First off:


I love redheads. I do.


Don’t argue. She does.


Long overdue news but what the hell. Better late then never.

Anyway, i went out at around 4 am earlier this morning to buy food because i was hungry. I went to Subway and 7-11.

Jones Juice! <3! And Avril Lavigne! <3!

Tuna sub! Yum!

Penis! Er…

Okay it’s not really a penis. It’s a Fiesta Chicken Fresh Off The Grill 7-11 thing. 99 cents. Cheap!

Anyway, it’s been a while since i last updated. Tee hee. I’m a lazy n00b. I’ve been occupying myself by playing lots of Eternal Darkness lately. Man, ED is one of the best games i’ve ever played in years. I love it. It’s so good. I’m talking make-your-jaw-drop-faster-than-seeing-Kirsten Dunst-naked good. Awesome awesome game. And i’ve also been playing a lot of Stuntman in between on the PS2 lately. Man that game can be frustratingly hard. But it’s good. I get an adrenaline rush each time i successfully complete a good looking stunt.

I bought a bunch of DVDs too.

  • A Beautiful Mind: The Two Disc Awards Edition
  • A Better Place: Special Edition
  • The Virgin Suicides
  • Drop Dead Gorgeous
  • Starship Troopers: Special Edition
  • Body Shots
  • Best Men
  • Supernova

I should update probably update my DVD list.

Okay that’s a lot of stuff. I probably won’t be buying anything at least until August. I still haven’t even watched those DVDs that i bought about 2 weeks ago. But oooh wait. I still wanna get the 4 disc Pearl Harbor Vista Series that’s coming out this Tuesday. I’m definitely getting that. THEN only will i swear off buying anything else for at least a month.

I actually found Drop Dead Gorgeous for 6 bucks over at Best Buy. That was a nice surprise. It’s a barebones DVD so there’s absolutely nothing in the way of extras but the movie’s worth it. It is soooo funny. My wife Kirsten Dunst is in it. =D I love that movie. It’s my second favorite Kiki movie next to Bring It On. It made me laugh out loud and smile so many times.

I still haven’t seen The Virgin Suicides though so that movie might actually usurp Bring It On as my most favorite Kiki movie if it’s really as good as people say it is. My girlfriend likes it. And she hates Kiki. So it must be good.

Actually most of the DVD’s i bought were pretty cheap. Well, the lousier ones were anyway (NO. DROP DEAD GORGEOUS IS NOT LOUSY. It’s just… barebones… yeah. That’s why it’s cheap). Like Best Men. And (ugh) Supernova.

Okay. Yes. I do realize that Supernova is a BAD movie. A very BAD movie. Like, Lost In Space BAD. (Yes i do own Lost In Space on DVD but only because it’s got like tons of extras on it). Actually the only reason why i bought Supernova was because i wanted to see Robin Tunney get naked in it. And the only reason why i bought Body Shots was because i wanted to see Tara Reid get naked in it. Although i don’t think Body Shots is all that bad of a movie. Not as bad as Supernova anyway. Or Lost In Space. I’ve seen a trailer for it and it looks pretty alright. Besides, any movie that has Tara Reid naked in it has to be good. Even though her nipples are kinda awkwardly spaced. Tara Reid has weird nipples. They’re like off to the sides or something.

Oh and the only reason why i bought Best Men was because i heard Dean Cain plays a gay man in there.

Oh come on. Like you wouldn’t want to see Dean Cain play a homosexual. Sean Patrick Flannery is in the movie too. But he’s not gay in it. Actually i’m getting kind of sick of seeing his face. He was in The Boondock Saints, Best Men and he’s also in Body Shots. That’s way too much Sean Patrick Flannery.

Wasn’t he like Young Indiana Jones on TV once? I know he was in that movie Powder. That was a good movie. It was directed by a pedophile did you know? Victor Salvas. He also directed Jeepers Creepers. That was a good movie. I don’t know why people don’t like it. I thought it was good. The DVD is great. There’s like 4 different endings on there. Awesome. Alternate endings are cool.

Anyway, i’m thinking of trading in Supernova and Best Men for some instore credit at Gamestop or something and using it towards getting Mario Sunshine or Metroid Prime or The Legend Of Zelda or Resident Evil Zero or whatever new high profile PS2 or Gamecube game that’s coming out soon.

