Why is it…

psykotik2k: hey i have a question
ok storms: yes
ok storms: ?
psykotik2k: why is it whenever girls bend down, the back of their shirts always ride up?
psykotik2k: exposing that little bit of skin
psykotik2k: a girl just bent over in front of me
ok storms: i dunno, but it’s nice if you ask me
psykotik2k: i saw cellulite
ok storms: eh

We all go a little mad sometimes

ok storms: hey
psykotik2k: hello
psykotik2k: what is up my main man?
ok storms: not much
ok storms: so tired
psykotik2k: you from the east coast?
psykotik2k: i am from the far east coast
ok storms: what’s wrong with you foo?
psykotik2k: i am down with you my main man
ok storms: you
ok storms: you’ve lost your damned mind
psykotik2k: get your stinkin paws off me you damn dirty ape

“There’s actually even more!”

Before i start, lemme just get all this crap out of the way:


I bumped into Stacey and Steph again today. Not once, not twice but count ’em! Three times! That must be a new record. And for once, i actually managed to have a conversation with Stacey that lasted more than 30 seconds! Wow!

For the record, i don’t not know why i keep documenting all my chance meetings with Stacey. Maybe it’s because she’s just so fucking hot/beautiful/cute/stalkable/writable about or maybe it’s just because by doing so, i’m hoping that i can score some so called ‘brownie points’ with her for each time i mention her name on this site. Or maybe i’m just one incredibly big suck up.

Not that it really matters anyway because i don’t even think she reads this site. But i do know that she does visit it once in a while (Usually when she hears of her name being mentioned). I know Anal Regine checks out this site. She leaves comments here and there once in a while. And from what i can figure, Steph checks out my site too. I think. I dunno. She did say to my face that, and i quote, “Everything you say is funny” but that doesn’t really prove that she actually reads my site on a regular basis.

All three of them are like best friends by the way. The have conversations in Anal Regine’s guestbook. A place where i occasionally contribute my pointless thoughts. Like for example:

i digress again! i got a total of 6173 hits (in total) for yesterday! yes. happy i am.

5:33 am – Thursday,November 29, 2001

The word ‘showoff’ comes to mind.

You’ll have to forgive all their layouts though. Not everybody can have layouts as good as the one you’re looking at right now. Har.

I have a feeling that i will get a scolding from them the next time they see me after reading this post. If they read this post that is. I HOPE NOT. Steph hit me on the shoulder for no apparent reason today. I’m afraid of what she would do if she has a reason. SCARY.

Now that’s something you don’t see everyday… and can you believe it there’s actually even more (!).

I would like to add that Stacey almost broke 3 chairs in the past few days. Or something like that. I found out about that from a reliable source.

Three chairs. Wow. I wouldn’t wanna mess with her. I hear she works out. SCARY.


Well it’s been a while since i’ve last put up any gratuitous nude naked topless celeb pics on my site. The last time being the ones of Christy Chung (Not Christina Chung. Christy Chung).

Anyway, i’ve scored a couple of topless Carla Gugino ones earlier today. I probably put em up later in the day. You might remember Carla Gugino from such movies as The One, Spy Kids, Snake Eyes and of course, the multi Academy Award winning motion picture epic, Son In Law. Starring Pauly Shore.

She also played one of Kevin Arnold’s more hotter girlfriends on that show, The Wonder Years.

I was once obsessed about The Wonder Years for the entire span of about 3 days. It scared people.

Ugh – 2:12am August 28 2001

And reading up from then on.

I’d link to that post but i didn’t have GreyMatter installed back then. So you’re gonna have to sift through this page to get to it. Shouldn’t be too hard. It’s only like… right at the very bottom of the page.

I look back at that post and i notice myself being happy about getting 1936 hits. My, how times have changed. If i get at least 1936 hits now, i’d probably quit the site out of shame.

I got 6173 hits two days ago. And 5492 yesterday. I guess it’s safe to say that 6173 will be my all time high for quite some time now since i sure as hell won’t be getting anything higher than that anytime in the near future.

It can only go down from there.

And i also notice that my intro for Carla Gugino up there is suspiciously reminiscent of my intro for Carla Gugino back then. I posted about her once before. So i am, in a way, recycling that same old post. Why i am telling you this i do not know.

But that’s not the point. The point is that i’ll be posting up new nekkid pics of Carla Gugino later in the day. And living up to the e/smut label (That has been put upon by Will. That rat bastard…) unto this site by providing you with the very best in gratuitous nude naked topless celeb pics and also the very best in e/n weblog journal type posts.

