Julianna Mauriello

30 05 2007

Happy Sweet Sixteen, Julianna!

Apparently, our little Stephanie is growing up fast. For those who aren’t aware, there is a legendary thread here (890 comments and counting) that’s gotten so insane lately that I can’t even keep track of all the players. I’m betting that if I checked the various IPs that post on a regular basis there, that more than a couple would come back with 4 or 5 different aliases. It’s really taken on a life of its own, even though many who are active participants seem to have no life to speak of.

However, some interesting things have been popping up in the thread recently. Such as the insistence of “Sascha” that Julianna is a teenage lesbian, and has had a steady girlfriend for the past 2 years:

I told you very first post ever made on this site.
Julianna has a girlfriend, they have been a COUPLE for the last 2 years or so.
She isnt into guys. Just Amanda.
If you guys REALLY knew how much her and Amanda love each other, you’d quit with the sex stuff.
Amanda and Jules are MARRIED as much as you could be, they both sleep over any time they want to at each others house, they both have keys to each others houses, their parents know, their friends know…she is always with Amanda, she sleeps with Amanda every night at her house or at Manda’s.

“Sascha” also dropped this little nugget:

and as for the idiot who asked if her hair upstairs matched the downstairs, as far as i know (like um 2 days ago) Julianna is still bald as a baby because thats how Amanda wants her to be…BTW Julianna wants you to know when her and Amanda are together at night being taken care of, she doesn’t think of you guys AT ALL.


We also have “Sascha” to thank for a batch of candid snaps, supposedly taken on or around Julianna’s recent b-day and posted briefly to her Facebook earlier today. Lucky for y’all (since they were subsequently removed), I just happened to be perusing the thread at that time, and swiped ’em for posterity’s sake…

ZOMG MYTHICAL BIKINI PIC! Didn’t we all just know it would be pink? ^_^

I assume the girl in the close-up pic with Jules is her bedbuddy, Amanda. And Juju seems to be practicing her hands-free technique on a soft taco in that other shot.


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    30 05 2007
  • 1.  skarasta (00:39:43) :

    SWIMSUIT PICS cumbucket is gonna shit his pants when he sees this!
    yeah im at a loss for words

  • 30 05 2007
  • 2.  Justin (00:44:52) :


  • 30 05 2007
  • 3.  skarasta (00:52:07) :

    ‘APPARENTLY’ Sascha has been ramblin on about how much j is a lesbian and all this jive makin it look liek its a muthafucken tragedy.

    btw those girls are the best lesbian couple since

  • 30 05 2007
  • 4.  Bligityblah (00:55:27) :

    Gawd that is so sexy.

  • 30 05 2007
  • 5.  Zomg (00:58:27) :

    Too young, not hot. Plus prison is not friendly.


  • 30 05 2007
  • 6.  zomg (00:59:51) :

    I want to believe… Sascha. Sadly, I don’t. And while I want that other thread to reach 1000 posts, it’s making Firefox choke anytime I load it. Because Firefox is a piece of shit.

  • 30 05 2007
  • 7.  zomg (01:00:30) :

    Hey! That guy took my wholly original name!

  • 30 05 2007
  • 8.  zomg (01:01:49) :

    Ooooh, maybe I took his name. I shall ponder this now.

  • 30 05 2007
  • 9.  skarasta (01:04:01) :

    hey man i suggested it goes to 1000! yea it fuxx my shit up too when it loads.

    TO.0 young????

  • 30 05 2007
  • 10.  the cumbucket from hell named chuck norris (01:05:03) :


  • 30 05 2007
  • 11.  Xan (08:52:07) :

    skeet skeet!

  • 30 05 2007
  • 12.  Mike (09:10:26) :

    When I first seen the pics, I thought who cares about some average looking girl, but than I realized who she was. Knowing who she is kind of peeked my interest some.

    She looks better with a pink wig on. Although, it might be the fact that the creepy plastic face guy isn’t around.

