And after all this time…

…people still think i’m Avril Lavigne. But we’ll get to that later. If you have no idea what i’m talking about, you’ll find out later. If you want to.

Anyway, recycling some old content aside, i’m done with my midterms for the week. Although i still have a class project thing to work on for my TV Studio Production class on Monday and a 12 page paper to hand in for my Media Criticism class on Wednesday. Blahhh. But enough about that.

In other news:

Teflon Parakeet: Nice.
psykotik2k: Google: Frenchie Davis pictures xxx
psykotik2k: been getting those too
psykotik2k: i bet if i mentioned ‘trista in a bikini’, i’d get hits off of that too
psykotik2k: or anything to do with the bachelorette
Teflon Parakeet: More than likely.
Teflon Parakeet: Mention anal donkey fucking and you’d probably get hits off of it.
psykotik2k: 😀

So yeah, it’s been a couple of days since i mentioned Trista Rehn and that little white girl from the Missy Elliot videos. And i’m still not yet listed on Google if you try searching for them. Feh. Damn you Google. Maybe in a coupla more days. Usually works sooner or later.

It does. Really. I tell you, if you ever wanna get free hits from people searching for stuff using search engines, all you have to is just mention whatever’s ‘in’ at the moment on your website. Like… say.. Joe Millionaire or something. That was the ‘in’ thing last week. Mention anything that had to do with Joe Millionaire or one of the other golddigger whores and voila! You get this:

Hits by the minute.

(anal donkey fucking anal donkey fucking anal donkey fucking anal donkey fucking anal donkey fucking)

Reader e-mail time:

Subject: thank god
From: Jon Anderson
Date: Mon, Feb 10 2003 10:49:23 PM -0800 (PST)

glad you’re finally back…makes my “Michael Jordan” theory on you even stronger.

Here’s a little more eye candy for you:

would you consider a taTu version of fubar?


TATU??! TATU YOU SAY??! I can’t stand TATU. What the fuck is that anyway? TATU. That’s the stupidest name ever. It’s even worse than FUBAR. What is that? Really. She loves her? Tatoo? Taty? Titty? T.A.T.U?

I tell you what. S.T.U.P.I.D is what they are.

Plus they’re both ugly and their music sucks. Lesbian/Bi chicks usually turn me on like a light switch. But these girls, they do nothing for me. But for some reason they leave the rest of male population with a buzz in their their pants. They’re fucking cockteasers i tell you. I hate that. Stupid cockteasers. Stop teasing people’s cocks!

I despise them so much that every morning after taking my ritual shit, i look down in the bowl and name my turds “Lena and Yulia” before flushing them down the poop bowl.

On a scale of Avril Lavigne (0) to Nelly Furtardo (10), i give TATU a 9 on the please die meter.

Subject: Fkin draggin their ass’s
From: “Nick”
Date: Wed, Feb 12 2003 9:00:20 PM -0500

Hey, I made your web page my home page so it would get a hit every time i open IE, so tell every one else to do it so i’m not pulling their ass’s and getting free credit.

I know my site’s good, but it can’t be THAT good. I tell you, if it not mentioning me in the same sentence with Michael Jordan, it’s making my site seem like it’s the next best thing since I’m not that great!! In fact, i suck. Donkey balls.

(anal donkey fucking anal donkey fucking anal donkey fucking)

Subject: Da Man iS baCk
Date: Mon, Feb 10 2003 10:40:54 PM EST

Hey brotha, I was pissed that your site was gone. If I was bored and surfing I could just hit your site up and there was always something funny or interesting. Stay pimped out and don’t do that shit again….aight! Peace!

MaJeSty aka JaVy

What? There’s funny and interesting stuff on this site? I never knew that.

Moving on.

LessThanKeli: you need to make a poll of who’s disliked most out of the girls
psykotik2k: should i?
LessThanKeli: hate is always popular
LessThanKeli: YES
psykotik2k: haha
psykotik2k: yeah
psykotik2k: but wouldn’t that be…. controversial 😮
LessThanKeli: i would finally win something
psykotik2k: no you wouldnt
LessThanKeli: uh huh…and controversy is fun
psykotik2k: you’d probably be the most least hated
LessThanKeli: na ah thess and suzi would be least hated and eve too
psykotik2k: i’ll put up that poll tomorrow then
psykotik2k: but only because you told me to =P
LessThanKeli: YaY
LessThanKeli: controversy

And to make it even more controversial, we’ll just include Meg into the mix. And Jenn too.

Which fubar girl do you hate most?


