Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell is so incredibly cute it hurts. I love her.

I totally need to get Veronica Mars Season 2 on DVD.

Fact: I left my Veronica Mars Season 1 DVDs at my girlfriend’s place for like 3 months, telling her to watch it because it’s such a GOOD show and she totally refused to the whole time. So i took it back. Then last week, her cousin mentions how GOOD the show is and now she’s like, “gimme it, i wanna watch it”.



Oh you wacky Japs. At it again with these wonderfully perverted inventions.

The japanese have invented what just may be the greatest invention of all time. A waterproof adhesive bikini that actually looks like the real deal. Coming to a beach near you!

If i blur my eyes just enough, it totally makes this video fappable to.

Thanks for the heads up Obi.

Robin Hibbard!!!

ZOMG the only Real World-er (Las Vegas San Diego season) that i ever wished to see nude* is finally nude!

There’s gonna be some fapping for great justice tonight!

*(despite having big ‘ol fake titties)

I hear she used to be a coyote girl at a Coyote Ugly bar (no Robin is ugly jokes please. she’s hot!!!)

Old Real World/Road Rules Playboy pictorial linked for relevance.

UPDATE: Plus the old Reality TV Stars Playboy pictorial too.

UPDATE 2: More Robin pics!

Template testing

Okay you fucking template. I’m giving you another try. I hope you don’t overload my server again like you did the last time i put you up. At least i think that was you. Could’ve just been bad timing or something. But anyway, not that there’s anything wrong with the old layout (aside from the stupid 1 1 1 1 1 1 thing in the comments on certain browsers – i don’t know how to fix that), but i figured maybe this one could be a good replacement (Angelbaby disapproves though -_-). So let me know if this one works or if it’s too slow or if you prefer the old one.

UPDATE: The new one is just too slow. So back to the old one for now.

UPDATE 2: Huzzah! Thanks to ThatGuy, the 1 1 1 1 1 1 thing has been fixed and now everybody can start replying and referring to other commenters by their comment number! see the comments as it should be regardless of what browser you’re using! Thanks again ThatGuy!