On Katherine Heigl’s appearance:

I don’t see anything wrong with KH’s body. She is not flabby at all. The problem lies in the too-thin celebrities of the ’90s like the ones you mentioned (also the waif look ala Kate Moss). The other cause is assholes who nitpick what celebs look like, when in reality, they’d be hard-pressed to find a normal girl to go out with them. If you need an example of said assholes, feel free to peruse the forums at fubar and see how they complain about a faint stretch mark, non-existent “man hands”, etc.

Personally, I think KH’s body itself sets the bar pretty high for girls to match, so to call her flabby is ridiculous.

jediKnite on the TWoP forums


Free at last!

Just got done with all my finals 2 days ago. I’m coming out with an A in Organizational Psychology, B’s in Abnormal Psychology and Child Psychology, a BC in Human Sexuality and probably a C for my Math class (i sure as hell hope so, i NEED a C or better in that class or else i’m fucked). All things considered, i didn’t think i’d be getting any B’s much less that one A for any of my classes this semester. I was actually hella worried about not being able to pass my classes since i felt like i’d been really slacking off. But apparently not!

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Holy fucking shit.

That is all i have to say about that. What do you think chances of that ever happening for her would be if i’d never made that blog in he first place? Wow. It’s really amazing when you think about it what that dumb little blog has done for her exposure thus far.

Teh power of blogs?!?!?!


Airbrushed to hell! Either that or they just caked on the makeup to hide all visible pores. Boo.

Nice looking pics though. But that hairdo doesn’t work on her. Seems like she took a page out of the Scarlett Johansson book of hairstyles for this one. You know, like how Scarlett’s always wearing her hair up sometimes. Bad look Scarlett! Bad! Just let it all down!

Cute Girl

There’s a commercial on TV with a cute chick in that i like (shock!). It’s that one insurance ad where some girl falls flat on her face and then another girl walks on screen and talks directly into the camera. She’s cute. Not cute enough to make a fansite for (lolz!) but cute nonetheless. She sorta has a Brittany Snow kinda vibe going for her. You can watch the ad over here. You’ll wanna click on the ‘Cute Guy’ ad. Or not. Since it’s a RealPlayer media file. I hate RealPlayer. Who the fuck uses RealPlayer anymore anyway?

Oh and am i the only one that wishes American Dreams was more like The Wonder Years? I guess it’s still a good show though since it’s still on the air after all these years. It is still on the air right? I wouldn’t know. I only saw like the first three episodes. Three things bug me about that show. Brittany Snow’s scar, Vanessa Lengies nose (she has the largest nose of any actress in history) and the fact that it’s not The Wonder Years.

Special guest directing

I wonder if Bryan Singer is gonna have his name in the credits of King Kong. Might be the start of a new trend. Like with Sin City and QT’s special guest director credit.

If you didn’t already know, Peter Jackson’s been keeping video blogs of the production shoot on King Kong. And on day 131, Peter just got tired. And he just didn’t have it in him to stay fully awake that day. So he calls up Bryan Singer to help out.

Now Bryan’s also been keeping a video blog of his own too for his Superman shoot.

And these are the two video blogs from both directors of that one particular day on the King Kong shoot.

Peter Jackson calls, Bryan Singer answers.

So cool. Bryan seems like an awesome guy. And Peter even got Frank Darabont on some special guest directing action too.