Jessica Alba

It has been a long time since there has been an Alba post on fubar. Mostly due to the fact that she had dropped so much weight that I haven’t really seen any truly post-worthy pics of her in quite awhile.

Well, thanks to getting knocked up, that came to an end with her appearance on Letterman on Monday night. Props to Cash Warren for being responsible for the return of Jessica’s curves. Let’s hope she keeps some of the baby fat!

I don’t know what reaction these pics will elicit from Justin. On the one hand, he wubs MILFs. On the other, he claims to haet Alba.


I hope Justin doesn’t have a stroke.


Somebody in the comments said:

Justin, I KNOW you are gonna get hq pics up of her from last nights SAG awards. One of her best outfits ever. Probably trying to catch an “adult” role instead of high school and college girls. She is 21 already.

So here they are!

Miley Cyrus

My oh Miley!

Seems more and more of those candid pics she’s been snapping of herself are turning up on the series of tubes that Al Gore invented to bring us photos of nubile starlets gettin naughty.

I threw in some older ones from early 2007 that were lying around the hard drive, three photos of her out on the town in a slinky red dress, and a couple shots of her in one of her concert costumes.

Easy boys…remember, she’s only 15.

Selena Gomez

I’ve seen Selena’s name mentioned a couple of times in the comments, so I decided it was time for her fubar debut.

She’s not done a whole lot in her career yet. I noticed a couple of eps of Hannah Montana on her resume, so I guess she knows Miley Cyrus. Selena will be sweet sixteen in July.

Justin: selena is the new jojo



I never really took notice of her when Mean Girls first came out in 2004. Back then, i was all about Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams and Lacey Chabert. Amanda Seyfried was always sorta like the odd one out of the bunch. Not as hot as the others in my eyes. Then again it was probably because she was playing such a fucking stupid character.

I think it was only when i saw her in Veronica Mars did i notice HOW HUGE HER BREASTS WERE. So yeah, i can now say that Mean Girls was a landmark film full of hot girls. Amanda is no longer an ‘odd one out’ for me in that movie ^_^

How did i NOT notice how huge her boobs were in that movie; i do not know.

Speaking of Veronica Mars, i just bought the season 3 dvd boxset about a week ago. Now all i need to do is finish watching season 1 (i stopped watching after the second disc, like 2+ years ago???) and then move on to the season 2 dvds and then season 3. Where to find the time??

Anyway, here are some bra and cleavage caps of Amanda from some movie called Solstice. You can download the clip here.

Is Alpha Dog going to be the best nudity we’ll ever get out of her?? What a depressing thought. Think i’ll have a fap to that nevertheless.

Hayden Panettiere

ZOMG NO WAI. It’s been over 2 months since our last Cheerleader post? Unpossible!

Since things have been a little slow on the celeb pics front, I thought I’d post these candids of Hayden on the pink carpet at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show back in December. That snug lil dress certainly shows off her booty nicely.

You can glimpse a little Hayden Panty-air as she climbs down from that big black SUV, but she laughs it off and gets things straightened out once her feet are on the ground.

ps. I miss Heroes. 🙁