Okay, as most of you know, i’m a hit whore. Hence i check my stats everyday (I’m sure every e/n site owning person does too). Anyway, i notice that i’ve been getting hits from Malaysia too (Not me. Someone else). Weird thing is, since i got here, i’ve never told any of my new friends the URL of this site of mine. So i’m certain that none of my friends here go to my site. But someone else from outside my circle of friends here go to this site. I’m just wondering who. If you think you’re that person, e-mail me. I’m curious as to who you are.


Okay, as a general rule, i don’t post much on Saturdays and Sundays because i don’t have access to the library and i can’t be fucked to pay $3 an hour at a cyber cafe. But i will post. But not as much. But it depends though. I guess i’m having my downtime right now. Can’t think of ANYTHING remotely interesting to post about. Maybe tomorrow eh? I dunno. Just come back to check and see.

I didn’t get any (fan?) mail today. Tsk tsk tsk. And this after i told you all to MAIL ME yesterday? Sheesh.

But no matter. I have enough mail as it to reply to. But any e-mail which i do receive i’m very greatful for. It’s nice to get mail. Always.


Man, you have NO idea how *blank* my mind is right now. I’m just spewing out random bullshit right now. Uninteresting bullshit at that.



Sorry for the lack of updates today. I’ve been busy going about my social life (what little of it there is). Just got back from the mall. Bought another Dreamcast game. I swear i buy at least one game each day. Anyway, i also helped out this couple, who were at the game store, pick out 10 games for their newly bought Dreamcast. Heh. Good samaritan i am. Um….Got a haircut just before this (I’m at a cybercafe. The library closes at 3:00 pm on Saturdays. Sucks). Hair looks horrible. As always. Um…..i’m outta ideas. I’ll post again soon enough.

Klatu Verata N..*cough*

I’m actually in a cybercafe right now. They’re playing really weird music. Actually it’s not that weird. Just some M2M stuff. It’s only weird in the sense that they’re playing a Chinese version of ‘Pretty Boy’ right now. I’m not sure if M2M are really singing it in Chinese or if it’s someone else but it’s weird nonetheless. On a related note, that Marion (the brunette one) is hot.

And on a side note, i’ve been getting huge (neech) amounts of mail this week. About 20 e-mails or so at last count. In just this week alone. And you know what? I want more. Haha.

Well hello Mr. Fancy Pants

I watched Urban Legends: Final Cut again. It’s gooooood. I don’t really have anything to say actually. Um. Feelin a bit uninspired tonight. Okay, maybe i do. I’ll give you 2 (two) things. A request and some advice:

1) Gimme more hits.
2) Visit this site everyday for the rest of your life.
3) Remember. You are unique. Just like everyone else.

Okay so that was 3 (three) but who’s counting.

Who’s laughing now?!!

It’s actually pretty wierd when your COM 170B lecturer (An Interpersonal Communications class) says the words ‘asshole’ and ‘bullshit’ on the first day of class. Hell, in our last class, he said ‘motherfucker’ 3 times. He also said ‘chibai’ once too (Chinese derogatory word for vagina). All of this during class time in lessons while he lectures.

I kid you not.

Anyway, if you’re wondering what’s up with all the post headings today, they’re all quotes off of the Evil Dead movies. And if you didn’t know that, you should really be taken outside and shot.

I’m bad Ash and you’re good Ash

I haven’t been updating the girls section of my site since…..the last time i updated the girls section of my site. Why not? Because, for some strange reason, whenever i try to surf ANY page with any semblance of the word ‘girls.html’ in the URL, the school’s server would deny me access. Weird. Like the other day, i was (for some strange strange reason) trying to look for Kik Girl clothes online and i was denied access to this one particular site. Weird. Also, as to WHY i’m even searching for Kik Girl apparel is a mystery to me. I’ll try to update my girls page sometime though.

Anyway, I downloaded the trailer for the Evil Dead: Hail To The King game from their site and to see Ash’s chainsaw in action (with blood spurting every which way possible) gave me goosebumps. Hell, even my goosebumps had goosebumps. Man, i’m stoked. I’m hyped. I’m all for it. Bring it on. I WANT THIS GAME!

Gimme some sugar baby

I’ve been meaning to go see Professor Pippen (WMU’s prinipal/director type person) about whether it would be possible for me to be exempted from ENG 160A as it’s just too easy and take ENG 105. I mean, ENG 160A is just so easy. Almost to the point of making me….


I love the lecturer. She’s cool. But the class man…it’s sooooooooooo eeeeeeeeeeeasy (I can’t stress that enough. I mean, about 70.5683959% of the whole class is illiterate. Somewhat anyway. Dammit. It makes me wanna….