Okay so i’m lying about that last part. Maybe the posts suck but hey, it’s not th…


Somebody just IMed me.

Let’s see what he/she has to say:

Not The 1 I Want: you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself
psykotik2k: why not? it’s amusing
Not The 1 I Want: it is funny
psykotik2k: actually, i’m in the process of putting down myself again
psykotik2k: in a post i’m writing right now
Not The 1 I Want: and it’s not that your writing doesn’t suck, it’s just that whether it sucks or not, it’s funny as hell
psykotik2k: haha
psykotik2k: okay, i’ll take your word for it
Not The 1 I Want: dvds, you sucking and people only finding your site because of porn…
Not The 1 I Want: topics of your site


After this, i shall look up the word ‘diversification’ in the dictionary and learn it’s meaning by heart. And hopefully i shall be able to apply this new knowlegde of this… ‘diversification’… into my monotonous predictable posts!


Oh and Carla Gugino later in the day.

Logging in

People are STILL trying to get into my GreyMatter admin area. And go take a look at that last one.

[] Invalid login attempt: No such author as nigga_g (dominic) registered
[] Invalid login attempt: No such author as nick (poop) registered
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Seriously, the Olsen twins aren’t back there!


Saw Demons 2 last night.

Wow. That movie sucked balls.

Compared the the first one, which had cupious amounts of blood and gore plus inventive and truly sickening death scenes, this one had a grand total of… zero truly sickening death scenes.

Sure, people do die a lot but there were literally NO good kills in the movie. NONE.

People just get scratched a lot.

And then they die.

I’m not kidding. It’s a terrible sequel. Demons 1 is a whole lot better.


Well i think so anyway.

To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: Christy Chung…
From: “Rob” Rob@cupfart.com
Date: Thu, Nov 29 2001 3:53:09 PM -0800

Hey I was just reading your site the I started laughing. You have been getting a lot of referrals for libby hoeler as I do because I host them, but then I saw that you got a lot for Christy Chung. I am wondering if people were looking for Christina Chung on my site too? There was a larger drama situation with an ex gf and bf.. .and the ex fg was Christy Chung. Oh well, confusing, but I thought it was kinda funny.


There is much more Christina in the forums.


Christy Chung. Christina Chung. WHAT A COINCIDENCE.


I got a reply regarding that Harry Potter thing:

To: psykotik@gmail.com
From: Martyn_Leek@mrn.co.uk Add to Contacts
Date: Thu, Nov 29 2001 11:12:03 AM +0000


After all that my fuckin’ newsdesk have decided that you are too far away!
We would have paid you and paid for it to be Fed Exed over as well.

They are making a big mistake because as I said loads of journalists are
claiming the pirate film is available but no one has a copy in there hands.

I already have my PS2 chipped and I get games early from the software
houses because I’m a journalist – then a friend of mine copies them for me.

Thanks for all your help though and I will continue to look at the site
because it makes interesting reading.


I’ll be in touch

I must really learn to stop posting up my e-mails and replying to them on my site.

Regardless, i went out and bought myself a copy of Harry Potter on VCD anyway. I skimmed through both discs and the movie seems to be pretty much intact. No scenes dropped at all. The end credits seem to be missing though. I guess they couldn’t fit it in. I’ll have to give it a proper viewing to be sure about everything though.

I took some screenshots.


See? Chinese and Malay subtitles. Which you can’t turn off. Even on the bootleg DVD version.

Damn you Harry Potter and your big fat owl.

As you can see, it’s full screen. Which sucks. The bootleg DVD version (when it comes out) will probably be in widescreen.

I went to the mall today. Ate at McDonalds. Bought my mom some floral tea (Which cost 41 bucks. That better be some good tastin’ tea…). Bought two magazines. Empire. The November 2001 issue and a special Directors Issue featuring Steven Spielberg.


I also asked around about the price of PS2’s over here. They’re selling em for around RM$1800. Modded. And they’ll throw in 10 games for free. You only get one controller though.

RM$1800. Which is about BN$900. Which is roughly about US$450-ish. Which is simply ridiculous.

I don’t think i’ll ever get a PS2 anytime soon so long as i’m still over here. I want one. I REALLY want one. And the first game i’m gonna get is Metal Gear Solid 2.