  • 30 05 2007
  • 13.  the cumbucket from hell named chuck norris (09:41:08) :

    you know guys i must say shes pretty ripped thats a very nice pic i think that this scasha is perhaps her girl friend she could get away with this shit or maybe thats what were sussposed to think??????hmmmmmm do you think jules herself was ok with posting here and if so just how popular is this post and honestly(MASTURBATING FURIOUSLY)i think she kinda likes this shit the little freak!!!and shes lesbo …….if this is all true then hell i dont even know but i need more special k tingling sensation personal lubricant im sooooo damn horney this is not fair i need some jules action i could be LAZY LARRY robbie rottens pedo cousin i could dress up like the clown from spawn or danny diveto and david hasselhoff put together well drunk dave ……….

  • 30 05 2007
  • 14.  Kewtr (09:54:34) :

    Her friend is way hotter than she is. Her schnoz is just going to get more and more pronounced. Anyway, she’s cute, but not in an oh-man-wish-she-were-18 way.

  • 30 05 2007
  • 15.  tehpunk (10:00:54) :

    and why on earth would you wish a girl were 18?


  • 30 05 2007
  • 16.  tehpunk (10:01:47) :

    p.s. #14, if you are indeed the creator of kewtr.com, you owe me about 4 boxes of kleenex and approximately one sock.

  • 30 05 2007
  • 17.  tehpunk (10:02:15) :

    i can take paypal.

  • 30 05 2007
  • 18.  seraphonica (10:11:35) :

    #12 – Umm, who is she? Aside from a girl with a facebook.

  • 30 05 2007
  • 19.  Mike (10:20:54) :

    seraphonica, she’s the girl from the show LazyTown.

  • 30 05 2007
  • 20.  fromagex (10:28:01) :

    wait! she likes chipotle?! I like chipotle! we have so much in common!

  • 30 05 2007
  • 21.  Observant (12:17:21) :

    wait? why do I care?

  • 30 05 2007
  • 22.  Blahblah (12:42:19) :

    What a bunch of pedos.

  • 30 05 2007
  • 23.  Sascha (14:21:51) :

    you will notice an engagement ring on her finger in a few of those pictures.

    I’ll tell her to take that facebook album down.

  • 30 05 2007
  • 24.  J.J. (15:55:48) :

    Sascha, why did you post her album? What was the purpose for all this? What was your purpose?

    I’m sorry if I’m asking too many questions I’m just curious.

  • 30 05 2007
  • 25.  Lawlz (16:01:59) :

    Something smells fishy… the story kinda smells like a teenage lesbians bald pussy. lawlz!

  • 30 05 2007
  • 26.  Lawlz (16:04:02) :

    I guess I really did not get my point across with that last one huh?
    This whole thing reeks of BS, though it would be awesome as 2 teen girls fucking if it were true.

    I want to know whats up with the ring though.

  • 30 05 2007
  • 27.  MacDaddy (16:05:36) :

    For the life of me, I will not understand what any of you see in this girl.

    1. She only just turned 16, but she looks 12. So I suppose if you are a pre-adolescent child, who’s never seen what a pretty girl looks like, you might be attracted to her.

    2. She’s ugly! I mean, look at those photos’! Nice skin, get some sun!! This chick has ZERO attractability! (Yes, I made up that word!)

    3. She’s got the body of a 12 year old boy!!! (Ok that might turn some of you on, so forget I said that!)

    4. When she grows out of this rediculous show, she will vanish and never be heard from again. I’m willing to bet hard cash-money on that fact!

    10 years from now she’ll be on some B-list celebrity show like Flavor of Love, Sweden Style! or, She’ll be making soft core, low budget ammature porn only found on Spectravision in seedy motels!

    Get a grip people!!!

    With women like, Alba (she’s hot Justin, you fag!), She-bear, Hewitt, Heigl, Pennitierre, Larter, even Avril!!!, and just about any chick on the web page header, why are we wasting our time and efforts on this disgusting little man-child?

    You will never find this girl on Maxim’s top 100 List! SHE’S FUGLY!!!

    -here endeth my rant!

  • 30 05 2007
  • 28.  Tom Foolery (16:25:21) :

    JOJO > Julianna Mauriello

    common now why have i not seen jojo in weeks

  • 30 05 2007
  • 29.  The Deadly Superman (16:38:57) :

    If she really is a lesbian I bet she has a lot of techniques for eating soft tacos.

