Emma Watson is British. She will do full frontal in a movie one day. All British actresses do. This is fact.

Think about it. Name a British actress that hasn’t taken off her clothes on film. Can’t be done!*

*It probably can be done.


Now, i’m pretty sure 99.9% of the visitors to this site are male. With the 0.1% being just Angelbaby probably (if rumors on the internets are to be believed and she actually is female).

So deep down, most guys are pretty much perverts; the ones that visit sites like this at least. And if a perverted guy were able to act out being a perv, they’d probably be groping boobs and butts whenever they can. Because that’s what most guys probably think about doing whenever they see a hot chick i would think.

So my question is, are girls ever perverted? Do any of you know any girls that you might call perverted? Like, the type of girl where, if she were a guy, she’d be all like all actively trying to grab your junk or cop a feel whenever she can if given the chance. Like a girl version of that guy that you might know or be friends with who you know is totally like the boobs-and-butts-on-the-brain 24/7, grab ’em-whenever-he-can type pervert.

I’ve been thinking back and i don’t think i ever knew any chick that i would fit into my description of being a pervert. Or maybe pervert isn’t exactly the right word. Maybe like a girl who’s obsessed with dick and just loves grabbing it and beating it off or something. Like how a guy would obsess about boobs and would love to just motorboat them and jiggle them up and down or something. What would someone call that?

I’m pretty sure these types of girls exist. But do any of you know anybody like this? Like a chick friend, a girlfriend, an ex or something? Just curious to see if anybody has any stories.


Just watched all the superbowl ads in one go.

Only really loled at the Doritos ones.

And the Best Buy ad with Justin Bieber was pretty funny.

The Chrysler Eminem one was good too.

Transformers 3 looks awesome, Michael Bay makes me wet.

Too bad the new chick looks like somebody punched her in the face though. But anything’s better than bringing back bitchface Megan Fox so it’s still an upgrade i suppose.

Which ad was your favorite?