Bootlegged PS2 games only cost about RM$5 here (US$1.30). CD version of the games that is. Which probably have a whole chunk of stuff cut out. Devil May Cry for exmaple comes on 3 CD’s. And there’s this complicated thing you have to do when you wanna continue the game on the second and third discs.

Bootlegged PS2 games that come on DVD however, cost RM$38 (US$10). They’re pretty much exact copies of the original games. Nothing missing in the game itself.

Of course, much like bootlegged movie DVD’s, bootlegged PS2 DVD’s come with no instructions, no liner notes and whatnot and they have crappy packaging. Same goes for the CD versions.

Fucking hell man. I think i want to be a journalist too. I want to get games early from software houses and play them till my eyes bleed.

But then i’d have to be a good writer.

So that’s not happening anytime soon.


I actually picked up 3 other VCD’s last night. I managed to track down Drive: Director’s Cut, Demons and Demons 2. All ripped from DVD and put on VCD. Without any of the features of course. You only get the movie itself when you buy VCD’s.

All three are what you would call B grade movies. Bad (in a good way) low budget flicks that’ve gained a cult following.

  • Drive: Director’s Cut.

    Mark Dacascos. Kadeem Hardison. Think Matrix style fights meets Rush Hour style comedy. It’s not exactly the best movie ever but the fight sequences in there are probably one of the best out there. It’s right up there with the Jackie Chan flicks. In fact, i’d say this is the best Hong Kong movies that’s made in Hollywood.

  • Demons 1 & 2.

    Dario Argento had a hand in making these two movies. So you can bet that they have really sick death scenes. Again, these aren’t exactly what you would call good movies. They’re just bad… but in a good way.

    Much like this site really.

    But yeah, if you love sick disgusting hardcore horror movies, go check out Demons. I watched it last night and i got that same feeling i did after watching Requiem For A Dream for the first time.


    Some of those death scenes in there are just… EWW. I haven’t watched the sequel yet but i’ll probably do it tonight or something.

    I’d be hard pressed to say that Demons is the best Dario Argento movie that isn’t actually directed by Dario Argento (He just co-wrote it. Lamberto Bava directed).


    I want Harry Potter’s big fat owl.

  • Surely you guys must be joking…

    This is something i’ve learnt over the past few coupla days:

  • People apparently love to spend hours reading this site.

    And that they all found the site by looking up porn with search engines.

    But that’s a given.

    To: psykotik@gmail.com
    From: Dan wdm1978@swbell.net
    Date: Wed, Nov 28 2001 12:49:08 AM -0600

    I don’t usually write people, but your website actually kept me occupied to the point of sleep deprivation, and I felt the need to tell you about it. Excellent design, and much love on the Angelina Jolie pics. Truly stunning actress. I stumbled upon the site when I did a search for, you guessed it, Libby Hoeler. Never before have I been to a ‘diary site’ (E/N *scratches ass, wtf?*), but now im fuckin hooked. Thank you! (seriously) Anywho, my site sucks, I know, but I’m not as talented as you appear to be, so It will have to do for now. One day, I too will design a site as nice as yours. You are the fuckin man! *in best Chris Farley voice* Wel, I won’t babble any longer. One last thing, how do I obtain a ‘Login and Password’, or is that for site administration? assuming so, as I didn’t see a ‘Join here’ anywhere. Buying a t-shirt, and signing up as a webmaster for the t-shirt thing your pimpin. Later.

    You know, since a LOT of people have been prasing the Angelina Jolie layout lately, i’ve decided that i’m just gonna hang on to it for a little while longer. Mostly because i just can’t seem to find any other celebs to put on there that fits the site and totally because i’m just too lazy to do so anyway.


    ARGH. That login and password question again! Seriously though, there’s nothing back there. The link you see that says ‘login’ at the top of the page… that’s my GreyMatter login thing. Site administraion and stuff. BORING.

    And the login and password thing you see to the side of the site (just by Angelina Jolie’s cheek…), that’s my remote e-mail login. Only i have the password to get into my e-mail. Obviously.

    But there’s really no way that anybody can ‘join up’ for this site. You won’t get much out of it if you do anyway. You just get to post… and to edit your posts. That’s it. Boring.


    Sometimes i like to recruit new ‘members’. Just on impulse. Like for example, Crystal down there (I wuv ewe Crystal poo <3).

    Why? Maybe i’m just the biggest suck up of all time. Har.

