So there’s this Japanese site right; they buy all these female anime/videogame PVC statues and then they take pictures of them.

Innocent enough.

Until you scroll halfway down each of the picture pages on there and they start taking downblouse shots, panty shots, shots of them without their skirts on and in one case, shots of one of them straddling a makeshift dildo.

I don’t think i’ve gotten this excited over toys since i last played with my Cheetara action figure 16 years ago.

Read some of the (very broken) translated text for even more perverted comedy. The emoticons they use while descibing each toy (what i imagine to be in excruciating detail) is quite possibly even more perverted than the pics themselves, strangely enough (once you actually realize what they’re supposed to represent).

Now excuse me while i masturbate to these pictures of Tifa from Final Fantasy VII*

* (this may or may not actually happen)

ps: if you click on this link, you will become a pedophile.

Duff & Trachtenberg

See? She don’t look half bad without those stupid veneers on. I like her better when she’s all boxy faced. Not so much when she’s horse faced like her sister. Which tends to happen when she has those damn things on.

Oh and no points for Michelle Trachtenberg for looking as clown faced as ever.


I got my site voluntarily reviewed over at recently. Check it out. And no, i didn’t pay him to say all those things.

Been a while since i last had my site ‘officially’ reviewed. I think the last time was back in 2001. And i didn’t pay that guy to say all those things either. I’m surprised that review is still even up. I think i ended up winning their best site of the year award that year. Natch.

Here are some excerpts of other ‘reviews’ that i’ve stumbled upon over the years.

“…this is one of those sites you dream about finding. Seriously. Forget about me and go there – you might never come back here, ever, but that’s okay. I will comPLETEly understand.”

– Bears-Cave

“He has nude naked topless celebrities, amusing things to say, and an interesting following. Its about half very bright girls and half guys who can’t spell anything at all. Makes for a fun dynamic.”

– Spacecheese

“Excellence, if one word could wrap up his site, excellence would be it. The […] logs are interesting and fun to read.”

– theweblogreview

“…I also just wanted to take a min, and say thanks. I really do enjoy your web site, it makes me laugh. I have told co-workers about it, and they also tell me that it is good. Whatever you are doing, keep it up.”

– Kevin (via e-mail)

“I did not have sexual relations with that woman Ms. Lewinsky”

– Bill Clinton

Go submit your site to if you have one. And if you want, give me a little review of your own in the comments. Who knows, maybe i’ll immortalize your words on the ‘testimonials’ page (aka the page i go to whenever i want a virtual dick sucking).

Of course, if you talk shit about me, i’ll have to ban you from ever coming here ever again. Thanks in advance. Justin is your friend.


And by Chobots, i mean stupid idiots.

“Shinomori Aoshi”. Shut up. What is that? Like “Hatsumi”? Jessica Chobot’s wannabe Japanese name? Unless you’re Japanese, you shouldn’t be using a Japanese name. You should use your real name. I bet it’s Bubba Johnson or something. But judging from the way you spell certain words, it’s probably something poncey like Nigel Hawthorne. You bloody otaku git. Of course this is just an assumption. And i can say whatever i want about Chobot even though i don’t know her just like you can say whatever you want about me even though you don’t know me.

Oh and you eat your own words you filthy Chobot sympathizer. You eat them!!!!!

I would like to state that a lot of her comments at interview are very uneducated / biased, but those comments are opinions… and are also made/shared by genuine gamers every day. […] Plenty of foolish people there that have similar beliefs, and other people that put them down.

Your “wellfounded” rant is no worse than anything that’s been posted on these pages. And the funny thing is, probably 90% of all the things posted about Jessica Chobot on here have been made by other people besides myself, who acknoledge the fact that Jessica Chobot is a stupid whore/fraud/fake/cunt. JESSICA CHOBOT SUCKS.

And buddy, extremes can get certain people places sometimes. You’re no better than any random fanboy out there. Just because you love and hate all systems equally doesn’t mean shit.

When something is shitty, you say it’s shitty. And there’s nothing not shitty about Jessica Chobot!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coincidently, the PSP that she loves so much is pretty shitty too. I bet she plays Nintendo ROMS on it. Oh the IRONY.


Well apparently she was on Attack Of The Show. Again. This is what? Like her third or fourth time on the show? What could possibly warrant her being on it again and again? As if she has anything much to say in the first place. Dumb whore.

Here’s a brave soul who actually tuned in to watch her latest appearance:

I just saw Chobitch on AOTS again…. she somewhat apologized for hating on nintendo, then talked about her gaming… “Yea I stopped PC gaming for a while at the original Unreal Tournament.. then I got into MMORPG’s with FINAL FANTASY ONLINE.” I shit you not she said FFO maybe 3 times. Its called Final Fantasy XI (11) you stupid fucking fake bitch, not Final Fantasy Online.


Jessica Chobot causes fury in me.

In related news, the super secret Jessica Chobot project that is being worked on is ALMOST DONE!

It will probably be revealed later tonight if all goes well.


i just updated my psp firmware to 2.0 (FUCK ‘HOMEBREW’) and i’m posting this from my psp internet browser.

now my psp is no longer as useless as jessica chobot.

oh and no props to sony of japan for being slow as fuck and only putting the firmware online 16 hours into the day. this thing should have been up at midnight. fuck you very much sony.

this fucking thing needs a proper keyboard thing though. this update took me 20 minutes to type out.