Chasing Amy hairdo > This hairdo


That said, she’s still one of my favorites. She needs to be in more movies.

PS: There is nothing wrong with the sound of her voice. Her’s AND Jennifer Tilly’s.


She was at some charity event thing in Maui not too long ago (sporting that rather unfortunate blonde hair color) along with a coupla other stars, namely, Alyson Hannigan, Christina Applegate and Kate Bosworth.

Lose the color Amanda! And the top too while you’re at it.


Added more pics of Amanda in the gallery above, a pic of all ladies in bikinis below AND numerous pics of Amanda in bikinis along with it.


From ‘Dream Lover’.

Anybody ever watch Twin Peaks back in the day? That show really had a lot of hot female cast members in it. I think i may have fapped to every single one of them.

Lara Flynn Boyle = FAPPED
Sherilyn Fenn = FAPPED
Madchen Amick = FAPPED
Joan Chen = FAPPED

Never fapped to Laura Palmer strangely enough. Wait… wasn’t she like completely butt naked in that ‘Vampires’ movie with James Woods? I stand corrected.

Sheryl Lee = FAPPED

AB UPDATE: Justin seems to leave it to me to bring the video goodness to y’all these days, which is made even worse by the fact that he has like a bazillion credits at What a lazy.

Die Duff Die!

Apparently there are others who feel as I do, that Hilary Duff must not be allowed to do any further damage to the world’s music supply. But my sinister plan for Teh Duff is far more subtle than trying to rush her while she’s doing a studio appearance. It involves a ninja, string and exotic poison…but let’s just keep that between us.

This story gives me an excuse to post these pics of Hilary looking about as good as she has in quite some time. I am especially fond of the black and white one…scrolling is always acceptable.

Police officers moved quickly to take down a man who allegedly threatened to kill pop star Hilary Duff during her appearance on a Canadian TV show. Duff was being interviewed Tuesday by MuchMusic when a man in the crowd outside the studio started shouting at the 19-year-old star. According to an eyewitness, the unidentified man vowed to kill Duff, prompting several police officers to tackle him. “The cops slammed his face into the pavement,” said photographer Todd Gillis, who witnessed the incident. “He was bleeding.”

lolz crazy Canadians.