might as well get paid for it.

      C>Keep in mind, that none of this matters in the big scheme of things. I don’t think any of us would be able to recognize her if we ran into her head first. Afterall, the quality of the videos is so-so, and all she’s gotta do is change her looks a bit…

      Just some random thoughts… discuss.

    • 15 08 2002
    • 94.  baby bitch (05:02:34) :

      i really don’t think those pictures linked above are of libby. they look nothing like her.

    • 15 08 2002
    • 95.  Comeon!! (10:19:27) :

      Give at rest guys… Or better yet… Get a girlfriend!..

    • 15 08 2002
    • 96.  ShAdDoW (12:19:36) :

      true… true…

    • 17 08 2002
    • 97.  ShAdDoW (03:32:35) :

      Hey!… I have a girlfriend! What are you jealous because your not getting enough attention. I just find the story behind the videos interesting and keep following until i get bored and find something better to do. Sorry no harm in that.

    • 19 08 2002
    • 98.  ...:HypoKritical:.. (18:31:06) :

      humm i really wonder whats she’s doing now

    • 20 08 2002
    • 99.  vamilla (19:18:29) :

      if we want the real story one of us nosey mutha fucka’s should email all of the people she graduated high school with. There is a list of alumnae on her high school website, i’m too lazy to do it, so maybe someone else should.


    • 23 08 2002
    • 100.  Noah Grey (18:22:28) :

      the links to the vids dont work just so you know

    • 24 08 2002
    • 101.  dyssident (14:11:36) :

      heres my guess on the name issue.. her name is probably Heller,, but dude added the ‘O’ so her name would be pronounced like Ho-ler.. get it,, ‘ho’,, cause he thought she was one..

    • 24 08 2002
    • 102.  yackoooligan (18:10:37) :

      nice site. she is a very beautiful woman. she will make someone very happy one day. i wish her the best of luck in all she does.

    • 24 08 2002
    • 103.  yackoooligan (18:17:02) :

      Libby will make someone a very happy man one day. I know she has made internet waves all over the world. She could be very famous if she wanted to. I wish her the best of luck in all she does.

    • 25 08 2002
    • 104.  dosl (05:54:08) :

      i met her a long time ago, normal person to me… i’m suprised more people don’t have friends that make ‘videos’, your all going a bit overboard.

    • 29 08 2002
    • 105.  lapper (11:36:19) :

      Jaja niet lullen ze wil hem gewoon keihard ontvangen ik zag het in haar ogen! Wieeeeeee

    • 5 09 2002
    • 106.  Luke (21:34:48) :

      I found your site by a libby hoeler search also, anyway your links don’t work and I’m gona asume it’s cause of the smash-n-toss(mac)junk your using. I would like to know if there is anywhere else I can find the tiffany videos?


    • 6 09 2002
    • 107.  Joe (17:25:15) :

      I would trade my teeth and left testacle for a girl that was this uninhibited. I just wish I knew how the hell to find such a specimen. If I ever bumped into Libby, I do everything in my power to woo her into being mine!

    • 10 09 2002
    • 108.  Refugee from Man Jose (04:16:47) :

      The way I break this situation down is like this:

      1. What Libby did for her boyfriend with the videos was really sweet. She’s very beautiful, and I’d love to have a woman do that for me. Frankly, one of my exs sorta did something similar, though it was never recorded.

      2. When you videotape/record/sketch/whatever yourself or another committing a sex act, you always run the risk of having it get out in public. Did Libby ever think of that? In fact, one should assume that this very thing could happen if they are recorded, either by accident or purposely. It’s a lot like getting drunk – you’re completely responsible for your own actions, and you can’t control them once your drunk. That means you either don’t drink, or you accept the consequences. I know this sounds harsh, but there’s an important lesson to be learned here – assume the worst can happen with such material.

      3. Even if Libby cheated on her boyfriend, he should’ve just said "buh-bye" and left. Period. Violating someone’s trust like that is a sign of a vengeful and hateful individual, and they likely can’t be trusted. Of course, violating someone else’s trust by cheating on them is no better, but let’s adopt a "turn the other cheek" attitude here. Mohandas Ghandi once said "an eye for an eye will make the whole world go blind" and rightly so.

      Libby – if you ever read this comment, please know that you didn’t deserve all of this. I hope you can move on with your life, and I sort of feel sick thinking that there was this kind of betrayal in the world…

    • 10 09 2002
    • 109.  MagiKnight (23:44:23) :

      I tried the phone number and her mom told me she was at college :)
      Now I might call back and ask for her college number, or just ask is they knew what her daughter has done :0

    • 11 09 2002
    • 110.  chuck (04:00:33) :

      great site. i’ve always wondered who that girl is in those videos. i’ve had the 5 videos that are on the cupfart site for over a year now. i saw a couple still shots either on this site or another of libby hoeler in unerwear. in those five, she’s not wearing undies in any of ’em. are there some more videos out there that are still accessible? thanks

    • 14 09 2002
    • 111.  mike (01:01:05) :

      MagiKnight your full of shit right? if not what did you say?!…

    • 14 09 2002
    • 112.  some kid (13:04:07) :

      ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh omg dude im in love with this girl shes hot! and shes not afraid to show it! ahhhhhhhhh i wonna marry her!

    • 17 09 2002
    • 113.  Benjamin (16:11:24) :

      A little editorial from my side of the net:

      Ok, so Libby is now a virtual personality and web-urban legend. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, have heard of her and/or seen the videos. "Libby Hoeler", as we know her, is nothing more than a virutal fantasy that gets played on computer monitors around the world daily for the sake of our own personal pleasures. This thing is much bigger than whoever that girl on the video really is. Typing "Libby Hoeler" on any search engine will connect you to more links than many actresses in Hollywood or other famous people. If the real "Libby" dropped off the face of the Earth tomorrow, her legend would still continue. This website is a testament to the fact that her following is growing and getting stronger. I am amazed by the power of the internet! We all have created this web pesona to something that is really out there now. I predict that this thing will continue to grow and grow. We have not heard the last of Libby Hoeler here or elsewhere. One day, the girl on the video will surface. It may be out of anger, desperation, or to claim her web-legend glory. Either way, on that day, we will see that the "Libby" created in cyber space bears little resemblance to the real girl/woman living in the flesh. The girl that we entertained in our private fantasies does not really exist in the flesh. It is like that cybergeek jerk-off queen: Lara Croft. She can be played by various busty actresses but that will never change the fact that she is a fictional character only living in cyber space. So, who will be the next person to play to our Libby Hoeler fantasy?

    • 18 09 2002
    • 114.  spb (05:03:27) :

      just a comment on her name: her ancesters are probably from german (or another german speaking country) descent. it would originally have been written like this: "h–ller", which is a fairly common name in germany.
      the "–" can officially be replaced with "oe", which produces the same sound in german and is commonly used on keyboards that have no letters with added things, or when writing in a language that does not have it, like english. somewhere among the line this name was americanized, and is a normal name there now to. where the missing "l" went, i really don’t know. probably someone misspelled it when registering somewhere.

      she sure is a hotty, but nothing compared to my baby… :o)

    • 19 09 2002
    • 115.  No Etymologists, Please (03:37:39) :

      Erm… German Ancestry? Probably not…

      I’m not doing the sluething here, but it seems more reasonable in my simple mind that the ‘Hoe’ was added by the Internet’s angry boyfriend. Other gumshoes earlier posted saying her name is actually Heller. Our Dick finds out she is cheating on him and says "Damn, Hoe!". Crumbles into meniacal levels of malcontent, and posts the now famous video of Libby HOEller. Today, we rest our flat feet on the desk, take long drags while looking up from our fedoras and ponder our favorite Dame, Libby Hoeller. Here’s lookin’ at you, kid.

      Gotta love Wisconsinites. Didja know that wisconsin has the largest average dress size of any state in the nation? Oy Vay!

    • 21 09 2002
    • 116.  Bjorn Anderson (06:51:37) :

      . . …
      . . . . . . . .. .. …
      . … . . .. … . .

    • 21 09 2002
    • 117.  you are not worth anything to me and DO NOT DESERVE to know my name (07:51:50) :

      . . …
      . … . . .. … . .
      … SHAME UPON ALL OF YOU -dogs- FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO THE purest, and THE most beautiful thing, ever created, by nature’s hand.
      ~~~~~~~~~~~ the female being ~~~~~~~~~~~


      … THERE —NEVER WAS AND NEVER WILL BE—- ANYTHING WRONG WITH WHAT "Libby" did.. she was JUST TRYING TO BE, a beautiful creature of the world and just trying to create a little innocent sexual happiness through the use of some minor technology, and look at the UNMEASURABLE sorrow that was created by -you. now she hides away afraid to show her ~beautiful face~ for fear of ridicule and embarrasment FROM YOU..

      -digging up phone numbers.. .HEH!
      -finding names and addresses…HEH!
      -searching for where she is hiding from your ugly faces now… ….BAH!
      -finding old pictures, calling people, "SLEUTHING""!!!!…. you ought to be ashamed to call yourselves Humans.!… you are INHUMAN! and INHUMANE!.!.! YOU ARE THE REASONS THIS PLANET IS BECOMING LIFELESS! AND DON’T THINK THAT THAT DOES NOT APPLY TO ALL OF YOU OTHER LEMMINGS … THINGS .. THAT WENT ALONG WITH IT!!!!!

      —–enjoy yourselves….. while you can…..
      i am coming for you, and I am the great decider, and you will be judged- not by god, but by me.

    • 21 09 2002
    • 118.  Bjorn (08:23:45) :

      HEY LIBBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      if you can post where your boyfriend is now I will go and put an end to his vile-ness and evil treachery to be sure that he never again hurts anyone else, and even if he does not, he should pretty much die anyway…. you have not done anything wrong, and I just typed for the last 2 hours .."a big response" but it was not accepted… so this is my jist summary….
      Libby is good,
      boyfriend is bad < --(put mildly) ... Libby never did anything wrong except show-off the natural beauty of which creation gave her. -sleuths <-- should all be lynchmobbed - Libby <--- should be proud of what she did- she is one of the most incredible creations ever, and I am happy to know that there is still some natural innocent beauty left in this decaying world. - sleuths <--- ok I'm not done yet, these guys need to REAAALLLY be taught a lesson, they are the reason this poor girl has been through a lot of trauma.. how about we give them all lots of paper cuts and poor whisky all over them, and then -not cut OFF there balls but smash em' and mash'em with a hammer on a table while they are still attached of course.... ok I think i'm done with them now. - Libby's EX- ok i was not done with him either, please if Libby! you read this! please post a response and tell me where I can find this no-good vile filth of scumkind- so that I may exact a correct punishment upon him... (similar to the sleuths in the aforementioned).. I am not even joking here.! - Computer dorks, porn fiends, jerks who shared the files in the first place, and people who wont let this thing down.-----------> should all pretty much hang, they are the reason I am ashamed to be called human and associated with them. I wont get into detail on this one. but these people are the reason…. WOULD THIS POOR GIRLS FATE HAVE EVER BEEN SO UGLY HAD PEOPLE LIKE THEM NOT CREATED IT? …. (ahem) anyway that is about it.

      PS: Libby!—> if you just post his first and last name and state of birth i can take care of the rest ok? I shit u not.

    • 21 09 2002
    • 119.  mike (09:24:46) :

      ^^^ dude you have issues…

    • 21 09 2002
    • 120.  spb (11:53:48) :

      dear bjorn,

      thank you for your words. they made me realize what a sickening pervert i am for looking at a girl that has a body that has been designed by the gods themselves, and is as sexy as she is. i also now realize that by doing this libby will never find the peace she deserves.
      i hereby offer to pick up lessons in suicide bombing at some extreme religious organisation and throw myself at the asshole ex-boyfriend, so that the both of us will no longer be amongst the living.
      i expect all the other guys that posted here to follow my example and end this horror.
      in the name of decency, in the name of bjorn.

      oh, and please have your medication changed into something heavier.

    • 22 09 2002
    • 121.  kappa1uk (09:13:45) :

      This is top. I especially enjoyed the ramblings of the analy retented, over bearing, bra burning feminist, who wont give thier name. Firstly I feel that you should get your dumb ass back to school and get some lessons in ENGLISH. Secondly, the majority of this thread is harmless bantering between internet freaks like myself. Yes I do agree that the posting of the poor girls phone numbers and her parents address (what were you thinking?) was beyond "out of order&quot

    • 22 09 2002
    • 122.  J.C. (12:56:31) :


    • 23 09 2002
    • 123.  Magi (18:54:48) :

      Who are you people to say what is good and what is "evil"? Why should I care what you have to say? Go somewhere where people actually care about your babbling. Cause I sure as hell found nothing worth reading in what you wrote. Who are you to call me "vile" your no better than us. Get over it. Fucking take her bf to court and get her videos off the net just shut up please!

    • 23 09 2002
    • 124.  J.C. (23:34:20) :

      like i said, BAH!

    • 24 09 2002
    • 125.  ShAdOw (13:31:07) :

      Well, Bjorn Anderson that was rather entertaining! Now go take a prozac and crawl back into your cave. This is why I love reading these posts. People like Bjorn trying to save the world from evil. Apparently you are just as entertained by Libby as the rest of us or you wouldn’t have bothered to watch the videos and post here. Keep up the Rants Bjorn! Your truly a piece of work! ;)

    • 24 09 2002
    • 126.  some WISC stududent (17:55:32) :

      You can contact her yourself:

      name Elizabeth Margaret Hoeller
      home_address 800 W Glen River Rd
      Glendale WI 53217

    • 24 09 2002
    • 127.  Libby Hoeler (20:55:24) :

      Oh boys, your turn me on ! I am the sexiest piece of sex and I want to masterbate at your face and come in your mouth ! Please fuck me !

    • 24 09 2002
    • 128.  J.C. (22:51:17) :

      ^thats funny^ too bad its not true, oh well

    • 25 09 2002
    • 129.  mike (04:29:06) :

      libby you spelled your name wrong :p *hoeller*

    • 25 09 2002
    • 130.  Cap'n Rack (11:03:07) :

      After viewing first vid, it is apparent the girl is a little too accomplished as a pole dancer to be a college girl…girls in porno are NEVER college girls – they’re usually not educated at all. The whole "Libby Hoeler" thing is just more internet bullshit

    • 26 09 2002
    • 131.  Magi (12:31:10) :

      Man your full of crap. I called her house and asked for her, she’s at college her parents told me.

    • 27 09 2002
    • 132.  READ THIS (01:27:20) :

      I am from Glendale, WI as is Libby. In fact, Libby lives about two blocks from my house, I was on the track team with her brother. THEY ARE REAL, she made them in Sellery Hall at Madison, she’s not a porn star, they are legit. I did not go to school with her as she went to a local private catholic school (DSHA) but I know her brother and can tell you first-hand that they are real, and that they were indeed sent to her parents.

    • 29 09 2002
    • 133.  fuckhole (21:00:20) :

      Posted by you are not worth anything to me and DO NOT DESERVE to know my name – 7:51am September 21, 2002

      Judging by your rants either your name is "psycho" or "Libby’s Dad"

    • 1 10 2002
    • 134.  inspector gadget (07:17:52) :

      Im am another intrested by this on goin internet myth. I call it myth coz no one can prove they know her or prove what they say is true except the address which seems to b som1 realated.but dosent prove it to be the girl in the videos. I also heard somthing else to add to the mystery. I was told by a current UW student that a similar thing happen to a girl (he couldnt recall her name) but she was so humiliated she dropped out only to kill herself couple of weeks later. could this b libby?

    • 1 10 2002
    • 135.  inspector gadget (07:40:08) :

      O and i forgot that crazy bitch" you are not worth anything to me and derserver not to know my name" the crazy chick that made that long ass bitchy post , might b libby or sounds like somthing she would say if she saw this site or maybe its her butch lesbo lover bent on revenge to malekind lololololol

    • 1 10 2002
    • 136.  Feyd (14:59:52) :

      With all the Libby Holer Hooplah, i can’t believe nobody’s mentioned the one who came before her: The "Svaasand Videos"

      Does anybody know this chick’s story?

      I think its something of a Libby Holer-esque tale: clearly homemade vids for her boyfriend, but its much higher quality, and made with a handycam, not a webcam.

      It says in the bottom of the screen "July 1996", there’s about 1/2 hour of footage that I’ve seen.

      Does anybody elese know what I’m talking about – is this a similar tale?

      BTW love this site!

    • 1 10 2002
    • 137.  RedEye (15:12:08) :

      Never heard of Svaasand Videos. Why don’t you post a link since Google generates nada?

    • 1 10 2002
    • 138.  feyd (15:31:18) :

      look for the Svaasand Videos on Kazaa

      search for
      "Drunk College Teen"

      there are six parts – all really good. Some of its hot, some of its pretty damned funny – she’s not a very good dancer


    • 2 10 2002
    • 139.  Jay (22:44:33) :

      Ive seen a bit of the Svaasand video..a dark haired girl dancing to bad early nineties dance music.

    • 2 10 2002
    • 140.  J.C. (22:46:37) :

      yeah i’ve seen those, i use to have all the videos, and yes better quality than libby’s but libby is way hotter!!!

    • 8 10 2002
    • 141.  The_Dude11 (05:37:15) :

      I’m impressed w/ all the theards on your webpage, even the posting by that wack-job, Bjorn, was time well spent. After I viewed the Libby Hoeller videos, I felt as though she was dancing for me. The good-bye kisses were for me. The dildo insertion, now that was defienetly for me! Her story has more twists and turns then a New York Times best-seller. She should seriously consider parlaying her, "naive exuberance of sexual abundence" into profits. Or, if she’s really creative she could have close friends (w/ her help of course) develop a "Save Libby" fund. They would start by circulating misinformation on websites, such as this one, that Libby is under suicide watch at the local mental hospital (for authenticity sake; they would be wise to contact an expert in the field of mental illness, such a person would tell them what medical lingo to use- ex. the room where she is being monitored is called "The Waiting Room." I’m thinking Bjorn would be perfect for this role, the would just say "We’ll let you meet Libby if you tell us what it’s like on the inside!" And you know what? I think he’s crazy enough to believe them.) and they don’t think she’s going to make it. The medical bills keep piling up and they’ve already spent there life savings on moving her from town to town. Oh, and the plastic surgery sure was a pretty penny. I could really see the money pouring in after the launch of the fund. Then they sell the rights of her story to Lifetime or the Oxygen network. If that doesn’t produce enough money then they could work w/ the writers of "The After School Special." I’ll even toss out a title "When Good Porn Goes Bad (or good as long as you’re not Libby Hoeller)!: The Libby Hoeller Story." To finish up my diatribe, I will conclude w/ a qoute from the great poet, Me, to all the "anti-Libby Fans". I call it "Libby, Webcam, and Me." Libby should not be shunned for having melifious moves. Do not hate Libby for having perfect EVERYTHING! Instead admire the finer points of her exhibitoness. Music… Pole… and Dildo insertion, are features most typically found at a high-class tittie bar, but she’s able to pull it off in her dormroom for a fraction of the production cost. Kudo’s to Libby. You embody (literally) all that is great about the internet.

    • 8 10 2002
    • 142.  J.C. (12:02:01) :


    • 8 10 2002
    • 143.  Kyle (14:28:48) :

      To add some truth to this story…The last two years I lived right of of UW’s campus(i just moved to milwaukee). Elizabeth Hoeller went to DSHA (an all girl school), and graduated in 2000. I noticed alot of the people that didn’t know her graduated a few years before, which would be the reason for them not knowing Libby. As far as I know, she still goes to school in Madison. Last year she lived in the same apartment building, known as La Ciel(very expensive building), as one of my good friends. If she was able to make it at UW for two years, I dont see any reason for her to transfer now. On how the videos got out, the truth is hard to confirm, I doubt it was the boyfriend, because they continued to date after the videos got out. I have heard something like her boyfriend’s roommate possibly sent them out. I was surprised to see these posts, I thought Libby was long forgotten, she is old news in Madison.

    • 8 10 2002
    • 144.  The Dude11 (16:34:25) :

      UPDATE! This is the truth and you can believe me or not. A few hours after my post I remembered that I know someone who recentely graduated from UWM. I think a certain "someone" may be the topic of conversation, the next time I talk to her. I’m praying that they go way back. This could be what we need to wrap up our award-winning investigation into the life and times of Libby Hoeller. Libby will never be old news.

    • 9 10 2002
    • 145.  darkpoet (03:31:23) :

      WOW…I just read this ENTIRE page tonight. Very interesting stuff. Oddly enough, I actually wanna meet this girl and have coffe with her or something strange like that. Maybe she’s nice :) Anyway, she’s gorgeous and I feel bad for what happened to her. If I were her I’d accept it and, hell, embrace it for what it is! A similar thing happened to this one girl who I went to HS with and am now friends with. She’s 2 years younger than me and her boyfriend got screen captures of her on a webcam during the beginning of her 2nd year in HS. Under peer pressure from his friends (immature high school kids :-\) He spread the pics around and eventually the whole high school found out etc etc etc. Lucky for his sorry ass, nothing was done legally (REALLY lucky, since it was technically child porn), the girl pretty much was emberassed and then just laughed it off. I hope Libby has the strength to do the same.

    • 11 10 2002
    • 146.  chickenbak (22:05:06) :

      It is not technically child pornography you ignorant doof if she was in college. That would mean she is over 18.

    • 11 10 2002
    • 147.  mike (22:57:15) :

      ^^^ i think he was talking about his friend, who was in highschool…

    • 12 10 2002
    • 148.  drjonah (17:43:10) :

      I just wanted to add my 2 cents here, I know Libby’s grandma…Libby is a very sweet girl who put the past behind her and is living her life normally…her parents are not going to give anyone her phone number at school…however I’m not going to flame anyone for fantasizing about her because it’s only natural

    • 12 10 2002
    • 149.  drjonah (17:47:03) :

      I just wanted to add my 2 cents here, I know Libby’s grandma…Libby is a very sweet girl who put the past behind her and is living her life normally…her parents are not going to give anyone her phone number at school…however I’m not going to flame anyone for fantasizing about her because it’s only natural

    • 12 10 2002
    • 150.  J.C. (23:15:29) :

      ^^^lol a fucking moron in the process^^^

    • 13 10 2002
    • 151.  Ed Gill (20:17:53) :

      You should all know about a new rift on the whole Libby Hoeler idea. Theres some new videos circulating the web about a guy by the name of Matt Pellecotti, Peregrino, something like that. Apparently, this dude was a freshman stud at his college campus, and was dating a chik that remembered people for a long time and also held grudges forever. The story is, he supposedly dated her in the beginning of freshman year and then dumped her to pursue other people, but told her he didn’t want to look like a slut by having people know that he was having sex in the dorms with this chik, his girlfriend. After that apparently he started ignoring her and making her look stupid in front of his new squeezes, even when she tried to still hold up a friendship. Rumor has gotten so far that he even had his friends help him to falsely accuse his ex of a minor campus crime in efforts to keep her from being able to enter his dorm, since he didnt want her to visit him or tag along like she was best friends with them. Sounds like the chik was tired of trying to get attention from him, so turned into an angry bitch and plasted nude videos of him after hearing about the whole Libby Hoeler incident. Is that what this "broadcasting" of Libby Hoeler does, influence grudgeholding psychopaths?! The vids arent in my best interest since i’m not bi or nothin, but I also heard rumors that he has tried to reach hold of libby Hoeler in effort to together sue both of the culprits for plastin videos without their permission. After all, coming from a guy that reported his ex to the campus po-po’s for "stalking" him shortly before the vids got passed around(or before he was aware of it). If anyone wants to contact him, his AIM screenname is aremypantson, I know this b/c I tried it already, the dudes very funny and sarcastic, if not a pornstar, worth the time to chat with him about guitars and bands and what not. Oh, and the chik has a screenname speedbuggin, gonna try that next and get back 2 yall when I try her about it.

    • 13 10 2002
    • 152.  Michele (20:34:07) :

      ^ ^ ^ the comment above seems to be true, i don’t know about the shit about this guy matt knowing libby hoeller or not. i also heard about a hot guy(hey im a gurl, whaddyo expect, me to get off on looking at libby or somethin?!) circulating the web by the name of eric horden(mite be spelled eric whorden also, i dunno ive seen it spelled two ways), he is tall and has kinda spiky dark hair. seen sent in on numerous amateur porn sites. pic of him available at this link, he is the one on the right, the tall one with dark hair and sideburns gettin his cock sucked by two guys, musta been bi or really went to extends to impress his gf at the time. story is that he stood up his gf on a holiday and never said a single word to her again, girl happened to see him alive and well during a school field trip, when she ran into him at a mickey D’s with another girl, and still he ignored her. if libby is the ideal female created by god, i swear by it, eric horden must be the ideal male created by god. michaelangelo couldnt have created a better man with his david! i want to know, who is this eric horden? i do know his address is posted on this one site, its 4120 Barnstaple Court, Bensalem, PA. and his number is 215-638-2454, but i havent been able to try it. does anyone out there know anything about this sex god???? please respond!!!!

    • 13 10 2002
    • 153.  Holly Stanley (20:43:24) :

      you guys are disgusting to be objectifying troy like he is a piece of meat. troy is an awesome person and does not deserve any of the harassment his ex has put him through. i hvae been dating troy, or matt as his formal name is, for almost a year now and think people should mind their fuckin business and if one more person calls College Information and requests troy’s dorm number, im pressin charges against this whole site.

    • 13 10 2002
    • 154.  E.J. (20:47:29) :

      holly shut the fuk up r u mad your slut bf haznt shown 4 u what he showd in those videos. btw its awful funny that a GUY be a porn star, but call Arcadia University number yourself and ask for a matt pellecotti(theyll correct you, cuz its really matt pelleGRINI) and theyll direct u to his dorm, no prob.

    • 14 10 2002
    • 155.  mike (01:13:14) :

      WTF! who gives a shit about some gay guy… =

    • 14 10 2002
    • 156.  rebecca (09:29:08) :

      holly you are an idiot. matt deserves to be treated like a piece of meat. go watch those videos and get off on it

    • 14 10 2002
    • 157.  j (09:30:58) :

      in reply to mike…WTF! what girl gives a shit about some girl jackin off?! we need more male masterbation material, and as kathy griffin from MTV would say, "why are the girls always the ones to make out w/ each other, but never two guys?"

    • 14 10 2002
    • 158.  J.C. (10:35:02) :

      hey less dicks and more chicks!!!!

    • 14 10 2002
    • 159.  mike (17:26:29) :

      this thread is about libby… not some gay guy…

    • 14 10 2002
    • 160.  j (23:14:18) :

      men deserve to be idolized like a piece o meat and made to look like a slut if he is one, too. mike, roll over as i stick a dildo up your hard ass

    • 15 10 2002
    • 161.  mike (04:45:57) :

      ugh… =P

      if you want it that bad, maybe justin will make a thread, for your boyfriend =O

    • 16 10 2002
    • 162.  michele (13:36:49) :

      if you are going to build a message site for a girl who unintentionally became an internet porn star, you should also start a message site for males who got their nude pics plastered all over the net by their exes. then it would not appear sexist that most of the people on this site talk about girls with videos(like the scandinavian chik) and refuse to hear about any guys out there naked n on tha net. and if you guys arnt gay and dont care about "some cocksuckin gay guy," you can use the opportunity of a message board to laugh at him, poke fun of him, and comment about how guys like eric horden should get together with scandinavian girl or libby hoeler! see, both sides(men and women) get a laugh from this. also, has anyone called libby lately and gotten a response from her family? and has anyone also called eric horden and asked him if he knew he was the small talk on the web lately?!

    • 17 10 2002
    • 163.  Kent (05:16:57) :

      The ‘oe’ in Hoeller is originally ‘ö’, but Americans and mail-services can’t read such letters… Oh, and by the way, I stumbled over this mail address..
      On the site the owner of the address is said to be "Höller, Elisabeth". Probably not the Libby we all know, but at least it proves some kind of point.. i guess…

      And the scandinavian chick is from Norway.. I live there. :)

    • 17 10 2002
    • 164.  Kent (06:05:42) :

      So, what didn’t work the first time I tries to post here?

    • 17 10 2002
    • 165.  mike (13:32:37) :

      haha! you sick fucks =D

      a couple people posted in the guestbook! =O

      "Hey Jenny, have you seen Libby’s videos on the internet? How about you Mrs. Hoeller?"

      "how can i get in touch with libby? it has been a while since i have seen her.


      haha! funny shit!

      here’s the link to the guestlog…

      ^ they’re near the bottom…

      it looks like they deleted them from the guestbook =O

      here’s the link…

      ^ the messages aren’t there =O

      wonder if she saw them before they were deleted? probably not… it’s still funny as shit! =D

    • 20 10 2002
    • 166.  bravoLibby (09:19:51) :

      Libby, if there is some slight chance that you are out there, reading what we all have to say to you, I have to take the time to say it… you are damn sexy!! I’ve only seen one video, and striptease type stuff (at the strippers or on the net) never really turned me on until your video. I could tell it was amateur because of the video quality, but you are gorgeous! Showing off to your boyfriend is totally hot, and if you were my g/f I’d never have done that bullshit by publishing it, but you have to roll with the punches I guess. I’m sure your whole life has changed, but I hope you get over it. People who have seen the video still have trouble recognizing you in photos because it was distorted, so I hope you feel as if you have to move into the boonies somewhere. If nothing else makes you feel better, change your name from (whatever it really is??) to something of your choice.