Current Results

Reasons as to why you chose who you chose in the comments please. Constructive criticism is always good. Flame wars are even better.

Anyhoo. Did i miss anything that i promised to post about? Ah yes. The two potential fubar girls. I’ve already chosen one. I’m still undecided about the other. Will i tell you who they are?

NOPE! Because i’m a bastard like that. Hahahaha.

Okay both their names start with the letter L. That’s all for now.

Anyway, that’s the end of this post.

Pretty anti-climactic after all the build up eh? OH WELL.

Click on more if you wanna see the stupidy that i encounter on AIM whenever i unblock everyone. Otherwise, just ignore everything and go vote on the poll or something. And then comment. And then maybe visit these other sites or something:

SLBSMaddoxHi Res Celeb Pics

Toodles for now!

How it all started (a.k.a how i became Avril Lavigne):

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    And now, i give you, excerpts of the stupid IMs that i get from the stupid kiddies that i encounter on the intarweb.

    10/2/03 8:55 PM
    HomeRunAt2nd: Whos this
    psykotik2k: i dunno. you probably added me to your list
    HomeRunAt2nd: oh…
    HomeRunAt2nd: i can’t remember where I got your name from…
    HomeRunAt2nd: and i don’t know who you are…


    10/2/03 9:06 PM
    BryBryx13x: ur on my bl, n i forget who u are, ?
    psykotik2k: i dunno. you probably added me to your list
    BryBryx13x: who r u?


    10/2/03 8:42 PM
    Leahinwh: hi
    psykotik2k: hey
    Leahinwh: who is this?
    psykotik2k: i dunno. you probably added me to your list
    Leahinwh: my friend gave me your screeee name


    10/2/03 8:40 PM
    YEllaFElla12: hey whos this?
    psykotik2k: i dont know. you probably added me to your list
    YEllaFElla12: ya my friend gave me ur sn


    10/2/03 9:12 PM
    Internets4Fags: Whoe are you?
    psykotik2k: i dunno. you added me to your list
    Internets4Fags: yeah you ewre on there when my friend sent his bud list to me


    10/2/03 8:45 PM
    What Is Style: who are you
    psykotik2k: i dunno. you added me to your list
    What Is Style: i did?

    It gets worse.

    Leahinwh: is this avril lavigne?
    psykotik2k: yep
    Leahinwh: are you sure? lol
    psykotik2k: the last time i checked, i’m pretty sure
    Leahinwh: o kwl!
    Leahinwh: ***cool
    Leahinwh: where are you?
    psykotik2k: right now? in napanee
    Leahinwh: i thought you were getting ready to go on tour now
    psykotik2k: yeah. i’m just stopping by home for a bit
    Leahinwh: really?
    psykotik2k: leaving in about two days
    Leahinwh: kewl
    Leahinwh: can u send me an autograph?
    psykotik2k: what’s your address?
    Leahinwh: i live in cali
    Leahinwh: woodland hills….
    psykotik2k: well it’ll probably take 2 – 3 weeks to get to you
    Leahinwh: ok…im kinda worried bout if ur like a stalker or nething cuz i mean…i dunno…but can u like, prove to me ur really…u. lol that sounds weird
    psykotik2k: i always get asked that. it’s kinda hard to prove. plus i dont really have time to do that. busy schedule and all you know?
    Leahinwh: ya
    Leahinwh: can i ask u a question then?
    psykotik2k: sure
    Leahinwh: thanks…
    Leahinwh: umm…who was the executive producer for let go?
    psykotik2k: la reid
    Leahinwh: kewl….i guess i bleive u now
    Leahinwh: but…whos matt and michelle?
    Leahinwh: who r they?
    Leahinwh: are you there?
    Leahinwh: hello?!
    Leahinwh: are you there??
    Leahinwh: avril?
    Leahinwh: please dont stop talkin 2 me!?
    Leahinwh: can i have your autograph?
    Leahinwh: g2…im sorry…YOURE THE BEST!

    HAHAHAHAHA. Stupid.

    Tmbflashy: hey
    Tmbflashy: i luv ur muzic
    Tmbflashy: it rox
    psykotik2k: thanks
    Tmbflashy: yep
    Tmbflashy: iz thiz really Avril
    psykotik2k: yep
    Tmbflashy: kool
    Tmbflashy: r u goin 2 hav a new cd soon
    Tmbflashy: ?????
    psykotik2k: not yet
    Tmbflashy: ok
    psykotik2k: going on tour for a while
    Tmbflashy: kool
    Tmbflashy: wens ur next concert
    Tmbflashy: r u still ther
    Tmbflashy: r u talkin 2 my friend Leahinwh
    Tmbflashy: is it fun being a famous singer
    Tmbflashy: can u send me ur autograph

    HAHAHAHAHA. Stupid.

