Plot synopsis:

When is enough … enough? Ever since they can remember, Pyper, Catie, and Lemzel have been ostracized from the rest of their peers. Pyper, especially, has been constantly bullied by Natalie since they were all five years old. After years of watching this abuse, Pyper’s friends Catie and Lemzel have finally decided that the continuous hazing has to stop… but at what price?

The story continues at www.Runawayhomethemusical.com

So. Is she or isn’t she a dyke in real life?

Trailer below:


BTW, this movie needs more pink wig.

HD trailer download here.


About This Video

Tthis was a video Amanda and I made to show her parents our love for each other. Amanda and I met 4 years ago and instantly fell in love even though at 12 you really don’t know what love is. But over the last 4 years we have become one, we think exactly the same and my parents have welcomed her into their lives as being the most important part of mine.

We uploaded this to YouTube and her parents watched it less then an hour later.
Their reaction was to say the least, something that Amanda and I had always dreamed of, I was told I was now a daughter in law and I was welcome anytime day or night.

I love Amanda with everything that is my being, she means everything to me. She stands up for me when I cannot myself and she guards me from things I can’t run away from. She is my reason for breathing.

The Orgasm face was a joke we put in at the last minute because her parents love to joke around and we knew they would get a laugh out of it- and they did.

I just wish that people would accept us for who we are and not what THEY want us to be to fit their own needs.

Yes, Lazytown was fun to be on, but I hated not being able to see my baby.

About This Video

Me, Suzanne and Stephanie talking about depression.

Here’s what her lesboriffic YouTube profile says:

Name: Julianna

My account has been on YouTube for almost 2 years and I enjoy getting fakers removed daily. My passport is on file with YouTube, you impersonate me, your account gets closed within minutes. Try it once.

I DO post videos of myself to certain peeople here but they are marked as private. I am not here to show off for you or do dancing tricks, many of my school friends are on my friends list here. If you have trouble believing that I am on YouTube and know how to access the internet, then you are the one with the problem.

I am gay. My wife Amanda and I have had a very steady and powerful relationship for 4 years. If you cannot handle that, then please do not waste your time commenting my videos.

If you get a video shoutout from me then that means I liked your video and I wanted you to know.


http://hs.facebook.com/album.ph p?aid=9019&l=f9ca0&id=5474551 28



So… about that Legendary Julianna Rose Mauriello post… i’m not entirely sure how many people realize this but did you know… that dontlinkthis.net… is listed… on… CYBERCRIMES.US?!?!

From their investigations page:

Current Sites Under Investigation

#2. http://dontlinkthis.net

Reason: Pedophile Gather & Resources Site “Illegal Dialogue, references to child rape, incest, kidnapping, corruption of minor child under the age of 16, links to off sites containing all the above and below content, impersonating known minor celebrities, fraud and impersonating a minor child under the age of 16 for either pleasure, profit, fantasy and or fame, dedicating user post able boards to a minor child under the age of 16 in an illicit manner”


All that thanks to that this Legendary Julianna Rose Mauriello post ^_^

ZOMG FBI!? Not really.

I’ve known about this for quite a while now. Figured it’s about time to post about it. Seeing as to how much attention this legendary post has been/is still getting.

Cybercrimes.us is just a poor man’s Perverted-Justice/To Catch A Predator-ish type site. It has a shitty layout. It had an ever shittier layout before. What you see now is actually an updated redesign. Still shitty. It’s run by what’s probably just a bunch of soccer moms/dads who think of themselves as ‘Agents’ with an agenda to shut down sites that they think are pedo havens. Which is actually a good thing to do, i don’t doubt that. But it’s just funny to see my site, of all sites, being listed among a bunch of other legitimate pedo sites. They’ve obviously failed to see the humor of this site and have taken it way too seriously. Either that or they’re just n00bs and have never heard of ytmnd or 4chan.

I’d tell you to start reading from the first comment on this post, to see how all the drama started, but as one reader points out…

I’ve just read most of these comments starting from the first. And all I have to say is…

Confustion, followed by WTF, followed by confustion, followed by WTF.

So here’s the summarized version. From what i understand. Because fuck, even i don’t understand what’s going on in that post half the time. But starting from comment #300 and upwards:-

Basically (amongst other things in no particular order), cybercrime ‘agents’ find the post, start posting comments, basically threatening to shut down the site if i don’t remove all offending content, accusing us (me and Angelbaby) of deleting their comments – which none of us have ever done, as pointed out by Angelbaby in comment #347 and #351, then making ridiculous claims like contacting me a million times asking me to shut the site down (i have never once received anything from them, not even so much as a C&D), also leaving comments posing as other people with rather disturbing screennames (MidgetMolester??) and best of all…. e-mailing my hosting company asking them to take my site down… only to have an employee from the hosting company intercept the e-mail AND DELETE IT because… he’s a reader of the site and was actually following the comments in the legendary post! (see comment #360 and #372). AHAHAHAHA.

Anyway, long story short, Angelbaby proceeds to thoroughly PWN the Agents by debunking all their claims (comment #356) and funnily enough, they’ve never been back.

dontlinkthis.net used to be #2 on their list of “Websites Currently On the Verge of Shutdown Due Our Investigations” (HAHAHAHAHA such fucking bullshit). Now it’s down to #5. Aw shucks.

Visit their site HERE.

Julianna Mauriello

Happy Sweet Sixteen, Julianna!

Apparently, our little Stephanie is growing up fast. For those who aren’t aware, there is a legendary thread here (890 comments and counting) that’s gotten so insane lately that I can’t even keep track of all the players. I’m betting that if I checked the various IPs that post on a regular basis there, that more than a couple would come back with 4 or 5 different aliases. It’s really taken on a life of its own, even though many who are active participants seem to have no life to speak of.

However, some interesting things have been popping up in the thread recently. Such as the insistence of “Sascha” that Julianna is a teenage lesbian, and has had a steady girlfriend for the past 2 years:

I told you very first post ever made on this site.
Julianna has a girlfriend, they have been a COUPLE for the last 2 years or so.
She isnt into guys. Just Amanda.
If you guys REALLY knew how much her and Amanda love each other, you’d quit with the sex stuff.
Amanda and Jules are MARRIED as much as you could be, they both sleep over any time they want to at each others house, they both have keys to each others houses, their parents know, their friends know…she is always with Amanda, she sleeps with Amanda every night at her house or at Manda’s.

“Sascha” also dropped this little nugget:

and as for the idiot who asked if her hair upstairs matched the downstairs, as far as i know (like um 2 days ago) Julianna is still bald as a baby because thats how Amanda wants her to be…BTW Julianna wants you to know when her and Amanda are together at night being taken care of, she doesn’t think of you guys AT ALL.


We also have “Sascha” to thank for a batch of candid snaps, supposedly taken on or around Julianna’s recent b-day and posted briefly to her Facebook earlier today. Lucky for y’all (since they were subsequently removed), I just happened to be perusing the thread at that time, and swiped ’em for posterity’s sake…

ZOMG MYTHICAL BIKINI PIC! Didn’t we all just know it would be pink? ^_^

I assume the girl in the close-up pic with Jules is her bedbuddy, Amanda. And Juju seems to be practicing her hands-free technique on a soft taco in that other shot.