In another flimsy ass envelope.

I’m dreading the day they ship out my pre-ordered steelbook copy of The Crow but it looks like there’s going to be a slipcover on the thing so there’s at least gonna be some extra protection against dents.

Also, not my Crow:

The violence looks pretty good tho.

But yeah, these just arrived:

I guess i’m glad i preordered as soon as it was up on Amazon because it’s apparently out of stock now in most places.

They didn’t manage to ship out Aliens together in this package (it just got shipped out yesterday actually) but at least i don’t have to wait for however long it takes to get restocked.

Saw a bunch of posts on r/4kbluray complaining of shipment delays and the Cameron discs being sold out. So much that they had to start removing posts about it.

That steelbook copy of The Crow is also “Currently unavailable” on Amazon now. I guess physical copy FOMO is a thing. Reminder to preorder the things i really want really early.

Next on the to buy list:

Just got announced and it comes out June 18th. Jennifer Tilly!