    And yes! Do buy yourself a t-shit. It’ll help towards me buying a GameCube or a PS2.

    Oh look. I spelt t-shirt t-shit.

    To: psykotik@gmail.com
    From: Martyn_Leek@mrn.co.uk Add to Contacts
    Date: Wed, Nov 28 2001 4:06:11 PM +0000


    Don’t know whether you are in Malaysia or Michigan but I will introduce
    myself anyway.

    I am a journalist on an English newspaper. You will probably work out for
    yourself how I found your site (…Tara Reid, I think) it makes compulisive

    Anyway, I know you get requests for bootleg DVDs all the while and I know
    that annoys you.

    However, I’m trying to get a copy of the Harry Potter movie. Obviously the
    whole country has gone crazy over Harry Potter (again) and loads of
    newspapers are saying the pirate DVD is available but none of those
    reporters have actually seen it.

    Could you get me one? This is not to try and expose you or anything like
    that!?@!$ I know you poke fun at being sued and you mention the FBI but you
    will just be acting as a go-between for an English newspaper and so not
    breaking the law!!!

    Could you e-mail me back on the possibility of this – even if it is to tell
    me to f*** off!

    Thanks anyway.

    (Any PAL PS2 games would be appreciated as well… that’s a joke)

    Well right now i’m still in Malaysia. And to be specific, i’ll be back in Brunei probably on the 14th of December and flying off to Michigan from there on the 28th of December.

    And yes, i quite figured that most people; who’ve found this site, found it through porn searches.

    A concept she has come to understand lately. Heheh.

    Harry Potter VCD’s can be found in abundance over here. They’re not like selling out or anything so it’s pretty easy to get a copy. I personally saw the movie in the cinema (Kind of a birthday treat from a coupla friends. Free food and ticket. I didn’t have to pay for anything. FREELOADER. HAR HAR HAR). But from what i’ve heard from people who haven’t been arsed to go to the movies to watch the flick, they’ve been telling me that the movie on the early VCD bootlegs have been cut down considerably. Meaning to say that the movie has been cut down so as to fit on two discs (A single VCD can only hold about 70 minutes of data. VCD’s movies usually come on 2 discs).

    The movie runs at about what? Two and a half hours or so? So yeah, i’m not really quite sure but if you were to get it on VCD, it might be missing a coupla scenes. I dunno. And i’m not entirely sure of the quality of the bootleg. I could go pick up a copy tonight though and check it out.

    Now as for a bootleg DVD version, well… i haven’t seen them around… yet. But they’ll probably pop up sooner or later. But be warned, the bootlegged DVD copy will probably turn out to be just a very good copy of the VCD version… only on DVD. As such is the case nearly 100% of the time with all the ‘latest movies’ that are mysteriously on (bootleg) DVD like a week after they’re officially released.

    And they probably won’t have ANY extras at all, and that they’ll have Malay and Chinese subtitles burned onto the film itself (No way you can turn them off). Just like how one of my housemates, Rico, has Jay And Silent Bob Strikes Back on DVD. It has no features and no way to turn the subs off.

    So yeah, i haven’t seen the Harry Potter DVD out yet. But i’ll be glad to try and send you a copy of it on VCD. Which will basically be what the DVD version is anyway… except on VCD.

    Just e-mail me back with a mailing address if you’re still interested and i’ll see what i can do.

    Oh and regarding bootleg PAL PS2 games, well… almost all the bootleg PS2 games sold here are of the NTSC variety. So you’re shit out of luck there. Har har.

    Besides, you’re gonna need to modify your PS2 to play bootlegs anyway. So double bummer there if you don’t already have it modded.

    Actually i’m thinking of picking up a coupla PS2 games myself. Just for when i eventually get to buy a PS2 next time. Of course, i’m gonna have to find a way to get it modded (i’ll probably be in the States by then) and that could prove to be kinda hard. Hrmm…

    To: psykotik@gmail.com
    Subject: Hey man
    From: “Mike Taylor” warriormonk@paradise.net.nz
    Date: Wed, Nov 28 2001 6:40:14 PM +1300

    Hey Man

    Like the site. Real entertaining.

    I live in New Zealand where we are stuck with “Zone 4” DVDs. Basically that
    equates to – “on the furtherist, shittiest, outpost” in the DVD world and we
    hardly have any titles. I feel your pain.