    (note: i have come to notice that once somebody finds out that i’m Avril, they tell their friends. And their friends tell their friends. And so on and so on. And they all start IMing one after another. And that’s how i usually get bombarded by all these Avril IMs that i get)

    StuManchu05: hello
    StuManchu05: whats ur name
    psykotik2k: Avril
    StuManchu05: u know that ur a sellout right
    psykotik2k: you know you like me
    StuManchu05: u know i like real punk
    psykotik2k: i am punk
    StuManchu05: yah sellout punk
    psykotik2k: i kick ass
    StuManchu05: there’s something blurry in my head i think its CALLED UNDERGROUND!
    psykotik2k: i invented punk
    StuManchu05: yah then y r there people that were singing punk before u were even born
    psykotik2k: that’s not punk. my music is the original punk. i told you, i invented it
    StuManchu05: i told u there’s people still singing way the hell better than u and they actually come up with songs to piss u sellouts off
    psykotik2k: so what? i’m better than all of them. people love me.
    StuManchu05: yah other sellouts
    StuManchu05: real punks wish u should die
    StuManchu05: me and my sissy have a picture of u
    StuManchu05: that we paint balled
    psykotik2k: i am the real punk. fake punks like you should die
    StuManchu05: fake punks my ass u dont know jack shit
    StuManchu05: maybe u should make a song about something u or any of ur friends cant do
    StuManchu05: how do u pronoounce nofx
    psykotik2k: no-f-x
    StuManchu05: try no effects
    StuManchu05: u where D3’s right
    StuManchu05: do u know some1 by the name of Bam Margera
    psykotik2k: yeah, he’s a skater
    StuManchu05: what does he ride
    StuManchu05: whos chris Raab
    psykotik2k: a horse and a radio deejay
    StuManchu05: where’d u get the name avril
    psykotik2k: my parents gave it to me duh.
    StuManchu05: oh sounds like a masterbating tool
    StuManchu05: shut down
    psykotik2k: you are a masturbating tool
    StuManchu05: if u know what masterbating is
    psykotik2k: it’s spelt with a U idiot
    StuManchu05: yah and im avril lavigne
    StuManchu05: shut down
    StuManchu05: u arent avril
    psykotik2k: yes i am
    StuManchu05: no u arent
    psykotik2k: yes i am
    StuManchu05: prove it
    psykotik2k: why should i?
    psykotik2k: it’s just a waste of my time
    StuManchu05: because u cant
    psykotik2k: because i dont want to
    StuManchu05: because ur a stupid fag
    psykotik2k: because ur a stupid fag
    StuManchu05: thats what i think i said
    psykotik2k: thats what i think i said
    StuManchu05: whos ur bass guitarist
    StuManchu05: ????
    psykotik2k: marc
    StuManchu05: marc who
    psykotik2k: spicoluk. duh
    StuManchu05: and he plays what kind of bass
    StuManchu05: with what kind of amp
    StuManchu05: im waiting
    psykotik2k: the kind of bass that i’m going to ram up your ass and the kind of amp that i’m going to smash your face in with
    StuManchu05: and u couldn’t smash and amp on my head cuz it would be to heavy and the guitars neck is way to long to go up my scrony little ass
    StuManchu05: shut down
    psykotik2k: learn to spell little boy
    StuManchu05: who am i trying to impress
    StuManchu05: avril lavigne
    psykotik2k: yeah
    StuManchu05: man im on fire
    psykotik2k: avril lavigne
    psykotik2k: best punk rocker in the world
    StuManchu05: u left out a phrase….
    StuManchu05: SELLOUT
    StuManchu05: yah no1 to sex u up tonight takin a rest u big boobed slut
    StuManchu05: no comeback for that comeback eh!
    StuManchu05: u think ur so coool
    StuManchu05: but in reality ur not
    psykotik2k: yes i am
    StuManchu05: truth hurt
    StuManchu05: s
    StuManchu05: shut down

    Shut down? WTF? You ‘shut down’!! Bitch.

