Spider-Man 2

Everybody needs to go see this movie. Everybody.

If it’s going to be as good as i expect it to be, i seriously think i will cry. Heck, watching the TV spot with all the glowing reviews alone makes me want to cry.

Spider-Man pretty much smashed every single box office record ever when it first came out. And it’d be SO cool if Spider-Man 2 can do the same. Judging from early reviews, it’s definitely a better movie than the first. And quite possibly the best summer superhero movie ever. I really hope that it breaks box office records. Actually, fuck it. It WILL break box office records. But i want those records to be DESTROYED.

It’s just damn cool to see Sam Raimi, the guy who started off with low budget movies like Evil Dead, Army Of Darkness, Darkman etc etc… to come this far and finally make the big bucks. Same goes for Peter Jackson, the guy who started off with Bad Taste, Meet the Feebles, Dead Alive… and then to make The Motherfucking Lord Of The Rings Trilogy and get 11 Oscars for it. SO awesome. And even James Cameron, who started off with fucking Piranha 2 for God’s sake… to finally go on and make Titanic (best. movie. ever. don’t argue) and get 11 Oscars for it too. SO fucking awesome.

Sam Raimi probably won’t win Oscars for Spider-Man 2. But that’s not to say that he can’t. He’s done some pretty good Oscar-worthy-ish type films when he’s not dabbling in cult horror or summer superhero flicks.

If you haven’t already seen ‘A Simple Plan’, you should. It’s really fucking good. It totally blew me away when i first saw it. Really good movie.

Oh and of course, you also have him to thank for the gift that is Katie Holmes’ naked boobs in… ‘The Gift‘ (…ironically). It’s probably a pretty good movie too but i still can’t tell because all i can remember about when i think about that movie is Katie Holmes’ boobs.

Anyhow, go see Spider-Man 2. And check out ‘Before Sunset‘ this weekend. The sequel to one of my favoritest movies ever, Before Sunrise (which i have on LASERDISC). I’ll probably write about those movies another time.

Here’s some Kiki at the Spider-Man 2 premiere:

  • Kirsten Dunst
  • Not looking her best but hey, i’d still hit it.

    Oh and check her out in her other new movie, Wimbledon.


    Allo allo

    What’s up. Just a short update for now. Two more days till the end of the month and i still have 200 gigs of bandwidth left so i’m gonna host some vids on here for a while.

    But before we get to that, someone just PMed me.

    “Keira Knightley. Do you have anything on her? I love your site, and I think this gorgeous piece should be your new pastime. I’ll be looking for it oh God of FUBAR!!!”

    I generally don’t do requests but what the hell:


    A couple more:

    Anyway, here are two vids that i got off of celebritymoviearchive.com (where i have a whopping 4+ gigs of download credit!).

    It’s a really good site for celeb videos. And cheap too. EXTREMELY cheap. $2.95 gives you 100 megs of credit. That’s like cheaper than a Big Mac value meal. If you’re planning on signing up, use this e-mail address (psykotik_1@hotmail.com) as a referrer and you’ll get a 20% credit bonus on top of your 100 megs.

    You’ll find great videos such as:

    So fucking hot. I love Avril.


    And that’s all i got.

    (note: i won’t leave that 23 meg monster up forever so you better get it within the next half hour because it’s coming down at 9:30pm EST)

    Update: Actually fuck it. Hundreds of people downloading the 23 meg file will slow down the site too much. Just go sign up and download it off CMA.com yourself.

    Anyhow, to make up for it, i guess i’ll talk a bit more.

    Anybody seen the new Avril video? It’s hot. She wears a tutu in it. Hot.

    The only thing not hot about the video is the guy who plays her boyfriend. He’s FREAKIN’ OLD. He must be at least 30 or something. Or 27. Or 26. OLD.

    Take a look:

    OLD! He looks OLD!

    His presence in the video totally ruined my happy ending.



    Fahrenheit 9/11

    So who’s seen it? If you haven’t, you should. It’s really good stuff. I was surprised to see the theater that i went to like, 98% full (remember this is freakin’ Kalamazoo Michigan we’re talkin’ about here). Most times you’d be hard pressed to have 20-30 people watching a movie; even on opening day. And this was like 98%. At a 12:30pm screening.

    Just so you know, when 9/11 happened, i had no access to CNN or a proper TV news channel. I was in stupid Malaysia at the time and we didn’t have satellite or cable TV at the dorm. All i really had going for me in terms of news coverage was the internet. And even then, i never really read up on everything that was going on. I really really wished i had CNN back then. So unlike the rest of the world, i didn’t have clips of the planes crashing into the twin towers shown to me a bazillion gazillion times a day. Heck, when some Australian dude IMed me saying something like “America is under attack. The pentagon and the twin towers got bombed” i was like, “yeah right”. I was in the computer lab at the time and didn’t even think twice about checking CNN.com or whatever because, really, it just sounded ridiculous. It was only after i got back to the dorms did i actually start hearing from other people about what’d happened over in the States.

    I never really ‘got into’ the whole 9/11 thing because i had no access to proper news media. At least media that would provide 24 hour a day news updates on the whole thing. It really wasn’t until a full year later did i actually REALLY get to see what other people had already seen a million times over; and that was on DVD. If you look at my DVD list, you’ll see that i have two 9/11 DVDs on there.

    I also didn’t pay that much attention to the 2000 elections either. Because, shit, i was halfway across the world and they just don’t cover stuff like that that much so i didn’t really get to hear about everything that went down. All i knew was that Florida cheated and that was pretty much it really.

    So basically, watching Fahrenheit 9/11 was pretty much like playing catch up with everyone else who’s already ‘in the know’. I’ll tell you what, if i were an American citizen; and knowing what i know now about the Bush family after seeing what i saw in Fahrenheit 9/11, i’d definitely wouldn’t vote for teh Dubya.

    Sure, John Kerry is a douchebag, but i’d vote for him anyway. If i could.

    There’s been lots of Moore bashing on this site. It’d be interesting to see what people will say now that the movie is actually out.

    In conclusion, go see Fahrenheit 9/11!



    YEAH! I got the site looking almost exactly the way it did before. Now maybe things can really get back to normal around here. At least on the front page anyway. Because honestly, that new template-y layout that came with the new content management system kinda made me feel like the site wasn’t really ‘the site’ anymore. It felt like i was posting on the forum instead. And i generally would like to seperate the front page posts from the forum posts. But anyhow, it’ll feel more like the old Greymatter days posting on the front page now.

    Seacrest out!