      Anyway, I just wanted to attempt to cheer you up. A reminder: as I Canadian, I can give you a third party perspective. You’re American. America is the land of "opportunity". Write an autobiography to fill in the last minute or so for your "15 minutes", make a profit, move somewhere nice, marry happily… after what you’ve no doubt went through (and due to the fact that you’re cute as hell!), you deserve no less.
      Good luck in life sexy.

      Jonathan – Vancouver, B.C. Canada

    • 21 10 2002
    • 167.  collegestudent19038 (19:39:26) :

      I wonder what is so great about Libby that she is not any hotter than some other attractive girls out there. I am 20 yrs old, 5’7", 120 lbs, 34C, blonde hair to my shoulders, dark blue eyes. I honestly think that I am just as good-looking as Libby if not even a little better-looking. I’m sure the some 30 or so people I’ve fooled around with would think that too. So what is it that people are all over her about? And why aren’t there any girls out there spending all their time drooling over a guy that is equally as hot, like Eric Horden who some girl discussed on here earlier? is ready to reply to feedback on this.

    • 21 10 2002
    • 168.  flashman lez (21:01:37) :

      hi there! great site and very impressive info on libby hoeler… as to the last post…
      u sound damn sexy girl, my age, my hight, my size (yeah i mean ur breasts) and i luv dark blue eyes… matches my light blue ones… looks good especially in a bedroom with dim light… *sigh*
      mmm got carried away there for a mo… anyway i’d even email u but… i know this woudl never work with u and me… the problem is u live far way over on the other side of that big pond (that’s what we europeans call the atlantic)… and i’m not too mad about cyber sex.. well i mean yeah sure once a while but… not only…
      anyway u might think what is this idiot writing… no u surely think that… but u see the truth is (and no i’m not tking the piss!) i do think ur right about libby and (although i don’t know u) also urself (i suppose – well at least u sound gorgeous!) … so taking all that into consideration i might even put myself together and write u an email.. but as i know myself i just won’t make it… i’m pretty shy if u didn’t notice yet…
      well before i start boring everybody (ye si know i started already) i’ll just say all u boys and girls out there and especially *wink* there r not only libby and eric out there but also well and me.. (just to give u an example). so keep an eye open for me ah i mean for all the other cute boys and girls out there…

    • 21 10 2002
    • 169.  mike (23:06:46) :

      collegestudent19038, get naked and spread your legs :)

      maybe then someone will care…?

    • 24 10 2002
    • 170.  john (21:52:43) :

      I know that the real boyfriend goes to Indiana U and his roomate found the e-mail, and then posted it on the internet. This is all that happened, the bitch could’ve kept it to her lonesome and she would no longer be the toastmaster general for the immoral majority.
      Best friend of boyfriend

    • 25 10 2002
    • 171.  collegestudent19038 (09:35:04) :

      mike how long is your dick in inches? also, e-mail me at if you want more info about my stats and pictures.

    • 26 10 2002
    • 172.  mike (02:47:45) :

      collegestudent19038, why are you pimping yourself out?…

      "mike how long is your dick in inches?"

      ^ this matters how?

    • 26 10 2002
    • 173.  Eric Horden, (215)638-2454 (23:53:42) :

      Oh girls, your turn me on ! I am the sexiest piece of sex and I want to masterbate at your face and come in your mouth ! Please fuck me !

    • 27 10 2002
    • 174.  me (22:34:17) :

      i can’t find any working links of the libby videos. can anyone help me?

    • 28 10 2002
    • 175.  rocketmn (19:10:59) :

      I can’t find any of the Libby video links that work, I tried and as well as alas with no luck. Does anyone have the videos on their site?

    • 28 10 2002
    • 176.  mike (22:06:21) :

      download kazaa… it’s a sure thing :D

    • 29 10 2002
    • 177.  collegestudent19038 (12:11:52) :

      insteada downloading the vids, who don’t you go down on mike?

    • 30 10 2002
    • 178.  JazzDuck (03:58:39) :

      All right. Let me set some of the record straight.

      First of all, it’s Hoeller. Not Heller, Hoeler, or whatever.

      Yes, they are real. My friend Brian grew up down the street from her; my roommate has hung out with her a few times; and both of them can verify that the girl in the videos is the one and only Libby Hoeller of Wisconsin. The High School and address are also correct. Considering Brian knows her fairly well, I asked him what the real deal was. From what she said to him, it sounds like it was her boyfriend’s roommate or friend who distributed the movies, not the boyfriend himself. She did not press charges (unless that happened after she told the story to Brian) against either of them.

      As for her rumored dropping out of college, I know that she did go home for at least part of a semester. But I also know that she’s put the whole thing behind her and

    • 31 10 2002
    • 179.  Grahf58 (21:02:34) :

      Hey I goto IU!!! What’re her bfs name ill look up his number on the website and get some shit out of him!

    • 7 11 2002
    • 180.  butylcarbamate (12:16:38) :

      Use Kazaa Lite its way better than regular Kazaa no ads and such. Libby vids are around all you got to do is search under video.
      I think like most people it might not be the fact that libby is hot that draws you in. It more the fact that she looks all honest and innocent and real not like the regular fake porn stuff out there.

    • 7 11 2002
    • 181.  nick (12:52:16) :

      This must be her. Her loft is the same loft that can be found at and one of the schools on the list is University of Wisonsin Madison

    • 7 11 2002
    • 182.  mike (13:16:30) :

      hi guys its mike again i want to make all you guys and girls come harder than right after you view a libby hoeler video. i want to flash you my long hard dick and dance around just like libby and be seen all over the net. dont just sit there, squirt some special sauce into my eager mouth!

    • 7 11 2002
    • 183.  Celius_Quin (18:13:52) :

      Um…Hi… a major breakthrough has happened in the Libby Hoeller case. Has anyone heard of a web site called (of Jay & Silent: Bob Strike back fame)a column called "The Bottom of Things" written by Michael Sampson made a comment on Libby Hoeller saying that he would like to get a interview with and hes been trying to get in touch with her. if you want to read the entire articule go to :

      and scroll to the bottom of the page

    • 7 11 2002
    • 184.  wowsers (22:00:38) :

      Amazing what a group of motivated people can find out about someone. I stumbled upon this site and have to admit, Libby is good looking. However, I hope she can put this all behind her.

      Maybe someone can start a fund for her on the net. Wouldn’t she be happy to receive a $20,000 check? Trying to put a positive spin on her situation.

    • 8 11 2002
    • 185.  Jokulgoblin (15:40:11) :

      For the love of god, could one of you "acquaintances" clue this poor girl in about shaving or at least trimming that forest of pubes?

      She’s got the cute and sexy thing down, but my gag reflex instinctively kicks in every time I think about the torture her poor boyfriend endured when her went down on her. One of those vine-line hairs comes loose and it’d be like having a guitar string running down your throat!

    • 9 11 2002
    • 186.  aphexcoil (13:36:21) :

      Let’s get real here, guys. How many freshman college girls have done what Lilly has? I’m putting my money on "a whole lot."

      However, what seperates Lilly’s case from the thousands of other "amateur tease shows" that get made each day is that hers got on the internet along with her personal information.

      I’ve read this entire page and have read comments from others suggesting that they would call her mom and get more information, etc. That is just outright wrong.

      Lilly didn’t make a mistake — she was expressing her love for her boyfriend. I’ve gotten little porno clips from my ex’s before — as I’m sure many of you have, too. It was a personal expression of love that was never intended for the masses.

      However, it is now on the internet and will never be killed. On the flip-side, I’m sure Lilly has gone through enough to make her really mature. She is (and I can’t speak from personal knowledge) a beautiful woman who is not a slut. If she’s a slut, then I guess I’m a slut, all my ex’s are sluts and 99% of the world’s population is filled with nothing but a bunch of sluts.

      She’s probably getting people trying to track her down for a date, money offers to tell her story, etc. What is done is done, and she can’t change what happened — but after all she has been through, she definately deserves the right to turn something that she didn’t intend to happen into something really positive.

      Human sexuality is a beautiful thing. I hope she rakes in mad cash from this ordeal.

      For the sake of decency, I am going to delete her files off of my computer. She’s a beautiful girl but since I know a name and a story are attached to this and she was an unwilling victim of the internet, I’m going to do my part and do the decent thing and get rid of her files.

      Ps: Just out of crazy curiousity, does anyone know what her major was?

    • 10 11 2002
    • 187.  KjeXz (18:16:15) :

      Svaasand videos:
      The person filming is a german tourist and the girl is a local in hardanger, norway.
      my friend has got it all on tape.. VHS :D


    • 10 11 2002
    • 188.  collegestudent19038 (20:45:42) :

      OK, my e-mail address is open to guys only. Not gay girls. I’d also appreciate it if whoever is e-mailing me would actually include a message, not just give a blank screen? That would be very helpful, thank you have a nice day.

    • 12 11 2002
    • 189.  gimmie_a_friggin_break (10:04:48) :

      You people are all pathetic. The chick doesn’t
      even live up to the hype created by you morons.

      I have had many chicks way finer than this hoe, and to be quite honest I wouldn’t touch her with your dick (speaking to all the losers), she’s skanky whoever she is.

      Heres a clue — get a friggin life you are all pathetic losers with tiny weewee’s and bad taste in women.

    • 12 11 2002
    • 190.  Eisenmond (19:17:02) :

      I first saw the original strip tease with the towl video last year…roughly a year and a half ago. There was something so personal about the dance that made me appreciate the entire event, and it gave a whole new light to Marvin Gaye’s "Let’s Get It On" !
      THEN MY HARD DRIVE CRASHED…I lost my file called UWMadison girl strips for boyfriend…
      then WinMX browsing late one night, I found it again…only this time it had the name Libby Hoeller attached…I searched, and now have all 5 videos with no intention of deleting them out of pitty for Libby.
      I share them with my friends, and I even watched them with my gf one time.
      They are a part of my memory, and have changed my expectations for internet nudity…it has to be personal, it has to be ameteur, and it has to be voyeuristic…Thank you Libby. You have given men something to believe in! Some girls that have watched it with me have commented on how bad the dancing is…etc. etc…But it is only jealousy. They wish they had the courage to dance and play… and to do the magic that you did…Thank you.

      CollegeStudent19038…Where do you go to school?

    • 13 11 2002
    • 191.  G (20:15:27) :

      Libby Hoeler or Heller, I can tell you how to find her if you wish to contact her

    • 14 11 2002
    • 192.  mike (12:37:40) :

      that wasn’t me… =O

    • 14 11 2002
    • 193.  mike (13:17:56) :

      yes it was me. i read the message again and remembered that yes, i did write that. so ignore my earlier claim that i didn’t write that. =O

    • 14 11 2002
    • 194.  kelly (22:10:19) :

      :-/ just read through some of the past comments on this message board, found news on the "male porn star" described as "eric horden"…theres a site that does feature a skinny sort of spiky dark-haired dude named eric that is attractive and does play the bass…this by chance isnt the same eric that has acidental porn on the net and dicked over that one girl, is it? site is

    • 16 11 2002
    • 195.  Hinkle (09:46:47) :

      if you want the latest of her and others
      go to
      download the necessary software just like downloading music
      she is the greatest chick
      does anyone know where she is now or hot to get ahold of her
      write soon

    • 16 11 2002
    • 196.  jimmy (11:06:32) :

      pretty girls

    • 18 11 2002
    • 197.  matt c. (23:03:44) :

      who cares about or the scandinavian chik? click on and then click on the subheading "biography" to get a clearer picture

    • 19 11 2002
    • 198.  J.C. (22:35:42) :

      Hey less dick and more chiks!!!!!!!

    • 20 11 2002
    • 199.  Michele (09:35:09) :

      Okay, I would like to know the total BONEHEAD named J.C. that keeps dropping the sexist line "less dicks, more chicks." What you are implying, J.C., is that it is perfectly fine to oogle pictures of innocent but attractive girls who accidentally got posted on the net, but you are completely grossed out that anyone would do that to a guy.

      As a matter of fact, porn for guys DOES exist. It’s called Playgirl. To you, it’s called get a fuckin clue. Most other porn, however, is gay porn merely because once again, sexism comes into play when people ASSume that porn should only be for a male audience. As if women are too dainty to even think of oogling a guy’s hard body like a piece of meat, but will be there to do their little virgin dance for guys to stare at naked, fuck, drop, and then call her a slut because she’s not a virgin anymore(even tho she’d only been with that one guy). I’m sick and tired of people who are not ready to enter the 21st century and still keep their provincial sexist views like that.

      As a teenage girl myself, if I ever had a website and someone posted a comment about a girl who posted videos of herself online, it would make a hilarious and interesting story. This "mystery" of Libby is interesting to the point of intriguing that this is why this site has drawn me into reading it every so often. I wouldn’t care much to look at the porno pics, maybe on occasion just to see how this girl ranks in looks compared to me(just to make myself feel secure), but I wouldn’t diss out the guy who posted the message, "Hey, here’s a porno girl!" I wouldn’t say, "Put it blunt: Less cunt."

      I think any of you guys out there who like putting other people down(which seems to be a lot of the "contributors" to this site) should take the opportunity of Eric Holden to mock at and laugh at such an individual. You guys could also use his example to say lines such as, "He ain’t shit compared to what my body looks like," which would just draw in girls to start e-mailing you. Not a bad idea. Maybe most of all you guys should get some fucking lives and do more than just jerk off in front of the TV and diss girls because they happen to have libidos equally as big as your average guy. Hey, it happens. It’s called, in a girl’s world, REAL LIFE.

    • 20 11 2002
    • 200.  J.C. (10:38:06) :

      now if this was a thread about people that post themselves on the internet then i wouldn’t care, but this is a LIBBY HOELLER thread. not libby hoeller and eric horden.

    • 20 11 2002
    • 201.  Grahf85 (14:16:35) :

      I second that notion.
      And I sorry babe but I do not need to put other people down to raise my self-esteem, sorry if you do.

    • 20 11 2002
    • 202.  michele (15:56:25) :

      I’m not putting people down to "raise my self-esteem." If anything I feel that jc is putting me down by saying that oh, this thread isn’t about eric horden, yet he hasn’t said jack-shit to the people who posted up stuff about some stupid tacky Scandinavian girl on the net. One thing I will give as a "put-down" to JC is that at least I don’t use a screenname identical to that of one of the homosexual N’Stinc guys.

    • 20 11 2002
    • 203.  J.C. (18:27:38) :

      OK michele im sry your right screw the scandinavian chik cause shes not hot like libby. and N’stinc is homosexual but im not. But again this is for libby. so lets get back to talkin about libby.

    • 21 11 2002
    • 204.  bazza (14:47:11) :

      hey foxy lady, send some pictures and videos to i am a huge pervert and want to see more of u!!! yummie

    • 22 11 2002
    • 205.  UnderCoverBrother (01:34:23) :

      In the Libby Hoeler video #2 you can clearly hear a ICQ enter knock. Its plain as day, I did a search in ICQ for any mention of her, and its a dead end. To answer a earlier post…. Yes all court documents are a matter of public record. Go to the local courthouse and do a search for her, you can get access to anything they have on file.

    • 22 11 2002
    • 206.  Xan (12:23:00) :

      Somebody knows anything (i know she is scandinavian, tell me something new!) about the girl of that "svaasand videos"? Kinda liked her…

    • 23 11 2002
    • 207.  Booster (15:35:54) :

      With regards the Court records…Wisconsin has an online system to archive court records and convictions etc…. Google it. In any case
      Eliz(s)abeth Hoeller has no records in WI. She’s a good girl ;-)

      Seriously I think the whole sleuth aspect of this is the best part. Libby took her chances with the 0&1’s…she got burned. But she is immortal now. She’ll still be dancing in electronic archives when the rest of us (and her) are dead and gone. Think about it, Renoir’s nudes were of prostitutes; no one remembers their deeds but we still admire their beauty. Mankind has no knowledge of who the Venus de Milo even was.

      As for the guys vs. girl thing… I enjoy seeing both… but a guy can’t hold a candle to the visual beauty of a naked woman (not that porn crap). But I respect that you want more cock, less garter… (different tastes after all) My wife is fond of yelling at the TV whenever she sees a girl doff her top…."WHEN ARE WE GONNA SEE SOME COCK!?"

      But then we had to see Harvey Keitel’s ass….yuck

      And so it goes…

    • 23 11 2002
    • 208.  michele (16:40:20) :

      right on, booster. your wife has the same ‘tude that i see to have when viewing movies with all girl nudity and fully-clothed males.

      i think that guys are a poetic form of beauty, too. Michaelangelo would support this, since he designed beauty with his statue of David. until about the 1700-1800s artists primarily painted nudes of men. the ancient greeks for years viewed the male form as a figure of admiration and believed that men should engage in homosexual as well as heterosexual relationships because of this beauty. kinda a similar-yet-reverse trend to what we see happening nowadays, with men getting turned on when they see two lesbians making out, they think it’s "hot" and beautiful. for society as a whole, times have changed to shift the focus of the nude form from a male to a female. but since there are a lot of women out there and also an increasing number of male gays coming out, its good that some people agree that society needs a variety of nudity, more than just of females.

    • 23 11 2002
    • 209.  Rebecca (18:43:01) :

      Here’s a funny story I just sorta came across during an Internet search. Click on this link and you’ll see what I mean. The story is about a European man who had a fetish for dressing in womens’ underwear and let his girlfriend take pictures of it as long as she promised never to show a soul. Similar to what happened to Libby, he ended up cheating on her(with her best friend!!!), so the now-ex got revenge by posting the pictures. You can find full news coverage of it at The revengeful girlfriend describes herself on her website as a "pimpstress." I guess that shows that true, there are women out there who are already doing the same thing as Libby’s ex did to her, for anyone who was complaining that only girls are on the Internet and not enough guys. The girlfriend added funny caption quips like "fiddling with his tiny penis" and "thinks he looks like a model." It’s really a funny sight for laughs!

    • 29 11 2002
    • 210.  chicago (03:13:45) :

      well, i just stumbled upon this website after seeing the libby videos, and for anyone who is still interested in actually talking about the libby investigation,

      back from: Posted by Kyle – 2:28pm October 8, 2002

      this guy mentioned something about libby living in an apartment called La Ciel. I have been in it many times as my sister goes to madison and lives there. can anyone verify what this guy said about la ciel or what he heard even? "kyle"? you there? is this true?someone, say anything about the la ciel rumor as i am very familiar with the building.

    • 29 11 2002
    • 211.  J-Dog (12:52:56) :

      I am still very insterested in the Libby investigation. I searched the AIM directory using any possible email variation of But nothing came up. So do anyone have any information about the boyfriend or the roommate, other than speculation that the boyfriend is in jail which is apparently not true? Also, if the newer story is true I wonder how long they kept dating afterwards. I wonder if they still are. I can think of a million questions to ask like this. But also, i checked the UWM directory for any possible variation of her name, and nothing came up. For all those who have said "she is back in school and has put the past behind her", she is either at a different school, or using a different name, or we were all completely wrong to begin with. Although I would imagine she would change her name, most people are going to recognize her by her name more so than her face (with some exceptions). A new name, a diffrent hair cut and makeup, and she’s all set. I just found this site, and i think its cool. I love mysteries.

    • 30 11 2002
    • 212.  duffman (06:22:42) :

      I ran a quick google search for the university of wisconsin website and from there ran a search in their directory for "elizabeth hoeler," which returned nothing. However, when I ran just "Hoeller," it returned the following info:

      name Elizabeth Margaret Hoeller
      home_address 800 W Glen River Rd
      Glendale WI 53217

      So, that’s even more proof that there is a Libby Hoeller from wisc. Alls you need to do now is track down this person and see if she looks like the person in the video. It also occured to me while writing this that while I’m extremly bored, I’m a pathetic bastard for taking the time to research this. You however, are far worse for having actually put the time into creating a fairly extensive website dedicated simply to proving the identity and the story behind a college chick in a video. Anyway, I’m gonna go get a life, I hope everyone else who takes the time to do this shit does to, including the webmaster of this site. Peace.

    • 30 11 2002
    • 213.  J-Dog (12:33:01) :

      Thanks guys. For some reason i read somewhere else that her email was Thats why i was having trouble. Anyway I’m surprised that she would allow that information to be posted like that, whether or not she was the girl in the video. Im sure there are/were plenty of people looking for her information. Anyway, I looked on the wisc website, but she doesnt seem to have a web page, nor is there much information on her at all anywhere on there. oh well, im sure eventually we will find something good.

    • 30 11 2002
    • 214.  J-Dog (12:49:47) :

      Also, from the link below, it claims to have a hotmail email address for her. They wont tell you what it is, but they allow you to email her from the site. All it would take i imagine is to somehow get her to email you back, and you will know her address. I dont really have any interest in emailing her myself, but if anyone wants to try it, make sure you post what happened. I imagine if we could get this info, we could find an AIM name, ICQ name, etc. Good luck.

    • 30 11 2002
    • 215.  mike (13:55:35) :

      that link stretched the whole page =O

    • 2 12 2002
    • 216.  rugbert (15:08:12) :

      oh jeeze, libby you are perfect. i love you :) your videos have put me under your spell….oooh im gunna loose some sleep over this

    • 2 12 2002
    • 217.  J-Dog (18:36:55) :

      couldn’t agree more rugbert

    • 2 12 2002
    • 218.  mike (19:03:47) :

      you guys are making me so horny for some hard anal sex =O

    • 2 12 2002
    • 219.  mike (20:21:31) :

      ^^^ that is so not funny… okay, maybe a little bit :p

      stop! :(

    • 3 12 2002
    • 220.  bobland (20:23:12) :

      Could Libby be attending UC Santa Cruz now?

    • 7 12 2002
    • 221.  eisenmond (15:08:41) :

      1. There is no reason to believe that she is now at UCSC. I just did a long and exhaustive search of the webiste and student directory and found nothing with regards to heller, hoeler, hoeller, elizabeth m., libby…so bobland, dont tease man!

      2. It is not a matter of ‘not having a life’ for those of us using this post room. It is a matter of curiosity and sheer mystery. Really…Who is this woman that turned the heads of so many men? What is she doing now… If and When we find the answer we will most likely say "oh…" shrug our sholders and be on with it… but for now there is a mystery afoot!

      3. It sounds to me like there hasnt been any new libby sighings for a while now… maybe we have hit the end? I just see a loop happening here, with the mulitple cut and pastes or links to the UWMadison website… hey guys… WE ALREADY KNOW… YOU ARENT HELPING THE SEARCH! We need NEW leads, leads with evidence supporting the sighting… c’mon guys and gals…it’s crunch time… let’s solve this one!

      P.S. Damn mike… that is too bad…hope that jackass goes away!

    • 8 12 2002
    • 222.  G (11:36:31) :

      Could she possibly be outwitting you morons by simply taking the "o" out of her name therefore becoming "heller". Funny but if you do a court records search you will get a girl named elizabeth heller who lives just north of madison and is the right age. HMMMMMMMM

    • 8 12 2002
    • 223.  J.C. (12:35:20) :

      ^what a Fucking MoRoN^ click only once

    • 8 12 2002
    • 224.  J.C. (12:35:56) :

      ^what a Fucking MoRoN^ click only once

    • 8 12 2002
    • 225.  Cutie (21:22:37) :


    • 8 12 2002
    • 226.  mnky2hvn (23:09:29) :

      Any females that want to send me their web cam videos…send it to the following e-mail address and I’ll reply with my own web cam video, showing just as much

    • 8 12 2002
    • 227.  mnky2hvn (23:10:34) :

      Any females that want to send me their web cam videos…send it to the following e-mail address and I’ll reply with my own web cam video, showing just as much

    • 8 12 2002
    • 228.  mike (23:14:51) :

      wow jc you dont contradict yourself at all with the "what a fucking moron^click only once" comment

    • 8 12 2002
    • 229.  mike (23:31:54) :

      ^^^ not me…

      it’s getting annoying!

    • 9 12 2002
    • 230.  ttexas (12:02:14) :

      i’ve been a silent follower of this thread for some time. the vids rock and i’m sure she’s over it by now. the detective piece of the puzzle is fascinating, but i fear the only additional info will be if libby posts somewhere or launches a webpage using her real name. until then, it’ll take someone with personal experience with her to update. the thread was a trip…keep up the comments (clicking only once)

    • 9 12 2002
    • 231.  aredrico (15:06:59) :

      Lemme just say, I just discovered this whole Libby Hoeler thing, and wow. She’s cute as hell, but it’s fucked up what happened to her. If people are looking for the video with the compilation of the first five (only five?) clips, you can find it on Kazaa, or other file-sharing protocol.

    • 10 12 2002
    • 232.  eisenmond (17:49:03) :

      I love two things about this thread:

      1. Some people are so offended by a group of people (both male and female, though not a 50:50 ratio) wanting to know more about this beautiful woman and what happens next. For those of us who have seen all 5 videos, we feel a personal connection, as if the kisses were somehow directed at us, or maybe like we know her on a more intimate level, so this site is great. But what those people need to realize is that we dont really care if you think we should delete our Libby files (Hell NO), or whether or not you approve of what we do in our spare time. Here is a hint…stop reading… right now…do not reply, do not comment, just plain stop and leave! You guys are such funny little creatures…go save the world!

      2. The fact that the word is spreading about the videos! Tell a friend, tell your neighbor… download the files, share with everyone… the more people who are in the know, the faster we will resolve the mystery at hand. I have all 5 videos and can transfer them to you if you need me to…T1 connection! But this is an internet phenomina which blows my mind, and basically every other persons’ mind that i know of who has seen the videos.
      Plus, I like to see how many times Mike is going to ask for hot anal sex…so far I count 2…

      Kidding Mike!


    • 10 12 2002
    • 233.  hornydave (22:33:39) :

      If you haven’t already seen them (or if you’re lost them!), you can download all 5 libby videos from the URL below.

    • 12 12 2002
    • 234.  Kris (03:51:10) :

      I just saw the videos. All I can say is ….Awesome! But tough luck Libby.
      But, this is not the only one. There are other stories like these, trust me.

    • 10 02 2003
    • 235.  Jim Jones (06:34:45) :

      Read nearly the entire post. Can only say I wish her luck, wherever, whomever she may be.

    • 10 02 2003
    • 236.  james (21:25:03) :

      u stupid fuck why would u do that to anyone ya i saw it but u r a heatless bastard to do that like what the fuck were u thinking . What u have a boyfriend or something shes beautiful and she was obviously trying tomake u happy ur such a fag then u break up with her .Im just a person in Quebec but im english not french and shes in the states thats going to ruin her life if i was face to face with that fag i cant be hel responsable 4 my actions libby or what ever ur name is i feel so bad 4 u i hope u can get back to ur life with out anymore fags getting in ur way

      P.S. im james if u want E-mail me i already gave it good luck


    • 18 02 2003
    • 237.  Oscar Mandel (04:37:32) :

      You mearly painted what is! Anyone can paint what is; the real secret is to paint what isn’t.

    • 18 02 2003
    • 238.  nonen31154 (22:53:49) :

      hey somebody up north on this list was saying that the UCSC lead wasn’t headed anywhere… however I did a search for elizabeth heller and came up with several pages… one of which has an email address:

      so yeah, G, your idea about dropping the ‘o’ seems quite plausible.

    • 19 02 2003
    • 239.  mike (17:51:36) :

      i called her house and they said she was not hoome

    • 19 02 2003
    • 240.  nonen31154 (20:55:05) :

      mike you are kidding??!

      also, has anyone tried the above email at ucsc?

    • 20 02 2003
    • 241.  BJ (13:28:50) :

      If there is a bunch of info out that her parents live in wisconsin why would her mom be a lawyer in INdiana. Did her parents move? Dosent make sense

    • 21 02 2003
    • 242.  nonen31154 (16:46:41) :

      what I’d like to see is some sort of resolution to the story.

      does anyone know anything at all about how she is doing? has she made it back to school??

      if you know anything about how she is doing (hopefully well!), please post.

    • 24 02 2003
    • 243.  The Dude (12:29:15) :

      Does someone want to try this info out? Elisabeth Heller
      6050 N Claremont Ave
      Chicago, IL 60659
      Phone: 773-743-3321
      Do to my position with a major security company, I’m not willing to risk my high paying job by contacting her. Let me know. I’d advice about asking straight out if she was the fine piece of ass in those web cam videos. Pretend you are a former student at UWM or pretend you’re an attorney looking to work pro-bono to sue those who have been exploiting her on the internet. You could also make up a name and say that you went to school with her. Name the hometown (listed above, too lazy to look)and trick that cunt into beliveing you.