I should stop buying lousy DVD’s just to see naked boobies.

I watched A Beautiful Mind last night. I’m listening to the audio commentary as i’m typing this up right now. It was an alright movie i guess. I don’t think it deserved Best Picture at the Oscars though. But oh well. I got Starship Troopers AGAIN on DVD. I hate it when they double dip DVD’s. You know. Releasing a barebones DVD now (e.g Black Hawk Down) only to re-release it again as a two disc special edition 6 – 12 months later. That pisses me off. Like what they’re doing with Pearl Harbor. And LOTR. Releasing Pearl Harbor as a barebones 2 disc set and then double dipping it with a 4 disc set.

Damn you New Line. Damn you Buena Vista. Damn you Columbia.

Anyway, i’ve been getting a whole bunch of people hitting up the site looking for Avril Lavigne pics.

I’ve even gotten IMs from some REALLY clueless people thinking that i am Avril Lavigne.

StaaaddictMD: yo
psykotik2k: hey
StaaaddictMD: whos this?
StaaaddictMD: seriously?
psykotik2k: yeah
StaaaddictMD: you cant be that avril chick
StaaaddictMD: or could you
StaaaddictMD: lol
psykotik2k: the answer to that question can be found in the faqs

Now what gets to me about this guy is that he IMs ME and he’s asking ME who I am. What the fuck man. Notice me pointing out that “the answer to that question can be found in the faqs”. Look at what he says later on. Like, 5 minutes later.

StaaaddictMD: so r u avril or just some big fan?
psykotik2k: “Alright. In that case, i have a question for you…” “No, i am NOT Avril Lavigne.”


livid0: Canada can be useful
livid0: yare you canadian?
psykotik2k: read the site
livid0: got cha


SolidFaction: hi
psykotik2k: hey
SolidFaction: im just a person that saw your Aol name on your website =)
psykotik2k: yeah, you’re not the only one
SolidFaction: so you’re suzi?
psykotik2k: nope
SolidFaction: oh
SolidFaction: who are you then?
psykotik2k: the guy who owns the site



  • ryan2911: nice websiteYES I KNOW.
  • ryan2911: where in mich?READ THE SITE.
  • ryan2911: you school? or you have a job?READ THE SITE.
  • ryan2911: major?


Oh and for the love of Kirsten Dunst, let me just stress that one point one more time. READ THE SITE. So you won’t end up looking like a total n00b. Most of the answers to you questions can be found by READING THE SITE, THE BIO AND/OR THE FAQS. I hate having to repeat stuff that’s readily available to be read on the site.

ryan2911: you have nice thoughts on sex
ryan2911: teh ahhh…sex rant
ryan2911: are you justin?
psykotik2k: yup
ryan2911: you’re gay?
psykotik2k: i didnt write that
psykotik2k: that was eve’s post
ryan2911: the picture…?
psykotik2k: she posted them up
ryan2911: ahhh
ryan2911: i see
psykotik2k: Posted by Eve
ryan2911: i see


ryan2911: you ever met avril?
psykotik2k: nope
ryan2911: whats a pederast?
psykotik2k: read the post
ryan2911: ahh i see
ryan2911: interesting

OMG. Somebody put me out of my misery. Please.

ryan2911: you like ddr?
psykotik2k: i have the game, i have the pad, and i’ve only played it like once. maybe twice.
ryan2911: awww come on now
ryan2911: if you have it you might as well play
ryan2911: its fun
ryan2911: azn thing
psykotik2k: not into it

AZN THING? I’m not Japanese, i’m not Chinese, i’m not Korean, i’m not Singaporean, i’m not Indonesian, i’m not Thai, i’m not Vietnamese and i’m not fucking Malaysian. I’m not into rice rockets, i’m not insanely into anime and i’m not at all like your run of the mill stereotypical AZN. Only wacky Japanese people play DDR. And Chinese people too. Well, usually anyway. And i’m neither.

So, no. I don’t like DDR and i’m not into it. Even though i do own that damn DDR dance pad and a bunch of the DDR games on PSone. Sometimes i like buying games that i barely ever touch or play.

