Taylor Momsen

Another teen queen just had a birthday. T-Moms turned 17 and I don’t even want to think about how that celebration went down. Maybe something like the video for the second single from her band, The Pretty Reckless.

Even the album cover for her band’s debut album is causing a commotion…

While she was still sweet sixteen, Taylor gave an interview to Disorder magazine, where she dropped the following wisdom when asked about her love life:

She also grins when asked if she’s single, and replies that she is, that she’s not into guys, waits a beat, then adds she’s not gay but just bored of men and her best friend is her vibrator.


You’ve been a bad girl, Taylor…go to my room.

Sucker Punch

Lots of coo stuff was shown at Comic Con as usual, but I think this is what I’m most psyched to see next year, and I imagine many of our loyal readers will be equally intrigued.

Emily Browning FTW! ^_^

Oh, and some old chick named Carla is also in this. You’re welcome, Justin.

Selena Gomez

That sound you heard last week was thousands of pedos jumping off the Selena train when she turned 18 on the 22nd.

Other than becoming legal in all 50 states, Miss Gomez had a busy few days, with appearances on Letterman and Jimmy Fallon as well as the premiere of her new movie, Ramona and Beezus.

Next up on the jailbait countdown? Selena’s BFF, Demi Lovato, set to turn 18 on August 20.