Eva Amurri recently finished filming season three of Californication, in which she enters the show as a writing student who moonlights as a stripper and falls for David Duchovny’s character. She took the stripper part seriously, too, undergoing three weeks of pole-dance training to prepare for the role. So does her mom, Susan Sarandon, approve? “My mom came to a strip class with me, actually,” the 24-year-old told us last night at the screening of Adam. “She had been so curious about it, and she tried a little bit. She was awesome.” –


Olivia Munn

The circus known as San Diego Comic Con 2009 ended on Sunday, and Attack of the Show was there to please the hordes of geeks by having Miss Munn cosplay in several outfits this year. Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Lara Croft, Silk Spectre, Emma Frost, and Princess Leia for the Star Wars panel.

I tried to round up some decent pics for a gallery, but the compilation video from G4 probably covers it best…

Here are the pics I found, in case anyone is interested…

So did anyone here go to nerd prom? Share your experiences with us!

(unless you attended a furry orgy…then we rly don’t want to know)


Oh. I was expecting at least a little titty tease seeing as to how she’s had ’em out before plus the fact that this is UK FHM but no titties to to be found.

So what’s the deal on this Dollhouse thing anyway? Any good? I actually have it downloaded, the whole first season, but i haven’t actually gotten around to watching it.

And whatever happened to Eliza’s gigant moles on her face anyway? I was watching True Lies recently and man, were those things distracting. Okay maybe they weren’t that gigant at all but still.


Fact: Never thought i’d fap to Eliza Dushku of all people (never really liked her) but i did. More than once. Then again i also fapped to those Jessica Alba MTV red carpet boob slip pics from a coupla years back and i hate Jessica Alba. Are these hate faps?

Miranda Kerr

Yeah, yeah…it’s been nearly two weeks since the last update. What can I tell you? It was going to be hard to follow Australian jailbait getting oiled up with anything short of a Miley Cyrus-Selena Gomez sextape. Honestly, the pickings have been slim to say the least.

So here’s Miranda Kerr topless during a photoshoot for Victoria’s Secret. Yes, I realize that these haven’t been exactly hard to come by today, but at least these don’t have dumb tags plastered on them like on some sites.

Hopefully, things will pick up a little bit from now to the end of summer.

What the?

I’ve wanted to take a trip Down Under ever since I got my scuba certification back in college, the Great Barrier Reef is like Mecca for divers.

But if this clip from Australian television is any indication, I won’t be able to get a plane ticket anytime soon because every pedo in America will have the flights booked solid.

Message to TV producers here in the States:

14 year old twins + bikinis + oil = EPIC WIN

ps. thx to Dex for dropping this in my gmail box this afternoon. ^_^

Emma Watson

For all you Harry Potter fans (you know who you are), here are some candids of Miss Watson at the London premiere of Half-Blood Prince.

Thanks to the fine English weather, Emma had some wardrobe difficulties…take special note of the last three pics.

Good thing she didn’t go commando that night… Oh, Hermione!

Jennifer’s Body

Yep, it’s another movie trailer. But this is for a film that’s a bit higher profile than the last one I posted.

Jennifer’s Body is the second film written by Diablo Cody (she wrote Juno), and this one is a horror/comedy starring Megan Fox in the title role. Amanda Seyfried also stars as Jennifer’s best friend.

Oh yeah, y’all might better remember this as the movie Megan was filming when she was photographed topless wearing pasties.

The studio isn’t releasing a trailer for this movie until Friday when it will run ahead of BrĂ¼no (and that one won’t be the red band version), but I’m bringing it to you early because that’s how much I care for you guys. Aww…group hug!

Sister Act

Some of you might already be familiar with Joanna Krupa, but did you know she has a younger sister who is also hawt? Something good going on with that set of Polish genes.

I actually think Marta might be even sexier than her big sis. What do y’all think?


From the producers of Hellraiser and Heathers comes this creepy-looking film about a couple of high school losers (never made it with a lady) who decide to blow off some steam at the local abandoned asylum after school one day, and find something interesting in the tunnels underground.

This is teen horror that brings to mind movies like Teeth, but this one doesn’t look to have as much dark comedy involved.