Remember when i posted about how some people actually sign guestbooks on celebrity fansites as if they’re actually ‘talking’ to the celebrity featured on the site? Like: “Oooh! I love your music! Could you please send me a signed autograph??!” or whatever blah blah blah.

Well i got one from a disgruntled Avril hater. I don’t know if this was meant for ME or for AVRIL but what the hell, it’s amusing if only for the stupidity of the person who actually wrote it to think that i’m actually Avril Lavigne.

“i fucking hate this whore lead singer bitch who thinks she so fucking punk. youre an asshole and youre too fucking soft. QUIT TRYING TO LOOK SO PUNK AND youre a fucking poser. what the hell. you try to look fucking punk and fucking have a gay ass song called skater boi? what the fuck is up with that, you poser wannabe bitch. i would just love to kick your skimpy little ass sometimes. and youre so fucking gay and you dress like youre punk and you get all the fucking preppy people into it. you know, i dont think you understand how preppy people act like something theyre not. just like you.”

Okay man. Whatever. I’m not Avril Lavigne. Get a clue.

Oh and some stupid Malaysian fucker left this in the guestbook recently.

Fullname: malaysian
Email: made@malaysia
Where are you from?: malaysia
Comments: nobody wans to know u phycho. move away if u realli think m’sia is such a terrible place.

Stupid Malaysian. Learn to fucking spell. Moron. And i AM out of Malaysia. And i’m glad to be out. Malaysia IS a terrible place. Fucking Malaysia. Land of where DVD’s cost upwards of RM$130+.

I’m like half Singaporean. And very kiasu. That’s why i don’t like Malaysia. Ahahaha. I wanna go back to Singapore. Singapore is cool.

Why i don’t like Malaysia:

  • Taxi drivers rip you off
  • Buses stink
  • Trains stink
  • Malaysia stinks (seriously it smells)
  • DVD’s cost RM$130 (unless of course if you’re into those damn durian DVD’s)
  • Everything is overpriced (shut up. it is)
  • A bag of Doritos cost 9 bucks (see?)

I could list more but i think i’ve said enough to warrant some Malaysians to lash back and post “Aiya! Why you so like that one! Say say Malaysia like this and like that one?? Haaahhh?? Why why? Stupid Bruneian/half Singaporean!” in the comments section.

I got one thing to say to you in advance. “Shut up lah

Date: Sat, 22 Jun 2002 01:23:05 -0500
From: “me hungry” forgottenrealms@swirve.com
To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: Re:

ur name’s justin right?i’ve been visiting ur site for quite sometime now.i found out about ur site all thx to pornography..it’s a long story and i’m lazy.i know what u mean about Malaysia..i’m living in this shitpit.a Malaysian myself..love the country but it’s damn boring ere.BTW,do u pay for ur website?it seems kinda large.there was this one time i tried to visit but it said that u sold it.very funny.i thought u really sold it and nevber bothered to visit anymore..well,right up till now.oh yeah,are u gay?if u are,just forget about this mail and get lost.and if this site is free,plz do tell me about it..i just got into college and i’m looking for some free webspace.adios justin!keep the girls postin boob pics on ur site!chow..

See? He’s Malaysian and even he calls it a ‘shitpit’.

You know this e-mail was actually alright up till the point he asked if i was gay.

“if u are,just forget about this mail and get lost”

What’s wrong with being gay? Stupid close-minded Malaysian. Free webspace? Try geocities.com you fucktard.

I’ll bet you a free bangbus.com login and password that there’ll be at least one not so nice comment about how i’m bashing Malaysia right now in the comments section.

See the disclaimer up at the top of the site? Especially the words highlighted in bold? Understand all that? Good.

Well that’s it for the ‘controversial’ portion of this post. Onto the usual crap.

I was talking to Amanda a coupla nights ago and she pointed out how she thought Avril Lavigne and Sarah Michelle Gellar have the exact same nose. Go compare. She may be onto something.

Here’s a pic of SMG all Avril-ized for you to make your comparison.

Oh and a quick plug for Mimi. Go give her a visit. It’s a nice site.

Fullname: Avril Lavigne BEST FAN!!!
Email: kenny_boy38@hotmail.com
Where are you from?: tornto
Comments: UR SITE FUCKING ROCKS MAN, and i dont care what other ppl bull shit about Avril Lavigne but i think she is one of the best GURL rocker there is YA!!! and she came to tornto yesterday and she SIGN MY CD I AM SO LUCKY!!! OMG!!!! well i just have to say SHE KICKS ASS OH YEAH!!!!! and she is so HOT!!