  • 30 05 2007
  • 30.  The Pope (17:02:28) :

    She made learning the alphabet fun.

  • 30 05 2007
  • 31.  Kaka (18:29:32) :

    ZOMG… Those pictures of her eating, are screaming a photoshop job… (if you know what I mean, pedos)…

    I’d eat it… *ahem*

  • 30 05 2007
  • 32.  zomg (18:52:22) :


  • 30 05 2007
  • 33.  skarasta (18:57:58) :

    27 – I heard she had a movie deal.

    well you had me thinkin there anyway, what do i see in her?? in the great words of Zomg
    “I will go ponder this now.”

  • 30 05 2007
  • 34.  skarasta (18:59:22) :

    * I shall ponder this now.

  • 30 05 2007
  • 35.  georgeBush (19:48:38) :

    You can check IP’s? uhoh :/

    teenage lez? thats just wishful fapping

  • 30 05 2007
  • 36.  Darkstar (20:08:37) :

    Vivid Entertainment need to “find” this sextape too…

  • 30 05 2007
  • 37.  silverchip (20:39:11) :

    love reading all these incensed arguments! i didnt eve bother with the phots, its much more fun seeing everyone make complete dicks outta thenselves. great stuff

  • 30 05 2007
  • 38.  Jules (21:29:47) :

    I have deleted that facebook album.

  • 30 05 2007
  • 39.  Kewtr (22:47:19) :

    38 – Just slightly too late. You should hang out here with the respectful fans more often.

    17 – tehpunk, yeah it’s me. Can’t wait until it like costs me my job or freedom or something. Sorry about the kleenex though, the girls just keep on filming themselves stripping.

  • 30 05 2007
  • 40.  mo-boobies (22:47:33) :

    Macdaddy you’r speling iz rediculous

    l4m3rz R so gh3y

  • 30 05 2007
  • 41.  Bill Clay (23:57:50) :

    I would like to put the wood to Amanda while Juls watched. FTW!

  • 31 05 2007
  • 42.  Lukerz (05:07:10) :


  • 31 05 2007
  • 43.  huddlez (07:57:29) :

    Do we know if Juju’s jewish? Cause her friend in the pics seems to be. (See necklace)

  • 31 05 2007
  • 44.  cobalt (09:06:49) :

    everytime I look at these pics, I imagine a secret service guy is gonna put his hand on my shoulder.

    she looks like a pointy JLH minus the boobs.

  • 31 05 2007
  • 45.  seraphonica (10:20:22) :

    #27, that’s what people said about Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan.

    Oh wait…


  • 31 05 2007
  • 46.  tehpunk (10:40:58) :

    i like how “sascha” says she’s just not into guys.

    when i was like 15 i was into learning how to mix tapes and turn my weiner inside out in the tub with my thumb. let’s just say things took a turn immediately thereafter.

  • 31 05 2007
  • 47.  Patch (15:08:31) :

    My bullshit detector’s going off left and right. There’s deceit afoot, to be sure.

  • 31 05 2007
  • 48.  Alex (16:41:17) :

    Jules…are you really lesbian ? or do you just do like you were lesbian ? or you were never lesbian but everybody want you to have lesbian ???

    plz answer :)

    btw u guys just have no lives ^^ always the same comments

  • 1 06 2007
  • 49.  TheDisc (07:25:33) :

    I think based on some of the evidence that she is a lesbain that i have heard i have to say bravo to the person that started all this because it is very convincing. Reason that i dont believe:
    1)So she has been in a relationship with this girl for the last 2 years well from what i know she has only just got back from iceland about 6 months ago so what about the other year and a half again from what i know she would have been in iceland filmimg lazytown so where does the relationship fit in there then.

  • 1 06 2007
  • 50.  the super cumbucket from hell named chuck norris (08:30:30) :


  • 1 06 2007
  • 51.  TheDisc (10:49:55) :

    What would parents say if they found out that their children were being influenced by a lesbian, not that there is anything really wrong with that.
    Right i have heard all this s**t now all i want is a damn confession i want to hear it is a lie.
    On the other hand maybe we are all wrong and Scashas is not lying but this person seems really intent on proving themselves right then show us some hard evidence.

