Apologies for those of you who tried e-mailing me only to get an auto-response saying that my inbox was full.

I get a lot of e-mail.

But it should be fine now though. So yeah.

Oh. By the way. Vicky, for the past 20 years up till this day, had always thought that Halloween fell on the 30th of October. And so, for the past 20 years now, she’d always been wondering why nothing scary ever happens to her on Halloween… not knowing that Halloween actually falls on the 31st.

Let’s all point and laugh at her!

*points and laughs*


Happy Halloween!


So i failed to mention the fact that i bought THE ONE on VCD last night. Well i did. And i’ve watched THE ONE. Even though it’s not even supposed to be out yet (It premieres November 2nd).


The first opening 5 minutes.

You get to see a fucking bad ass Jet Li. Fucking cocky looking as hell. You’d think he’s the ULTIMATE bad guy. Then the movie completely throws you in for a loop and an even fucking badder ass Jet Li appears and literally KICKS the SHIT out of EVERYONE.

The Matrix’s Bullet Time? FUCK Bullet Time!

OMG. I was literally STUNNED. I don’t know what they call that slow mo-ed/sped up special effect that they used but when i saw it action, i just couldn’t MOVE. AT ALL. That opening fight scene. Had my mouth wide open as if i were about to suck off somebody’s dick (Ew…).

Shit… me. And this is all just in the first 5 minutes! You HAVE to see if for yourself. If anything, the movie’s worth watching just for those first five minutes alone.

You mission this week, come November 2nd, is to go to the movies, and watch… THE ONE.

Me… i’m just gonna rewatch those first five minutes over and over again. I can do that because i have it on VCD. You don’t. Har.


So anyway. Yesterday right. A grand total of 22 e-mails came my way. All within the span of a day. 22 e-mails in 24 hours. Twenty-fucking-two.

And that’s on top of the 16 IM’s (at it’s peak) that i got earlier that morning. Which consequently caused my PC to crash. 3 times.

Sure sure. It may not seem like much. I mean, Suzi once even told me that she got like 31 e-mails and 40 IM windows open. Both in a single day. But she has breasts so that doesn’t count.

I won’t even attempt to start posting those e-mails up today because of three things:

1. There’s too many.
2. I’m too busy.


3. I forgot what the third thing was.

On my numerous IMs:

“And people wonder why I hide offline so damn much, pulling a digital J.D. Salinger on them. If I replied to all the instant messaging I received about my website, there wouldn’t be time left to write a website for them to be instant messaging about.” – Antwon

That is one of the reasons why i haven’t been able to post much today. That and because of the fact i’ve been busy with assignments, movie shoots, running out to get passport photos made, going through visa application procedures and other ultimately boring, trivial and time consuming stuff that’s been taking away from my site management time.

Christy Chung & Jennifer Aniston

Subject: Christy Chung
From: Pearly Tan
Date: Sat, Oct 27 2001 10:55:38 PM -0700 (PDT)

Attachments: ChristyChung3.jpg, ChristyChung4.jpg, ChristyChung5.jpg

Hey Justin,

For your collection, Christy Chung after her Marie
France program 😉


“The real fun of living wisely is that you get to be smug about it.” -Hobbes (Bill Watterson, Calvin & Hobbes)

Christy Chung used to be fat. Then she lost weight. Now she’s a MILF.

  • more—————
    Subject: Do your civic duty and FIND THESE
    From: Dave Bernreuther
    Date: Sun, Oct 28 2001 2:20:19 AM -0500

    from,+Jennifer :

    (7 August 2000) Sued “Celebrity Skin” magazine for publishing photos
    taken of her while sunbathing topless in her own backyard.

    fuckin hell man, you want to send your hits through the roof, find
    these photos and post them!… I know I’ve never seen them, and if
    they’re published, they’ve got to be out there. (Or at least I hope
    they are) it’s amazing that this is the first time I’ve heard of

    Thats all. Take care,


    Dave Bernreuther
    Creative Genius

    I tried. Believe me i tried. But it seems that every site out there that used to have those pictures on them have been removed by order of Jennifer Aniston’s laywers. And as much as i’d want them on my site, i wouldn’t wanna get sued or anything or have lawyers breathing down my neck. I love my site, i love my free hosting and i love my free webdomain and i don’t want my host to get into any trouble and kick me off his network or anything. Should those lawyers ever find out that i have those pics on the site. If i had those pics in the first place anyway. Which i wish i had.

    Actually, like you, this is also the first time i’ve heard of those pics even existing. Where the hell have i been for the past year?? I used to be a BIG Jennifer Aniston fan for heavens sake!

    Argh. I must be slipping in my old age.

    Does anybody out there have those pics? SEND THEM TO ME. And i’ll work out a way to put them on the site without getting sued or anything.

    I will find a way! I mean, i am after all, the smartest man in the world aren’t i?

More action

Subject: Hey!
From: “Melanie C” Add to Contacts
Date: Sun, Oct 28 2001 2:56:16 PM +0000

Kalen can’t have your babies. You need a real woman to make babies with. So
come over here to me sweety *winks*


*goes over to Melanie*

*humps Melanie*

Anybody else wants to make e-babies? Hahahaha.

Search referrals

It’s somewhat nice to know that my top three search referrals are based on the following:

1. Osama bin Laden (naked or otherwise).
2. Elizabeth ‘Libby’ Hoeler (or at least that’s what i think her real name is).
3. Aki Ross naked (Aki Ross naked).