    • 24 02 2003
    • 244.  nonen31154 (23:41:20) :

      hey Dude, wondering where you got the above info or what makes you suspect that it is her…???
      just curious

    • 25 02 2003
    • 245.  The Doctor (19:01:20) :

      Hey, all of you whiney people on here who think what is happening is so "wrong," try this on for size…

      Libby knew what she was doing when she made those videos. What kind of moron makes videos like that in the first place? Yeah, she was a super cool chick for making them, but the fact of the matter is this: if you KNOW that your boyfriend has nudie vids of you… don’t fucking cheat on him! What do you think will happen? I don’t know what you think, but getting cheated on is devistating to a person (they guy in this case). It’s easy for you to judge people because you aren’t in that situation. My advice is shut up. Coming on this site and TYPING IN ALL CAPS, WHILE MISSPELLING SIMPLE WORDS AND CRYING ABOUT IDEALS just isn’t going to work. It’s people like you who protest the war because you don’t know jack about what is really going on, you just want other people to think you care, and you want to feel good about yourself and add meaning to your insignificant life, like you actually matter. Let me tell you something, REALISM is the only practical philosophy for the world. People act in their own self interest, all the time, for one reason or another. So, knowing this, and fearing reprocussions/wanting rewards is the only reason people behave. It’s a fact. Of course there may be a few exceptions, but you assholes coming on here and crying isn’t one of them. If you really care about people, donate money to the poor or volunteer at a homeless shelter. Otherwise, you are just a bitchy sorority girl trying to show all of your girlfriends that you "know what’s up" and "representin’" for your girl. Shut up. No one is interested in your opinion of people on this discussion group. This is my first time on this site, and I really don’t see why you are freaking out so bad. Yes, I agree that it was wrong for the guy to do, but you don’t know jack shit about what happened between the two of them (Libby and her man). For all you know, she told him that she sucked off 5 of his friends’ dicks because she was pissed at him, or worse, actually DID do that. You bet your ass I’m going to be upset and probably do something I normally wouldn’t do if my girl tond me that. I mean my girl cheated on me, and I have videos of her. I didn’t send that shit out, but I thought about it. That will serve as a message to other women to either 1) not make videos or 2) reap the pain you sow, sluts. So before you go throwing stones, learn the whole story. But, that is impossible, so just shut up.

    • 26 02 2003
    • 246.  The_Dude (09:30:07) :

      The "doctor" is a real FAG!!! And to anwser the above question, I accessed it through my resources.

    • 27 02 2003
    • 247.  NexXxus (07:31:57) :

      You people are pathetic. Get a life. Get a woman. Get laid.

      Do any of you actually REALIZE that you are trying to reach this mysterious girl who did some videos back in the day??? What she did was awesome and you guys are trying to track this poor girl around the INTERNET? Wow.

      Advice: Go wash your faces, pap some zits, get some balls and go ask out that girl that youve been looking at in your goddamn 8th grade classroom. This girl made videos right? Shes gorgeous from what I can see and doesnt deserve what you people have given to her.

      Re-read the first sentence of this post.

    • 27 02 2003
    • 248.  JoelH (08:32:56) :

      Hey everyone. The following is the full text of a story I ran across in The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. It mentions Libby Hoeller, as you’ll see . . .

      Oh, and one more thing, I checked up on the purported attorney, Mary Hoeller. Indeed, she is an attorney in Indianapolis. She must be related to Elizabeth Hoeller, but I wonder how. . .

      Here’s the story:

      Thursday, October 29, 1998


      Don’t count out the girls just yet DSHA students dispute study that says they
      trail boys in computer skills
      Journal Sentinel staff

      Screamed the headline: "Girls left behind in learning to use

      Screamed Emily Grum: "Behind boys? I don’t think so."

      Steamed Rebecca Kolaga: "I think we’re equal or even more

      Jane Duffy offered proof.

      At her job last summer, she said with a smile or was it a smirk:

      "I taught some of the guys." That, she continued and this time
      it was a smirk "was a lot of fun."

      The three were among 11 Divine Savior Holy Angels High School
      students all eager to refute that statement while sitting in a
      former study hall being transformed into a lecture hall with a
      sloped floor, an 8-by-8-foot screen, six speakers and electricity to
      each row of desks that will allow students to take notes on

      And that’s just part of the $800,000 technological update at DSHA
      and just part of the reason why these students at the all-girls high
      school on Milwaukee’s far west side insisted that they own the

      So does Betty Jo Azpell, head of the school’s science department,
      who added her two beakers worth: "I think our girls will be the
      leading scientists in the city of Milwaukee."

      It doesn’t hurt their chances that all science work stations not
      only have water and gas outlets, but computer hookups as well.
      That, the girls say, is worth another high-five.

      The study behind the headline was commissioned by the American
      Association of University Women, which complained that not only do
      more boys take computer science classes than girls, but the classes
      girls take tend to be more basic kind of the computer-era version
      of typing.

      "Technology is now the new boys club in our nation’s public
      schools," said Janice Weinman, executive director of the

      Paul Stamm, DSHA technology coordinator, agreed that there could
      be a gender problem because "even in an ideal classroom, boys tend
      to take over."

      DSHA students will buy that part of the study.

      "I went to a coed school before I came here, and in class the boys
      dominated questions or they goofed off, and those who wanted to
      learn couldn’t because the teacher was spending time disciplining,"
      said Bridget Fetters, a freshman from Wauwatosa.

      "Here," she added, "there’s no distraction, and we have more time
      for learning."

      Fetters also said that in coed schools, teachers tend to give
      boys an advantage by "calling on boys more than girls."

      But again, said Libby Hoeller, a junior from Glendale, "here we
      learn to be individuals and do things for ourselves."

      "We have a good technology department, and it’s all focused on
      girls," emphasized Grum, a freshman from Brookfield.

      At coed schools, said Kolaga, a freshman from Brookfield, "The
      focus is on what they are going to do on weekends."

      But the other part of the study that girls are content with basic
      classes needs to be rebooted, the students said.

      At DSHA, basic keyboarding classes are required to make sure
      students have the basics, but then, said Maren Szollar, a freshman
      from Brookfield, "You are expected to do stuff on the computer in
      every single class."

      It’s that constant demand, added Katie Koss, a junior from
      Milwaukee, "that really helps you become familiar with what’s out

      "I know a lot of other students are surprised about what we do
      and what we do with technology," said Stephanie Stadler, a senior
      from Brookfield.

      Liz Nuccio, a freshman from New Berlin, agreed.

      When she tells her friends what DSHA students do on computers,
      "They say, wow, you do that much?"

      Anne Simon, a junior from Milwaukee, said her friends who go to
      public schools don’t even seem to be aware of the environmental
      issues she studies in her science labs.

      DSHA students are so deeply into computer use that Melinda
      Cherwin, a senior from Mequon, said assignments in advanced
      placement history are e-mailed to the teacher.

      Duffy, a junior from Germantown, said that kind of experience
      turns DSHA students into tutors for others not students who need
      tutoring. Personally, she admitted to pulling her parents, as well
      as those boys last summer, out of the computer dark ages.

      And the final word, in case there still are lingering doubts or
      was this a gauntlet tossed at boys? came from Fetters:

      "We know what we are talking about."

    • 28 02 2003
    • 249.  BIG MAC ATTACK (22:15:06) :

      Just wanted to see my name on here really and i also had to say that u wanna be added to the list of thousands that find these videos so appealing and almost original looking videos i’ve seen for ages. I know this might seem a stab in the dark but has she been in any training for dancing cos u gotta admit, shes too good for an amature? Any thoughts…? Anyway, keep posted on any updates and any ideas of a fan base or registered fan club? Cheers,
      Not an ugly fan,
      London, United Kingdom.

    • 3 03 2003
    • 250.  jeremiah (12:10:06) :

      She still goes to Madison. My friend plays volleyball with one of her childhood friends.

    • 6 03 2003
    • 251.  nick (01:29:58) :

      if anyone still reads this, to confirm that Mary J. Hoeller (the attorney that emailed the webmaster) is legitimate, on the site, her biography does state that she was born and grew up in Milwaukee, WI. If anyone still cares.

    • 7 03 2003
    • 252.  Mary J. Hoeller (01:35:55) :

      You people are sick. Leave my niece alone.

    • 8 03 2003
    • 253.  falcon (03:20:44) :

      When I did a google image search i found a website of a school in wisconsin containing a tessalation done by one libby hoeller

    • 9 03 2003
    • 254.  Tom Trappani (09:00:04) :

      I thought the LH videos were super cool until I learned they weren’t supposed to be in the public domain. Now I think what happened to the poor girl really sucks and I have decided to not keep the clips I found by accident on a P2P network. Now I know why my wife won’t let me take any R/X-rated photos of her — she has no knowing of knowing whether or not they might someday fall into the wrong hands. After seeing the LH clips I can see how this could happen. I think I will not bring up this subject with her again. I hope LH’ life can somehow be improved as a result of all this web publicity. Heck, I doubt she would want to do this, but if she does all she can do to stop additional circulation of her videos, and then decides to sell access to them online, she could make a fortune. I would be willing to pay to see them myself. I would especially like her to remake the one featuring the Marvin Gaye hit, "Let’s Get It On." That is the sexiest 95 second video clip I have ever watched. LH’ has incredible talent and I would love to see her profit from the unexploited sales of her own multimedia distributions.

    • 11 03 2003
    • 255.  MaR AkA CrazyPete (08:06:25) :

      I really don’t know what to say. I just read all these posts took me an hour or so. I would like to belieave that Miss Elizabeth Hoeller Has Changed her name and her appearence and is just doing what comes normal working, and paying her bills. I think some of these posts are kinda scarey, and others are just people who have to much free time on there hands. I think most of this is harmless but those idoits who posted in that guest book have some real bad moral problems. I enjoy hearing all these stories of people who act like they know her just seems to me its just a big internet Legend/Urban Legend. If people who feel bad for Libby they should download those videos and edit them to cover her nudity and flood the file sharing programs with the new ones. Make it hard for people to ever find the real thing.

    • 11 03 2003
    • 256.  Francesco (08:42:47) :

      I write from ITALY (rome) i have all the real video of Libby, and i know everything about her story, I wanna tell to everybody that this is a bad and sad story and who like me have a little respect for this UNKNOWN (libby) girl hve to do something, so i’ve started to cover her nudity on his video and i wanna try to put on the net, but to do it i need the help of everybody have a moral. I like that girl and i’m sad for her.
      Come on guys all together for LIBBY.
      Libby we love you (if you exist or not)

    • 14 03 2003
    • 257.  Rambette (21:40:06) :

      I also bumped into these videos about a year ago (maybe longer) and remember what they did to me. Are there women out there that are hotter? Better looking? REAL porn stars? Sure. That’s not what makes me so attracted to these little clips. There’s something different about them and I think several others have commented on it as well here on this awesome site. Mentioning the fact that you feel as if she is dancing and blowing a kiss at you personally is just the beginning (although not to be discounted). What I see (even more so now – knowing the past history) is something that isn’t “porn”. She isn’t a porn star. She didn’t set out to make these clips with the understanding that men all over the world would see it. She isn’t making money from the revenue.

      What is there is genuine passion and lust; true feelings of erotic love and emotion. Why do we all feel as if she is blowing us a kiss personally? Because she is. Because this is real. After being experienced sexually, I came to the realization that most porn is just fake. The women aren’t actually feeling that wonderful (even though they sure do sound like it). After a while, I got to the point where I never knew if any of those women were even having any fun doing the videos. The mind of a man is the most active sexual organ we have. For me, knowing that this is true, real, raw passionate lust captured on a webcam is a pretty incredible thing to see. I know for the most part that 95% of the porn I have can’t even come close to that.

      Do I feel bad for Libby? Yes. I may never truly understand the humiliation she must feel because of this. The strange thing is that I want to thank her. I want to thank her for capturing a moment in time full of intense passion that will always be out there. The boyfriend may be gone. The feelings may have changed. Her character may be different. But in those clips you are still back at that lost fragment of time in your past when things were different.

      Why do we obsess about these clips? Because they’re real –and most of the stuff out there isn’t.

    • 16 03 2003
    • 258.  egg (01:16:29) :

      hey, whats up internet porn loving freaks. ive got some funny news for you guys. I go to a school that is closly related to DSHA (DSHA is our sister school you could say). Libby did go to DSHA, and people in town are still talking about it. My sister was in libbys class, libby has been in my house, and get this!!!! I HAVE TALKED TO HER!

      i kinda feel bad, i mean, her life is ruined, imagine going to a resturaunt and being seated under a reservation for Hoeller, and having some guy freak out, im sure it happens.

      I think you all need to simmer down, and realize that her little "porn" thing she does is that hot at all. I dont know why these movies got so popular, maybe its because you people can put a name on a face, and maybe a telephone number.

    • 16 03 2003
    • 259.  egg (01:29:49) :

      Also, i have the 1997-1998 DSHA school directory, and i will give someone her home phone number (not in madison, but in the milwaukee area) for 200 dollars, or best offer. :-)

    • 17 03 2003
    • 260.  Becca (01:26:57) :

      If you log onto and browse the section for Divine Savior-Holy Angels High School in Milwaukee, WI, you will notice a girl attended from 1996-2000 by the name of Jennifer Groth. Could this be the Jenny that was best friends with Libby? She says that she now works as a hospital agency rep, which sounds plausible since this girl did have leukemia and might want to make many others aware. Didn’t want to pay the money necessary to be a "gold member," but if you do, you get access to her e-mail and info and such–a contact to her might give more clues about what Libby’s doing now. Oh, btw Libby Hoeller is NOT on this database, at least not yet. ;-)

    • 17 03 2003
    • 261.  nonen31154 (15:11:14) :

      libby is in australia

    • 19 03 2003
    • 262.  A normal person (08:19:18) :

      cough cough [Geeks]. Really now, step back away from the computer and just think what this obbession is about and if its really worth it.

    • 19 03 2003
    • 263.  the man (21:16:42) :

      I know her cousin. I go to high school with her. She was just talking about the subject in my Euro History class, so naturally i was interested. Anyway, that’s all i know.

    • 28 03 2003
    • 264.  ??? (09:04:00) :

      Well, Libby made an article on the Moviepoopshoot Website

    • 29 03 2003
    • 265.  Jules (04:12:13) :

      I was searching for Libby stuff and I found this site and by a REALLY fucked up coincidence I go to WMU too. I found it like 2 hours ago and im still amazed. Nice work on the easy-dz. Keep it all up.

    • 4 04 2003
    • 266.  Shissen (13:31:26) :

      Hey I just wondering, isn’t it illegal for a member of your family to represent you in court?? By the way, stupid people who do stupid things has to face the consequences of their stupid yeh oh soo sexy actions.

    • 4 04 2003
    • 267.  Shissen (13:31:41) :

      Hey I just wondering, isn’t it illegal for a member of your family to represent you in court?? By the way, stupid people who do stupid things have to face the consequences of their stupid yeh oh soo sexy actions.

    • 5 04 2003
    • 268.  Supr (04:06:37) :

      Mainstream media is passing the Libbylore around. The Boston Globe adds their two cents in, nothing new, but indicative of the fact that this quest is getting more and more exposure.

    • 7 04 2003
    • 269.  yahara (01:31:23) :

      An attorney can act for a relative in most cases, so long as he’s not a witness. But it’s a really bad idea.

      It’s also a bad idea to make idle threats. If you have no reason to think someone will cease and desist, and if you haven’t got the jam (not to mention the legal support) to back it up, don’t waste your time. Fact of the matter is the toothpaste is out of the tube and that’s where it’s staying. Any decent lawyer would know that.

      As for the notorious Ms. Hoeler, I definitely feel for the chick, because this must be among the harsher lessons in discretion (and risk management) in the history of human sexual relations. I never even put shit in writing. If a valentine’s day card can end up like a rusty spike in your eye one day, an mpeg is like a tactical nuke….

    • 14 04 2003
    • 270.  Jagmo (19:08:37) :

      On a similar topic –

      Does anybody know anything about the Singapore Party Girl video floating around on Kazaa? Supposedly it is a video of a chick who worked for Citibank and then got fired after the video began floating around the office. I am currently waiting for the download – approx 196 MB. Is it worth the wait?

    • 15 04 2003
    • 271.  dan (13:05:44) :

      Just to inform you all… Libby still attends UW-Madison. I had Shakespeare with her last semester and saw her in class everyday (good student). Just one more confirmation for you.

    • 15 04 2003
    • 272.  dan (13:05:44) :

      Just to inform you all… Libby still attends UW-Madison. I had Shakespeare with her last semester and saw her in class everyday (good student). Just one more confirmation for you.

    • 15 04 2003
    • 273.  dan (13:06:27) :

      Just to inform you all… Libby still attends UW-Madison. I had Shakespeare with her last semester and saw her in class everyday (good student). Just one more confirmation for you.

    • 15 04 2003
    • 274.  dan (13:08:57) :

      Yeah i apologize for 3 posts… I am a dumbass. Click one… leave it alone!

    • 15 04 2003
    • 275.  elitotaco (18:03:19) :

      The threats to sue, or take down the posts would have no merit in court. Remember the Pam and Tommy Lee videos? The defendants (the people who posted these videos) could use that case, which the Lee’s lost, as a precident.

      Finally, a use for my business law class i took sophomore year…

    • 20 04 2003
    • 276.  ??? (12:13:58) :
    • 20 04 2003
    • 277.  EyeStrain (12:45:37) :

      I can’t believe I read all of this crap. My eyes are killing me. I saw the videos a year or so ago and thought nothing much of them and I still don’t, even after reading this. Your effort is admirable; however, releasing the parent’s name and address really does cross a line. Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go whack it.

    • 24 04 2003
    • 278.  ^RAVEN^ (13:03:23) :

      read the whole page. Eyes now sore. just a question for the people who come on here and bag all of you for trying to get the story of what happend. Wouldnt you have been doing the same thing seeing as you typed in her name for the wesite, google, or yahoo serch? Anyway, if libby does read this site good luck too you in all that you try and do in life, and to the rest of you night i need some sleep see yas

    • 30 04 2003
    • 279.  lars (06:33:56) :

      shit … i didn’t believe my ex when she said there was a huge-ass discussion forum on this. way too much free time on your hands, ya’ll. and yeah, myself included. anyway, just to make things clear, that so-called "attorney" is full of it. it’s commonplace for firms to send out idle threats because people are so scared of gettin sued (not surprisingly). i’m not gonna bore ya’ll with the specific legal theory but, in a nutshell, as long as you aren’t hosting any of the videos or vidcaps of the videos on your server or your isp’s, you are ok. now … depending on what state you are in, you might get tagged for linking to the server that does host them. so it’d be a good idea to delete all of the links to the videos. then again, you haven’t been served w/ a suit yet, so maybe they were just blowing smoke up your ass. but if they do want to sue … they could really fuck you up. drag your isp into it, too. so, i dunno. proceed at your own risk, i guess.

    • 30 04 2003
    • 280.  Jagmo (10:47:46) :

      I’ve also heard that providing unlicensed (if you are licensed, unsolicited) legal advice is another good way to get sued.

    • 30 04 2003
    • 281.  loki (14:36:59) :

      wow. can’t believe i read all of that. like someone said several months back, surprising how the lmh videos take out the anon from porn.

      i shoulda just stuck with the immense amounts hw i was doing 3 hours ago. lol. ;P

    • 30 04 2003
    • 282.  lars (15:38:25) :

      hence the anonymous post … jackass

    • 1 05 2003
    • 283.  Jules (04:36:43) :

      I recently saw a CD with the Complete Libby Hoeler on it. There are all five movies on there. I got this from a friend of mine, whos friend knows Libby’s ex. I know that sounds cheesy, but true. Libby should just cash in on her celebrity status and go pro porn.

    • 1 05 2003
    • 284.  The Slayer (13:37:38) :

      Ya know, I was bored and a bit curious…so I googled Libby and found this site. After reading through this thread there seem to be 5 kinds of views:

      1) Libby was a fool for making cam videos that could be spread around the internet
      2) Libby deserved what she got because she cheated on her boyfriend
      3) We’re all perverts and should roast in hell for viewing and/or being curious about Libby
      4) She’s hot, should go into porn, and I jerk of to her vids on a regular basis
      5) It’s unfortunate that it got spread around, but she’s a beautiful girl and has nothing to be ashamed of.

      My rebuttal:
      1) She might have been a fool for trusting a guy to keep it secure…but not a fool for making the vids.
      2) NOBODY deserves that unless they put up a cam and start charging!
      3) Riiggght. And we should all be repressed and go back to the Victorian age where women were only around for procreation and they shouldn’t enjoy sex. Duh. If anyone believes that, then they’re a fool. We’re all built to enjoy sex, so get your face out of whatever religious text you’re reading and face reality.
      4) This was a private and intimate thing. No, she shouldn’t go into porn…there’s plenty of young ladies doing it already. She’s famous purely by accident. Just enjoy the 5 vids and leave it at that. It’s more unfortunate that others are cashing in on her vids. Since she never signed any modeling releases, I’m fairly certain she could sue those making a profit off her vids.

      Speaking of suing, the (phony?) attorney business…they can make that threat, but it would be more prudent going after the numerous websites profiting off of her image and vids. They’ll never erase it now that it’s on the web, but she can at least profit from her misfortune..and make a fortune!

      I’m of the 5th opinion. It’s unfortunate that her sexual display and affection to her (ex) boyfriend made it onto the web, but she’s got nothing at all to be ashamed of. She’s a beautiful young lady with an open mind towards sex. You either get tons of girls doing on cam for $$$ or you get women that wouldn’t even think of doing something like that even in private. Most guys would love to have a woman be that open with them.

      Clearly, this was a private thing that was rather sweet (and DAMN Sexy). I just hope that it hasn’t traumatized her…she’s too young to become repressed (or depressed)! ;-) At the very least, if she ever doubted it…she now knows she’s hot and that millions of guys have had fun while watching her vid (then again, it may gross her out thinking about 40 year old guys jerking off to her vid). If she was ugly, would it have really made the rounds…NOT!

      I’m raising a glass in a toast wishing her the best. I hope she finishes school, finds a nice guy that she can trust, and lives a happy life…after all, she’s brightened my day now and then!

    • 3 05 2003
    • 285.  Terence (13:59:46) :

      Wow. Good to see you super sleuths still hard at work. You deserve a bright, shiny star sticker.
      You know, while your at it, why don’t you start following the girl, I’m sure one or two are up to it. I mean, she’s a celebrity now, right? It would be just like the paparazzi! Heck, and if all of you do start following her around, she could never get a restraining order on ALL of you right? So she should just give in a whore herself for money. I mean, Jenna Jameson and Ron Jeremy are respectable people who made a living off of their bodies right? And we all know that selling your soul for money brings joy and happiness! Screw any prospect for a normal life,marriage or kids! Hell, you guys are all right. She deserves this! Its only fitting that hordes of lonely men she’ll never meet know what she looks like naked, and are aware that she prefers her dildos to be purple(?), hell, we deserve more. I mean! Seriously! She expects to be left alone for a mistake she committed in a relationship years ago in COLLEGE that has left her exploited, naked (literally) in front of millions who give her nothing but a deep lust for more in return! Like that will happen! Yes!

      Pursue! Stalk! Control! Consume!

      Sheesh! You know what she looks like naked! You’ve seen her play with her fun parts!
      But you guys want more?

      My God. Look in the mirror and think.

    • 6 05 2003
    • 286.  derry (02:03:28) :

      All I want is to hear her side of the story.

    • 6 05 2003
    • 287.  Suppo-Seppo (09:23:51) :

      Ei saatana.

    • 7 05 2003
    • 288.  UW Team Wasted 4EVA (06:34:27) :

      Oh, what a legend this lady has created! I can’t believe that a website still has such an extensive discussion (and some of your crazy and/or stalking comments) on libby.
      I was also a freshman in ’00-’01 and once those videos got on the network, every guy I knew snapped them up right away.
      In my time at UW, her video has probably created the most hype. Probably even more so among male students than the Rose Bowl or Final Four – sort of a gift to the class of ’03- pretty sweet.

    • 9 05 2003
    • 289.  Andy(UK) (10:42:49) :

      hey Libby if ya reading this i think your well sexy darling! you can make a video like that for me anytime!Hope uni is going well. you danced to that song(i touch myself) so well babes.


    • 12 05 2003
    • 290.  saijin (11:54:07) :

      I honestly dont think what Libby left behind was a gift for the claas of ’03-. It was a gift for her boyfriend, what she did wasent wrong by anymeans. Yes, she cheatted, it happens, but what he did wasent right. This should not of happened to her. She "appears" to be a nice person ( bad choice ), but making her "famous" and hunted by men. NO ONE should ever have that happen. I just more guys saw it my way. Good Luck Libby…

      P.S. Guys, keep it in your pants till u get to the pay sites, they are doing the to be watched!!

    • 12 05 2003
    • 291.  swomek (18:35:51) :

      Libby just made the online version of Germany’s biggest weekly
      Here’s the article in German:

      Vor der Sache mit dem Striptease war Libby Hoeler eine unauffällige Schülerin an der Universität in Madison (Wisconsin). Sie lebte im Studentenwohnheim, sie hatte einen Freund, sie mochte Partys. Ein dunkelblondes Mädchen, hübsch, nette Figur. Kein Modeltyp und keine Schönheitskönigin, ein ganz normaler Teenager eben.
      Mit dem Unterschied, dass heute jeder weiß, wie sie nackt aussieht. Und dass es ein paar Leute gibt, die unbedingt ihre Adresse haben wollen.

      Mittlerweile ist es mehr als zwei Jahre her: Libby will ihrem Freund einen Videogruß schicken, etwas Erotisches. Sie stellt eine Videokamera auf den Schreibtisch und richtet sie ins Zimmer. Der Raum ist nicht sehr groß, auf der rechten Seite steht ein Metallregal. Der CD-Player läuft: "Let’s get it on" von Marvin Gaye.

      Libby tanzt. Sie trägt ein rotes Nachthemd, sonst nichts. Sie bewegt sich zur Musik, ihre Lippen formen Wörter, sie blickt in die Kamera. Eine Ecke des Regals dient ihr als Halt, so wie die Stange in einem Stripclub. Irgendwann hat sie das Nachthemd abgelegt. Als das Lied vorbei ist, wirft sie einen Kuss in die Kamera.

      Die Szene hat etwas sehr Intimes, nichts Pornografisches. Bei einem zweiten Video läuft als Musik "I touch myself" von den Divinyls – und genau das tut Libby. Man würde auch diese eindeutigere Szene nicht Pornografie nennen – oder wenn, dann gute Pornografie, falls es so was denn geben kann. Der, für den der Film gedacht war, hat sich sicher sehr gefreut.

      Heute kann sich jeder die Libby-Videos besorgen, kostenlos in den Tauschbörsen oder für 13 Dollar plus Versand auf CD. Libby, das normale Mädchen von der University of Wisconsin, ist eine nackte Internet-Berühmtheit geworden, natürlich unfreiwillig.

      Wie die Filme ins Internet gelangt sind, ist nicht ganz klar. Eine Version der Geschichte lautet, Libby habe ihren Freund betrogen und der habe die Filme aus Rache verbreitet. Nach einer anderen Variante soll der Zimmergenosse des Freundes die Filme ins interne Netz seiner Uni gestellt haben, von dort aus verbreiteten sie sich über die Tauschbörse Morpheus in alle Welt.

      Sie werden noch jahrelang zirkulieren

      Und noch jahrelang werden Leute versuchen, bei Libby anzurufen oder ihr eine E-Mail zu schicken. Denn bei einem der Videos ist in der Schlusssequenz ihre Wohnheim-Adresse eingeblendet, nebst Telefonnummer und E-Mail.

      Libby Hoeler wohnt und studiert längst woanders, doch mit der Zahl ihrer Zuschauer wächst auch die Zahl derjenigen, die etwas über sie herausfinden wollen. Mittlerweile hat sich eine Gemeinschaft von Rechercheuren zusammengefunden, die sich in einem Forum über ihre Erkenntnisse austauschen. Das sind – wahrscheinlich – allesamt harmlose Verrückte, mit Spaß am Detektivspiel. Aber es ist erschreckend, wie viel man über einen völlig Unbekannten erfahren kann, wenn man nur genügend sucht. Google macht’s möglich.

      Libbys echter Vorname ist Elizabeth Margaret, das ließ sich leicht herausfinden. Die korrekte Schreibweise des Nachnamens war schon kniffeliger. Doch das ist erst der Anfang. Wenig später finden die Detektive Eintragungen über die junge Libby in der Lokalpresse, bei der Google-Suche taucht ein Bericht von einem Sportfest auf sowie eine Arbeit aus der Schule, als im Kunstunterricht Zeichnungen im Stil von M.C. Escher angefertigt wurden.

      Libbys neuer Wohnort wurde bekannt, und als eine Anwaltskanzlei versuchte, die Verbreitung von Libby-Videos im Netz zu unterbinden, brachte das die Detektive nur auf noch mehr Spuren. Denn in der Kanzlei arbeitet eine Frau namens Hoeler – die Tante vielleicht? Oder die Mutter?