If anybody can make and get Avril to hold up a sign that says ‘thatsjustnotright.com’ on it at one of her autograph signing sessions or wherever and take a picture of that momentous event, send it to me and i will be eternally in your debt.

Or as a camwhore would say: “I’ll <3 u 4eva!!!” Hm. Okay i think i’ve posted enough for now. If i get at least 50 comments for this post, i will post up a free login and password for these two sites.

Oh and no cheating either. No multiple posting under different names. I can track your IP address you know. And ban you. Bwahahaha.

UPDATE @ 9:39AM:

I forgot about this little thing that i wanted to show you all. I found it a coupla days ago and posted it up at the celeb site.



Avril filler!

Even despite the site sucking shit right now due to the lack of posts, i still get fan mail! Ahahahahahaha.

To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: Update your site
From: Jason Major smashy@comcast.net
Date: Sun, Jun 23 2002 6:39:29 AM -0400

Hey Psykotik Mullet-Man,

Update your site for Christ’s sake already! Your last posting is 4 days old.

You made me order a Avril Lange cd off of Amazon since I was making a cd order I decided to try it anyway. I am awaiting its arrival. You can tell your new love of your life that your site is responsible for her increased traffic and increased SALES.



Avril, i have increased your traffic and sales! So can i have an autographed picture of you? PLEEEEEASE?

To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: canada has done well…
From: maximus@staticmaximus.com
Date: Tue, Jun 25 2002 2:35:54 PM -0400

hey man, just wanted to say that i like the new layout. it’s nice to find a real girl with a little fire every once in a while. it’s your best layout since you had claire up there. later


You must be a long time reader. Claire Forlani was the first girl i used for the layout.

For those of you who are wondering, here are all the girls that i’ve used on the site over the past year or so:

  • Claire Forlani
  • Natalie Portman
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Drew Barrymore
  • Avril Lavigne (<3)

    Once upon a time, i actually did have a Christy Chung layout up. But it didn’t look right so i took it down after about 20 minutes or so. Only one person has ever seen it i think.

    Anyhoo, this next one is from my guestbook.

    Fullname: jen(kat)
    Email: i_love_elmo92@hotmail.com

    avril,pink and kittie are the ONLY awesome kick azz girl singers in this whole frickin world!!! avril u give “skater punk” a good name and u show the world that britney spears and chirstina aguleira may get a lot of attention but thats just cuz there whores!!!! and even tho some peeps dunt like us cuz were different than the rest of the preppy,abercrombie loven,pop singin,pink is the new orange messed up world thats the way we are and girl u rock!!

    Hahaha. Okay moving on back to e-mails.

    To: psykotik@gmail.com
    Subject: Your website is badass
    From: “Bah Prestly” skinsuvtyrant@fatchicksinpartyhats.com
    Date: Sat, Jun 22 2002 6:11:08 PM -0700

    Hey dude, just wanted to say your website is badass, and it’s funny as hell. I got a real kick out of it, and god damn Avril is hot! Later.


    To: psykotik@gmail.com
    Subject: Avril
    From: “I_AM_ HIM” i_am_him@hotmail.com
    Date: Fri, Jun 21 2002 1:49:20 PM +0000

    Just thought I would let you know that I am in Edmonton Alberta and Avril will be at one of the local radio stations next week. I don’t have a date or time but you know when I know I will be too *sick* to go to work and will probably be camping out there.


    If I manage, I will try to get a few digital pics, and an autograph or 2 that I will scan in.

    He wrote in again with an update.

    To: psykotik@gmail.com
    Subject: Re: Avril
    From: “I_AM_ HIM” i_am_him@hotmail.com
    Date: Tue, Jun 25 2002 7:42:56 PM +0000

    I missed her at the one radio station, but I heard she was going to another station in town where I know one of the DJ’s, but I was late too I did see her but no pics or autograph, she was just leaving, but dude she is short… like under 5 foot tall kinda short, but hot.. very hot… sexy … oh my god.

