Got a coupla new voicemails last night.

  • 1 – Sounds like a serial killer 😮
  • 2 – It was a really good voicemail.
  • 3 – Guess who 😀
  • 4 – Some kid talking about poop. Horrible horrible.
  • 5 – He likes the nekid ladies.
  • 6 – Heh.

    Remember, speak up loud and clear if you’re gonna leave a message!


  • Voicemail!! Yes! Again!!

    I once had a voicemail number thing that came along as this little extra perk with my membership to some IDT long distance virtual calling thing that i signed up for online. It was expensive. So i said fuck that and never renewed my membership.

    Then yesterday, the unstoppable force that is Susan Elaine, told me to sign up for this uReach.com thing and get a new voicemail number thing. And i was like, “Is it free?” and she was like, “Yes!” and then my pc was like BEEP BEEP BIP BLIP BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP and then… like…

    So anyway, i signed up and now i have a trial membership thing where i can abuse their services for 30 days! And then i saw this other thing where you can upgrade your trial thingy to this other trial thingy for free which i thought was like, eh? But whatever, it was a better free trial offer where it gives me a dedicated toll free number thing without some bullshit extension number or whatever.


    But only for a month though. Then i gotta sign up for one of their plans. They’re pretty cheap though. But i dunno. Fucka buncha plans. We’ll see if it’s worth me signing up for next month.

    Anyhow, before i give you the number to call, i just wanna say that i actually lost half of the voicemails that i’d saved on the site from that first time i got that other voicemail thing. Long story but yeah, i managed to salvage about 7 out of the 15 voicemails that i got that first time from an old backup that i made. I am kinda sad though because i lost that one voicemail of this Avril fan that said my site was “pretty ugly”. She was funny. I think she was stoned or something. She sounded like it.

    Anyway, here’s the number:

    1-877-572-2475 (note: as of 2/10/03, voicemail number does not work anymore)

    Just dial number and leave a message right after the beep. Speak loud and clearly and hang up when you’re done! I’ll post up the best ones on the site. And yes, you can still call even if you’re in Canada. It should work (i think).

    Avril Lavigne! <3

    No more Ellen Feiss. Switching back to the old Avril layout in honor of her new video that’s out. Can’t wait to see her perform at the Billboard music awards. Eeeee!

    I swear i’ll find someone new to use. After i’m done with my exams. Don’t worry, it won’t be Janie Porche.

    SCARY :o

    Fullname: Neal SEcks
    Email: Neal_Secks@hotmail.com
    Where are you from?: KZoo
    Homepage URL: www.iwishihadaradsite.com
    Comments: I’m totally pissed, i was looking for the DZslut movie and i stumbled on this page, I totally seen you before but i can’t rember were. I go to WMU so that must somehow explain it.

    It’s always semi scary when i get people telling me that they’ve seen me around in person. I had one guy e-mailing me once saying that he saw me around campus back when i was still in stupid Malaysia. He was like, “i like your site” bla bla bla “hope to see you around sometime”.

    SCARY 😮

    Last semester, i had my URL written on my dorm room door right under where my name was. And i had this one guy from down the hall knocking on my door one night towards the end of the semester. He was like looking for me and shit. Like, “Is Justin around?” and i’m like, “Yeah, i’m Justin” and then he’s like “Oh man, yeah i just wanted to stop by and say hi and give you props for your website man” and then bla bla bla. And i told him that i was just about to update later on that night and he’s like “oh cool, i’ll check it out”.

    SCARY 😮

    Since then, i’ve always had this one freshman guy IMing me earlier on in the beginning of the semester telling me that he’s studying here in Western right now and that he wanted to meet me or something. He even went as far as contacting Eve about me and asking for my full name and my address and number and shit.

    SCARY 😮

    I also had one guy that goes here to Western IMing me telling me he found my site and bla bla bla. I’ve never met him though. He was the one who supplied me with the WMU DZ Slut videos.


    Why is it that it’s all GUYS that are contacting me and telling me that they’ve been seeing me around and crap. Aren’t there any girls reading this site? =(

    I swear, there must be like a 6000:6 ratio of guys to girls reading this site or something. TOO MUCH SAUSAGE.

