Songs in the key of fubar

Here’s a collection of fubar inspired songs written and performed by Trip.

  • thatsjustnotright

    A touching song about how much i suck and how i’m gay. Inspired by my old domain names ( &

  • hermione

    A touching song about Hermione Granger (Emma Watson) from the Harry Potter movies.

  • fucking prick

    A touching song about that fucking prick who stole e-mail addresses off of fubar.

  • sad

    A touching song about how i’m on fire.

  • How much do i rule?

    A shitty throwaway blogspot site that i made got itself linked on wired, msnbc, gizmodo, ipodlounge and literally HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of other sites all around the world. I made That Pepsi Girl into a worldwide online phenomenon ala Ellen Feiss. All based on her 13 seconds of TV screen time. I rule.

    I’ve always wanted to make a meme site. Never actually thought i’d hit it that big on my first try.

    I need to remind myself to e-mail that entertaiment editor guy from Maxim magazine tomorrow to ask about the whole Mandy Amano interview thing to see how that’s going. Can you believe it? I got contacted by Maxim and i’m practically getting someone who probably would’ve gone next to unnoticed into Maxim magazine. All because of a stupid blog that i made. Okay well it’s not a 100 percent lock yet. There still might be a chance that the interview piece won’t get published. I’m not even sure if it’s gonna be in print or on But either way, it’s still Maxim baby. Twinkle twinkle. And hey, i might even get mentioned if the interview ever sees the light of day. HOLLA.

    Coincidently i just got the March issue of Maxim in the mail today. Jennifer Love Hugetits is on the cover. She talks about her bazonkas in the issue.

    “I’m fascinated with the Jennifer Love Hewitt breast site, where people speak about what outfits they look best in. It’s fantastic. I think it’s the funniest thing ever, and I love that there are people who spend their time doing it.”

    Well shit. If that’s what celebs think of creepy fansites, then i need to start covering all bases. Pepsi girl site here, Hayden Panettiere devotion site there… soon, i’ll have every celeb mentioning all my creepy fansites in Maxim magazine.

    Oh and that Grace Park person is in there too. Who the hell is she and why do people like her. She’s not hot. She makes my penis sad. You are all fags for liking her. Especially sm4shy.

    Dakota Fanning > Grace Park


    So how scary is Dakota Fanning. She’s like 10 (well.. 11 now. at least since February 23rd) and yet she’s so well spoken and mature and stuff in interviews. I think she’s an alien. It’s obvious. She definitely has a penchant for alien movies. She’s been in Taken. And she’s gonna be in War Of The Worlds. Plus Steven Spielberg obviously loves her. He put her in Taken AND War Of The Worlds. Plus he also made Close Encounters Of The Third Kind. AND he put an alien at the end of A.I. So you know what that means. He’s probably an alien too.

    Dakota Fanning = Alien Lifeform

    But i like Dakota Fanning. Mostly because i think she’s a good actor. Man On Fire was one of my top movies of 2004. She was pretty good in Taken too. I was glued to that series. Despite the cop out ending. Typical Spielberg. I recently saw Hide And Seek. Boy, what a shitty movie. Shitty ending i should say. The premise was good 70% of the way but then came that stinker of an ending that was 15 minutes too long. Good thing i didn’t pay a single cent to watch that pile-o-crap (hooray bittorrent!). The only good thing about that movie was Dakota Fanning really.

    When i saw the trailer for that movie for the first time, i was like “pssh. who the hell is that Dakota Fanning wannabe”. It wasn’t until a coupla weeks later did i realize that it actually WAS Dakota Fanning. Didn’t recognize her with the black hair.

    Go pick up the Man On Fire DVD and listen to the commentary track on that. Actually DON’T pick up the Man On Fire DVD YET because they’re double dipping it but DO listen to the commentary track when/if you get it. If not for the fact that they let a 9 year old watch an R rated movie (which is pretty amusing in itself when you think about it really hard) then at least for listening to this girl speak.

    I’d put her up there with Jojo in terms of “I CAN’T BELIEVE SHE’S ONLY __ YEARS OLD AND YET SHE TALKS LIKE AN ADULT!”

    The only thing that differentiates her from Jojo is that i’d fuck the shit out of Jojo. You know she’s loose. She probably already hit that shit with Lil Bow Wow. HOLLA!

    sm4shy: how do you spell intice?
    sm4shy: entice?
    psykotik2k: entice
    psykotik2k: you lose at english
    psykotik2k: i bet dakota fanning can spell entice

    11 year old Dakota Fanning > 31 year old sm4shy