    My buddy confirmed it, shes only like 4’11” or something, tiny girl but oh so hot.. of course he was talking to her but noooo he neglected to call me to meet her today… next time man, maybe she will head to yer neck o’ tha woods soon.

    “very hot… sexy … oh my god”

    Okay. Time to play Eternal Darkness again and slowly go insane!

  • Tee hee

    I changed the pictures on my layout. =D

    You likes? Bwahahahaha.

    Anyway, i’m probably gonna try make a better collage of her pics for the top of the site. Just need to find nicer pics to use. =]

    Avril. *swoon*

    Avril vids!

    Avril’s first live apprearance on TRL! Get em while they’re still online!

  • Avril intro by Carson. (74 mb)
  • Avril calling Britney a HO. (60 mb)
  • Avril perfoming ‘Complicated’. (108 mb)

    Okay so they’re huge files. But it’s 2002 already. Get a damn cable modem you 56 k’ers.

    “I mean, the way she dresses – would you walk around the street in a fuckin’ bra? I’m not trying to dis anyone, but with me, the clothes I wear onstage are the clothes I would wear to school or go shopping. I’m not gonna go up onstage and dress different. Britney Spears goes up onstage and dresses like a showgirl. She’s not being herself up there because she’s dancing like a ho. Is she ho? She says she’s a virgin. Y’know, it’s just not clicking. She’s doing one thing and saying another thing, y’know? It’s definitely not what I’m going to do.” – Avril on Britney.

    Tee hee.

    Me likes. Me likes a lot.

  • Webcam!

    I got my webcam up and running on my Mac! Which is pretty miraculous since it never used to work before. It used to be all buggy and shit. But hey! It’s working now so i decided to take pictures of my room here in the dorm! Why? Because i’m a showoff like that!

    Click on the thumbnails for a bigger picture!

    By the way, if you look REALLY closely in that last pic, you might be able to see the Boondock Saints DVD in there.

    So no more telling me “WHATTTT??? YOU DIDN’T BUY THE BOONDOCK SAINTS DVD???” okay? Okay!

    Keep in mind that what you see is probably only HALF of my entire DVD colection. The other half is back at home.


    I’ll watch Boondock Saints tomorrow or something. Maybe later tonight. I have homework to do first!

    Look at what i bought today!


    <3<3<3 Update 6:50pm:

    To: psykotik@gmail.com
    Subject: Whoa! Avril!
    From: “Gus O’Donnell” chowder81@hotmail.com
    Date: Sat, Jun 15 2002 9:39:20 PM +0000


    Thanks for the intro to Avril! It’s nice to hear someone just before they explode, and I just gave her album a listen. Bye bye Britney, say hello to Avril.

    I love it when Canadians dominate entertainment media (being Canadian myself, eh?) That’s how Canada secretly controls the world (so, uh, don’t tell anyone.)



    Meet Avril. She is hot.

    I want to marry her.

    I like her a lot. I saw her on Leno for the first time last week and i thought. Wow. I think i like her. I didn’t catch her name though because i wasn’t really paying attention when Leno announced her name and i was kicking myself in the ass because of that. So one week later i caught the rerun of that same Leno show and AGAIN i missed out on listening to Leno announce her name. So there i was, stuck without knowing what her name was and wanting to kick myself in the ass again. But then i did the smart thing and listened to the lyrics. And the chorus. And once i’d done that, i entered the first line from the chorus into google and wahey! I found the song. And the accompanying artist name. I am so smart.

    So anyway, i went to her website and downloaded some samples of her songs. Read her journal, found out she was Canadian (eh!) and watched her video online (since i can’t seem to get MTV in my stupid room. I should be getting at least 30 channels on my TV but i only have about 14. And no MTV! Suck).

    Did i mention she has a journal? Here’s an excerpt!

    “Summer’s coming up eh?? Can’t wait!!!”

    Haha. She said “eh”. That’s so cute.

    I want to marry her.


    OKAY! Update time! Let talk about movies. Because they are my passion and i bought 5 DVD’s with my T-shirt and porn money yesterday!


  • Traffic: Criterion Collection
  • Monster’s Ball
  • Blue Velvet: Special Edition
  • L.I.E: Original Uncut Version

    Okay Black Hawk Down. I thought it was a good movie. Stupid plot but good movie. Actually i can’t really fault its plot because it was based on an actual event. But i still think it has a stupid plot. Good movie though. Hmm… if the movie is good but the plot it is based on is stupid, would that make the actual event stupid too? I suppose so because war is stupid.