    AKA Warriormonk



    To: psykotik@gmail.com
    Subject: Bad idea?>!
    From: Mr Mephisto mephisto@hell.org
    Date: Mon, Nov 26 2001 2:12:58 PM -0800 (PST)

    Hey Dude,

    I’ll be travelling through Singapore on business next week. Any suggestions on where I can pick up the games/DVDs you mention? Is there a market, or area, I should check out?

    BTW, love the site. Great fun and helps me waste at LEAST two hours a day!


    TWO HOURS A DAY? Geez man. There’re like… soooooo many other sites out there that deserve that time more than mine does!

    Crazy you are i tell you.

    Anyway yeah… SINGAPORE. Yes. I like Singapore. More than Malaysia. But that could be attributed to the fact that i’m actually what one could call, half Singaporean. I mean… since my mom’s from Singapore and my dad isn’t. So that would make me half right?

    I dunno.

    I was always crap at Math.

    But no that’s not the point. The point is that i haven’t been to Singapore in little over a year now and for the life of me, i really can’t remember any of the places specifically where you can get bootleg games and DVD’s.

    But really, they’re not that hard to find if you look hard enough. Well, if you’re looking for lots of relatively cheap electronical goods and shit (like DVD players and whatnot), you could always direct a cabbie to take you to SIM LIM TOWER. Or is it SIM LIM SQUARE. Fuck i can’t remember. It’s a relatively big mall. But either way, that’s a good place to get shit like that. They also sell legit DVD’s in coupla shops over there. But they’re kind expensive compared to what you can get them for back in the US. I think.

    Depending on the exchange rate now.

    Bootleg DVD’s… now, the last time i was there, bootleg DVD’s weren’t really big yet. And i literally did not see ANY of them on sale anywhere. But my best guess would be that you look for them at pasar malams (night markets). Don’t quote me on that though because i’m not entirely sure myself if you can find them there.

    Games are pretty easy to get. Just look around some of the more less fancy and glitzy malls and you’ll find some less fancy and glitzy stores that sell pirated games and stuff. You generally wanna avoid the nicer looking videogame shops there because all the ever sell are legit stuff. EXPENSIVE.

    There’s a legit store in the TAMPINES MALL that i always go to (and never buy from). But for the fake stuff, you could always go to this smaller mall (which, for the life of me, i can’t remember what it’s called) that’s next to the TAMPINES MALL. Look around and you’ll find a shop there that sells CHEAP bootleg games.

    VCD’s and stuff. Well… from what i can remember, if you go down to the TAMPINES MALL at night, there’re usually some guys setting up tables just outside the MRT station that’s next to the mall selling VCD’s and stuff.

    Actually you know, i’m not exactly the best person to ask about aquiring bootleg stuff in Singapore. I’m only half Singaporean so i can only give you half assed directions.

    A better person to ask is THIS GUY.

    I think.

    Maybe you could try e-mailing him or something. He should know the lay of the land more better than i do.

    I haven’t been of any help have i?

    But anyway…

    WOO HOO.


    Now i can bugger off.

    The end.

  • I Ain’t Ever Gonna Understand

    yes so hm. i had so much to say when i was driving around this morning take care of fines and such (driving without insurance really doesn’t pay kids, so you know). but now that i’m here with my notepad before me i can’t think of a damn thing to say.

    hmm. you know i talk about Justin a lot on my site, it’s really kinda corny but i would say he’s like my best online friend. of all the people i’ve never met he’s my favorite. he always amuses me somehow… take for example what is going on now. i’m almost, not completely sure, but almost that he knows my little secrets. it wouldn’t be hard to figure out at all from his standpoint but the way he exploits it or lack thereof exploitation amuses me to death. i thought at first it was random coincidence that this should happen like this, but pffft, i don’t believe in any of that malarkey. i still think he’s the biggest suck up of all time with these girls but hey, i guess i shouldn’t be player hating huh?


    anyway. i’ll say i’m pretty quick to judge recently. not something i’ve been known to do. i was thinking about it earlier and at first i thought it was because i’ve been irritated lately, but that’s not really true, i’ve been bored. complete complacency is making me all dumb. but i’ll admit to it, at least. so i apologize, again, to the peoples i’ve been an ass to, all two of them. honestly if it weren’t for Justin i’d never have stopped to think about it. i wonder if he even realizes?

    i hope with those seeking pr0n aren’t too disappointed with all these last posts, i for one just don’t have that knack for e/smut like my buddy and pal Justin. but i’m sure he’ll give you a good fix of naked women as soon as he can.