Did you know there were only a total of 59 posts made on this site in the entire year last year? (LOL?)

Also, is it a coincidence that almost one year ago today, i posted and .gif of Katy Perry and wanting to motorboat her and my last post was also about Katy Perry and me wanting to motorboat her?


By the way, any bets on whether i’ll actually finish that Bang List 10 of mine sometime this year? (LOL?)

(yes, the postdate says 31/12/11 but it’s already 2012 where i am in Asia -_-)



First thoughts when i first saw these Katy Perry pictures at the beach.

Fun bags.

I believe these were taken on the 25th, on Christmas, in Hawaii. I like how we can always look forward to celebrity beach pics every Christmas. Pretty sure around this time next year, we’ll see some other celeb prancing about on the beach near Christmas. I remember the time Kirsten Dunst went to the beach around Christmas (i think, or was it New Years?). That resulted in a boob slip. No boob slip with Katy Perry though. Drat!

PS: Given the chance, i would motorboat the shit out of those babies like you wouldn’t believe.

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I have no words.

Officials from Rosemount High School are apologizing for a so-called “prank” that will almost surely lead to a lifetime of awkward family gatherings and thousands of hours of therapy for the students involved.

At an end-of-the-year pepfest last week, a group of winter sports captains were blindfolded in the school gym in front of their peers, and told they would be receiving a kiss from a “special someone.

These poor kids reasonably assumed they were about to make out with their classmates. But the assembly organizers had something else in mind: their parents.

Footage of the assembly shows a scene that would make even Sigmund Freud cringe. Dads kissing daughters. Mothers kissing sons.

And these are not just innocent pecks on the lips. The parents are intimately lip-locking their children for several seconds. One even progresses to rolling around on the gym floor. In another instance, a mother moves her son’s hand south so he’s grasping her butt.



ADORABLE. So Fucking Adorable.

How can anybody not like Kristen Bell?

How can anybody not have her in a top 10 list?

Go watch Veronica Mars and come back and tell me she’s not top 10 material. No tits? No matter. SHE’S CUTE. I love boobs as much as the next guy but i can forgive the lack of boobage on a chick if her face is appealing enough. And in my eyes, Kristen Bell is SUPER appealing.

What she lacks in the chest area, she more than makes up in being FUCKING ADORABLE.

Like how she is in this scene from Forgetting Sarah Marshall. TOO CUTE.

Oh Kristen…

I was watching one of my Avril Lavigne concert DVDs a while back and my wife was like “I think i know why you like her so much – she looks like Kristen Bell”.

And she does, sorta.

Find a picture of Kristen and Avril smiling, cover the top half of their faces and they practically have the same smile. They also have pretty much same body too. True story.

Avril isn’t cross eyed though.

Bell has strabismus, which affects her right eye. She inherited it from her mother, who had it corrected as a child. Bell claims that if she does not get enough sleep, it aggravates the ailment. She calls her right eye “Wonky”.


Chicks with wonky eyes, they really intrigue me for some reason. I’m always imagining what it’d be like to look a wonky eyed chick in the eyes while banging them and them being all wonky eyed and all. LOL. What the fuck that’s so fucked up.

I love you Kristen Bell.


So i actually made a DLT facebook page like months ago in August but never actually published it.

Like, what would i even do with a DLT facebook page? I barely even do much with the actual site as it is LOL.

Well, i finally published it just for the hell of it. Curious to see how many likes it’ll get.

Probably just as much as the number of posts that actually appears on this site per month, AMIRITE?

I swear i’ll get back to my Bang List 10 soon.