    What Is Style: so
    What Is Style: whats your name then
    psykotik2k: Avril
    WhatIsStyle: yeah
    What Is Style: alright
    What Is Style: cool
    What Is Style: so your the avril?
    psykotik2k: i’m the avril. from napanee ontario
    What Is Style: where
    psykotik2k: it’s in canada
    psykotik2k: i’m canadian remember?
    What Is Style: uh
    What Is Style: …yeah
    What Is Style: do you like bruce lee?
    psykotik2k: bruce lee?
    What Is Style: yeah
    What Is Style: bruce lee
    psykotik2k: what kind of a question is that? bruce lee…
    What Is Style: hes wicked fast
    What Is Style: what is your fan base?
    What Is Style: i mean whos your audiance
    What Is Style: yeah.
    What Is Style: ok
    What Is Style: or not

    Kill me now.

  • 39 thoughts on “And after all this time…

    1. eennie meenie miney moe…..

      #1 | Comment by bligityblah — February 21, 2003 @ 2:33 pm

    2. Suzi is evil, but she got the glasses. Out.

      Thess is a rabid goat woman from hell, but she got Bubba’s balls. Out.

      Eve owns me. And it’s her birthday. Way out.

      I don’t know Stacy. maybe out.

      Nobody hates Liz. Not me, not anyone else. Out.

      Meg is not here anymore. Out.

      I don’t know Keli. Maybe out.

      Perhaps Jenn, she never writes anything abour ME. 🙁

      #2 | Comment by Kingolf — February 21, 2003 @ 4:23 pm

    3. Who do I hate?

      I’ll have to think about that.

      #3 | Comment by Seriously — February 21, 2003 @ 5:09 pm

    4. The fact that people don’t take the 30 seconds required to read your info on this page and learn that you really aren’t avril astounds me. Justin…you are God!

      #4 | Comment by Victim — February 21, 2003 @ 5:33 pm

    5. justin, you gotta get online some time so i can message you and ask if you’re avril… btw, have you heard that mp3 of her doing "chop suey"? makes me want to kick her ass, but i’m sure you’d like it.

      #5 | Comment by Miss Shigatsu — February 21, 2003 @ 6:12 pm

    6. Haha, the Avril stuff is the best….always is.

      psykotik2k: i invented punk
      StuManchu05: yah then y r there people that were singing punk before u were even born
      psykotik2k: that’s not punk. my music is the original punk. i told you, i invented it


      StuManchu05: how do u pronoounce nofx
      psykotik2k: no-f-x
      StuManchu05: try no effects

      How can you stand such stupidity, you were right by the way. He calls NOFX a real punk band? He should listen to some Fear or some of the old Misfits suff. Not NOFX, they sound like all the other Blink bands out there.

      As for who I hate most….I took bligityblah up on the eenie meeni miney moe thing. =)

      #6 | Comment by Bubba — February 21, 2003 @ 6:59 pm

    7. Hmm, I go to school in woodland hills.
      This is the best site EVER:

      #7 | Comment by Pancho — February 21, 2003 @ 7:56 pm

    8. Correction, THIS is the best site ever. Got the link from

      #8 | Comment by rockinit — February 21, 2003 @ 8:46 pm

    9. that web site is the best for sure. fucking cool

      #9 | Comment by Ikke — February 21, 2003 @ 10:06 pm

    10. Affleck! I wanted to vote for Affleck. I hate that bastard!

      #10 | Comment by Umgawa — February 21, 2003 @ 10:09 pm

    11. Justin, Glad to see a good old-fashioned post. Who do I hate, that was easy, gotta be Jenn. Her diatribe gets old real fast. The other "Women of FUBAR" at least add to both the content and the comments. While we are on the subject of getting old, the whole Avril personna NEVER gets old. People’s blatant stupidty is like watching the scene of an accident, it is a terrible thing to see but we even watch it in the rear view mirror.

      Sincerely Glad to have you back,
      AKA Postal

      #11 | Comment by AKA Postal — February 22, 2003 @ 1:13 am

    12. Just as long as neither of the new Fubar girls is Jennifer Lopez. Like Affleck wasn’t bad enough… And why is it that Affleck’s not up on the most-hated poll? Well, gotta go. Work at Apollo’s in the morning.

      #12 | Comment by Umgawa — February 22, 2003 @ 1:33 am

    13. Damn…it’s both good and bad that you added Meg and Jenn up there. If not, I wouldn’t have been able to vote for anybody, but since you put two people whom I would equally like to jab a rusty fire poker in the eye of, I was torn. It had to go to Jenn though since Meg is too fucking diluted and mind numbingly stupid to realize she’s annoying the ever lasting piss out of someone and Jenn is just, well, a goddamn fucktard…

      #13 | Comment by Bryan — February 22, 2003 @ 1:34 am

    14. All of them, eh? Because all of them have a Vagina that they probably appreciate and are willing to use for something besides post anal sex, is that it?

