It’s called My Little Pony. That’s right. This show is SO good. Awesome voice acting, awesome animation, awesome ponies. You need to start watching because you’re missing out if you don’t.

What’s that? A kids’ show? Whatchu know bout kids’ shows!

My Little Pony is being watched by men of all ages. That’s right.

Statistics don’t lie.

Men of all ages.

You can watch full episodes up on the Youtube.

Here’s part 1 of episode 1.

Don’t be a little bitch. Get with the program and discover this secret best show ever. You can watch most of the episodes in 1080p over at this channel. Come on my little bronies! Friendship is magic!

My favorite pony has to be Fluttershy.

Applejack is pretty cool too. Pinkie Pie is just stupid. But funny. Fluttershy is the best though. There’s even a pony called Derpy Hooves. HERP DERP.

In summary: My Little Pony is awesome.