    Anyway, i’ve been pretty strapped for cash recently (*shock*). Which is probably why you haven’t been reading much about me buy DVD’s every week anymore. So i was telling that freshman guy about it and he was like “how would you like to make some extra cash” or something like that. So anyway, lately, i’ve been going on alchohol runs for a bunch of his other underaged friends (tsk tsk) and making a little cash from whatever change they get back from each run. Made 3 runs so far these past two nights. They’re crazy by the way. The spent like over 100 bucks last night getting like… what… 2 half gallons of Bacardi LEMON (Lauren? or was it Laura? yeah, i think she hates it when people don’t call it LIMON), a bottle of Pavov or whatever and a bottle of Captain Morgans. And some soda. Then later that night they got even more. What was it… i can’t even remember. And tonight, they got like 5 bottles of Long Island Ice Lemon Tea or something.


    Oh well at least i made a coupla bucks and i got to sit with two other girls in the back seat. I think they’re hot. I dunno. I’m not sure. It was dark. I didn’t really look.

    I swear i didn’t.

    Anyhow, we all somehow got into talking about this website of mine on the way back (mostly about how much of a whore that freshman guy is for talking to pretty much all the ‘FUBAR girls’ up there) and i was like telling em about what it’s all about and stuff. The site i mean. It’s pretty hard trying to explain what an E/N site is.

    Anyway, since then they’ve checked it out and they seem to like it. I think some of them (one of the girls i think) might even be interested in writing on the site. But i dunno. She must’ve been drunk or something when she said that. Haha. You people are probably gonna wanna ask her for pics of her boobs or something or just rip her post to shreds in the comments like you do with pretty much all the girl posters on this site if i let her post. You vicious readers you.

    So what was this post all about? Nothing really. Maybe i should mention how tonight, this one store didn’t wanna accept my ID. Stupid store. I don’t have a Michigan license or anything like that. Only my Student ID thing and my Country ID. They accepted them fine last night. Instead, the asshole clerk wanted to see my passport or something. WTF? Who brings a passport with them to get alcohol?? Idiot. Anyway, just to clarify, i don’t drink. I’m just getting them their booze for a little bit of cash. I think i can go to jail for that.


    Kids these days i tell you…

    Anyway, here’s that post about that WMU DZ Slut and those videos of her fingering herself. It’s towards the bottom of the post after all the Libby Hoeler stuff before it. I posted about Libby like… what? 8 months ago now or something and i’m still getting comments on that post (222 comments so far!) to this day. It’s pretty interesting to read. Some people really have no lives just searching out for that poor girl. Just like how i have no life writing about that poor girl.

    Poor girl.


    I’m too fat. I know I always post about it; it’s really the basis of my every thought on this site, but I just can’t get over it. I am way too fat. I wish I wasn’t fat. If I wasn’t too fat, my life would be happy, but alas, I am too fat. SADNESS. 🙁

    Also, my boobs are too small. Everyone else in this world has big boobs but me. Every girl. I walk down the street, and people scream in dismay; I had one lady ask me if they had ever caught the person who’d stolen my boobs. I think Friffboy has more of a rack than I do, my boobs are so small. I should write some sort of angsty poem about this matter, as it deeply concerns me.

    I wish I had a picture handy to post of a hot girl that I hate. Ooh, we’ll pick Stal. Not that she’s a bad writer, since her site was great, and she certainly is incredibly sexy on many levels, but NO. Hate hate hate hate hate. I hereby forbid you all to click any and all links to her pictures. In fact, turn OFF the ability to view pictures in your browser, because since I hate her, you can’t look at her.


    Jon: I hope your computer crashes and dies, and you have to reformat, thus losing all of your gay porn and satanic lesbian nun tentacle fucking. You are LAME. “Whenever I needed a dose of manliness…” If you really need a dose of manliness, you could always run down to the nearest truckstop and wait in the bathroom with your pants down, bent over.

    “less chicky posts, more manly posts. WAY less Ellen Feiss, WAY more fine-ass broads.” You are so lame.