      "Wow, was für eine Legende hat diese Frau geschaffen. Ich kann nicht glauben, dass eine Webseite sich so lange mit Libby beschäftigt", lautet einer der jüngsten Beiträge in dem Forum. Autor ist einer, der vor zwei Jahren an der gleichen Uni studierte und als einer der ersten die Videos kannte. Andere berichten, dass sie unter der aktuellen Telefonnummer angerufen haben – es läuft aber nur ein Anrufbeantworter
      For all you non-German speaker: it basically just says what we all know. Yet this site ( has about 700k hits a day. This should spark some more interest.

    • 12 05 2003
    • 292.  Nikolas (19:34:41) :

      wowowowow – libby is hot. she even gets popular in germany right now. her ex must be piece of shit but how could she be so stupid to think that those videos would never circulate somewhen. can a person have so much trust in a teenyrelationship?? for those of u who speak some german, check out this nice little article bout libby:,1518,248311,00.html

    • 12 05 2003
    • 293.  Nikolas (19:37:13) :

      noticed too late that someone has posted something about the spiegel-article already. sorry for that…

    • 13 05 2003
    • 294.  Fan (07:47:33) :

      Can anyone tell me what part 5 contains?

    • 14 05 2003
    • 295.  rocka (04:38:41) :

      Hey peeps. just wanted to say i saw libby playing the banjo over here on the streets of liverpool – seems to be making a name for herself!
      no in all honesty my feckin eyes are bleeding from reading that. very entertaining and little bits of me agree with u all(strange)!
      keep up the follow-ups.

    • 14 05 2003
    • 296.  alice (16:20:41) :

      @mike: good work, but dont’t think it’s her in the pictures, cause she’s slim (face, body, especially compare the hands: angelair1.jpg and i am sure you could see them in action in the vids ;) could be the one on the right (left from JR) in though – BTW Jenny seems to be back in business

    • 15 05 2003
    • 297.  VB (04:01:21) :

      Hey. I’m a student at Marist College, and apparently the same type of thing happened here before I started in 2000. It was in 1999, i think, and the girl was using her webcam to make a video for her boyfriend. Needless to say, look up Marist on Kazaa, and that video is the only thing that will pop up.

    • 15 05 2003
    • 298.  Libby (07:39:56) :

      I sent a porn flick of myself to the Internet and all I got is this lousy weblog.

    • 15 05 2003
    • 299.  Fupid Stuck (12:29:07) :

      i was just curious as i stumbled across an article inthe german magazine spiegel.. even here ini indonesia people know about this shit… and let me tell although i am fanscinated by how the internet is the becoming an omnipresent answer for questions.. aren’t you on the receiving end expecting to sooner or later be in the spotlight yourself?!?! and what if you wouldnt intend to be… shit i think that smart folks have way too much power over this medium but sure i might be one of them… hence fuck it…..what is her point on all this>?Q??Q waiting for clarifiaction and greetings to anybody in malcontent with their net access

    • 15 05 2003
    • 300.  Fupid Stuck (12:31:39) :

      i was just curious as i stumbled across an article inthe german magazine spiegel.. even here ini indonesia people know about this shit… and let me tell although i am fanscinated by how the internet is the becoming an omnipresent answer for questions.. aren’t you on the receiving end expecting to sooner or later be in the spotlight yourself?!?! and what if you wouldnt intend to be… shit i think that smart folks have way too much power over this medium but sure i might be one of them… hence fuck it…..what is her point on all this>?Q??Q waiting for clarifiaction and greetings to anybody in malcontent with their net access

    • 3 08 2003
    • 301.  bad person (11:31:02) :

      Thanks to Libby, I used my webcam to video my ex-girlfriend getting changed after we spent one last night together.


    • 12 08 2003
    • 302.  kb (22:28:23) :

      Nothing can really top the Libby Hoeller saga. Regardless of what has happened with her since, her video is akin to pin-up girls of the 1940’s–but better.

      She is just a person and has been mentioned, meeting her in person would probably be as interesting or uninteresting as anyone else.

      But the Libby Hoeller of the Internet.. her videos somehow bring forth warm memories of your college experience. Everytime I watch those videos, it brings me back to when I was living in the co-ed dorms… and the absolute fun that occured there… nothing could ever supercede.

    • 15 08 2003
    • 303.  Becca (12:05:05) :

      Here’s some new versions of the Libby Hoeller story that I found on my friend’s ex’s website–apparently this guy Joe posts nudes of his ex-girlfriends(thankfully not any of my friend).

      Here’s the links for all ya horny bastards ;)

      Find more pics on his main website,

      Apparently he took the pics down before to "avoid being sued by any exes," but then posted them again due to popular demand. Could this be the guy behind a few future Libby Hoelers???

    • 20 08 2003
    • 304.  Fan (10:05:19) :

      Wow , I love part 5.

    • 22 08 2003
    • 305.  mehme (12:42:43) :

      So I’ve been talking to a friend from around madison, she’s gonna find out some info from me… she plans to attend uw-madison this fall… I’ll have her do some searching…. I have a few other contacts up in the wisonsin college circuit – but for now… I feel for the girl – it’d be great to get a straight story so it all can be put to rest… she’s a pretty girl.. no need to call her a slut/cunt/hoe/whore as some of you have done, especially if she did this for her boyfriend and her boyfriend only. Regardless of who put it out – worthless asshole(s)
      I’m sure… her, the star wars kid, guy etc will soon fade….

    • 2 09 2003
    • 306.  Libby Hoeller (04:03:04) :

      thanks to all you guys, I’ve now had to move to new zealand, change my name and get plastic surgeries. please stop following me around like crazed puppy dogs. you’ve destroyed my life!

    • 4 09 2003
    • 307.  alias (03:12:45) :

      Is there anyone that will get an interview with this girl…and maybe offer her a job when she gets out of college [after all this, it’s the least society can do]. I first viewed the clips in Dec 2001…recently I came across it and was moved to find out what happened to her…and here I am.

    • 15 09 2003
    • 308.  madisonstudent (15:17:34) :

      I went out to a bar called the plaza (just off state street next to bullfeathers) and libby was there. Her hair is dark now (naturally) and she is hotter than ever, I talked to her for a little bit. she is really nice, didnt bring up the whole video thing cause thats wrong. Just thought you should know that she is still there and doing just fine.

    • 23 09 2003
    • 309.  Phil McCracken (23:36:29) :

      You guys are looking for info in the wrong place. The story is with the guy who released the tapes. Libby isn’t going to talk about the tapes, but if he can be found he’ll be more willing than she is to talk about it. Find the boyfriend…

    • 30 09 2003
    • 310.  alan (01:37:25) :

      I was wondering if anyone has seen the other revenge video. It’s set up like a mastercard commercial, and he gives out her name, aim and address at the end. Any info on that? Or is she just not hot enough to be an internet sensation

    • 30 09 2003
    • 311.  alan (21:50:43) :

      Sorry about the previous comment, just found the libby hoeller 2 page on here. I also tried what Chris Spirito tried over a year ago, and have emailed around 100 people who went to that high school. I have already received one reply.
      Sorry Alan,
      I’m just too old to have known her. :-) I would have graduated the summer before she was a freshman.

      Best of luck,
      Beth Tibbals-Benson

      I’ll let you know if this search turns up anything new!

    • 1 10 2003
    • 312.  chronic (20:00:27) :

      i can’t believe i just read all that shit….there’s a pic way up there thats recent, 2003, with her in some bar? where’d that pic come from?

    • 1 10 2003
    • 313.  chronic (20:06:04) :

      yea this pic, oh yea if u check out the main page of this link it goes to some pics of some avid UW football fans, they’re friends with libby so it seems

    • 2 10 2003
    • 314.  etrigan (13:35:04) :

      you know whats great?? even after a couple years…she’s still popular. I dont know why I decided to re-look her crap up, but im sorta glad I did. :)

      Unfortunately I still cant find the ‘Libby Holla’ song…although I did find the other one on kazaa

    • 2 10 2003
    • 315.  tinman666 (15:29:34) :

      Wow.. usually I’m right up to date on all of the internet-sensations, but somehow it’s taken me a few years to catch on to this one. Apparently.

      Anyway – IF she did cheat on her b/f, then he gets my thumbs up for leaking this shit. I wish I’d done the same thing to my cheating ex :) hahaa

    • 5 10 2003
    • 316.  The man (01:32:39) :

      These links are good as of today 10/4/2003

    • 9 10 2003
    • 317.  Fan (11:21:41) :

      I really had to search specific to stumble upon those clips. You will not find them if your not looking for these kind of clips.

    • 9 10 2003
    • 318.  moon823 (12:43:53) :

      I just wanted to let you guys know of another place to download these clips. The address is clips are all compiled on one and the file is 110mb. Also there is this other chick named Kristin on there with a clip that is 50mb. That site has loads of webcam stuff, but most of it is pay. Maybe someone on this board could somehow find a secret way in?? hint hint, wink wink

    • 9 10 2003
    • 319.  moon823 (12:51:52) :

      take off the The at the end
      don’t know why it did that

    • 24 10 2003
    • 320.  public information (08:23:00) :

      its funny what a quarter can buy…

      219 N BASSETT ST APT 3
      MADISON, WI 53703

    • 25 10 2003
    • 321.  alan (08:46:40) :

      I used the phone number given above and called Libby’s parent’s and grandparent’s house today. Her parents weren’t there, but their answering machine did say that they were the Hoellers (pronounced Heller, which I didn’t know). I then called her grandparents and tried to get her phone number from them. I talked to her grandfather and he confirmed that she was his granddaughter and was suspicious about someone calling and asking about her. He wouldn’t give me her number, despite my best efforts. I even told him I owed Libby money. So don’t think I screwed up a good opportunity. This phone call does confirm a lot of things though. The numbers and addresses given above are both still in use by the family and none of them have changed their name. I have also been frantically searching for Libby’s phone number at this "new" address, but can find no apartment or house at 219 N Basset. Someone in the Madison area should go knock on her door… :-)

    • 25 10 2003
    • 322.  alan (20:18:15) :

      K so I guess this will be my last post. I just got called by the FBI about making that phone call. Looks like my little search ends here. Make sure you don’t cross the line. I’m out.

    • 28 10 2003
    • 323.  Libby For President (04:55:21) :

      Awwh…and you were doing so good Alan. I bet it wasn’t the FBI. Probably one of her friends or family members trying to shake you up a bit. You should have blocked the caller ID when you called.

      My mini contribution: Libby’s parents get divorced and her dad takes off to California(probably thanks to us assholes!):;jsessionid

      check the records yourself at:

      Nothing on her though…looks like her grandpa is a business man and sued a few people, including a slew of hmongs.

      Petition Playboy to proposition her…that’s the only chance. She doesn’t want to be a web slut or a pornstar.

    • 28 10 2003
    • 324.  Ezekiel (05:03:49) :

      Hey yous, good stuff here. Just noticed, is up and running. Looks like a small fan site, on AOL Hometown….

    • 28 10 2003
    • 325.  figaro (08:38:50) :

      ALAN, nothing to worry about my friend. nothing illegal about calling somebody to try and locate them (until he/she tells you not to). even if you were thinking she’s a really hot chick you were hoping to ask out on a date, etc. i have serious doubts that the FBI would really contact you… btw- i LOVE the website; i check on ms. hoeller’s newest adventures every monday as part of my weekly routine. keep it up everybody!

    • 28 10 2003
    • 326.  figaro (08:45:44) :

      i just started wondering after i made my last post: from a legal perspcetive, what would one’s intentions be after locating and confirming the identity of "elizabeth m. hoeller"? it might be an important question to know the answer to if you ever did "cross the line" and get caught.

    • 29 10 2003
    • 327.  deep (03:38:07) :

      There seemes to be an

      Elizabeth M Hoeller in
      Milwaukee, WI
      Age: 21

    • 29 10 2003
    • 328.  deep (03:42:19) :

      This adress:

      219 N BASSETT ST APT 3
      MADISON, WI 53703

      exists! Just use mapquest to get an aerial view.

    • 29 10 2003
    • 329.  deep (04:21:10) :

      Now go back to this pic

      The guy to the very left is Brad Schulteis:
      45 N. Randall Ave #P3
      Madison, WI 53715
      Phone: (001)4142179930

      Maybe someone could contact him to find out more.

    • 29 10 2003
    • 330.  deep (04:30:46) :

      219 N BASSETT ST APT 3
      MADISON, WI 53703

      Hmm… this adress seems to be true, tho I cant get the phone number.
      Total distance between Brad and Libby:

      Total Distance: 1.07 miles
      Total Estimated Time: 4 minutes

    • 29 10 2003
    • 331.  deep (04:37:45) :

      Or try the following:

      Contact this guy who lives at the same adress as Libby:

      Kutzke, P
      219 N Bassett St
      Madison, WI 53703
      (608) 204-9627

    • 8 11 2003
    • 332.  Drunk University (01:44:58) :

      Want to see the videos, since every place linked on this forum is down, view the whole thing here

      This link should always work, otherwise just search kazaa and download it for your self

    • 10 11 2003
    • 333.  anonymous (07:59:19) :

      I found evidence about Libby’s genealogy. As said in a previous post, her parents are indeed David Alan Hoeller and Katherine Ann Liedtke (Katherine Ann Hoeller after their mariage on june 2nd 1979)
      They had two children, Elizabeth Margaret Hoeller an Matthew David Hoeller.
      Her father’s side grand-parents are Donald Joseph Hoeller and Bernadette Veronica Gottula (Hoeller after their marriage on september 1st 1948). I also found a few of her aunts and uncles (her father’s brothers and sisters) on the same page.

      Everything can be found from that page, just follow the links from there:

    • 14 11 2003
    • 334.  thesenuts (01:21:27) :

      Ok…so who cares? I mean…just get your own girlfriend to make you a video. Is she really that hot…no, there are millions like here…where do you people live? This is pathetic.

    • 20 11 2003
    • 335.  some_internet_perv (02:47:19) :

      Umm, I happen to know for a fact that she was paid to do those videos as part of an amateur porn site, I have 5 other videos of girls dancing and stripping to music in the exact same dorm room. Sorry to ruin the fantasy.

    • 20 11 2003
    • 336.  spliff (15:20:52) :

      Post them up then, you lying piece of monkey shit. If she wanted to be a pornstar she could arguably be bigger than Jenna Jameson and be a fricking millionaire. That adds up alright.

    • 21 11 2003
    • 337.  DUDE (02:21:11) :


    • 26 11 2003
    • 338.  another girl (19:26:38) :

      I guess I’m slow, but I only just heard about Libby the other night. Since it seems like everyone and their mother is commenting on it, I’ll throw in my impressions too. First of all, I think she is beautiful and a great dancer, and her boyfriend was lucky to have her. The rest of us are just lucky for getting to watch her. I feel terrible that her private business was spread all over the world, it is really gut-wrenching. Sure, she made a mistake making the videos, but I know I’ve made some equally unpleasant mistakes and I thank God that they are secrets. I honestly hope that she and her family have recovered from this incident and are doing well. I’m not a bible-thumper by any means, I just can’t help but care.

    • 27 11 2003
    • 339.  JayJ22 (12:20:22) :

      I heard about the Libby thing when it first went down, but never saw the vids…ummm now i want to see them, but see I’m in Iraq and I can barely check this site let alone d/l them. Is there any1 that would like to help this troop and some others out since we’re interested in seeing them. Let me know….thx Oh yea, to the man of this site…..from all of us in Iraq…"YOU THE MAN"…later

    • 27 11 2003
    • 340.  batabeth (12:40:27) :

      Couldn’t have said it better than "another girl". Isn’t it about time to put this issue to rest after all those years and close this site?
      The internet as a weapon of "single life" destruction.
      Maybe she could move to Europe and study at a university over here. She’d be welcome in this liberal, caring continent.

    • 1 12 2003
    • 341.  duh (12:41:07) :

      Her life is far from destroyed. She’s still carrying on in Madison quite happily. When she graduates, the odds of an employer knowing of her story are slim to done, and even if one would, it is probably to her benefit. The greater majority of people don’t carry the mindset of "oh, you made some explicit videos that ended up on the internet and accidentally became an amateur pornstar??? Oh you did? Well then, you’re a piece of fucking sleezy scum who should burn in hell for having an ounce of sexuality in you, and I most certainly wouldn’t want you working for me."

      It’s sexy and she probably likes the attention. She’s fine. Get over it.

    • 4 12 2003
    • 342.  mrwillys (01:43:18) :

      Long Live the Libby Vids!

    • 5 12 2003
    • 343.  inabind (07:29:27) :

      Libby made a ground breaking video….innocent, passionate, and very sexy. The first time I saw it I thought it was unreal, sexy, honest….I have watched it a few times more and still feel that same way….

      Too bad that she won’t face the reality of what she did….made a great piece of artwork that has deep veins of sexuality…..for profit.

      I, like most of you, am enamored of her. She is by far the best of the best with these videos. I have never seen nothing like it and probably never will. I admit I am jealous of whoever has this woman in their life…she seems to have a pretty good mindset about her sexuality. Where were these girls when I was in school….not the whores but the wholesome girls that weren’t screwed up in the heads about their sexuality…lites off all the time, wears a tshirt all the time, no sex toys!!!!!

      I wish her the best of all that life can give and thank her for providing something real in a very fake internet world.

      To those that profit from her…I hope you die.

      as for this thread….captivating, enthralling, great for causing a headache cuz of the colors.

      Libby…luv ya, mean it…let us know you are alive and well and moving on with your life in a positive manner…please don’t go pro!!!

    • 7 12 2003
    • 344.  paitoo isaac (04:20:10) :

      how will i know is the best club and what are my benefit

    • 7 12 2003
    • 345.  a (12:48:30) :

      One of the infamous videos was created on Monday, December 4th, 2000. The "fourth" clip, where Libby masturbates on her bed contains audio from Jay Leno. He can be heard saying "Calista Flockhart is here, Charlie Bob Martin…and Everlast. 12/4/2000 is the day that show aired. Also, the clock in the looks like it says 12:01 however, sometimes when recording clocks can read backwards, putting the real time at 10:51 Central Time. Right around the time Leno would finish the monologue and introduce the guests. By the way, please don’t post anything here unless you have some news. It’s so annoying to be hopeful about a new post, then find out it’s some assclown’s opinion on the Libby video. No one gives a shit people, just read and be happy. You like it? Great, go find out more about here and let us know then. You don’t like it? Leave.

    • 10 12 2003
    • 346.  rs (06:31:25) :

      Justin, just wanted to remind you that you have until the 15th to take the Libby stuff off this page. ;-) Better hurry man, that attorney sounded pretty pissed.

    • 12 12 2003
    • 347.  prence (02:13:58) :


      Just kidding dude, keep up the good work and don’t let lame ass lawsuit threats get you down.

    • 12 12 2003
    • 348.  scoobie331 (02:31:01) :

      i’m a journalism major from long island new york who’s trying to compile enough information to make a story worthy of publication out of this mess. anyone with anything thats concrete and verifiable please contact me imediatly. i have an in with the howard stern show and if i can get enough info together this could very well be made into an on air segment. who evers info i use i will try to get on the air along with myself and libby and her lawyer mom. pending contact with libby’s mom it’s all up in the air. however, if someone gives me something that would be usefull as leverage ( it would have to be something really good, there’s already nude picktures of her going to town with a dildo) then this might be expiditaed much quicker. i make no promises, this is a longshot but i may be able to pull it off. to the webmaster, if you’d be willing to come forward on the air i think that we could pull this off. please contact me back as soon as you recieve this.

    • 12 12 2003
    • 349.  prence (09:58:31) :

      Uh.. yeah sure, since when do journalist majors stumble with the spelling of words like "immediately" and "expedited".

    • 15 12 2003
    • 350.  C (14:04:17) :

      It’s the 15th of december twothousandandtwoooo!

    • 15 12 2003
    • 351.  Jazz (19:04:40) :

      Actually I can confirm that that picture of her at a birthday celebration ( is almost undoubtedly legitimate.

      There’s a bar here in Madison, the "Nitty Gritty," which bills itself as the place to go for birthdays… they have a bunch of birthday specials and such, and basically anyone who’s anyone in Madison has their birthday there. This bar is only three blocks away from where I live, so I’m quite familiar with it, and that is definitely the inside of the Nitty Gritty (The pictures are of famous people who had their birthdays there.)

      Only thing is, the birthday person usually gets the birthday mug with the balloon tied onto it, and as you can see it’s Dan, not Libby, holding that mug. So Sep. 19 is probably not her birthday, sorry.

      But that is definitely the Nitty Gritty.

    • 16 12 2003
    • 352.  SCHWAG.ORG Admin (04:57:48) :

      The Libby Hoeler videos have been removed from our site due to excessive bandwidth usage. Thank you.

    • 19 12 2003
    • 353.  pooh (13:13:28) :

      someone needs to go and knock on her door ang get an interview or at least find out if it is her the address is listed above the 292 one

    • 20 12 2003
    • 354.  nemje (06:39:43) :

      ne vids up nowadays? cant find them anywhere, only the like shit lookin stream and the 1s you need to pay for :/

    • 20 12 2003
    • 355.  slimbob (16:09:50) :

      I live in Madison close to the above address but am still trying to figure out how I can confirm without looking like a stalker or weirdo. I’ll try to figure something out though, before August 15, which is when most of us move out of our apartments in downtown Madison. Wish me luck.

    • 20 12 2003
    • 356.  nemje (20:10:18) :

      good luck then :]

    • 24 12 2003
    • 357.  Sam (11:42:56) :

      Wow you guys are incredibly lame. I’m Sam, the guy next to Libby in that picture at the Gritty. I don’t understand how people can be so amazed at a picture of a girl they’ve seen in a video. So you guys think like…
      Step 1: Meet libby
      Step 2: ???
      Step 3: Die a happy man!

      My friend sent me a link to this site cuz he thought I’d think it was funny that a picture that I put on my website (which was registered for me by my friend Brad, who’s name and address I see has been posted here, good job stalkers) has had such a mass hysteria effect.

      Ohh, and slimbob, sorry to be the messenger, but you already look like a stalker and a weirdo simply from your post.

    • 24 12 2003
    • 358.  mike (11:58:20) :

      Sam, do you know exactly how the videos were spread? And how is she dealing with it?…

      Also, to continue being lame… you should ask her to check this page out… for that matter, maybe make a post… :O

    • 25 12 2003
    • 359.  the_end (06:27:00) :

      If videos of you were posted all over the Internet and your name = dildo being rammed in you to music – what’s the first thing you would do? Maybe change your name ASAP. Hey…it’s only $50 and it keeps guys like slimbob from stalking your house.

      I bet Libby is no more so stop the stalking and get a real girlfriend so that maybe she’ll be nice enough to make videos for you that will get posted on the Internet and we can start this discussion all over again….

    • 25 12 2003
    • 360.  Sam (18:06:28) :

      I don’t know why I came back here, but for some reason I did. Damn insomnia.

      Mike – You are a world class idiot. What makes you think she would care to hear that a bunch of people follow her around like she’s a cure for cancer? Why would she give any of you the satisfaction of posting here?

      the_end – You are also an idiot. Your bet is wrong. There was no name changing. If I were Libby, I’d rely on the common decency of normal human beings to not come to my house and ring my doorbell and say "can you make another video just for me" which is what I presume weirdos like slimbob want.

    • 26 12 2003
    • 361.  mike (02:54:34) :

      "What makes you think she would care to hear that a bunch of people follow her around like she’s a cure for cancer?"

      I would think most people would find it pretty interesting. Well, all but the address/phone number thing.

      As for the whole cure for cancer thing, I think most people are just interested in the story and how she’s dealing with it.

      "I don’t know why I came back here, but for some reason I did. Damn insomnia."

      I think that’s how everybody feels…

      Oh yeah, the name calling wasn’t necessary, was it? :p

    • 26 12 2003
    • 362.  JImbo (04:30:36) :

      Are there any sites that still have the videos? Been looking around and can’t find any, would be appreciated thanks.

    • 26 12 2003
    • 363.  cyn (17:39:36) :

      i would bone her no doubt. shes loose but thats never stopped me. anyone know where working vid links are? need to add this one to my personal collection

    • 29 12 2003
    • 364.  Justin (13:50:56) :

      new link to the libby videos.

      (working as of 12/29/2003)

    • 29 12 2003
    • 365.  snowsurfin (15:08:43) :

      Sam- The reason most of us "normally decent" people come here is for the story inspired by the intrigue of the libby videos. All we want is the story…how the videos got out, her reaction to semi-stardom, and maybe to know if she prefers broccoli over cauliflower.

      Apparently you are in the know Sam. Don’t hold out, appease us, and the wonder will be gone, the discussion will be over and we’ll all go home, eat some boob pudding and live happily ever after. Do it for Libby.

    • 30 12 2003
    • 366.  hornydave (06:43:45) :

      Just get onto Winmx or Kazaa to download the vids. They are mostly under the incorrect (?)spelling of hoeler (rather than hoeller).

      I’m glad she’s getting on with her life. People who post addresses / phone numbers here: that is just wrong. Enjoy the videos and leave her be.

    • 2 01 2004
    • 367.  germanguy (05:07:21) :

      Hello everybody !
      I made a collage of all the 6 Libby pics I found on the schools homepage. After comparing with the vids I’m definitely sure, it’s her on these pics. If somebody is interested, i will post it somewhere. As I’m not familiar with US school system, I wanted to ask you, if somebody could tell how old she is now, when she left school in 1998. Keep your goodwork up !

    • 4 01 2004
    • 368.  Deathmonger (12:50:59) :

      Why doesn’t anyone know the "boyfriend"s name or his 411? I read through about half the posts and some at the end, I don’t recall anyone mentioning his name or info. Seems like he would have all the answers and would want to be interviewed. You Magnum Fuckin PIs can take it from there.

    • 4 01 2004
    • 369.  Lawlz (15:54:54) :

      HAHAHA .. Internet bitches are soooo fuckin stupid. Why is it that when a chick gets on AIM or any kind of online chat program she drops never been able to figure it out.50 IQ points and becomes a total whore? I have

    • 7 01 2004
    • 370.  Amy (14:22:13) :

      … So much for closing this thread off to comments.

      This is so fucking pathetic it’s not even funny.

    • 9 01 2004
    • 371.  a (20:06:11) :

      Another Libby pic here, definitely the same night as the other one even though the dates at the bottom are one day off. Probably just aftr midnight in one pic. This was just added to that niggaswithpuppets website yesterday. If anyone can get into the "personal" section of the site, I’m sure there could be more stuff there. It’s almost like these guys are toying with us….

    • 19 01 2004
    • 372.  Some1 (01:08:39) :

      What possess these girls to make vid’s like this is beyond me. I mean, do they actualy think that those vids will never see the day of light? Come on, before you make a vid like this, ask yourself, "do I want my mom,dad,brother seeing me naked now?" ANd if your answer is "yes", make the vid, if not, FORGET IT!!!!

    • 19 01 2004
    • 373.  Dick Fitzwell (12:02:15) :


      I met Libby at State Street Brats one night in Madison 2 years after she came into my life, no pun intended. I told her how she had greatly influenced my pounding the pudd. At first she was very fuckin pissed, but I got her to chill after I slipped some ruffies in her drink. I’m telling you she was the greatest fuck in my life. I probably should hav just followed her home cause she did just lay there, and wasn’t the active Libby I was used to in the videos.

    • 20 01 2004
    • 374.  Zero (04:00:07) :

      All 5 vids are available for download at

    • 21 01 2004
    • 375.  wisconsinbadger (03:25:44) :

      Its amazing how many individuals are obsessed with the image of Libby. You aren’t showing her any respect by treating her as an object, “whore/slut,” or as a cure to cancer. Instead of fantasizing about a woman, you might have your own if you learned to treat others with respect.

      Similar to Sam, a friend of mine just sent me a link to this page, and I’m frankly appalled by it. Its one thing to watch video’s of a person, (she made that mistake – she’ll have to live with the knowledge of being seen by millions of people) but when you’re harassing her, her family and friends and for what reason its damn near criminal. If I posted her cell number, home address and email address on here what would you do with that knowledge? Stalk her?

      Do I sound bitter? You’re damn right I do. I’ve had to watch her try to explain to her grandma why strangers keep calling their house looking for her. Imagine how confused/what your grandparents would think if they kept getting calls asking for you. Would they NOT be worried about their grandson/granddaughter? I know mine would be. So why don’t you all do society a favor and grow up?

      From what I can tell she isn’t trying to run and hide from her past (she never left Madison), she’s just trying to avoid meeting assholes like you in the future. Oh and I’ll give you all another tip… That address on Bassett, you’re a year late getting it. So think twice about knocking on the door, never know how drunk the Madison student who answers the door will be.

      P.S. As for Sam and is roommates being smart enough to mess around with your heads by posting recent pictures of her, they’re not smart enough to do it, nothing good ever lived below Sellery 6B.

    • 24 01 2004
    • 376.  Matt (10:44:44) :

      Is this the same Libby?

