My 4K UHD Bluray just arrived in the mail from Amazon today. It was shipped in a paper envelope if you’re wondering. But it’s ok, it’s not a Steelbook.

Was hoping it’d get here in time for it’s 20th year anniversary (on 30 April 2024).

Cute pink case! So fetch!

It came in this slipcover:

I watched the 2024 Mean Girls a while back. It was aaaaaaalright. It was a musical. I liked the new Gretchen. Can’t beat the original though.

Lacey Chabert posted this 5 years ago

This Walmart ad is probably the closest we’ll get to a Mean Girls 2004 sequel:

Just needs more Regina

Speaking of movies from the 2000’s, i also recently watched another favorite of mine, Bring It On. And wow, some of the scenes in that movie would never fly in this day and age lol. The anti-LGBT language and casual sexual assault in that movie? OUTRAGE! The woke mob would cancel the shit out of this movie in 2024.

I need this in 4k UHD

The 2000’s were a different time.