  • 1 06 2007
  • 52.  Alex (11:00:25) :

    @thedisc…ya ur right shes back from iceland 6 month ago now and she were 1 year there i think…so ur right…anyways it could be that shes lesbian even if we think that it cant be (cuz of iceland)…

    btw :that was stupid by me to think that its the real julianna that wrote here >

  • 1 06 2007
  • 53.  Alex (11:02:15) :

    and i want have a proof tnot just a wannabe julianna friend that says shes lesbian or some pics where she looks lesbian ? i mean 70% of the girls do

  • 1 06 2007
  • 54.  juju (julianna) (11:31:33) :

    i have a penis???

  • 1 06 2007
  • 55.  TheDisc (11:52:05) :

    Really congrads to juju. Guess what so do i lets celebrate!

  • 1 06 2007
  • 56.  TheDisc (12:02:32) :

    Yes she may still be a lesbian but nothing adds up. And i also want some pics of her lesing it up with others only then will my mind be at peace.
    Who the hell is Scashas and why does he only appear between long periods of time why is he telling us this and what is he hoping to accomplish, does he claim to be a friend if so he is the worst damn friend i have ever come into contact with.
    One final point if he really wanted to make us believe then why not get a pic of himself next to juli then get some card saying his name is Scashas and i am a lesbian and i am in a pretend marriage with a girl called Amanda and my parents dont mind me sleeping around Amanda’s every night then i will be satisfied and get juli to hold it. I take all bets on that happening.

  • 1 06 2007
  • 57.  Mike (15:08:04) :

    lol, this is so retarded! Yet, I’m interested… :p

  • 1 06 2007
  • 58.  TheDisc (17:13:27) :

    I know man i know

  • 1 06 2007
  • 59.  Bastard (17:21:15) :

    I want proof too. I don’t believe this BS.

  • 1 06 2007
  • 60.  t (18:00:24) :

    I don’t like julianna that much. But stephanie…

  • 1 06 2007
  • 61.  Alex (18:09:35) :

    hehe i duno whats on that girls so interesting but she is ^^
    i mean look at her smile imo its awesome so say what u want about her i really like her -_- and i think she’ll have a succsesfull future

  • 2 06 2007
  • 62.  the super cumbucket from hell named chuck norris (04:31:11) :

    i likes me some anus give it the old rarrrrrrrrrrrr and a bing till the ass juice is just the right warm whoooo doggies sooooo who of the guys here would get a sex change to be her lesbo honey dew hmmmmm i wouldnt but i bet just a fag would and i think thats sashas favorite acid trip fun time but anyway what happend to just a fag and sasha ????

  • 2 06 2007
  • 63.  TheDisc (06:21:58) :

    Too true dude and my best guess about sashas and just a fag is that they are probably gay lovers who like making this stuff up because it gets them horny.

  • 2 06 2007
  • 64.  TheDisc (06:55:12) :

    Something strange just occurred there is a site called IMDB i am sure you have heard about it,there is a search bar and if you type in julianna Rose Mauriello a profile of her comes up and it tells you pretty much everything about her from what she has done in her career so far to her height anyway if you scroll down there is a comments area and one of them was called True Or False if you click on that there was once a conversation about this topic happening there i left my comment saying what a load of crap it was so today i went back to see what others said about it and all the comments have been deleted, where the comments should be all it says is your comments have been deleted by the administrator.
    I know for a fact that her farther made this profile because it says so there so would that make him the admin if so that means he deleted it as it says there for being inappropriate. Is he ashamed of the truth or does he hate the fact that these viscous lies are being made up about his daughter.

  • 2 06 2007
  • 65.  bizzender (14:17:06) :

    Those pictures are so photoshopped, just look at the ones of her eating the taco. Her head is just too damn big.