      GROUP 9:
      Willie KNAUSS
      sp–Katherine ____, b. 1902; d. 11-13-1996 Cedarburg, WI
      Gertrude KNAUSS
      sp–____ PARADIS
      M. Robin PARADIS
      sp–David KENT
      Rachel KENT
      Eric PARADIS
      sp–Karla ____
      Margaret KNAUSS
      Paul LIEDTKE
      sp–Margaret ____
      Steven LIEDTKE
      Mark LIEDTKE
      (also grandchild: Katie ____; m. David HOELLER; children: Libby and Matt)


    • 26 01 2004
    • 377.  badben (10:03:51) :

      I’m new to Kazaa and cable internet in 2003/04, Libby’s still around the p2p world. I can’t help wondering. She has to know all this is out here, and that she’s everywhere. Some people love her, some people hate her, some people think she’s beautiful, some people think she’s ugly. Some people want to own her, others want to propose, others want to laugh. What happens to someone when something like this goes on? Do days go by where she forgets it ever happened? Is she afraid of getting married in a big ceremony in case one entire side of the aisle is filled with guys who want to pretend they have cause why those two should not be joined? Or even just afraid to be in the newspaper? Can a boss at a place of employment not be the least bit curious? Can this ever be put behind her, forever and for good? Does she want it gone? Does it cause nightmares? What if everyone who’d ever seen the video sent her…. what’s the going rate, $20 for a DVD? Would she be rich? Able to buy a house? a car? a newspaper? What DO her grandparents think? If she has kids, will they see the videos? Who *IS* she? What DOES she do? It’s 6:11 a.m. on a Monday. I can’t help wondering.

    • 26 01 2004
    • 378.  asshole (10:10:31) :

      ok, her videos are awesome but you people are the poster children for I mean, yeah, she’s a babe but WTF?? who CARES??? find a girl to make videos for YOU, I have send me $1,000,000 and maybe I’ll share

    • 27 01 2004
    • 379.  Alrighty (10:24:49) :

      Libby is pretty cute, but that girl needs a bushwhacker of some sort.

    • 27 01 2004
    • 380.  RamblinJacket (16:46:27) :

      Hey webmaster… I’m a huge Libby fan and a graphic designer… If I can fix a pic of her to clean, high resolution and the right color shading to fit in with the girls in the spread at the top of the page (Olsen twins, Hilary Duff, etc), would you add her to the spread? I don’t want any pay or recognition… just knowing I added to it would be enough :) Post a reply. I can do non-nude, etc… Your call. Peace.

      BTW, sorry if this posts more than once… Clicking "Post Comment" is getting me "page not found" errors.

    • 28 01 2004
    • 381.  Sam (03:37:39) :

      Hey wisconsinbadger…you said nothing good ever lived below Sellery 6B? I lived on 5B. Bastard. Feel free to email me, badger. None of you other fucking weirdos though.

    • 29 01 2004
    • 382.  LexI (12:40:19) :

      I was reading the part about her aunt/lawyer sending you the e-mail. You complained about freedom of speech. Really there is no such thing, there is freedom of the press, which is only actually freedom to criticize the government. What you could be accused of would be slander or libel (not sure if Internet postings are considered print or speech, but it’s one or the other), except for the fact that your are quoting sources, not saying directly what happened, so she has no legal grounds whatsoever. Have a nice day.

      – LexI

    • 29 01 2004
    • 383.  nemosfate (16:48:33) :

      i cant believe i just sat and read all of this…..its 4:47 pm and im gonna get 3 hours of sleep before work………shit…..but i have to say libby is hott and i just wonder what REALLY happened

    • 31 01 2004
    • 384.  Josh (01:27:03) :

      damn, im half asleep after reading this thread .. not thats its boring, which it aint, but damn the refresh rate on my monitor is bad, those vids are funny shit, very nice indeed she is ;)

    • 2 02 2004
    • 385.  cj (20:27:03) :

      God damn
      I am sick of hearing how great these cips are. My sorry dial up ass keeps trying to get them with no avail. Fuck waiting in line at WINMX. Oh well and KAZAA sucks so i am screwed. Guess i gotta find somethng else to jack off with

    • 4 02 2004
    • 386.  Delaware (03:06:23) :

      I was just wondering if anyone was keeping up with the little ‘investigation’, it seems that the last years worth of posts are of people flaming other people, or saying ‘yo these vids rule/suck’. I cant believe I spent 3 hours reading all this, oh well 3 more hours till I gotta get up for school.

    • 6 02 2004
    • 387.  indyman (08:46:52) :

      I have seen that pic with libby (the college? one up top) with a 1994 date. That wouldnt exactly fit the time line……..oh well keep up the good work!

    • 10 02 2004
    • 388.  public information (12:02:23) :

      Samuel Rousse
      Age: 21
      15 S Owen Dr
      Madison, WI 53705
      (608) 238 – 4895

      Samuel Roessler
      Age: 23
      6809 Schroeder Rd
      Madison, WI 53711
      (608) 663 – 8423

      Are either of these you, Sam?

      Nitty Gritty Restaurant & Bar
      223 N. Frances St.
      Madison, WI 53703

      I’m sure they’d enjoy the plug :)

      Also, if I might ask, Sam, has Elizabeth gotten married? That might explain the address blackout…

    • 10 02 2004
    • 389.  srajknoj_sixB (23:24:52) :

      Oh my "public information," that is quite disturbing of you. Why do you care who Sam is? Or where the exact location of the bar is? And most importantly of all, wondering why Liz is married now. I’m sure you could much better utilze your time that going to all the trouble of trying to look these things up.

      Six B forever!

    • 10 02 2004
    • 390.  srajknoj6B (23:25:20) :

      Oh my "public information," that is quite disturbing of you. Why do you care who Sam is? Or where the exact location of the bar is? And most importantly of all, wondering why Liz is married now. I’m sure you could much better utilze your time that going to all the trouble of trying to look these things up.

      Six B forever!

    • 11 02 2004
    • 391.  Ruger (18:05:27) :

      some things just never change…. Libby used to spend quality time with her purple dildo; now she hangs out with a couple of schlongs like Sam and Dan (and maybe srajknoj6B)

      What’s the better mascot for UW: The Badger or The Beaver (Libby’s Beaver that is)?

    • 12 02 2004
    • 392.  Spilchuk (02:00:39) :

      Wow … this is so interesting yet so sick. Some of you people scare the hell out of me.

    • 15 02 2004
    • 393.  alias (11:59:19) :

      Everyone who posted comments here is a loser… but here are my thoughts: Many people here have blamed the boyfriend for distributing the videos (although from what I’ve read, it doesn’t seem like that’s what happened). Some people have pointed out that she shares some of the blame for making the videos in the first place. But it seems to me that the person (or persons) responsible for this thing turning into a worldwide phenomenon were the wisenheimers who added her name and info to the movie. Without that she would have been a local legend for a while, but it wouldn’t have gotten much beyond UWM. The videos would probably be bouncing around the web for years to come, but it would’ve been just another anonymous set of "amateur" videos lost in the sea of porn that is the Internet.

      For example, at, there are probably over a thousand pictures of girls who have flashed their boobs for a camera. But without a name, address, and especially a .edu email address to tie the boobs to the girl, it will likely never catch up to them, even if the picture shows her face. So, to whomever added that critical info to those early movies: I solute you. That’s got to be like the best practical joke ever. Just my 2,000,000 lire.

    • 15 02 2004
    • 394.  alias (13:10:19) :

      solute = salute

    • 17 02 2004
    • 395.  Slappy the Chimp (17:32:47) :

      What the fuck i keep gettin excited reading about this cyber slut. But none of the links to download this shit work. I wish someone would hook me up and mail me some of the vids in question. I WANNA JACK OFF TOO ! and p.s. Who cares about her feelings. She shouldnt have made the vids like any boyfriend in the world wouldnt show it to someone

    • 18 02 2004
    • 396.  brucejohn (11:33:51) :


    • 18 02 2004
      18 02 2004
    • 398.  TLC (14:04:29) :

      Well, some good post, some shit posts, mostly interesting post i guess, but for fucks sake people!!!! For the last time i hope, THE BLOODY VIDEO"S ARE ON KAZAA!
      And to all you ppl saying that its a fake because she dances to well or that she must be a professional dancer, get out take a look around, the clubs are full of Young beautiful girls that can dance as good as or better than Libby (not that i am knocking her).
      Yes she is a great dancer and the fact she is naked or getting naked while dancing helps a lot, but u can clearly see when she hesitates or misses a step, and that my friends is what makes the video so damn hot, she is not trained and is not a performer, just a girl havin fun!….I (like most ppl) have seen lots of girls dance for money, and never is it as good as watchin my g/f dance for me, this is what Libby is doing (well not for me, but you get what i mean) and that is why she is so damn hot.

    • 18 02 2004
    • 399.  TLC (14:07:07) :

      Well, some good post, some shit posts, mostly interesting post i guess, but for fucks sake people!!!! For the last time i hope, THE BLOODY VIDEO"S ARE ON KAZAA!
      And to all you ppl saying that its a fake because she dances to well or that she must be a professional dancer, get out take a look around, the clubs are full of Young beautiful girls that can dance as good as or better than Libby (not that i am knocking her).
      Yes she is a great dancer and the fact she is naked or getting naked while dancing helps a lot, but u can clearly see when she hesitates or misses a step, and that my friends is what makes the video so damn hot, she is not trained and is not a performer, just a girl havin fun!….I (like most ppl) have seen lots of girls dance for money, and never is it as good as watchin my g/f dance for me, this is what Libby is doing (well not for me, but you get what i mean) and that is why she is so damn hot.

    • 18 02 2004
    • 400.  TLC (14:09:59) :

      ^^^ and that is there twice cause the first time it threw me an error and said it didn’t post sry

    • 18 02 2004
    • 401.  Teesside_UK (19:21:25) :

      Theres a file on Kazaalite thats 82,560kb in size and has been described has "Central Michigan University Becky Sex". It shows homemade sex between some guy and his girl in a dorm room. I’ve tried searching for anything on this girl but can’t find anything. Does anyone out there know anything about it?

    • 19 02 2004
    • 402.  alias (23:08:55) :

      Don’t even bother with those files; they’re crap quality, and they have a huge logo covering up 1/4th of the screen. Here’s a link to some high-res WMV’s for those who don’t want to mess around with file sharing programs:

      For some reason Windows Media Player crashes when I try to move the slider on these movies (to watch the good parts again ;) ).

      Number 5 is the best.

      You’re welcome.

    • 21 02 2004
    • 403.  Flo (10:28:32) :

      >> TO ELiZABETH: In a way I feel sorry for what has happened to your very private stuff, but after watching your videos I have to say that you don’t have anything to be ashamed of! Judging your videos, you’re definitely a self-confident girl and I’m pretty sure that you were able to get over the whole incident by now. You can be proud of yourself for all that, as well as your liberal way of dealing with your sexuality. Respect!
      My best wishes to you, Libby! Don’t even bother thinking about all the guys who try to make this a hunt. However, I think you can put an end to this if you would make one authentic post here clearing things up and tell us about what you think and how you’re doing. Of course, it’s up to you.

      Anyways, keep on living your life as joyful as you did before and never forget: You’re wonderful :)

      >> TO SAM: I really hope you’re able to point Libby to this message if she doesn’t know this place or does not look here (anymore). I think this statement is the only thing worth being read by her. The rest is just one big immature stalking…
      If she doesn’t want to post publicly, you could send me an eMail to fsilverice @ hotmail . com if you have a message from her … Thanks very very much in advance for your time! I appreciate it.

      Last but not least …… I’ll delete the videos now.

      F. Silbereis
      – from good ol’ germany :o)

    • 22 02 2004
    • 404.  underdoga (14:24:11) :

      To tell you the truth, I watched the vids once and I read this website because I was more interested in the human side of the story than the sex side, although Libby is very attractive. The thing for me is wanting to know what happened to her and how she dealt with the fame or perhaps infamy of the videos. I read quite a few posts from people upset by Libby and women in general being treated as objects….well, the best way for Libby to stop being treated as an object, is for her to stop being an object and become a real person to those obsessed by her. I would love to see her give an interview with a reputable publication and tell her side. I would be willing to bet a large part of her following would drop off once they had answers to the obvious questions about why she did it, and how she has gotten on with her life. I dont find anything ugly or cheap in what she did, just in the fact that her boyfriend let something deeply personal become something public.

    • 2 03 2004
    • 405.  bilou (13:51:44) :

      Libby you know you are not to blame for all this. You have been forgiven. Live free and joyfully.

    • 3 03 2004
    • 406.  Mike (10:51:22) :

      how do you get into a site (ex: backdoor?

    • 4 03 2004
    • 407.  StuckintheMidwest (11:41:06) :

      Ok, I’m personally connected to the great Libby through my girlfriend, who went to DSHS w/ Libby in Milwaukee and was her "Senior Big Sister" when Libby was a highschool freshman. She even drove her to school…
      Here’s what I know for a fact that hasn’t been posted here or is still under question.
      She does exist, she’s from Wisconsin, and is not Elizabeth Heller
      Libby did cheat on the guy
      The guy did make them available for file sharing, as well as emailed them to her parents and grandparents
      The guy in question went to Marquette Prep High school in Milwaukee (90% sure on that one)
      The lawyer-aunt does exist. I live in Indianapolis and have met her before (try keeping a straight face through that one).

    • 4 03 2004
    • 408.  rs (15:05:40) :

      StuckintheMidwest~ If you’re lying, I’m betting there’s about 20,000 guys who will want to kill you…However, if not then simply tell us who the b/f is! OMG this could be the best post this site has ever seen! Email me or leave a post here. I’m connected to the guys who run and will relay any info you have if you want. Come on man, we’re so close I can smell it…

    • 6 03 2004
    • 409.  Cam Addict2004 (08:38:21) :

      I called her house, the second telephone number above is correct, the first is her grandparents. I sopke to her mom and her mom was very protective. She said that Libby had put the matter behind her, and had chosen not to put her story accross. I had a brief conversation with her mom, who also did not want to discuss the issue. Throughout the conversation, I got the impression her mom was talking for her, and not on her behalf, so who knows what libby might say if I were to call her on her cell phone number (if I had it)…mm I wonder if any of you super sleuths can turn up with her cell phone number? any way after i hung up, I debated whether I should call back and ask if she had any details of the ex boyfriend so that I may get his thaughts of the whole matter..mmm maybe another job for you super sleuths out there to consider. Well any way, going by her mom word, Libby is currently still an unmarried student who seems to have put it all behind her, orthough if i were her, i would consider a name change on those future job applications.

    • 6 03 2004
    • 410.  Cam Addict 2004 (08:52:13) :

      o well.. I called back and asked the mother if she wanted to give up the name and telephone number of the boyfriend.. there was like this huge pause, and she replied ‘no’. O well maybe this whole thing should be laid to sleep.

    • 6 03 2004
    • 411.  Cam Addict 2004 (09:32:43) :

      just an observation I have made as an aside; which is that Libbys choice of music on the video where shes going to town on her self on the bed is exellent!!, I have idnentified the first song as "touch my self" by Sophie B Hawkins, thers also a version by Divinsyls…lol I’m actualy playing it as I type this post, courtesy of Kazaa. Can anyone please name me the song the follows "touch my self" in the video, it just so happens to kick in at an exellent time, right when shes ready to throw caution to the wind and frig her self silly, the tempo and mood is exellent..well if anyone can name that song I’d much appreciate it.

    • 6 03 2004
    • 412.  mike (23:40:29) :

      Cam Addict 2004, I haven’t seen the video for a while, but I believe it’s "To Be With You" by Mr. Big.


      ^ No clip, but I’m sure Kazaa will suffice.

    • 8 03 2004
    • 413.  IamSam (03:20:50) :

      I have the cell number, now lets start the bidding…

    • 8 03 2004
    • 414.  Cam addict 2004 (07:40:38) :

      How about you do it for the good of humanity sam?
      Come on dude give up the your price.

    • 8 03 2004
    • 415.  Cam Addict2004 (08:20:46) :

      In refrence to IamSams post again, how very ironic the several years later people who are close enough to Libby’s inner circle are still willing to give up her cell #. The person I really wanna get the story from is the boyfriend. I have seen numerous posts asking for his side od the whole thing but no one seems willing or able to give him up, so once again I ask in no particular order: who is the boyfreind?,how much did Libby hurt him for him to unleash such misery on her?, how did he feel when he realised he had besmirched this girls reputation for all eternity?, in the back of his mind does he want her back, but realises he has wrecked his chances for ever?, how will he feel when she gets married?, did he really go to jail for what he done?, hoe did he fit such big video files into the alleged E mails he sent to her familly?, what were his true method of distribtution? if not did Libby or her familly seek any sort of reconpence from him?, is it true she continued to have sex with him after this happened?,if so are you really that good in the sack? does he have trouble getting a date since girls know what he’s capable of?,have any other girls cheated on him before, since or after the Libby incident, if so did you make more videos?, does he have an over whelming feeling of guilt? does he think the vids may have been more efficaciously ditributed via a reputable porn site,(ala Paris Hilton), and earned hims self and possibly Libby too a handsome profit? If Libby asked him back, would he go running back?…..Well those are all I can think of right now so if you are out there mystery boyfriend, please reveal your self and who knows perhaps this site is a legacy of your actions which you take great delight in visiting once in a while. Or maybe Libby is the one who has put this behind her, and its the boyfriend this has affected deeply in a negative way..whatever it is.. we would all love to know the story, so I call forth all you super sleuths; LET THE HUNT BEGIN!!!!

    • 10 03 2004
    • 416.  indyman (21:00:13) : no longer has the videos up, bummer.
      Cam Addict-you are about 3 years late to the scene bro!

    • 11 03 2004
    • 417.  Cam Addict2004 (02:16:49) :

      Hey, I may be 3 years late, but her legend lives on man!!!!

    • 11 03 2004
    • 418.  Cam Addict2004 (02:27:09) :

      Ok this is gonna sound really messed up, but I’m working on getting my girlfriend to do me masterbatory videos like Libby’s, and I didn’t realise how sweet and loving my g/f was untill she agreed!! shes no slut, but shes doing it our of a genuine love she has for me, shes never seen or heard of Libby’s vid, but cunningly I introduced her to some of Libby’s backing songs…lol. Any way, Libby if your out there, I totaly understand why you did what you did, and just because you had a moment of weakness and fucked another guy, it was no justification for you ex to turn what were truely loving expressions of your sexuality and love for this man into something bitter and twisted. Just some thaughts I wanted to share.

    • 11 03 2004
    • 419.  IWantYouToGetALife (13:44:54) :

      Just disgustingly pathethic…all of you have way too much time on your hands!

    • 12 03 2004
    • 420.  Randy Coulture (13:51:15) :

      You are you IWantYouToGetALife ??
      Sounds like something an interested party would say, maybe your Libby!!!

    • 12 03 2004
    • 421.  SPLIFFinWI (15:50:56) :

      Some of this shit is way over-the-top guys…definitely bizzare, but good work anyway. camaddict- you have a problem, but please share the vids of your gf when she fucks around on you. Step out into the light Libby. Your fans beckon you.

    • 12 03 2004
    • 422.  spliffagain (15:53:06) :

      p.s. Dancing slut is a way better dancer…and I think she’s hotter…just missing the vibrator and she doesn’t show her clam.

    • 13 03 2004
    • 423.  Cam Addict2004 (03:38:01) :

      I here ya SPLIFFinWI -, Hey, as your from WI, I must ask, have you ever seen her, or do you know anything on her you could share?

    • 13 03 2004
    • 424.  Randy coulture (04:03:14) :

      Dude, I can name name a million girls who are better than Libby on some technicality, be it looks, or dancing ability, but most of those are grade a sluts who crave the attention any way. The appeal of the Libby vids is that whole church going, girl next door thing libby has going on. Girls like that hold an alluring mystique that makes us envy the guy who gets into those panties, those vids were like a peek at something we should never have seen. what makes her even more alluring since her megga stardome, is her retreat back into her lil prim and propper life, no interviews, no porno contracts, no centre spread, no reality tv shows.. nothing!! As I have once seen posted,a TV interview with a respected personality would squash the fantassy of 95% of her fans.

      Ps Ha ha Ha did some dude on here really trace her geniality?

    • 13 03 2004
    • 425.  Lord_Zevai (10:10:40) :

      To my knowledge we are still hosting the videos, however I am going to check on that after I make this post.. if We are indeed no longer hosting them drop me a message either on the site or via my email and I will see what I can do to make them available…


    • 13 03 2004
    • 426.  Amazed (23:10:48) :

      I find it amazing that after all these years people are still talking about Libby. And here I find you guys doing research on phone numbers and having conversations with her mother. I guess it will never end for poor Libby.

      We all have done many things in our lives that we look back on and may regret. Whether Libby regrets what she has done or not, I do not know. But it seems like she has become a bit of a cult figure, a living legend, or something of the sort. Not a bad thing I would say. Libby should be proud.

      So let the stories of Libby live on. And let those who seek out Libby continue to do so. That is as long as they keep the world updated on her.

      Thanks to you all as I find all of this just amazing.

    • 17 03 2004
    • 427.  no f'g way (02:02:13) :

      Vids are up here

    • 17 03 2004
    • 428.  seriouslyUguysRtwisted (03:45:12) :

      It’s kind of gross the immeasurable lengths you guys go to find out about some "pipe dream". And as previously stated, you psuedo slueths are still "investigating" after all these years, to all of you out there who refuse to let this thing go I say this: I wish all of you freaks one day fuck something huge up, and have the internet blow it up and rub it in your face until you have to change your name. And if Libby ever reads any of this, she should know that amongst all of the sick fuck-o’s on this site and in the world there are sympathizers, who would really love to hear about how she was able to put this all behind her, just like all of you perverts should do.

      Or even better yet. You all should have daughter’s, who get caught up in the same situation as Libby.

      Imagine living with that

    • 17 03 2004
    • 429.  eric (10:26:21) :

      her name is probably heller but her boyfriend prob put HOEller cuz she cheated on him, hoe-ller

    • 17 03 2004
    • 430.  NGEddie (11:23:59) :

      I wish everyone with half an opinion and no clue would shut up. Can we delete all the insult posts to clean up a bit?

    • 17 03 2004
    • 431.  420an (12:10:05) :

      rock on libby i will marry you girl anytime i like the freaky ones

    • 17 03 2004
    • 432.  Zygot (21:01:04) :

      ALL the videos and pictures are located at

      happy spankin!

    • 18 03 2004
    • 433.  AL FRANKEN (04:11:56) :

      I banged her…twice.

    • 18 03 2004
    • 434.  dooder (16:50:45) :

      Can’t find them anywhere on Oh well

    • 18 03 2004
    • 435.  Bostonbadboy (17:55:58) :

      She deserved what she got, obviously she acted like a slizz and got what she desreved, tell your man who is away on a tour of duty for his country you love him then go bang some random guys in Wisconsin….My cousin went to school with her and she didn’t cheat once, from week one of school she was being a deush bag, he shouldn’t have got shit, maybe someone hacked his account….ya know

    • 18 03 2004
    • 436.  Zygot (19:47:51) : has them for SURE. I got them there. maybe they got sent a letter from an attorney to take them down.. that would suck. maybe you should have a look in their archives cuz its been a few weeks or more. they had like 6 or 7 videos and lots of good pics. great write up on the whole thing. anyway the site again is:

      good luck, if you find them give me the url too!

    • 18 03 2004
    • 437.  Animemaster (20:25:22) :

      …wow…some people are just a tad obsessive.

    • 18 03 2004
    • 438.  feeling_dirty (21:38:42) :

      interesting set of events. im not sure if anyone has figured this out or not, but i noticed that jay leno was advertising an appearence by everlast in the background of video #5. according to one website, this would make the shoot date may 11th, 2001.


    • 19 03 2004
    • 439.  stuart (15:24:26) :

      So she cheated on the guy.SFW. She didnt deserve to have all the vids posted on the web. Do I like looking? sure. But I DONT want to see her phone number, address, where she hangs out ETC. I want to hear the story, I dont want her privacy violated.

      Now if you guys REALLY want something to track down, try finding the name, address and phone number of the sleaze who put them up on the web. How about shaming that creep than making life for this vision of loveliness harder than it is already. We all love her, lets treat HER with respect.

    • 19 03 2004
    • 440.  Someone just lookin (18:53:31) :

      Ok..YES that was fucked up what he did to her,but its her own fault..and saying that "your just a pervert looking to meet her and get laid" is incorrect under the circumstance that i am a girl so that cant possibly apply to me. I know that if I cheated on my boyfriend I couldnt possibly be as pissed off as she was..its her own damn fault. She fucked stop defending gets old.

    • 19 03 2004
    • 441.  Cam Addict2004 (20:25:30) :

      Ok in response to bostonbadboys comment above; Her b/f was in the military on a tour of duty, upon which time she starts college and promptly embarks on nympho type behavior with random guys? Then the boyfriend recieved some type of punishment for this? Bostbadboy, you sound like a man who is possibly in the know and can shed a new angle on the whole story, but unfortinately some of your post was incoherent and not furnished with adequate information. Please give us more to work on if you can on the boyfriends story.

      Also in response tob someof the pter posts above; I think you guys should read more of the stuff on here before you post stuff that has already been said; yes the Jay Leno thing has been explored, and yes we all agree the the one alluring aspect to all this is the story behind how libby put all this behind her!!

      Just to refoucus on the investigatory nature of this page; 2 goals remain as thus: 1. To get some sort of comment from Libby her self, so far by my own efforts I have only been able to talk to her mom and her Gran daddy, so maybe Libby’s current cell phonenumber wouldnt be bad idea, who knows she may be open to a lucrative book/ TV movie deal, or a tour of the talk show circuit ( I hear Diane Sawyer and Dan Rather would love to have her on). 2. Some hard fact on the boyfriend, does he post on this site? Its all pretty strange how almost 4 years worth of posts hardly even reveal his name, also strange is how every now and again some fellow Wisconsin citizen will puprort to have some type of connection to her, and drop of some info on her, is this evidence of an ongoing campaign against libby by this shadowy boyfriend figure? right now the dude seems harder to track down than Osama Bin Laden, whilst a simple google search on Libby gives you more hits than George Bush!!

      Come on guys lets get to work on this scoundrel
      of an ex boyfriend.

    • 20 03 2004
    • 442.  E (15:24:42) :

      The thing that amuses me about this entire story is how much TIME and WORK people have put into it. And to prove what? That people in porno clips are real? I think that much is clear. If someone EXISTS, you will be able to FIND information on them and STALK them. No?

      I just feel bad for Elizabeth and her entire family that this happened to them and that it hasn’t stopped. Just my $0.02.

    • 20 03 2004
    • 443.  mashed-in-action (22:38:51) :

      leave her alone, i mean seriously get a life.
      u guys are fuckin weak

    • 20 03 2004
    • 444.  bobbylovespancakes (23:26:25) :

      dude, i just love the fact that this whole libby story dates back to 2001, and were just getting the facts now. i saw the vids, i liked it, but i didnt really care about her background. so for the people who are actually looking at this with a fine toothed comb, stop. why bother going into the story even though it was almost 3 years ago. all you need is the vids and your good for the night. by the way, what is her cell number?

    • 21 03 2004
    • 445.  JBlaze (17:44:52) :

      I am now the proud owner of all 5 vids lol, not too bad thanks libby!!! :)

    • 23 03 2004
    • 446.  southwest (12:03:09) :

      hey just linked to the site through entensity. Found the libby videos on kazaa last year and thought the whole search for liby was hilarious. Yall outta try and find osama. Anyways there was a video collection made at southwest texas state university which is now texas state at san marcos. Its still on kazaa under the title "sluts at swt". It isnt that good but someone might get a kick out of it. I know this isnt exactly about libby, sorry, but figured anyone that interested might want to check it out. Ran into the girl once at a diner, she isnt too good looking, but anyways its entertaining. I heard the guy goes to UT. Good luck with the cell #.

    • 24 03 2004
    • 447.  SpliffinWI (03:19:07) :

      Libby Hoeller (pronounced "heller" but spelled as you see here), I am your fucking nightmare. Run & Hide. Do what you will…I will never forget this. The moment you think this has passed you by aand you breathe your first sigh of relief, I will be there to throw it in your face. You’re a pornstar girl. Whether by circumstance or destiny, it was meant to be. Step into the light..

    • 24 03 2004
    • 448.  Bonzo (15:29:43) :

      Goddamn, that was an entertaining 3 and a half hour read (several bong breaks in between)! I thought for so long I was alone with this crush, until a friend notified me of who she was and I found this thread….rock on!
      Here’s my suggestion…is anyone up for selling any Libby merchandise, t-shirts, fan art, posters, etc…that’ll bring her out of the woodwork, when she realizes its time to cash in on the cashers in of her fame!!

