I was gonna watch it for Kiki (and because it’s a Cameron Crowe movie) but i never knew Susan Sarandon was in it.

+1 Interest

Shadow of the Colossus

I beat Shadow of the Colossus last night. I almost cried twice! ENDING SPOILERS AHEAD: First when i thought my horse died and once again during the ending. So about that ending (THAT GLORIOUS 30 MINUTE ENDING), the kid with the horns? Ico? Sure, they say the two games are unrelated but there’s no doubt both games take place in the same world (same art style, same shadow demon things). My theory is that when Dormin possessed Wander, Dormin’s FEMALE side gave life to Mono (or maybe even took over her body???). Notice that Dormin spoke in two voices. A male and a female voice. But during the ending, only the male voice spoke. After the shaman guy banished Dormin (along with Wander’s possessed body) all that was left of them was a baby with horns (??? Ico??). I’m thinking Mono then becomes the evil queen from Ico. And at the end when the shaman says something about Wander maybe still being alive, that maybe someday he’ll atone for his sins? Maybe he does that later by defeating the evil queen in Ico, assuming that he IS Ico of course.

Then again this is all just speculation. And there’s some obvious holes in the theory. But if you’ve played both games, you’ll definitely see some connections and it’s hard not to think that Shadow is some sort of prequel to Ico. Or at least somewhat connected.

Elisha Cuthbert

The Girl Next Door was the biggest cocktease of a movie ever. How can you cast Elisha Cuthbert as a pornstar and not have her get the goods out. Stupid. And i don’t even like the girl. Her chin annoys me.

I’d still do ‘er though.

Lacey Chabert > Elisha Cuthbert

Lacey Chabert

Man, Lacey is just GORGEOUS. I love her as much as i love Amanda Bynes.

Oh and before anybody mentions it, for fucks sake people, SHE DOES NOT HAVE A FAKE TAN! She’s all natural!!!

It’s because she’s half Cajun i think. I dunno. Aren’t Cajun people usually tan?