  • 2 06 2007
  • 66.  Nobody (16:29:59) :

    She’s as much a lesbian as much as girls her age know what love is… i.e. .. they don’t. I GUARENTEE you that if she was not exposed to any media what-so-ever that showed how coming out of the closet brings you so much acceptence now-a-days then she would be with a guy, or rather… like most kids were back when I was young, single and having innocent fun.

  • 2 06 2007
  • 67.  Alex (18:15:33) :

    1.51 ^^ if i see her on the photos i really cant imagine that shes only 1.51 heigh
    btw yea i saw the comments and it got to be darkfath0r

  • 2 06 2007
  • 68.  J.J. (19:09:58) :

    #64 Her dad probably doesn’t want any rumors started about Juli. I wouldn’t either if that was my girl. The last thing he needs is the Press to come up to his door step and asking him how he feels about his daughter’s orientation.

  • 3 06 2007
  • 69.  james (01:08:46) :

    um, anyone can add stuff to imdb.com

    her dad may have written her bio on imdb.com but hes not an admin he cant delete or edit posts.

  • 3 06 2007
  • 70.  the super cumbucket from hell named chuck norris (11:24:47) :

    post #70

  • 3 06 2007
  • 71.  d d (14:54:10) :

    One of the pics is on a NYC subway train. I guess its proof she has been or lives in NYC.

  • 3 06 2007
  • 72.  TheDisc (17:47:36) :

    Which one is that then

  • 3 06 2007
  • 73.  DigitalHBomb (18:24:32) :

    Why-o-why didn’t that person taking the pictures have a 10mp camera? This cell phone crap just ain’t cuttin’ it. Ahhhhhh, curse you and your stupid cell phone!

  • 3 06 2007
  • 74.  NiantGigger (22:34:17) :

    That’s what I call fresh meat! hum hum hum…

  • 3 06 2007
  • 75.  NEDM (23:53:18) :

    gravity cat is not amused

  • 4 06 2007
  • 76.  ooozmin (01:04:55) :

    YTMND brought me here…I will leave now. Believe nothing. Also, my FF crashes when I try to load that “ledgendary thread” lawl.


  • 5 06 2007
  • 77.  Jim (00:09:30) :


    In the Tony Danza interview on YouTube, he asked her about global warming.
    She had no opinion and kept her mouth shut while he ranted.
    Since she doesn’t have an opinion about global warming, she must be Republican.
    Republican people oppose gay relationships.
    Therefore, Julianna cannot be a lesbian.

  • 5 06 2007
  • 78.  zomg (03:34:14) :

    This is the best thing to ever happen on Tony Danza’s show. In fact, it is the only good thing to ever happen on his show.

  • 6 06 2007
  • 79.  Julianna Mauriello [Don't Link This @ Ectio.us] (08:23:31) :

    […] Link From dontlinkthis.net […]

  • 6 06 2007
  • 80.  TheDisc (13:19:53) :

    someone please explain to me what exactly 79’s link is and what the person was trying to show

  • 6 06 2007
  • 81.  skarasta (14:02:26) :

    Tony Danza is alway fuckin up on t.v. it in his nature hahahah!

    Whats the purpose for this link?
    I ain’t clicking that shit, someone test it lol

  • 6 06 2007
  • 82.  TheDisc (16:11:04) :

    I did test it and i dont know what the damn purpose it seems safe

  • 6 06 2007
  • 83.  zomg (17:07:21) :

    I think it’s just some link exchange kinda thing. “I linked to your site here, and now your site has a link to me! hooray!”

  • 11 06 2007
  • 84.  Aynatix (10:39:55) :

    I love this site.

  • 12 06 2007
    15 06 2007
  • 86.  Anonymous (22:36:26) :

    I do not forgive….

  • 19 08 2007
  • 87.  Emily (01:02:20) :

    Hi, I’m Emily.

    I’ve been reading these messages from guys who wanted ex with stephanie when she was 12 13 etc. ive been also reading the reponses that call these guys peodos. I think these comments are wrong. Im 12 and I get men coming on to me all the time, guys in their 20s, 30s even 40s or older. I dont think it is wrong of them to do that, I am quite pretty and have a nice figure already so it just seems natural. maybe we take these things too seriously sometimes.