    • 25 03 2004
    • 449.  Bonzo (07:44:53) :

      Huh, I can’t seem to find any attempt on locating her birthdate on here, surely that would be a much more efficient way to track her trail as names can be changed so easily…did no one manage to make any notes on the birthdates of the aforementioned potential discoveries of dear old Libs? I’m new to this hunt, seems like everyone’s getting bored and tired (go Cam Addict, go! do not let anything deter you!)…however, things like ICQ searches now provide many results, you can tell which ones are totally bullshit, but then there are a few which look hopeful…the posted here 2 years ago is still actually up there, with an update in the ‘About’ section which now says; ‘Seriously getting tired of the same old shit. If you don’t know me, please don’t talk to me’….and a search for ‘Elizabeth Hoeller’ provides one match with the comment ‘Please don’t message me about the webcam thing, just buy it online and shut up about it.’….I reckon the second one might be just someone with the same name who’s a bit fed up of us.
      And now, to speak a little on ‘us’, I see two types of Libby ‘fan’. The ‘retard’ one who will no doubt take this above e.mail address and bombard it with dweeby little sayings like ‘take your kit off for me baby! i know you’re gagging for a shagging….’. These people should be shot, or at least have their fingertips neatly sliced off. These people obviously have no respect for other people at all, lest their privacy. Then are the people who stumbled across this tape, thought, ‘oh wow, what a pretty girl’, realized the level of intimacy expressed in her videos and have tuned in for the human life drama which is slowly unfolding. Face it, we know she ain’t likely to make a career out of this, and the poor girl must be sick to death of getting that random e.mail with some dumb comment, or having her grandparents tell her some bum who said he owed her money was trying to get hold of her. There are certain boundries we must not cross. Besides, what would I do if I found I had some way of reaching her? Tell her I enjoyed what is probably the biggest regret of her life? Lets get rid of this whole creepy stalker vibe on this page and declare ourselves for what we truely are! Discontented tuners in who just want to know the real truth behind how these vidoes got circulated, and what happened to the actors starring in this seemy soap opera! Remember, we are fans of the fantasy of Libby, not of Elizabeth Hoeller/Hoeler/Heller or whatever her name really is

    • 25 03 2004
    • 450.  Bonzo (07:58:11) :

      Huh, I can’t seem to find any attempt on locating her birthdate on here, surely that would be a much more efficient way to track her trail as names can be changed so easily…did no one manage to make any notes on the birthdates of the aforementioned potential discoveries of dear old Libs? I’m new to this hunt, seems like everyone’s getting bored and tired (go Cam Addict, go! do not let anything deter you!)…however, things like ICQ searches now provide many results, you can tell which ones are totally bullshit, but then there are a few which look hopeful…the posted here 2 years ago is still actually up there, with an update in the ‘About’ section which now says; ‘Seriously getting tired of the same old shit. If you don’t know me, please don’t talk to me’….and a search for ‘Elizabeth Hoeller’ provides one match with the comment ‘Please don’t message me about the webcam thing, just buy it online and shut up about it.’….I reckon the second one might be just someone with the same name who’s a bit fed up of us.
      And now, to speak a little on ‘us’, I see two types of Libby ‘fan’. The ‘retard’ one who will no doubt take this above e.mail address and bombard it with dweeby little sayings like ‘take your kit off for me baby! i know you’re gagging for a shagging….’. These people should be shot, or at least have their fingertips neatly sliced off. These people obviously have no respect for other people at all, lest their privacy. Then are the people who stumbled across this tape, thought, ‘oh wow, what a pretty girl’, realized the level of intimacy expressed in her videos and have tuned in for the human life drama which is slowly unfolding. Face it, we know she ain’t likely to make a career out of this, and the poor girl must be sick to death of getting that random e.mail with some dumb comment, or having her grandparents tell her some bum who said he owed her money was trying to get hold of her. There are certain boundries we must not cross. Besides, what would I do if I found I had some way of reaching her? Tell her I enjoyed what is probably the biggest regret of her life? Lets get rid of this whole creepy stalker vibe on this page and declare ourselves for what we truely are! Discontented tuners in who just want to know the real truth behind how these vidoes got circulated, and what happened to the actors starring in this seemy soap opera! Remember, we are fans of the fantasy of Libby, not of Elizabeth Hoeller/Hoeler/Heller or whatever her name really is

    • 25 03 2004
    • 451.  Bonzo (08:18:17) :

      Fuck, sawry ’bout the multiple posts….but one more thing!!…..what the fuck are you thinking?? What could you possibly hope to achieve by doing that? In fact, you guys are undoing all the careful painstaking work that the guys here are doing by pushing her further away into anonymity and obscurity!! For the love of all things that should have remained sacred, take it down! It sucks anyway, here is where its always been and always will be.

    • 25 03 2004
    • 452.  rs (15:40:13) :

      Ok, I’m getting tired of shit posted by morons who have just recently discovered this beautiful place I like to think of as LibbyLand. No one wants to read about how you searched for her ICQ because we’ve all tried it, and frankly, it makes you look ridiculous. Do you really think Libby uses a name we can just guess? Please. She’s not retarded. I’ve said this before, if you don’t have any new information to post, just shut the hell up. Either go out and find something no one’s found yet, or be content with just reading the hard work of others. No one gives a shit about your philosophy on anything related to Libby. If you don’t like it, leave. Some of us are just curious, others obsessed. Either way, we all want to know about her. Post new info or shut up.

    • 25 03 2004
    • 453.  Bonzo (17:45:06) :

      Oopsie, pardon fucking me for adding a comment under where it says ‘add a comment’…jeez, what a grouch…and so what if I added my 2 cents to the search, its better than sitting idle in my little ‘Libbyworld’ you sap. Have you found out her birthday yet Richard(Dick is short for Richard isn’t it?)?? Cause that’s what my post was about, I merely mentioned an update to a particular account mentioned earlier. And you have the gall to call me ridiculous you sap. If you want only new info posted than i guess this is the last post you’ll ever see! Too much loose testosterone being flung about here.

    • 25 03 2004
    • 454.  Bonzo (17:55:09) :

      Oh, I see now…you didn’t like me dissing …cause you’re ‘connected’ to it…well, its still boring and I haven’t seen much use for it so far, other than to continue the alienation of Libby Hoeler.

    • 1 04 2004
    • 455.  bucky (02:35:07) :

      Still have Libby’s cell number right in my phone… Who wants to pay for it? I can also provide her current address… For the right price. Peace out you morons.

    • 2 04 2004
    • 456.  Cam Addict2004 (10:06:09) :

      Bucky guys like you need to be tracked down and shot for being so stupid, your blood line will drag the andvancement of the human race down! First of all, this is the era of Napsta and Kazaa, look above check all the marvellous pieces of information that has been gained through hard work and diseminated for free. I truely doubt you have her number, but I bet you wish you had it like. Even if you did "what moron" would pay you for it? any low grade journalist can get her number as any journalist can get the number of very high profile clebretties, its just a matter of time before we have a fresh update on Libby’s current where abouts and current number. How long is it before that girl pisses off one of her friends who happens to know about this place?

    • 6 04 2004
    • 457.  LMAO (21:04:02) :

      OMFG jesus christ kids….listen….you can do searches and look ups very easily…have you kids tried finding out the correct spelling of her 1st middle and last name? Also, i havent seen 1 post of how old the girl is, in almost 99.9% of the search database sites on the net u need the correct spelling of all 3 names and the correct age…otherwise u can find about 100 people for one name…take for instance my name. i looked it up on the net one day and found over 200 people with my first and last name in the same state not to mention 4 in the same city 2 of which were the same age as me. so you kids are missing a hell of a lot more information then u think. because ur obviously not going to get it from her parents ;) but nice work on that part :-D

    • 7 04 2004
    • 458.  BigDriver (18:05:33) :

      Any of you guys got a link to her? Can’t use Kazaa at school, gotta link from a webpage to download it…i wanna see this lil bizitch….and alot of the links are dead….thanks everyone

    • 7 04 2004
    • 459.  indyman (23:27:58) :

      not plugging them or anything but is selling them for 2 bucks a piece

    • 8 04 2004
    • 460.  Cam Addict2004 (10:09:41) :

      selling them? dude a simple search on kazaa lite gives you all the libby hoeller you can ever want., I sonsidering putting mine on DVD so I can watch them in the den!!

    • 8 04 2004
    • 461.  Cam Addict2004 (10:10:19) :

      selling them? dude a simple search on kazaa lite gives you all the libby hoeller you can ever want., I sonsidering putting mine on DVD so I can watch them in the den!!

    • 8 04 2004
    • 462.  Marc (19:57:14) :

      Even if Libby did come forward noone would believe it was her.. and then they’d want proof.. and I highly doubt she’s going to want to go to the extent of providing any detailed information about her self to prove that she is indeed the real libby.

      I feel sorry for the girl if what’s been posted is true (ie intended for boyfriend).

    • 12 04 2004
    • 463.  Sellery Badger (08:06:42) :

      Wow… I navigated to this site randomly, and now I hear about Libby Hoeller. The weird part is, I’m currently typing this from 3 floors (same dorm, same tower) below where she apparently lived 3 years ago. I should go up to that room and ask the people living there if they ever get mail for her…

    • 13 04 2004
    • 464.  DarkMan (04:09:59) :

      Just a thought…

      We all have done some stupid things when we where younger… I know I have. As for what people are doing on here… Some things are wrong. Like posting addresses The one from the video an stills is one thing but to go an do net searches an post.. that is another. As for doing wrong… I can say one thing. What would you guys have to say. If a person was going to school for a major an they did something totaly against it ? IE: To be a pastor an then doing something totaly ass backwards ? like taking nude pics ?

      As for what Libby did it is a simple video clip her showing her human side of what she felt for someone that is all… As for someone passing them on the net Only her an her ex BF knows what really happened. As for her coming forward There is no need as for anything she did say would be blown aside an forgotten. People look at the videos an try to figure out what was going on… Others want to get to know the "video girl" in the clips. Try an look at it from there sides… His hers an her poor family. How would you feel if she was a sister to you ? or a friend ? then what would you do ? Go an sell her cell # or her new phone # That wouldnt be a true friend.

      Anyway I will get down off my soap box..

      Dark Man

    • 13 04 2004
    • 465.  Huh (14:26:28) :

      Do you think she had an orgasm in that clip on the bed?

    • 14 04 2004
    • 466.  Andrew (17:43:02) :

      People!!! You still are people, right ?! Human beings with feelings and emotions ?! Stop for just a second and think about what you really want for yourself from this…what MORE do you want, and what price is somebody going to pay for you to get it.

      You already got access to something valuable that you should have never gotten in the first place, yet instead of enjoying it & feeling grateful for being able to witness such pure and truthful display of passion & sexuality that you could otherwise only get in an intimate relationship, you are pushing it even further, looking for just another small and insignificant temporary fix for yourself and at a great expense of the poor girls sanity and normal life.

      Ironically, you are biting the hand that fed you (and did so pretty well)…I too used to destroy clocks and pencils that served me well when I was a kid by opening them and wanting to see more, get more, but this is not a child’s play or me "getting something" from the faceless internet that is here "for my amusement", but about a real person’s life being disturbed in a very unpleasant and painful manner.

      And do not stick with "the stupid bitch shouldn’t have taped it and/or cheated" or "hey, i’m just one among the many so i’m not really to blame" attitude, because we are all stupid bitches, one way or another, and we all ARE RESPONSIBLE and POWERFUL, whether realizing it or not.

      Try to understand that the publicity hasn’t been made by her masturbating in front of the camera – anybody that found this site can as easily find everything from "1on1" to "3onDog" – it was made by the hype and by the constant repetition of "yeah, and she’s REAL and I even know her name!!!".

      Now, I am very much aware that there are people whose natural response to my post is, due to a number of factors, going to be along the lines of "stfu moron", but for all of you who actually sympathize with her and realize that she’s a human being just like the rest of us, understand that she obviously doesn’t want neither fame nor fortune from all this and that the least you can do for her – or the best way to say "thank you for making my day" – is to restrain yourself from contributing to the hype.

      There are thousands of women out there that would (and do) go to great lengths for popularity and fanclubs – find Houston 500, visit Justine’s bedroom (has an interesting free video on the homepage) or whatever kicks your tick – just as there are thousands of both males and females who make home videos and pictures for & with their partners, but REMEMBER that this one girl whose info/number/grandparents are being hunted is being hurt by this, just as you would be in her position.

      Maybe you would like to be watched and followed by the masses and you are thinking that it’s a great opportunity and she’s being plane stupid for not monetizing it but imagine how you would feel if somebody taped you while you were jerking off, disgraced you, insulted and ridiculed you in front of a mind numbing number of people and just then asked you for your consent…the guys from jackass would probably like it, but I know I wouldn’t and I think you wouldn’t either.

      In conclusion of this long and potentially "boring" post, realize that it took me more time to write it than you spent reading it (I hope, for your sake) and that I had to make it as long because lots of people before me said the same thing but with little effect – download the videos and enjoy them (I’m neither idealistic nor righteous), but don’t go any further, don’t ask for the ticket to her privacy and don’t ponder about her phone number since there is really nothing of value you or her could get from it and it would bring you VERY LITTLE compared to what SHE WOULD TO LOSE.

      In a month or maybe even a day, you are going to forget about this, "do other stuff" and continue with you life, but there is always going to be somebody new to stop her from doing the same, as long as it is encouraged by "news", new links and new teasers created by another "ordinary person" that "just wanted to know"…be a human being, try to restrain, don’t be that last straw that broke the camel’s back and let the hype fade – you must agree that she has already given much more than she could have ever been asked to.

    • 15 04 2004
    • 467.  rs (12:41:21) :

      Oh Andrew, you have so much to learn. I am actually grateful that you wrote a coherent and decent post. Most of these comments are just meaningless rants and idiotic thoughts. My only problem with your post comes in the first paragraph. You question whether we are people who care about others’ feelings. I, for one, am not. I care nothing about Libby or her friends and relatives. I will offer no opinion about how "she got what she deserved" because I believe that no one deserves what she got. This will not however, deter me one iota from attempting to accomplish the goal of most of the men who read this page.
      I want more information about Libby, want to fantasize about her, and care nothing if her life is ruined any more than it is already. It’s perfectly natural for people to want more than they are given, especially on a matter such as taboo as this. It will never end for this girl, a thought that should excite sadists and horny guys alike. We do not have to care because none of us will ever have to answer to anything we post on here. The "faceless" fans of Libby likely number in the millions. I offer this bit of advice: if you like her and wish to find out more, join the many who have helped to do what’s been done so far. If you are like Andrew, don’t bother us with posts. We don’t need to be told what we’re doing is wrong. This is not moral court. The search will continue for as long as people want it to; likely until the girl either makes a public statement or appearance, or dies of old age.

    • 19 04 2004
    • 468.  shootme (02:22:24) :


    • 19 04 2004
    • 469.  Drunk University (15:38:11) :

      Want to see the videos, since every place linked on this forum is down, view the whole thing here

      This link should always work, might be a little slow but suck it up

    • 19 04 2004
    • 470.  rs (23:58:46) :

      Yes, I know what you’re thinking…I am one creepy character. I can’t help it. My mother didn’t breast-feed me.

    • 21 04 2004
    • 471.  Joe (13:08:16) :

      I would daresay that "Libby’s" last name does kind of lend to the revenge theory. as the picture posted WAYY above of the alleged original vid with her name and address, her name seems to be full and proper, Elisabeth Margaret Hoeller. I do believe though that her last name was Heller, but an angry boyfriend bent it for the embarrassment of it all, literally naming her a Hoe.

    • 21 04 2004
    • 472.  rs (14:32:49) :

      I’m sorry to burst the bubble of those who think that Libby’s last name is Heller, but it is not. Go to the University of Wisconsin website and search for her. She’s listed in there as "Hoeller" not "Heller". A search of this last name turns up phone numbers and addresses of her parents and grandparents. Their names are all Hoeller. Sure, it’s funny that her name does imply that she’s a hoe, but it’s just a coincidence. End the rumor. Start looking for relevant information, like the last name of her boyfriend. Oh, and yeah, my mother did breast-feed me. It has nothing to do with why I’m considered a "creepy character."

    • 21 04 2004
    • 473.  thrilla (14:49:55) :

      Idiot… Hoeller is a very common German surname. It is pronounced as "Heller" by a lot of families, but, is spelled "Hoeller." In any case, if you read this board, all the research has clearly shown that her real name is in fact "Hoeller." Not to mention the fact that "Ho" as in prostitute is not spelled with an "e" at the end. "Hoe" is the garden tool. Just ask Too Short.

    • 21 04 2004
    • 474.  bartap (17:51:31) :

      Anyone know a current website where I can download the vids?

    • 22 04 2004
    • 475.  Jamie (21:14:59) :

      You creepy dumbasses:
      I went to high school with Libby Hoeller. I show up in this thread toward the top. Her name is spelt Hoeller. It is pronounced Heller. Any questions?
      I can’t believe this thread is still going. What a bunch of lame people you must be. Have you no lives, or at least girlfriends of your own to watch dance naked?

    • 22 04 2004
    • 476.  indyman (21:48:18) :

      part of what keeps this going is the mystery behind it all, info on the boyfriend, how Libby handled everything. That said, why not share some information. Eliminate the mystery behind all of this, and people will quit digging and leave her alone. But when someone like you (who is in the know)posts on this website without sharing relevant information, it just creates more of a feeding frenzy.

    • 22 04 2004
    • 477.  indyman (22:14:36) :

      you know "Jamie" it is also ridiculously easy for someone to just grab a name such as "Jamie" or "Sam" and write a post just because they want to be the "morality police". If you really are someone who is in know, then prove it……otherwise keep your mouth shut and save your moral bullshit for people who actually give a shit

    • 24 04 2004
    • 478.  xavier_sb (09:11:46) :

      I don’t know if anyone else agrees with me and honestly I don’t care either, but I don’t think what Libby did was in any way wrong. Its a way of life and she chose to express herself in her own exotic ways, even if it did get her in some deep shit. What she did was a stage of life that all people go through – boys and girls. I think that what she did is, was and will always be HER business….although I must admit she is hot, but that is far besides my point. It’s her life and she chose to do what all people do in a different variety of things (i.e. smoking, drugs, alcohol, sex) which in this case was masturbating on a webcam. She was merely "experimenting," nothing more. She is given the right to do that just like all of us are.

    • 24 04 2004
    • 479.  BigBadMadMan (18:07:29) :

      I had at one time found a great pay site that had like TONS of webcam shit on it, including the Libby vids, but now I can’t find it again. Any help? It had like almost every webcam vid on the net…

    • 25 04 2004
    • 480.  whoa (03:52:48) :

      ^Don’t you feel like an idiot

    • 29 04 2004
    • 481.  kastofsna (22:57:03) :

      Eh. She can’t hold a candle to EYEBUZZIN (or Gillian Milne, or whatever her real name is), who is the ultimate cam girl. No videos though, so I guess that takes some of the mystique out of it. Plus she lacks a fun and whacky story.

    • 4 05 2004
    • 482.  AdreNochrooM (03:29:29) :

      S’uckage 4k

    • 4 05 2004
    • 483.  J.C. (06:45:58) :

      amazing people are still posting on this thread

    • 9 05 2004
    • 484.  indyman (12:05:03) :

      I have noticed lately that no good info is being posted….nothing new. Sleuth Squad is disappointing me. somebody find out something…….

    • 10 05 2004
    • 485.  Charmella (02:40:39) :

      I don’t think there is anything to find out. This whole Libby thing is dying fast. It was a stupid, college mistake. Although that purple dildo was impressive.

    • 12 05 2004
    • 486.  flyingbigshot (22:24:26) :

      I remember when I saw these videos the first time… I was going to a Wisconsin college… same class as Libby…. Anyway…

      It kind of sucks to be an underground celebrity… I bet she gets hit on in the wrong ways all the time.

      Not that I haven’t gotten in trouble with the cam… my fiance and I had made a videotape, and made a copy for her. She brought it home for the summer, and left it in a drawer. Then she went on a 6 week trip to Mexico. Mom puts her clothes away, and notices the tape. So a week later, they have company over and need to tape something on TV… and mom thinks she knows where a blank tape is, and goes into her daughters room to find that tape. She brings it out, but they found a tape and put it in while she was gone. So the tape sat on the TV stand for another 3 weeks. In that time, I went to her house (3 hour drive) for her sisters graduation, and walk no more than 3 feet from the yet unseen tape. So I leave, and get a call from my (then girlfriend) saying her parents saw the tape. Basically, the aftermath is this…. I was not allowed on thier property for more than 6 months, and after that there was still some animosity between her father and I. However, he has accepted the fact that his daughter is becoming a woman, and can make those kind of decisions. I doubt I am going to be some kind of cult celebrity, as this VHS tape won’t be hitting the internet any time.

    • 12 05 2004
    • 487.  GM (22:57:59) :

      I’m a philosopher by training, now working as a writer, and I’m enthralled.

      This page now contains around 45,000 words – equivalent to 150 pages of a book. If you got here without skipping, it will not have taken you less than an hour.

      But as I reach the end, it’s no longer the videos, or lack of them, that fascinate me so much as the thread itself. Here, in the purest form imaginable, is the Internet, in all its raw, rampant, anarchic, hyperreal, amoral glory.

      I don’t think the world has really begun to understand what the Internet is, and what is does.

      Of course, there are the ethical and moral questions: should she have done this, should we watch it, should we investigate, should we publish, should we recontact object and image, signified and signifier. Those alone would take a long time to work through, especially because they are largely new questions. It’s as though our ethical inheritance hasn’t evolved to cope with them yet. Our moral sensibilities are behind the curve.

      Then there is this distracted narrative characterized by its non-sequiturs, interruptions, diversions, intermittently reflexion, obscenity, and suffused with irony. This is extraordinary stuff. Not even Pynchon could have written it.

      And now the questions of identity. That of the girl: true, false, or falsified by the endless rounds of information, misinformation and disinformation. But then too, broader questions, it seems to me, about what ‘Libby Hoeller’ really means? Even that sign – her name – is disputed. So what does ‘Libby Hoeller’ mean? What do those words refer to? A real person? The set of digital images in the videos? Or perhaps something more complex: the simulacrum of a person, the set of our expectations, needs, hopes, desires, fantasies. Strip that away and you’re left with the only fundamental knowledge we can establish beyond doubt, the only shared certainty: ‘there was a girl who danced’.

      But this is all skirting around what is, for me, the central question: why do we need to know? Why do we have such a compelling desire to connect images of a person which the underlying object? Semiologists could write theses on this stuff. Psychologists would have symposia. Theorists, dissertatia.

      What the hell is the Internet? What have we created? It’s a super-Panpoticon more powerful than anything Bentham envisaged, where each of us can be Inspector and Prisoner by turns, at will, at any time. Our every biographical detail, friend, neighbor, can be summoned instantly, and yet we contribute anonymously. We are all seen, all seeing, but speak without talking. This isn’t a hyperreality, it’s something much more pungent. It enables a logical abstraction of our conscious selves. It simply reflects our appetitive urges, moral confusion, and our need for meaning and recognition. And yet, and yet, however distant and anonymous our contributions to the shared narrative are, we feel this collective need, we scour the hyperreal in dogged pursuit of the real substrate. To find the real Libby Hoeller, the girl who danced.

      I realize that many (all?) may find these thoughts ponderous, pretentious and probably incoherent. I’m sorry for that. I suppose it would take me much more time than I have now to structure them properly. And I suspect I’m academically unequipped to do so adequately in any case.

      But maybe that doesn’t matter. After all, I’m posting anonymously. I’m playing the game – another disembodied, unreliable voice in another sprawling narrative, one that will inevitably trigger in turn a barrage of non-sequiturs, abuse, and, and.

      Because like everyone else, I’m just playing the game.

    • 13 05 2004
      13 05 2004
      13 05 2004
    • 490.  Spilchuk (15:54:30) :

      GM ur a huge nerd.

    • 14 05 2004
    • 491.  kastofsna (06:25:26) :

      I suggest ending your life, GM. It’d be a nice fresh start for you.

    • 14 05 2004
    • 492.  Mike (10:38:49) :

      Hey – I found pics of "Libby Hoeler" on a website called
      here is the link –

      the kicker is – someone made still vid caps and got a free month of webcams

    • 14 05 2004
    • 493.  Daddy of Libby (15:44:52) :

      THIS IS RIDICULOUS!! If you visit my website, you’ll see what we do to people like yourself!! Did I mention that my daugther gives exceptional head?

    • 15 05 2004
    • 494.  Mike (13:45:46) :

      Hey – has anyone downloaded the PAris Hilton Video on and successfully played it with out paying for the DRM codes???? Just trying to find a way to hack into it….

      As for the previous link… I looked into Apparently if you can get a girl o flash you on her webcam – and you save the pics… you can post her on and win a free months subscription. I was wondering where a horny guy like myself can locate naughty teen chicks (thats 18-19 yrs old…not a pedofile) that will flash their boobs on a webcam??? maybe chat? Anyone remember it was a good video chat system that had lots of nudity…many adult rooms there…I think it shut down. well, any one ever find a crack to DRM of windows media player…let me know – I wanna see the Paris Hilton Vids

    • 15 05 2004
    • 495.  Bob (21:00:37) :

      Someone go on Kazaa and download a file called ‘Hidden Sex Cam in Dorm Room’, its about 80mb but is so worth it. Its not quite as good as the Libby vids but the girl has an amazing set of boobs.

      Please someone download it and tell me wot they think. Plus i’d love to know if anyone knows who this girl is.

    • 17 05 2004
    • 496.  Rev (22:14:28) :

      The link to download the vids isn’t dead, but keeps timing out or something.
      And who’s this cay lynn i’ve been hearing about?

    • 18 05 2004
      18 05 2004
    • 498.  mike (20:57:07) :

      What’s with all the advertising?

    • 20 05 2004
    • 499.  dreamtheater (07:12:34) :

      omg, i cant believe i just sat here and read all of this shit!! heh i stumbled upon these vids like a little more than a year ago. ever sine i saw them ive thought she was so hot. my friends didnt think she was that great but there was just something about her. they are great videos but i dont know if i would ever try and call her house or anything like that. it would be awesome to meet her, thats for sure. i thought it was funny what some of you guys did to find out info on her. definantly some good detective work. i wouldnt cross the line though. wow i didnt realize how big these vids were until today! well hopefully shell make some more sometime huh! too bad for her though

    • 22 05 2004
    • 500.  Ford (02:21:37) :

      Hey GM…that was fucking brilliant!! I was thinking the same thing when I finished reading this 150 page book about Libby.

    • 31 05 2004
    • 501.  Marc (01:49:02) :

      The internet’s like highschool.. its all hearsay.. a big game of telephone.. its just another communication median, eventually the internet would have been born in one form or another.. its evolution, and i thank evolution because i’ve made millions utilizing and exploiting it.

    • 2 06 2004
    • 502.  xxscorpion88 (13:57:55) :

      I’m brand new to the site and was checking out the noteworthy posts. This Libby thing is interesting and it seems people are really trying to find the pics and movies. Why doesn’t somebody just post some of the photos on this board instead of trying to add links that always seem to vanish? It seems that it would save everybody a lot of time for searching. I would help, but I’m at work and they frown on the whole "downloading porn at work" thing. Seems that looking at it is ok, but downloading is bad. Mmmm, loop holes are good.

    • 9 06 2004
    • 503.  mike (05:50:36) :

      Some one else saw my last post and repeated the crime…they used still vids from a Libby Hoeller movie and won free porn password to a site called
      here is the link –

      What a rip off – I was gonna do that!!!!

    • 25 06 2004
    • 504.  Dieter (03:38:28) :


      I’m an English prof, and I want to thank you for putting into words the sorts of things I’ve been thinking since the first time I saw the videos over 2 years ago. If you want to collaborate with me on something we could publish in a peer reviewed journal, let me know.

      To those who flamed GM, you proved his points. He smiled when he read them.

    • 25 06 2004
    • 505.  indyman (17:52:07) :

      its official……..the libby hoeler info hunt is at its end…nothing new for months…
      its over….its all over

    • 25 06 2004
    • 506.  Dieter (19:40:13) :

      Well, if you check out this link, which is in the post above regarding Mr. & Mrs. Hoeller’s divorce, that seems to indicate that Libby’s mom is now using the last name Moeller. Is that a typo, or did she change her name?
      Not really news, but might that lead to finding news? I know Sam said Libby did not change her name.

    • 27 06 2004
    • 507.  rs (02:29:11) :

      Ok people, I know we’re all starving for info. This isn’t much, but I found out what may be a lot of info on her dad. David A Hoeller is listed as the VP of at Hyundai Motor Finance company.
      The previous post lists a link to the divorce file, which shows David as living in Laguna Hills, CA. The office where he works is in Huntington Beach, CA. These two places are less than a half hour away, so I am almost positive he is in fact the father of the one and only Libby Hoeller. Someone call him at work. His number’s listed on the Hyundai site…Now for her mother. Katherine Hoeller donated to the Accounting school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It is likely that she is an alumni of the school herself.

      I know this may not be much, but we are learning pieces of her background very slowly. Keep looking people

    • 29 06 2004
    • 508.  Spilchuk (13:25:06) :

      Dieter you’re a huge nerd.

