I’m glad we’re in agreeance!

First off, this is one of the greatest sites ever…endless fun.

Now to the subject on hand: I still hate stupid people.

Embody the Jotun: bad religion should be taken out and beaten by Euronymous
Teh Bubba: taken our from where?
Teh Bubba: out
Embody the Jotun: taken out back
Embody the Jotun: taken from wherever they are
Teh Bubba: …and beaten by whom?
Embody the Jotun: Euronymous
Teh Bubba: mhmm
Embody the Jotun: im glad you are in agreeance
Teh Bubba: i guess…if that’s a word. not sure who euronymous is, but whatever. bad religion is old, and they still rock.
Embody the Jotun: what word are yo unsure of? Euronymous or agreeance?
Teh Bubba: agreeance
Embody the Jotun: it is, and its spelled correctly
Embody the Jotun: look it up shmoe
Teh Bubba: you look it up
Teh Bubba: i’m pretty sure i’m right
Embody the Jotun: it says cnn said scholars say that agreeance is in the oxford dictionary and dates back to the 18th century
Embody the Jotun: it says agreement is more common but both are right
Teh Bubba: well there you go. i don’t use it though.
Embody the Jotun: i dont think many people do
Teh Bubba: still not a word

I hate when people send their friends that I don’t even know to bother me…fuckers. I was going to write some long-winded rant on stupid people, but once I started writing I decided I just didn’t care enough.

If I felt like thinking, writing, thought I could actually make some people un-stupid, and just plain cared enough, then I would have probably made a site just like this one here; however, I don’t. Stupid people will always be stupid, but it doesn’t mean I have to learn to accept it. This is where I’d end with some kind of point, but I won’t just to spite any stupid people who might have actually read this shit. Anyway, in the words of the great J Davis 074 (he’s another stupid person story all by himself, but I won’t be bothered with writing about him):

J Davis 074: oh eat one


Oh eat one, stupid people.


Someone mentioned Six over in the comments section of my Paris and Nicole post down below. Six being Jenna Von Oy from that old TV show, Blossom. You remember that show right? She was the annoying neighbor that could never shut up (if i remember correctly). She’s grown up pretty nicely though since then. Last i heard she was out of the acting gig and is a country singer in Texas or something.

Anyhow, not sure if anybody’s seen these recent pics of her yet but here you go. Check out that ASS. DAMN.

  • Jenna Von Oy 1
  • Jenna Von Oy 2
  • Jenna Von Oy 3