    Emily XXX

  • 19 08 2007
  • 88.  AngelBaby (01:17:30) :

    omg emily…

    you have no idea the torrent of pedoness you have likely just unleashed upon fubar.

  • 30 08 2007
  • 89.  mini (14:26:29) :

    you are all a bunch of sick ass pedos, you need help. and you Emily, need counseling. people that old SHOULD NOT be looking at you in that way. i’m 13, and i think pedos are the worst people in the world, they all deserve to die

  • 30 08 2007
  • 90.  Unbelievable (16:14:26) :

    89. Sounds like you’re jealous of Emily mini. Maybe if you weren’t such an ugly bitch….

  • 8 10 2007
  • 91.  not a wierdo like the rest of u guys (15:07:12) :

    WTF is wrong with u guys who cares i she a lesbian if shes happy then good for her sascha or wateva ur name is ur a sick C*** y would u put half naked fucking pictures of ur sis up (which most f these wierdos will wank over) and put all this info about her ffs man get some balls or a life ur lucky noone has phoned the police on u im surprised she hasnt u fucking wierd C*** hope u die from andrew

  • 9 10 2007
  • 92.  killa (18:53:01) :

    if you love to sail the sea

    you are a pirate!!

    shes kinda hott… not as hott as when she wears that pink wig tho

  • 10 10 2007
  • 93.  Johnny Cabrones (01:31:06) :

    “shes kinda hott… not as hott as when she wears that pink wig tho…”

    You mean when her character is an 8 year old? Hmmm…does your parole officer know that you post that kind of shit?

  • 13 11 2007
  • 94.  phlangeface (16:58:12) :

    redcoat!!! on #85, where did you find those wonderful pictures????

  • 20 11 2007
  • 95.  5022 (02:33:18) :

    ………-_- ……. ….Sup?

  • 18 12 2007
  • 96.  One more stupid guy playing this game (16:18:51) :

    Don’t you get bored of this?? Oh my god… she should feel proud of being who she is! Just because she has made you all become crazy and splash out thousands of hours in front of your screen talking about her… The thing is…you all guys are the real victims of this game…not Juls

  • 23 01 2008
  • 97.  Stephanie (15:52:39) :

    why all you sick people are looking for pics of my ass and tits??? i`m a teen!!, a very hot teen but just a teen!!! >_<

  • 25 02 2008
  • 98.  JAVIER (21:31:26) :

    soy de argentina, y julianna me parece la chica mas linda que ví
    todo gracias a lazy town, sufri muchas burlas debido a mi edad(18)
    pero solo era por julianna rose mauriello
    espero que se vuelva una gran actriz a la cual pueda admirar, y ver como crece profecionalmente


    i love julianna rose mauriello


  • 21 04 2008
  • 99.  Name(required) (00:59:27) :

    haha all u guys are pathetic. sum1 close this forum before some pedo finds it and someone gets hurt. funny, i found this by googleizing(my word) people witg no lives and it was at the top of the second page. thats really sad. just wanted an input to hopefuly help u see how pathetic u are.

  • 15 06 2008
  • 100.  esteffanie (14:52:30) :

    hey girl I diidnt imagine u that way..but

    I guess that is te way your happy…LoL

    ok well I just wanted to tell you that


    well got to go..biieeeee

    I still watch your shows!!!

  • 29 06 2008
  • 101.  FAPPULATOR (12:53:57) :


  • 11 07 2008
  • 102.  Alleeson (11:13:25) :

    oh my.
    watever floats her boat is ok with me.
    but look at this terribly fake picture:

    I dont believe it one bit that, that is her.
    Love the pink.


  • 20 07 2008
  • 103.  walker4409 (16:10:12) :

    She would look the same with her real body..
    probably better

  • 18 11 2008
  • 104.  walker4409 (11:01:29) :

    saw her in “a fix” she looks a million times better

  • 3 12 2008
  • 105.  Jen Igma (15:47:17) :


  • 22 01 2009
  • 106.  joradan (13:55:03) :

    she starring spiderman 4

  • 23 01 2009
  • 107.  Sascha (10:00:53) :


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