      GM is probably a bigger nerd though.

    • 4 07 2004
    • 509.  Rorison Meadows (05:18:23) :

      So where is Libby now?

    • 4 07 2004
    • 510.  Cam Addict (20:35:21) :

      I haven’t posted anyting on this wonderful site in some months simply because I haven’t had anything of any interest to post. I last followed up some leads from this site and called Libby’s grandfather and her mom repectively in my capcity as a journalist researching my book, (please refer to my previous post on this page). At the time I pressed libbys mom for a contact number to no avail. With just as much resolve,I pressed her for a contact number for the shadowy ex boyfriend figure, she declined to reveal his identity. To my learned friend above, I thank you for her now estranged fathers details I will follow those leads up in due course with equal vigour, who knows maybe as a guy feeling the pinch on his finances due to his recent divorce, he is now the weekest link and suceptable to some financial inducement!! I do now stress the importance of a credible lead on her ex boyfriend, this is where the real story lies, we are all missing a trick if we disregard his story. Hence forth I will embark on an intense and thorough investigation of the boyfriend and hopefully start generating some info for this page.

    • 7 07 2004
    • 511.  devilblue (03:19:36) :

      Anyone notice that she is wearing the same bracelet in this pic
      and in the video where she is dancing on the chair in front of the microwave. The thicker bracelet on her left arm is on her right in the video. Also the rings on her right hand are the same. Not that there was any doubt that you all had ID’d her.

    • 8 07 2004
    • 512.  Devils Advocate (20:38:05) :

      Ight.. I haven’t even began to cut the surface of what all you guys have written but from what I have read you all are pretty sick tracken people down like you are I mean its bad enough she has her videos on the internet I don’t think she needs you guys stalking her like you are. You could be even putting her in danger by putting out all that information you get you never know what kind of a sick person may get their hands on it and actually do something with it then maybe someday you will see in the news that something bad happend to this girl that will be some pretty bad karma and a very bad thing to be on your souls well I hope I may have shed some light on this for you all and maybe some of you will stop hunting her down like this.. Btw like most of you are probably wondering no I don’t know her or anything like that I’m just someone that sees something I think shouldn’t be happening..

    • 8 07 2004
    • 513.  LordBuckley (22:51:45) :

      Just FYI…

      I knew Libby Hoeller…
      I was quasi-friends with her boyfriend, THE boyfriend… his name is Mike (not going to share his last name) I even shared a blunt with her at a party…
      I know the story from Mike’s end, which is she made the video for him (he went to U of Indiana)… he says he got them, and showed some to his friends, who blabbed about them… he claims they were in his "downloads" folder, and he was on Scour or whatevr the p2p was at the time… someone uploaded them out of his folder and by the time he realized they had gotten out and other people were uploading them, he couldn’t stop it, and figured ‘fuck it’…
      nothing came of it until about a month later when he was on the phone with her, and she got another call… came back REAL pissed… he said they had a big fight, but she got over it, and just wanted the attention to die down… that said, he claims she dumped him b.c she got such an ego trip and she said she didn’t need his shit b/c she could get any guy she wanted… when i knew them (about a year after the video) they were still fucking… he claims she’s a nympho and a freak.
      Mike’s version may be a lie, b/c he’s a goddamn sleazebag, but i’ve definitley met her and she’s very cool in person. very quiet and you would NEVER guess she made the video if Mike didn’t brag about it.

    • 8 07 2004
    • 514.  rs (23:48:27) :

      Ok first off a note on the recent Jefferson City, MO Libby Hoeller. There was a Libby that we found about a year ago who lived there and it turns out she’s still in high school. She is in some Jefferson City newspaper archive for some high school award. It is possible that it’s not the same Libby, but lets not get our hopes up. I do find it odd that we can’t find any other listing for EMH in the U.S. Oh one thing I’ve been trying to find is a list of Wisconsin graduates. I want to see what she got her degree in because that may help us find out where she’s working. Now…Anyone buying this "Mike" story? Full of holes LordBuckley…Libby got an ego trip b/c she felt she could get anyone? That’s bullshit and everyone here knows it. Sure maybe she thought that, but I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t want to stay with him for the simple fact that he let the videos get out. And U of Indiana? No such thing. IU and U of Indy are all that state has. I doubt someone who knew would mess that up. If you want to convince us that you do indeed know this "Mike", post his last name or give us something credible like where he went to h.s. or how he met Libs. You can even email me if you want. Do something though. You really didn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know except a highly questionable story. We don’t want opinions or fairy tales, we want facts. Oh and to the genius that is DevilsAdvocate: it’s called punctuation. And no one gives a shit about your rambles.

    • 9 07 2004
    • 515.  LordBuckley (12:23:02) :

      re: Indiana… you know what i meant… hoosiers, bobby knight, that place

      re: HIS story being full of holes… i wouldn’t be at all surprised if it was a total lie about Scour and it being uploaded… he was a fucking slimebag…

      i haven’t spoken to the guy since summer of 2001… i met him in Door County, Wisconsin… he was a friend of a friend, had a ski-boat, a summer house and no parents, so we hung out a bunch of times… within 1/2 an hour of meeting him he started bragging about how he dated Libby Hoeller… No one particularly believed him, until she came up to visit from Milwaukee… I met her two or three times… Like I said, very quiet, very sweet, very friendly, you would never guess she was the girl in the video… I’m not going to give out his last name, b/c frankly its bad enoguh you guys have her name… he went to some prep school in milwaukee, not sure if it was the same as hers, but they met in high school, dated… he claimed his dad was the president of a "big bank" in Milwaukee, don’t know if that’s true, but he was definitley rich as fuck and didn’t give a shit about anything. I started hanging out with different set of people and last i heard about him, he had flipped his lexus driving drunk and had walked away but thought it was funny as hell.

      re: her breaking up b/c she was too popular… again that is HIS version… he said they fought constantly, and after she started getting calls from people like Howard Stern she told him she didn’t need his shit, she could get any guy… he said he went on spring break with her and it was a disaster b/c they got mobbed in the streets by guys, though he felt it was partially a success b/c she won wet t-shirt contests just for showing up…

      i don’t care if you don’t believe me, but why would I make this crap up?

    • 9 07 2004
    • 516.  rs (13:16:38) :

      Ok I’m sold. Congratulations on meeting her. I don’t think anyone could elaborate that much without telling the truth, so I have to believe you. When we do find out the bf’s name, we will remember where it started. Thank you.

    • 10 07 2004
    • 517.  FORD (03:13:13) :

      Ok I’m sold."……? LOL

      LordBuckley is full of fuckin shit you dipshit.

      NO FACTS!!!

      Hes a little attention whore!!!

    • 10 07 2004
    • 518.  conrad g (03:15:07) :

      this is all very fascinating. i cant believe ive wasted all of this time reading these damn comments. some of you are taking it too far though.. damn. i would like to hear the boyfriends side, though. this site seems to be the epicenter of libby info, he HAS to have seen it.

    • 16 07 2004
    • 519.  indyman (03:28:43) :

      if he is such a slimebag, then why not expose him, it doesnt make sense. it makes your story lack credibility. If you give his last name and its true….then you are the man…if not, we will just chalk it up to some punk wanting attention. Its on you!

    • 5 08 2004
    • 520.  rs (04:20:58) :

      Ok for the love of God people. I know it’s summer but seriously. Look for her! I googled Libs a few minutes ago and got this post from a site called It’s apparently some guestbook for a band called Know Lyfe from Michigan. I don’t see any reason for this to be fake, but there’s nothing to suggest that it’s real either. But here it is anyway:
      Name: Libby Hoeller
      Comments: You guys are my inspiration to keep living. I don’t know why you aren’t touring the world. Shining your light on everyone in this cold planet.
      Tuesday, November 4th 2003 – 09:33:44 PM
      It is a small band from the midwest so I guess it’s always possible…

    • 5 08 2004
    • 521.  Wisconsin Sleuth (11:28:37) :

      You guys want more info? Check this out – Wisconsin posts all court cases online. I’m too lazy to start poking around – someone else do it!
      Let the games begin!

    • 5 08 2004
    • 522.  WI Sleuth (11:31:44) :

      You guys want more info? Check this out – Wisconsin posts all court cases online. I’m too lazy to start poking around – someone else do it!
      Let the games begin!

    • 6 08 2004
    • 523.  Elizabeth (13:54:01) :

      To all you people who are looking for this girl. I dont know all the detail about why you are looking for her or who she is. All i know is what i have seen on this site. This site really freaked me out when i saw it. my name is Elizabeth Hoeller but I AM NOT THE ONE YOU ARE LOOKING FOR!!!!!! So please do not call me! I almost called the police on some guy that called me and said that he liked my videos. My middle name is NOT Margaret. so please leave me alone!!

    • 6 08 2004
    • 524.  rs (22:59:36) :

      What would be very ironic about the above post is if it really was Libby trying to keep us from calling that number. Just a thought, although that’s pretty far-fetched…Elizabeth, if you’re still here, which number or which state at least are we calling?

    • 9 08 2004
      13 08 2004
    • 526.  Xit (21:41:28) :

      Ok, saw one of the clips… part 5… and what is the name of the song? Artist / Album???

    • 14 08 2004
    • 527.  len (18:21:59) :

      that’s what i want to know too!!
      Who is that girl singing overthere?( before Mr. Big begins…)

    • 14 08 2004
    • 528.  len (19:03:23) :

      well….after searching the internet i have found out who it is!!
      The song is called "I Touch Myself" and it’s performed by "The Divinyls"

    • 16 08 2004
    • 529.  Sin (04:13:00) :

      Len — You’re an idiot!

    • 16 08 2004
    • 530.  indyman (16:52:21) :

      didnt think buckley would respond……and he didnt

    • 17 08 2004
    • 531.  Hal (15:24:35) :

      Why hasnt anyone checked the school photo albums?(highschool/college) Doesnt every school keep them in the libary for records? I know several people claim to live in that area on here.

    • 22 08 2004
    • 532.  Cam addict (13:38:47) :

      Dude I performed a full post moterm on her slection of all the songs some months back.. if you habd bothered to read this full string you would have found the relevant post

    • 24 08 2004
    • 533.  Dan (14:50:22) :

      I don’t know if you guys give a shit anymore, but here’s Libby’s address as of early this June b/c she went to court for a traffic ticket. Wisconsin Court Case Details

    • 24 08 2004
    • 534.  indyman (18:08:55) :

      Dan, libbys last name is hoeller not heller, good work though………unless we are all wrong, because date of birth for heller is 11-80 might go with the timeline……….could we be wrong?

    • 30 08 2004
    • 535.  lenny (19:20:04) :

      I read this whole webpage, and someone mentioned that was taken, but nobody has posted that the site is now functioning. (probably it just wasnt copied to the archives)

      does anyone have any of the pics of the DSHA high school pics or any of the Jenny photos?

    • 10 10 2004
    • 536.  indyman (01:04:24) :

      dan, bet she changed her name by removing the "o" , still pronounces the same, either that or i am a fucking retard

    • 15 10 2004
    • 537.  Schmitty (01:59:46) :

      I am a Madison alum, and this site is the funniest shit I’ve seen in a while.
      I remember sophomore year when my buddy Ali came into our room and gave me a cd, and said, "fresh off the presses, watch it."
      I lived in sellery,so, yep, thats the freaking place alright. I can’t say I ever met her, but we saw her once in the student union. I’m not a huge prick so, I wasn’t going to do anything. I can’t confirm anything, other than that new pic with her and those guys – that is in madison, its at the "birthday bar" Nitty Gritty’s, everyone goes there for birthdays… yeah shes from milwaukee and all that… on another note, this site is very odd, but i think it might be acceptable given the strange urban legend quality to this whole thing. I think those court records are hilarious, but in the end, i hope nobody takes it past this website and tries to call her or anything. thats crossing the line I think, but otherwise this is freaking hilarious. I remember meeting a guy in Japan when i was abroad who saw the video, and guys from NYU tried to change the facts and say that Libby was from NYU.. yeah right.
      anyway, this has been very entertaining, i dont know what else can really be said about this business, other than, this might she must be the best urban legend, underground celebrity of my lifetime! Agree?

    • 1 11 2004
    • 538.  me (14:25:37) :

      anybody have a link or can e-mail the pics fr the high school / jenny site. it’s ddown now. somebody needs to put those up somewhere.

    • 2 11 2004
    • 539.  anon (14:31:01) :

      Done reading this whole thing. No comment really, you’re just a bunch of strange people I think I could have a interesting conversation with at a bar.

    • 15 01 2005
    • 540.  meselgemeint (22:24:06) :

      She looks (to me) about 15 in those videos but she’s actually 17-19.

    • 20 01 2005
    • 541.  Justin (03:17:45) :

      Wow, what a beautiful girl she is. In all reality, it is a shame that all of this had to happen the way it did for her. I feel sorry for her that she had to probably change alot around in her life to just live normally. If she ever does read this, I’m not gonna lie, i have seen the video, but you know what, that was something that happened and cant be changed and now its just a thing of the past. for all these people who are going out of their ways to find her personal information, I pity you. You are just trying to make her now normal life a living hell again. Just let it all rest. Posting on these forums like this one i think is kinda cool though. Just to see how long this thing has actually been going on for on here is amazing. But hey, Libby, if you ever do read this and just want someone to talk to, not about any of this stuff, just one person to another, email me and we’ll chat. I’m not gonna be one of those freaks who come on here and blab about the fact i talked to you, or freak out on you with the whole thing about what happened, just to talk. Anyways, see ya’ll later.

    • 13 04 2005
    • 542.  Gibbo (12:49:36) :


    • 17 04 2005
    • 543.  Cam Addict (13:15:46) :

      Yeah right, ppl like you are the biggest freaks of all: “Email me?”.. weirdo!

    • 3 05 2005
    • 544.  ~P (16:27:54) :

      I think I’v seen her befor
      what hiogh school did she go to?

    • 28 07 2005
    • 545.  ahsd (06:50:56) :

      I went to high school with her and graduated in her class…funny

    • 28 07 2005
    • 546.  Nerima (08:20:15) :

      #541 – So even if you talked to Libby, you wouldn’t tell us?

    • 10 08 2005
    • 547.  Anonymous bastad (21:28:47) :
    • 11 08 2005
    • 548.  Aunt Jemima (01:00:08) :


    • 17 08 2005
    • 549.  rs (14:23:16) :

      I sure do miss the exciting times when we all thought we could actually find libby. This is sorta a last-ditch effort to get some information out there and see what we can come up with. Elizabeth M Hoeller still lives in Wisconsin, according to Intelius:
      I am not willing to spend like $8 just to find out what her address is, but I’m sure someone out there can do it. Her mother’s address is still the same and her father still lives in California. I cannot find out anything about her brother Matthew though. I was curious to see if Cam Addict ever contacted her dad or found out anything at all about the boyfriend. If anyone has anything, let’s hear it!

    • 21 08 2005
    • 550.  The Monkey (12:31:48) :

      I graduated from UW-Madison in 1995, and later got my Master’s there. I came back to Madison for the summer/fall of 2000 to work on a political campaign. Since a significant number of our voters were UW-Madison students, part of my job was to work as a campus liason for the campaign.

      Libby made the vids in fall of 2000. It didn’t take long after she made them for them to start hitting the web. The story we had heard in the office was that as soon as she realized that she was an “Internet Star” she left school … this was still in the fall semester.

      My understanding, which I heard about later, was that she went back to UW-Madison the following year (2001-02) and eventually earned her degree.

      The photo that has been circulating of her at a bar (with three male friends/acqaintances/whatever) was taken at the Nitty Gritty (corner of No. Francis and Johnson Sts.), “Madison’s Official Birthday Bar.” However, contrary to what has been stated, she IS NOT celebrating her birthday in this picture. The real celebrant is the guy holding the glass “birhtday mug” and wearing the light-up “birthday badge.”

    • 4 09 2005
    • 551.  JustMe (10:28:24) :

      I feel for her. Having something private like that made public. *sigh*

    • 30 09 2005
    • 552.  Scott (23:47:20) :

      SHE IS ON THE RADAR AGAIN!!!! Holy shit, check this out!

      First sentence!

    • 30 09 2005
    • 553.  Scott (23:50:24) :

      Work Info (as per my last post):

      Member: Sassafras LTD/Karen & Co.
      Type of Business: Retail Store
      Contact: Dan Fix, Owner
      Office Location: 307-309 State St
      Mailing Address: 307 State St
      City: Madison
      Zip: 53703
      Phone: 258-5510
      Web Site:
      Member Since: 2004

    • 30 09 2005
    • 554.  Scott (23:54:31) :

      See above… Area code is 608 for that number…

    • 1 10 2005
    • 555.  Scott (00:36:21) :
    • 2 10 2005
    • 556.  Tosh (14:51:39) :

      But isn’t her real name “Elizabeth Heller?”

      The name Hoeler probably came from some typo error someone made a long time ago and it just “stuck”.

      I’m not saying that you’re wrong. I guess that it’s a good chance that it’s her since the two locations are so close.

    • 3 10 2005
    • 557.  Scott (00:52:07) :

      Her real full name is Elizabeth M. Hoeller… She goes by Libby… Look the posts…

    • 3 10 2005
    • 558.  AngelBaby (04:04:33) :

      Libby is correct…a camisole under a cashmere cardigan is a hot look for fall.

    • 3 10 2005
    • 559.  Tosh (05:54:09) :

      Sorry, you were right about her real name. I just read so many times that it was Heller rather than Hoeler.

    • 28 10 2005
    • 560.  SteveB (05:20:41) :

      With that mastercard revenge video, I helped make that. This isn’t a joke.

    • 30 10 2005
    • 561.  Colonel Angus (13:45:42) :

      There is a Elizabeth M. Hoeller who works here!

      Ken Wolf Commodities, LLC
      111 S.E. 1st Street
      Boca Raton, Florida 33432
      Toll Free: 888.562.5300
      Local: 561.962.4000
      Fax: 561.962.4010

    • 1 11 2005
    • 562.  Tosh (06:32:56) :

      Hey Colonel Angus,

      Do you think that you could get us a picture of her?

    • 2 11 2005
    • 563.  dave (03:40:53) :

      with all the advertisers using her name she should get royalties! at the very least someone should set up a legitimate site for donations too libby i think if enough people sent in cash too her perhaps the other 4 or 5 vids will come out. she difenately is intittled too something. she made a mistake or not deppending on how you look at it but its done now so why not cash in! i know alot of people would not send cash but some that viewed and enjoyed her vids would i bet a million have seen atleast one vid of her so a buck each million bucks too her. trouble is finding an honest person too host it for her someone that will truly give her 100% of the money! gonna be hard too do because i’m sure no one will trust the site. i’m surprised no one has tried this yet! or maybe they have

    • 2 11 2005
    • 564.  Jim Schomecker (04:12:25) :

      Libby is not real she was a robot programmed to make hot sexy webcam things so there you go that is the truth i talked to the robot it told me to poop on it

    • 18 11 2005
    • 565.  Melbert Pee Red! (01:40:47) :

      That phone number is accurate. Libby even answered the phone when I called. Going to spank the carrot now, lol.

    • 22 11 2005
    • 566.  Tosh (06:07:00) :

      Melbert Pee Red!, you claimed that you called her. Well, are you going to tell us what she said, or did she just hang up on you or vice versa.

    • 2 12 2005
    • 567.  J (07:00:14) :

      Yeah, what has she said to those who called here. Also, none of the links seem to work. And does anyone have all 10 vids? I’ve just seen 3

    • 2 12 2005
    • 568.  Nerima (07:33:24) :

      Holy fucking shit! Another living human who has seen Student Bodies! Holy CRAP!

    • 3 12 2005
    • 569.  Dan (22:53:08) :

      Man, some of you people need to get a life. It’s one thing to watch the video (although still wrong) but the stalking and shit is really fucked up.

      Get a fucking life!!

    • 5 12 2005
    • 570.  dude (14:43:54) :

      holy crap ive jerked off to this girl so many times, its great to have some history on the story. awesome, just saw another video of her too. shes got really tiny nipples too.

    • 17 01 2006
    • 571.  libby lover (08:15:40) :

      I love Libby!
      2006 baby!
      She really is the hottest, those videos are just fire. My love goes to Libby.
      Fan from Finland.

    • 23 01 2006
    • 572.  Cam Addict lives on (07:32:12) :
    • 23 01 2006
    • 573.  kiko (08:29:14) :

      Learn to link or get banned!!!

    • 23 01 2006
    • 574.  kiko (08:32:12) :


    • 13 02 2006
    • 575.  hot (07:34:02) :
    • 3 06 2006
    • 576.  anonymous (05:41:36) :

      Is this blog entry really closed, or did someone just make that up?

    • 9 07 2006
    • 577.  anon (22:08:00) :

      I have been aware of the videos for many years, my opinion on them is she is a very attractive sexy girl, the word slut is not one that I would use, she has nothing to be ashamed of, and any man would die to have this girl to send him videos.

      The only reason that they are infamous is that they were not made for public viewing which makes them taboo, there are hundred of sites offering girls doing the same thing.

      I would hope this girl has changed her name and is getting on with the rest of life, whoever she marries will be a very lucky man.

    • 16 07 2006
    • 578.  anonymous (04:37:02) :

      I am no video expert, but I’m sure a couple of you viewers probably are experts in the field of video/audio. So forgive me if this is a stupid question, but is it possible to enhance the quality of the “libby hoeler” videos?

      On TV, I’ve seen pictures that were enhanced using software, so I was wondering if the samething could be done with videos.

      Would you have to do it frame by frame?

      But just think how nice it would look.

    • 17 09 2006
    • 579.  Mac (21:51:00) :

      Wow, what a dark and scary trip through the human psyche. . . . . I’m just stunned. I had actually seen the last of the videos a while back and just though it was your standard amateur webcam that got out on the internet, little did I know there were thousands of devotees out there scouring the net for her information and attempting to contact her.

      I feel dirty now. I mean I’m a guy who likes chicks, likes porn, likes amateur porn, likes webcam porn, and you guys make me want to convert to christianity and become a priest.

      In all seriousness, what kind of sicko tries to track down a chick you don’t know who made a vid 6 years ago? What exactly are you expecting her to say? What precisely are you hoping to accomplish? You think she’ll just strip in front of you and start frigging herself? You think she’s going to give some kind of new insight or explain to you her reasons? Why the hell would she want to respond to creepy internet guy who tracked her down?

      If you want to jerk it to the video, have at it, the videos are hot. But holy god, have at least an ounce of self respect and stop trying to track her down.

    • 20 10 2006
    • 580.  MileyMallard (12:32:06) :

      I really can’t believe this blog STILL is going on.

      Oh and I got the first post after the US hit 300 million people so I WIN!!

    • 20 10 2006
    • 581.  AngelBaby (12:49:29) :

      five-hundred and eighty-FIRST!

    • 8 11 2006
    • 582.  Daren Long (17:59:49) :

      Even if this stuff is true, why would I feel sorry for that kind of chick? Who cares?

    • 19 11 2006
    • 583.  Don Tomasino (12:31:38) :

      @Mac-so what brings you to this site then?You had to read all the way to the bottom just to determine that only sickos would read that stuff?

    • 20 11 2006
    • 584.  Rob (08:40:15) :

      Just a friendly Hi from withoutsin. I continue (after 5 years) to get about a 100,000 hits per month based off sites and searches for Libby Hoeller, and though I took them down last year (I outgrew her), the urls that linked to them are still hot in the Search Engines. She’s as iconical as a cam girl can get, bordering on legendary.

      Analogknight, webmaster at

    • 18 12 2006
    • 585.  poof (04:52:06) :

      I lost my Libby videos! request download lnks asap! Kazaa not an option.

    • 9 01 2007
    • 586.  Dutchy (08:09:59) :

      w00t! First post of 2007 lol :p

      I was bored, so I looked up ‘Libby Hoeler’ on Google.. So here I am.. Amazing what people can get from the internet with just a name..

    • 11 01 2007
    • 587.  gigolo (12:39:54) :

      several years later

    • 12 01 2007
    • 588.  Charles (03:29:27) :

      I actually forgot Libby’s name for about a year!!! Something reminded me about her great videos, and I couldn’t remember her blasted name. Finally I remembered it, and have come back to this web site to see the string going strong years later…Let’s keep it going to at least 1000, that way Libby will be like Helen Troy, only she’ll have launched the blog of a thousand web entries, instead of a 1000 ships. I think the strength of Libby, is that her videos are rather artistic, and stand the test of time, which is even more remarkable given the very short time attention span of the internet.

    • 21 01 2007
    • 589.  Deez_Nuts (03:54:19) :

      Like other recent posters, I was extremely bored and just happened to come across this site while doing Google searches of random things that come across my mind. I remember when this whole Libby Hoeller deal came about around Thanksgiving break back in 2000 when I was a sophomore. My memories are vague on the subject, but I lived in the dorms at the time next door to a guy who either knew Libby directly or indirectly. I don’t remember the connection. Anyways, in Nov-Dec 2000 this neighbor started showing me, along with the rest of the guys on our floor, a series of videos, soon to be known as the “Libby Hoeller Videos”. The only new details I can add to the story is that my neighbor told me the videos started to spread shortly before Thanksgiving break 2000 and that Libby was so embarrassed, upset, etc… (and rightfully so) that she did not return from Thanksgiving break to complete THAT semester. Just my two cents.

    • 23 01 2007
    • 590.  xazuru (07:47:49) :

      best movie I ever watched!

    • 4 02 2007
    • 591.  Eddie (04:24:38) :

      Post about Libby

      Nothing new, but does have a link to a pic of her stripping. Link actually works too except you have to cut & paste it.

      Some other stuff about some other chicks who got humiliated with their nude pics on the www, including another one named Libby. Go figure. Must be something about the name.

    • 6 02 2007
    • 592.  Drundel (22:41:57) :

      Kinda surprised no mention of myspace and her. I couldn’t find anything, but maybe someone else can.

    • 4 03 2007
    • 593.  elland (11:31:31) :

      hi I’m horny and like to f**k. email me now!

    • 13 03 2007
    • 594.  The Colonel (16:43:40) :


    • 17 03 2007
    • 595.  Cosmo Kramer The Assman (14:40:39) :



      What is Libby doing of her life in 2007?

    • 5 04 2007
    • 596.  fred (06:27:34) :

      That first picture of “Libby” in high school is not only a completely different girl, but doesn’t look anything like “Libby Hoeller”. You should take it down, since that smells like trouble to me.

    • 24 04 2007
    • 597.  chode (23:28:15) :

      All I can say is if I made a video with the same staying power as Libby’s, i’d embrace the iconic lifestyle, make a few more, and try to pull some cash money out of it.

    • 3 05 2007
    • 598.  rs (22:05:39) :

      Here’s a link to a story about internet celebs. Even though he refers to her as “Susie,” this reporter clearly got an interview with the one and only Libby Hoeller. As far as I know, this remains the only interview with Miss Hoeller on record.

    • 13 05 2007
    • 599.  leonard (00:59:11) :

      here we are 7 years later and still talking about her video. She certainly is a cult classic.

    • 13 05 2007
    • 600.  leonard (01:16:22) :

      ok good ! i made #600,,,yeah ! I gotta say this…….she didnt deserve to be scattered all over the world cause of her diickhead boyfriend. He should have been skinned alive for what he did to her.

    • 4 07 2007
    • 601.  Rorison Meadows (13:51:03) :

      I’d love to meet her in person, to convince her that it’s only a big a deal as you make it. Then I’ll bend her over.

      But you all realize that this happens all the time with boyfriends and exes releasing videos. Legally, they can barely get away with this, however, only in large cases like Libby’s can anything really come from it.

      Go to

      They specialize in offering these videos practically exclusively. No doubt that some of that stuff up there was posted by couples, with permission from both parties, but I guarantee most of those videos up there in the FLICKS section on on are boyfriends seeking revenge, or seeking the free membership they offer when you donate a video!

    • 12 07 2007
    • 602.  cunt (16:17:08) :

      That stupid cunt more than deserved that.

    • 13 07 2007
    • 603.  hotrodbob (14:20:41) :

      It all comes back to Libby. Still hot after all of these years, and look at how common this type of flick is now. Libby, thank- you, thank- you, thank- you!

    • 31 07 2007
    • 604.  MenMe (18:01:43) :

      I never realized she wasn’t a pornstar till now. She’s amazing. i’d like to meet her in person. She is one beautiful girl

    • 24 08 2007
    • 605.  Justin (06:02:22) :

      605…just to keep things going. Oh, and go Ron Paul!!! That should bring some people here.

    • 12 09 2007
    • 606.  Ryan (04:22:13) :

      I come back to this page every so often, just in case there is some new and important update. And every time the sheer tenacity of the search for Libby Hoeller astounds me. This is truly the greatest thing the internet has ever seen.