    I mean, okay. They go in to get some people out. The shit hits the fan and BLACK HAWK DOWN! BLACK HAWK DOWN! So they have to secure the Black Hawks and get the injured people and dead bodies out too. And in the process of getting said dead bodies out, the people who are getting those dead bodies out BECOME dead bodies themselves!

    It’s like Saving Private Ryan all over again. I really don’t understand the whole “risking 7 to save 1” deal. It’s pretty much the same as in Black Hawk Down. Okay i mean sure, i probably would want to be left behind but still it’s just really stupid to “risk 7 to save 1 (and getting 14 more killed as a result)”.

    Okay so maybe i’m just making up numbers but you get the general idea.

    By the way, contrary to what it seems in the post below this one, no i am not gay. Suzi is evil.

    But i do like Ben Affleck though. <3

    Go read her post first if you don’t know what i’m talking about.

    Okay i haven’t seen any of the other movies yet but i learnt a new word as a result of owning L.I.E on DVD!

    Want to know what it is?? Okay! Here we go!!!!


    Yes! Pederast! Use it wisely kiddies.

    Like for example:

    “Hi Bob. You are a pederast”
    “LOLOLOLOL. <3<3<3<3”

    You’re probably wondering what pederast means. Let me tell you now:


    pederast Pronunciation Key (pd-rst) n.

    A man who has sexual relations, especially anal intercourse, with a boy.


    Yah. That’s hot.

    L.I.E is actually an indie flick. And a VERY controversial one too. So that’s probably why you’ve never heard of it.

    Here. Go to the L.I.E website.

    psykotik2k: http://www.lot47.com/lie/reviews.html
    psykotik2k: “L.I.E., which literally stands for Long Island Expressway and metaphorically for much more, is a startling, complex exploration of a young suburban boy’s coming to terms with his homosexuality, just as a pederast closes in on him.”
    psykotik2k: “The subject matter is certainly controversial – it’s not every day that we see a sympathetic portrayal of a pedophile – but Cuesta avoids the taint of salaciousness, thanks in large part to a brilliant performance from Cox.”
    psykotik2k: “A penetrating look at a 14-year-old boy’s relationship with a pederast.”
    psykotik2k: ahahahahahah. he said penetrating.
    psykotik2k: uh hur hur hur
    psykotik2k: okay i’m guessing this movie is going to be sick
    psykotik2k: but i havent seen it yet
    psykotik2k: i’ll watch it tonight
    Typical Lewser: *shakes head*
    psykotik2k: you should go rent Kids by the way
    psykotik2k: and Bully
    Typical Lewser: why?
    psykotik2k: because i said so biotch
    psykotik2k: no really they’re good movies
    Typical Lewser: what are they about?
    psykotik2k: kids is about kids. having sex
    psykotik2k: and bully is about kids. havign sex too
    psykotik2k: ahahaha
    psykotik2k: actually no
    psykotik2k: but really kids IS about kids having sex
    psykotik2k: and bully is based on a true story
    psykotik2k: that happened in florida
    psykotik2k: about some kids getting together to kill this bully out of revenge
    psykotik2k: and having sex
    psykotik2k: ahahah
    Typical Lewser: *shakes head*
    psykotik2k: but no really, they’re good movies

    Yes. Take heed kiddies. Go track down L.I.E, Kids and Bully.

    Controversial indie flicks are great!

    Speaking of controversial flicks, but in a non pederast kind of way… more like Tarantino controversial, i’ve always been wondering about this one movie called The Boondock Saints. Or something. I seem to recall Thess and Nick going on and on about how uber cool is it. Anyway, while i was shopping for DVD’s yesterday, i saw in on the store shelves. I would’ve bought it but then i forgot to. Oh well. Maybe next time.

    psykotik2k: i saw boondock saints yesterday
    Typical Lewser: what’d you think?
    psykotik2k: and i thought. wow. nick is a dirty whore.
    psykotik2k: the end.
    Typical Lewser:

    Time for boobs.

    SEE??? BOOBS!!!


    In other news…

    Keli loves penis. The end.