      #14 | Comment by eve — February 22, 2003 @ 4:00 am

    15. About half of my hits come from people looking for Joe Millionaire and his stuffed shorts, a tied up Sarah Kozer, nude Nikki McKibbin and Frenchie Davis (oy!). It’s scary when (anal donkey fucking) looks tempting…well, almost.

      #15 | Comment by Pretty Big Duck — February 22, 2003 @ 4:40 am

    16. good to see people finally expressing their thought of hate to each other.Comes in a nice time on the eve of the second gulf war…..Laden would be so happy.*sigh*

      #16 | Comment by Luke — February 22, 2003 @ 6:44 am

    17. I think it is completely unnecessary to tell you who I voted for in the most hated category 😉

      Justin, you’re readers / IM bastards stupidity still abounds into the realm of a place I’ll never understand.

      Just as a side note, what celebrity would ever give out their SN to someone they didn’t know? As if the ‘ratzi wasn’t bad enough…

      #17 | Comment by eve — February 22, 2003 @ 6:59 am

    18. A beard like Bin Laden’s has various sexual possiblities

      #18 | Comment by Jenn — February 22, 2003 @ 6:59 am


      #19 | Comment by Luke — February 22, 2003 @ 7:18 am

    20. Erm, maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Just perhaps it doesn’t bother me. Maybe it excites me.



      #20 | Comment by Jenn — February 22, 2003 @ 7:20 am

    21. Why, Avril Lavigne of course. She’s punk, you know.

      #21 | Comment by Seriously — February 22, 2003 @ 9:17 am

    22. Well, if you weren’t so hung up on what people think about you, I don’t think you would keep coming back here and commenting. 0_o need a life much? Maybe I can find you a pair of nice discount websites for dildos.. are you not into the penis idea? *shrugs*

      #22 | Comment by eve — February 22, 2003 @ 11:36 am

    23. Guess who i hate.

      I hate them all, surprisingly enough.

      #23 | Comment by Jenn — February 22, 2003 @ 12:08 pm

    24. I abstained from voting because i love all the FUBAR girls equally. Except for Jenn. Whom i love more equally.

      #24 | Comment by Banana — February 22, 2003 @ 3:24 pm

    25. BONNAROO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      #25 | Comment by AKA Postal — February 22, 2003 @ 3:24 pm

    26. I don’t think I can vote for anyone.

      Cause I’m just so full of love and all.

      #26 | Comment by Seriously — February 22, 2003 @ 4:33 pm

    27. Yeah!

      Go away Jenn-again!

      You never write about me!!!

      #27 | Comment by Kingolf — February 22, 2003 @ 4:34 pm

    28. justin and his stupid polls…

      #28 | Comment by Susan — February 22, 2003 @ 6:14 pm

    29. How can anyone hate Suzi? Shame on you.

      #29 | Comment by Stavros — February 22, 2003 @ 8:27 pm

    30. I can’t imagine that either. <3 suzi

      Was really looking forward to the Trista pics...sigh.

      #30 | Comment by JiL0 — February 22, 2003 @ 9:21 pm

    31. I agree with JiLO. Where’s the trista pics? Where’s the porn?

      #31 | Comment by smash — February 23, 2003 @ 7:14 am

    32. noooo. meg took my third place spot. 🙁

      #32 | Comment by Susan — February 23, 2003 @ 9:18 am

    33. If it makes you feel any better, Suzi…I can’t even get first place in a hate poll. I’m a little ashamed.

      #33 | Comment by thess — February 23, 2003 @ 3:12 pm

    34. why am i not #1?

      #34 | Comment by meg — February 24, 2003 @ 3:39 pm

    35. Sorry Thess, I tried to give you the push for first. =(

      #35 | Comment by Bubba — February 24, 2003 @ 3:45 pm

    36. Shut up, Meg. Get back to your hole.

      #36 | Comment by thess — February 24, 2003 @ 3:52 pm

    37. haha

      #37 | Comment by Susan — February 24, 2003 @ 6:21 pm

    38. HaHaHaHaHAHA. I second what Thess said. *poking with a stick* now go on … back in there!

      #38 | Comment by eve — February 25, 2003 @ 7:27 am

    39. hehe….funny funny

      #39 | Comment by Mollye — July 23, 2003 @ 12:46 pm

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