    • 8 10 2007
    • 607.  Lobbo (23:50:10) :

      Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I just married Libby!
      Therefore, she has a new last name and you won’t ever find her again! ;-b

    • 21 10 2007
    • 608.  lordblue (12:29:20) :

      @ lobo: LOL LOL LOL
      she changed her name long ago

      @thread starter:
      nice sumarisation

      if u ever come to read this.
      i like the flix(well men), though they weren’t meant to be seen by others. i don’t think you need to be embarrassed by the content. and if there are people that resent you because of that, i can assure you they are super superficial. dont let yourself get down by them and dont let yourself hunt you by the flixs.

    • 28 10 2007
    • 609.  cnadeldomor (04:42:23) :


    • 17 11 2007
    • 610.  POWER SLAM JOEY (18:32:57) :

      lol @ all the earnest do-gooders white knighting for her

    • 31 12 2007
    • 611.  JL (22:46:10) :

      Happy New Year!

      Dumb idea to photograph urself naked and expect it not to get leaked. But people (even celebs) still seem to keep doing this!?!?!? I think part of the thrill is knowing it might get leaked!

    • 1 02 2008
    • 612.  bob (03:22:46) :

      wonder what she’s up to right now…

    • 1 02 2008
    • 613.  JRC (06:38:28) :

      612 – Good question…

      Notice how the 4 videos get better and better from 1 to 4?

    • 13 02 2008
    • 614.  Steve (05:20:22) :

      You know, I’ve posted a quite a few naked pics of me on the net, i really wished i got attention like this from women though, cuz i am a guy and all. Hell, I gotta shitload of pics of my ex who was a model if any are interested

    • 13 02 2008
    • 615.  JRC (08:58:15) :

      ^^^ You’re going to post pictures of your right hand?


    • 5 03 2008
    • 616.  izzadude (18:08:46) :

      Ive actually seen one of her videos…got it from morpheus…was nice but

      1st time i had morpheus was a couple of years ago and there was an even better webcam striptease of an even hotter chick…admittedly w/o masturbation as well…2nd time recently and it only had the lizzy one also most fils were non-downloadable cos of same damn copyright shite

    • 5 03 2008
    • 617.  izzadude (18:09:49) :


    • 5 03 2008
    • 618.  izzadude (18:11:38) :

      also…cant believe im correcting a second time once is bad enough…#616 should so some*

    • 5 03 2008
    • 619.  izzadude (18:12:40) :

      lmao shouldnt type while drinking…should SAY

    • 23 03 2008
    • 620.  randomguy (15:55:17) :

      you people really need a life and to get laid

    • 25 03 2008
    • 621.  Silver (19:02:20) :

      I have been tracking this since the saga began, I was hoping this website would have something new on her…. pictures… this is more exciting than the drama between Clinton and Obama…

    • 28 03 2008
    • 622.  rs (20:28:06) :

      i check on this thing once in awhile. i was the one to call her grandparents and was subsequently called by the f.b.i.

      i befriended her cousin and then brother on facebook a few years ago, but neither of them have ever posted so much as a pic of libby. her little bro goes to wisconsin right now and her cousin went to kentucky.

      i always thought it was odd that nobody ever found out the identity of the boyfriend…

    • 9 04 2008
    • 623.  Amazed (00:33:21) :


    • 9 04 2008
    • 624.  Mike (14:21:33) :

      The thrill is gone.

    • 11 05 2008
    • 625.  know her (01:57:46) :

      I know her and she doesnt even look that good anymore

    • 9 07 2008
    • 626.  the seeker person guy (09:14:50) :

      Today is July 9th, 2008, any new info re: Libby Hoeller?

    • 8 08 2008
    • 627.  The Continuing Adventures of Tony and Jess | Kissing Suzy Kolber (11:13:57) :

      […] Sweet Libby Hoeler, did I miss the […]

    • 20 08 2008
    • 628.  Angad Keith (02:49:13) :

      Wow, that’s pretty damn thorough.

    • 20 08 2008
    • 629.  SpankMonkey (08:58:34) :

      #611 JL,
      While girls today should expect this, Libby Heller was the one who made us all expect it. Libby came out when relatively few people were capping cams and the term camwhore had not even been coined. As I recall you could still find some nice cams going on at Yahoo, but only because the numbers and publicity were still relatively low. Jenny had her cam up, sure. But this is prior to photobucket and myspace. You would have seen fewer kids with cell phones and I doubt you would have found many with a camera phone. I remember when this hit TJNR. It was gold. People were nuts. And years later they are still nuts. Why? Because this type of thing wasn’t a daily occurence back then.

      While the growth of girls taking pics and videos and posting on them on the web has gone off the charts, and the age of the girls doing this has dropped, it has all lost a little bit of it’s edge because it’s not special anymore. Girls like Miley now use “leaked pics” for publicity because they know the exposure it brings. When the Libby vids come out it was reasonable that she never imagined her videos spreading over the web to be shared by millions for years to come.

      For a frame of reference, I think this happened about 2000 or so:
      1. You could buy a celeron with 32MB of RAM.
      2. a 15 Gig hard drive was still worth a hundred bucks.
      3. Dial up on a 56k was still common.

    • 28 08 2008
    • 630.  Freddy (00:48:01) :

      Here I am in Madison, WI – never been here before, but I had a burger at the Nitty Gritty and realized I was only there because I had read about it on this site a few years ago. Wow – can’t believe Libby Hoeller still pops in my head after all these years.

    • 28 08 2008
    • 631.  just a thought (07:52:41) :

      It is really no big deal. People get naked. People mastrubate. People have sex. So what. It is on video. That is so common now that this one video is like a grain of sand on the beach. This woman did not murder or steal. It should not affect her personal or social life at all.

      Sure, I watch the video and read posts but I would never ever contact her thinking she would would a realtionship with me or would I harass her. I do not do that.

      One way this may play out is some hipster fucktard emo indy IT geek may contact her for a realtionship/to harass her/both and end up getting the SHIT kicked out of him. Then his mom/girlfriend will go on 20/20 to complain…………

      Be aware, this woman probably would kick the EMO CRAP out of you at this point.

    • 28 08 2008
    • 632.  just a thought (08:03:15) :


      If you read this please forgive me. I downloaded your video and burnt it to a cd. I watch it alone sometimes. I never jerked off to it and I never shared it with anyone.

      Take self defense classes. Take firearms course. Join the military. Then, when someone stalks you in real time kill them. Also read up on the law so you will do it in a way it would be deemed self defense…

      Please forgive me for my curiousity in reading up on you.

      I wish you all the best.

    • 30 08 2008
    • 633.  WTF 632 (02:25:34) :


      Dude, stop saying shit that makes you sound you’re sitting in a dark basement, playing with dead bodies.

    • 8 09 2008
    • 634.  wait wot (04:11:09) :

      are you kidding me? i came here to see if she actually went to uw-madison. i find out yall idiots are hunting her down like a wild boar. christ, posting her parents names/address/phone. did anyone stop to think “wtf am i doing this for?”. the girl made some vids which are hot, but whats the rest of this shit about?

      gimme a break. turn head from monitor. walk away from computer.

      baby steps.

    • 12 09 2008
    • 635.  lipty (00:12:52) :


      Dude, stop saying shit that makes you sound you’re sitting in a dark basement, playing with dead bodies.

      Ok that is funny, that made me ROFL!
      Sad thing is it is probably true :/
      Beautiful girl, hope her life turned out ok.

    • 26 09 2008
    • 636.  Clap Hands (01:52:18) :

      So if these videos were made sometime roughly between 1997 and 2001, then what’s the news now in 2008? The girl is probably in her late 20s or early 30s and living far far away from WI these days. This is all very old news. Hey, let’s look her up on Facebook! Haha, yeah right. As if she would even use the internet these days after that ordeal.

    • 27 09 2008
    • 637.  Hashishash (14:08:00) :

      Does anyone have working links to the Libby photos posted in comments 63 & 64 (starting as they are not working anymore.
      Ps. excellent sleuth work & total respect to Libby

    • 27 09 2008
    • 638.  Hashishash (20:27:54) :

      incase anyone here is interested there is another very similar vid available via emule called- uwp student masturbating. I would highly recomend this to anyone here in2the libby vids, and also to you miserable dicks who want something to bitch about as is another “I love you 2 boyfriend” type affair. There is no dildo here, but after the dance she uses her fingers to orgasm whilst talking dirty to her guy! I dont really care who she is but she is HOT!!

      Does anyone know if Libby has discovered razors yet?

    • 5 11 2008
    • 639.  Sellery 4A Resident (15:29:04) :

      Ha, funny to see a link to this after all these years. As one of Libby’s friends from the dorms freshman year I can tell you a lot of the more interesting rumors are false.

      Libby and her boyfriend kept a relationship after the videos got out. We figured the videos probably got out because they were sent via ICQ which wasn’t all that secure. It wasn’t a scorned lover scenario. That’s pretty much the end of the story, she didn’t transfer to another school or even change dorm rooms. I remember eating lunch with her one time at Pop’s and we overheard some kids telling wildly exaggerated stories of what happened. Eventually she and her boyfriend broke up. The guys on the floor were pretty protective of her, hanging out on the girls side of the dorms a lot of nights scaring away creepy drunk dudes checking all the doors for her name.

      She was a pretty good sport about it all and got over it a lot quicker than most would.

    • 10 12 2008
    • 640.  John (21:18:14) :

      I actually know where the videos came from, and no I did not read this entire page, and yes she did make them while at Wisc, but the leak of the videos occurred at Indiana U. The boyfriend was residing in McNutt, a dorm in the north part of campus. And I also do know that the BF had no intention of ever letting this get into the open. But I also know how they did…..

    • 19 01 2009
    • 641.  Sellery 6B Resident (13:17:21) :

      I second the comments from Comment #639. I never knew Libby, but I saw here around town and at parties a lot. She seemed to be “over” the whole thing much sooner than you’d expect. The only people who would mention it all to her were of the “pathetic chronic masturbator” type, and were laughable in their own right. It was quite a ride while it lasted though. U RAH RAH WISCONSIN!!!

    • 19 01 2009
    • 642.  Sellery 6B Resident (13:21:47) :

      BTW, for all you pervs out there, these videos were “released” during the fall of 2000. Libby was a freshman back then. Ahh, memories. Those videos spread like wildfire thru Sellery that day.

    • 25 01 2009
    • 643.  Sellery 6A resident (10:41:18) :

      Having lived in 6A when 6b was occupied by infamous of this blog, I can tell you, she was not that innocent of girl, in fact if she even graduated would be a miracle.

      I laugh at how many people try to portray her as this shy little girl who was victimized. She was all wrapped up into partying and stuff… and as you know this kind of lifestyle can consume a person while in college.

      I personally would not be surprised if she personally leaked the videos to the net, unaware of just HOW MUCH hoopla she we get. But one thing for sure, she sure did like the attention of men.

      I am also pretty sure she did the ‘bi’ thing while in college also, she was always kissing girls when I saw her at parties.

      These are just comments from one of her neighbors at the time. And I really didn’t know her intimately or personally. Of course this is just from my point of view, but… If you would have seen all the beer and wine cooler bottles that came out of that room…

      9 years later though, her moment of fame made me search her out on the net and led me here. Also kind of funny, is I spelled her name wrong but Google pointed me in the right direction.

    • 23 02 2009
    • 644.  Libby on Life (10:58:05) :

      wow….I remember these vids back in the days…..Why do yo think it was so popular? look at Paris Hilton….that video made here famous…..its because I was not made for profit and was so natural…..with all the porn out there she was a legend….Hey its Feb 23 2009 now and still talk about here.

    • 19 03 2009
    • 645.  lisal (13:51:13) :

      There is a lot of misinformation on this site. First of all – the picture you have posted of Libby is NOT her; that is another girl who went to the same high school – I know them both.
      Libby may have been a party animal, but she was very book smart – definitely not an airhead as some of the comments imply.
      She is now married and has moved on with her life.
      The ex-boyfriend is also engaged to be married.

    • 22 03 2009
    • 646.  Gman (01:06:39) :

      God its hard to believe it’s been almost a decade on my harddrive and I still touch myself. I did a search thinking maybe she had come out of hiding and I found this ode to Libby…..

      I went home today
      at lunch
      queued up video #4
      the one where you sing “I Touch Myself” by the DiVinyls
      and do just that
      on the bed
      in your high-school bedroom
      At points
      you turn over onto your knees and point your ass at the camera,
      hand working all the while,
      the dual globes of your soft derriere aiming at the sky like the
      battlements of some lazy city
      I maximized the window
      and joined you,
      gently at first
      but with mounting lunacy
      until my hands were a crazy finger-machine whacking me off
      (I had to push one of the cats away with my foot)

      and just as I came
      I saw the face of Jesus on your left breast

      Is it a sign?

    • 30 03 2009
    • 647.  Cam Addict2004 (09:55:16) :

      Five years ago when I first read the whole of this page, I was a student with more time on my hands than I knew what to do with, I can’t believe we’re coming up on a decade of Libby !, and this is by far the most entertaining website I’ve ever read.

      So, wow, Libby is married ?, 10 years went by so fast and I can’t belive the vids are still sitting on my hard drive!,

    • 31 05 2009
    • 648.  rs (10:52:12) :

      Just for old time’s sake, I decided to look up Libby on A simple search on there shows that she is now named Libby Forcey. She married Michael C. Forcey and still lives in Wisconsin.

      This is also confirmed because of the death of Margaret Liedtke, Libby’s grandmother, on December 20th, 2008. The obituary lists Libby Hoeller (Forcey) as one of the surviving family members.

      They posted a Thank You note to the band who played at their wedding:

      According to this site: Michael and Libby bought a home in Glendale, WI on April 11, 2008.

      That’s all I could find right now. So strange to think that it’s been a decade since the release of the vids and now she’s married.

    • 13 08 2009
    • 649.  Trooper (11:08:44) :

      I will make this short and sweet. I have been a big fan of “libby” for many years. Lord knows that when I saw her first vid living in Oklahoma I never had any idea tha I would have anything to do with her. But as fate would have it My wife graduated from med school and we moved to Wisconsin for her Residency in E.R. Medicine and I took a job at the Sheriff’s office as a Reserve Deputy, just to kill time. I have tried to forget about Libby and have been fairly successful for almost 7 months but something brought me back and in short…due to that i found this page. (I said this would be short and it has already been to long) so here goes 8 months ago Elizabeth Forcey and her husband were both involved in a auto ped accident both Libby, her husband and the pedestrian Albert Moon all three were killed I’m not going to go into specifics… don’t believe if you don’t want too whatever I don’t care… I just thought I would share and try to lay this to rest… and yes I did work the accident. I can’t tell even begin to tell you how how ironic I thought it was that I was there. enough said…

    • 13 08 2009
    • 650.  meph (13:21:49) :

      hey Trooper, thanks for this update. Sad indeed. Can you link us to published reports of the accident?

    • 13 08 2009
    • 651.  Jon (23:15:37) :

      been on this site for a while, and im too tired a lazy to look libby up. so who the hell is libby?

    • 22 08 2009
    • 652.  T Bone (00:58:00) :

      Trooper wont’ link jack because its fake. She’s still alive and well.

    • 3 10 2009
    • 653.  Hoff (08:25:15) :

      Libby married. Settled down in a little house on the cul de sac. Sigh.
      Next thing you know, she’ll be out on the front lawn in a housecoat and curlers picking up the newspaper, like Cheri Oteri’s Rita Delvecchio.
      Hopefully, she’ll avoid the fate of so many Wisconsinite women and choose, instead, the MILF route.
      Mike, you magnificent bastard. You caught the brass ring.

    • 9 10 2009
    • 654.  Pini (17:01:56) :

      Libby is working at Kohl’s.

      Libby Forcey
      Merchandise Analyst at Kohl’s Department Stores

    • 19 10 2009
    • 655.  john dong (00:16:29) :


    • 30 10 2009
    • 656.  No Body (16:03:54) :

      Hey, john dong, I hear they know how to use the shift key in Wisconsin, you delusional douchebag.

    • 4 11 2009
    • 657.  Poopy! (22:30:49) :

      I wonder how many guys and girls she’s had sex with? Maybe a couple thousand?

    • 4 11 2009
    • 658.  Superman (22:33:18) :

      Libby Forcey? What a poopy last name.

    • 7 01 2010
    • 659.  CheckBack (07:46:25) :

      First post 2010… still checking for that ‘big break’ photo expose link!… I bet she is fat now.

    • 17 09 2010
    • 660.  Big M (18:34:56) :

      Second post in 2010.

      I guess interest is fading away.

    • 18 12 2010
    • 661.  billy (19:46:16) :

      just wanted to let the internet know that there are people who still remember her… Keep the dream alive everyone!

    • 12 01 2011
    • 662.  Cory (16:59:30) :

      She is a legend and a saint. Proud to be from Madison!

    • 31 01 2011
    • 663.  Seymour (16:53:40) :

      I waited for you, Fry.

    • 2 02 2011
    • 664.  Itch (14:42:20) :

      This can’t die. I found an old hard drive with her videos on it and it brought my back to this site. There’s something magical about her and the whole story.

    • 10 03 2011
    • 665.  Matt (00:21:04) :

      I was a student shortly after this and first viewed in my dorm, also Sellery Hall at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, in the fall of 2002. This was a BIG deal, everyone on the network was sharing these files and copies aplenty were available on kazza and morpheus, and napster may have still be working back then too.

    • 10 03 2011
    • 666.  Ryu (20:15:07) :

      “Can’t let this sit at 665, so, let us unleash the evil and have 666 replies to the complete pedophile story. Huzzah!”

    • 30 03 2011
    • 667.  mileymallard (23:57:30) :

      sorry, can’t let this sit at 666

    • 31 03 2011
    • 668.  herpaderp (09:21:46) :
    • 1 04 2011
    • 669.  SacredTutu (01:48:43) :

      All this about her? She’s ugly!

    • 1 04 2011
    • 670.  smash (08:29:46) :


      All this about her? What the FUCK do you know ?

    • 9 04 2011
    • 671.  Just a guy (00:29:06) :

      And after all these years, her name popped into my head tonight. And yeah, it’s all just as awesome as I remember.

    • 13 04 2011
    • 672.  Toble (21:03:59) :

      Hers was one of the first videos I found when I discovered the wonders of the webs. Nostalgic

    • 8 05 2011
    • 673.  OnceAgain (17:33:03) :
    • 8 05 2011
    • 674.  SacredTutu (23:02:43) :

      doesnt matter what any of the last 673 say cause youre all still fucking losers and she was too old even then

    • 5 08 2011
    • 675.  Whatev (15:56:20) :

      If anyone is still interested, she apparently attended the launch party for wallflower jeans this past June. There are pics of her posted on (as Libby Forcey), but you need a membership for $9.99 to view anything more than tiny thumbnails and I’m not that curious.

      It does look like, as so many other people have said on here, she moved on with her life & got over the whole thing. I’m happy about that.

    • 5 08 2011
    • 676.  coolstream (16:55:59) :

      I don’t know what I’m more surprised about… that you found those pictures, that jeans have launch parties, or that Libby was there!

    • 7 08 2011
    • 677.  AngelBaby (19:34:00) :
    • 9 09 2011
    • 678.  John (19:15:11) :

      I was listening to Blake Allee the other day and one of his songs had a Libby Hoeller refrence. Made me remember her and I ran into this site. Here is a link
      Song is called In the Internet

    • 9 09 2011
    • 679.  hmmm.... (23:10:57) :

      wow, people really got off on 0.01 MP webcam vids then? watching this is like watching the slow-scan videos from apollo 11 or the first satellite images from Telstar lol.

    • 2 02 2012
    • 680.  lol (23:16:04) :

      slow scan vids, lol. doesn’t look good in 1080p or @ 1920×1200 but back then we were all running 1024×768 or 1200×800 & it looked fine.

    • 18 03 2012
    • 681.  Spoon (10:43:05) :

      Wow… a fucking decade worth of comments. Cool.

    • 12 05 2012
    • 682.  NIetzschew (13:49:55) :

      Yes… a fucking decade of comments. Libby forever!!! She was really important for a generation of teenagers men, indeed.

    • 15 06 2012
    • 683.  theDude (15:47:57) :

      For some reason I suddenly remembered Elizabeth “Libby” Hoeller (now Elizabeth Forcey). That video was a classic and went around the world. Anyway this is what Libby looks like today:
      Still a beautiful young woman!
      And this is her twitter, surprisingly not invaded by perverts!/libsh28

      Hah, 10 years of comments on these videos. Amazing.

    • 31 08 2012
    • 684.  Dudethe (18:00:55) :

      Libby, officially named Elizabeth Margareth Hoeller, divorced from Michael Forcey in 2011, according to Court papers, still waiting for an exclusive (video taped) interview.

      Court records:;jsessionid=910F66F6C72E927A954F977748864A81.render6?caseNo=2011FA003137&countyNo=40&cacheId=8AC83DDE8F354010C04E7371D3626D2F&recordCount=2&offset=0#party_1\

      I find it strange actually that personal court details are published in the open, another strange side of America’s ‘freedom of information’ laws.

    • 31 08 2012
    • 685.  trabi (23:29:16) :

      wow, amazing to find this site. Well, I just saw Gertrud Höhler on german TV (an elderly jealous political nobody who just published a discrediting book on chancellor Angela Merkel. Better >>don’t<< look her up, it will shatter all (y)our sweet associations to this (similar) name). Remembering the famous libby videos, google brought me here. seems really weird. more than a decade of libby… still people who are searching for information or even uploading new details…. will anyone remember her in another ten years? will she be burried one day as the internet's first unvoluntary porn star?… is she occasionally reading along this site?… has she intentionally refused to comment on her story for mystifying herself? or for trying to block out? or maybe just giving a fuck on this and never cared? and why the heck i am thinking about this a whole decade later?

    • 14 11 2012
    • 686.  Cam Addict2004 (12:24:11) :

      I have posts going back to 2003. I have been as far as calling her home and the home of her grandparents.My lineage on this thread speaks for itself. And guess what… I AM STILL THINKING ABOUT HER AND THOSE VIDS.

      Recently, I heard Mr Big’s I’m the one who wants to be with you. My wife was sat in the car next to me, but immediately, the memory and her lovely unshaven snatch, 80’s panties and white girl dance moves hit me like a freight train. I taught I had this thing beat.

      This sounds strange, but now having the benefit of greater brain processing power, I realised that her memory hits me like a highly intensified version of a really enjoyable day from an endless, long summer vacation.

      I will post back once I have collected my thoughts and perhaps treated myself to some vintage masturbation.

    • 14 11 2012
      15 11 2012
    • 688.  AngelBaby (00:19:09) :


    • 29 12 2012
    • 689.  David (17:54:30) :

      Just heard the song “Let’s Get it On” and remembered those videos, funny that over a decade later I found them all in a matter of minutes…

    • 6 03 2013
    • 690.  extraextra (23:47:18) :

      The googlemaps of her post-divorce address looks like an empty lot. Is she hiding from us?

    • 23 04 2013
    • 691.  noooooo (02:41:53) :

      The Divinyls singer died which led me to this blog…

    • 3 08 2013
    • 692.  Hangdog90 (06:08:03) :

      Fascinating to read this. Sleuthing pics can be fun like doing a crossword.

      I came across a picture gallery a couple of years ago on a porn sharing site, posted by a guy here in Ireland whose girlfriend cheated on him. Not a video but a whole bunch of self pics of her masturbating, naked etc. He didn’t post her address but posted her real name saying “LLL MMMM from XXXX (small town) is a cheating whore”.

      Looking at the pics and googling her real name I was able to figure out that she was a 19 yr old college student and which college she was at. I checked local newspapers and found she was on the college track team, I sent her a letter anonmously with a printout of one of her pics and a message saying someone had posted pics of her online and contact a cellphone number of she wanted to know more.

      A few days later she called. She was very upset. She had confronted the jilted boyfriend and he had denied everything. She wanted more information and asked why had I sent this to her. I told her I didn’t think what boyfriend had done was fair especially naming her. I went on the site to masturbate to naked sexting pics but this felt like intrusion, knowing her name when she had not agreed to release the pics.

      I gave her the name of the web site and the names of the galleries – there were 2 with about 40 pics in all, many of her using a vibrator.

      The next day the galleries were down.

    • 22 09 2014
    • 693.  RubbinOneOut (11:37:31) :

      My god has it been 14-15 years already? I cant believe I still rub one out to her every so often. She’s got to be in her mid to late 30’s and the size of a school bus by now but still I cant get enough of that sweet young puss.

    • 25 10 2014
    • 694.  Bleh (00:02:13) :
    • 15 12 2014
    • 695.  UK LIBBY FAN (17:58:32) :

      wow – this website is still going! i remember finding Libby back in my uni days, still a great video to watch! anyone wanna crash the wedding?

    • 19 06 2015
    • 696.  ThisWillNotStandDude (17:15:35) :

      I’d go in on with someone for the new camcorder on their registry;)

    • 3 07 2015
    • 697.  TMFD (16:59:31) :

      Anyone crack the wedding site yet? Hint is barn….

    • 1 08 2015
    • 698.  Eddie Torres (23:36:46) :

      Hey Cam Addict2004 – What ever became of those vids your old girlfriend made you 11 years ago to the same songs Libby danced to? Care to share??? lol

    • 27 09 2015
    • 699.  RubbinOneOut (00:29:58) :

      And here I am again post self coitus wondering what is her allure? I remember every move she makes in these videos, I envision myself behind her cupping her breasts and going madly at it. Shit she doesn’t look like this anymore what is it about her? Anyone care to assist me ?

    • 30 09 2015
    • 700.  Pirho (21:58:00) :

      If it helps any I never even her of her.

    • 6 10 2015
    • 701.  SheWAShot (09:56:17) :

      There are pics on FB under her and her husbands account. I’ve read girls hotness peaks at age 23. This is no exception. May these videos live forever. There were ten rumored videos, anyone have the missing 5? What is it about her? She was young, hot, and dancing sexy and carefree in front of a webcam. What’s not to love? The lower resolution leave the fine details to te imagination. Newer HD porn can’t top this, because I don’t want to see women in HD…their flaws are too noticeable.

    • 6 10 2015
    • 702.  SheWAShot (10:30:10) :

      The words Happy Trails are written on the fence above a barn in the background in one of their FB wedding pics. The wedding site password is probably related somehow

    • 8 10 2015
    • 703.  The Colonel (22:38:19) :

      I guess finally died? Made me a little sad the other day. It’s was like that shitty bar you went to for years but stopped frequenting regularly because you grew up. It was nice to still check in on it from time to time. Had a nice long run.

    • 13 10 2015
    • 704.  ThisWillNotStandDude (21:45:15) :
    • 28 01 2016
    • 705.  anon9854 (16:07:08) :

      I wish there was a way to enhance/remaster these videos to make them look better. You could use VLC to extract all the frames and then some software to sharpen each frame one by one.

    • 28 01 2016
    • 706.  glitter (21:36:44) :

      well get to work!

    • 16 05 2016
      10 06 2016
    • 708.  Jeffrey Schein (08:29:25) :
    • 10 06 2016
    • 709.  Jeffrey Schein (08:30:05) :
    • 22 01 2017
    • 710.  zenviral review (08:13:41) :

      Custome Email – Repeat industry is probably the most important elements of
      your business. So you’re keen on it once your marketing goes viral, nonetheless it seems like it’s been hit or miss.
      At the time I knew nothing about web site building or internet business.

    • 29 08 2017
    • 711.  Curious.. (01:06:42) :

      Here i am back.. 17 yrs later to see if any updates on the infamous Libby Hoeller has been found.. You folks never disappoint.. i was cleaning out old HD’s i had laying around and came across her videos.. my oh my..LOL i found her and Mastercard girl as well as Psycho girl..but after i found out that girl was only like 13 in the video.. DELETED. i miss these types of videos like Libby’s .. regular porn on the sites nowadays just aren’t as good.It’s nice to see she’s married.. I wonder.. Do you think her husband knows about the videos ? Do you think shes shown them to him ? I see from her LINKeD profile shes worked for KOHLS for years.. oh well until another 17 yrs..

    • 9 09 2017
      6 10 2018
    • 713.  Rick Lagina (01:24:15) :

      Went to Mary J. Hoeller’s Facebook. She is a mediator now. She is friends with a Libby Huwiler (married name). Libby Huwiler looks exactly like Libby from the videos. Pretty sure it’s the same person. Looks like she is happily married and living her life.

    • 14 07 2020
    • 714.  Legen Dary (10:01:22) :

      Legends never die. Aimright?

    • 5 08 2020
    • 715.  rs (04:14:13) :

      Well, I think this will likely be my final post on this site. Started posting here when I was a sophomore in college, just a few years after Libby had one of the first viral videos.

      For those who don’t feel like reading 18 years of posts, Libby Hoeller (a/k/a Libby Forcey, n/k/a Libby Huwiler) is still alive and well. She is married again and apparently lives in Charlotte, NC. She and her husband both have semi-public FB pages. It looks like they have 2 kids. She even has a LinkedIn, IG, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. She goes by the name LibbyHuey on IG and Pinterest.

      Here are a few pictures I haven’t seen elsewhere (from the Wallflower jeans launch party in 2011):

      And she has a nice profile picture on Instagram. She’s still pretty cute.

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