Okay i’m bored right and i had nothing to do but buy this really shitty game a few months ago called Spec Ops 2: Green Berets. It’s an army squad type of game where you’re this guy and you have a squad of other guys under your command following you behind your ass. This game is shitty beyond belief. In real life it’d be good to actually have a squad of other guys backing you up but given the quality of the squad in this game, i might as well be alone. I can give em the usual commands and stuff and they routinely run out and get shot or shoot me. In one hilarious example, a squad member fell to his death. I kept looking for deep water to see if i could get one to drown himself. I mentioned having my own squad member shooting me. Well, i actually experienced a breathtaking case of life imitating art gaming. My number two man is named Williamson. When we’re walking together he’s always a few steps behind me. He absolutely loves to shoot me in the head. He does this well and often, killing me everytime an enemy is on a hill and i’m in front of him. In what i think is supreme irony, i was actually bored enough to check out the games credits and guess what, the games designer’s name is, of course, Williamson. Not only did i feel like i was being shot in the head everytime i played this crap game, but i actually was! You gotta love that.

This game truly sucks ass and you should never ever play it. Play Soldier Of Fortune or Rogue Spear instead. This has been another semi-intersting rant and i have no idea why i’m even ranting bout this. Let my ass kicking session begin.


Went to KFC today with John and had a piece of chicken that looked nothing like the pictures of chicken that they had plastered on the walls. It was crunchy and wet, not crispy and juicy like it said on the wall poster. Assholes. Anyway, the only good thing to come out of that KFC experience was this one slice who worked there. I couldn’t help but stare at her everytime she walked past. She was a trainee and i didn’t catch her name on her name tag but she was definitely yummy. Nice figure. I like. You know that rant that i was gonna do tonight? Well, i think i’ll do it some other day. Promise.


Dammit, it’s been about a week since i had that fever attack and i’m still having this sore throat that really really annoying. It’s one of those ‘it hurts when you swallow’ sore throats. And every morning (well…afternoon for me) when i wake up i have this fucking massive gunk of slime lodged in my throat and i can’t speak till i get rid of it. Every morning. *Sigh* No, this is the the rant i was talking about. That will come on later in the day.


I know, i know…not that many interesting updates today. Mainly because nothing really interesting happened. Oh well, for lack of a better topic i’m gonna tell you what i did last night. I watched this little gem of a movie called Dog Park starring Luke Wilson and Natasha Henstridge. (Mmmm…Species chick). Anyway, it’s a really good movie and i really do recommend it. I actually laughed out loud quite a number of times. (I don’t usually LOL during movies. Only if they’re really really funny will i ever do so). Right. So go watch the movie. Have a good time and i’m off for now.

Oh look. I didn’t swear.


Bought a whole shitload of games today. Well, only if you count 5 (five) games a shitload. Anyway, for those of you who are interested in what i bought, well, i got: Messiah, Deus Ex, Midtown Madness, Tachyon-The Fringe, and Vagrant Story. Coolness. Now i must go and play them all till my eyes bleed.


Boy, that was a pretty useless shitty for no good reason whatsever other than to provide my side of the story of the breakup rant. I won’t be doing that for a while. Unless you liked it. Which i doubt. Anyway, if i ever write anymore bollocks like that, i’m just gonna have to kick my own ass.


Well, this has pretty much been a boring day. Didn’t do anything. Had no big news to report. Nothing major has been happening in the past few days. No big deals of the sort at all.

On the subject of breakups, i’d like to rant a bit bout my last breakup. I went out with this girl for 2 (two) weeks. Then she effectively dumped me. Said that i was suffocating her. Please. Suffocating. I did the math and out of the 2 weeks i was with her, that would be 24 hours times 14 days equaling to… i dont know what but it sure is alot of hours. Well, out of those alot of hours, i only spent 9 hours or so actually with her. 9 hours out of 14 days. Think about it. How the HELL can that be suffocating? I’d only known her for 3 days and then we got together. In the end she wanted to break up. She said she couldn’t trust me. Please. How can you judge me by those measly 9 hours of being together and 14 days of just going out? Most normal people try to avoid having arguments and fights with their significant other. But not her. She was actually COMPLAINING about why we hadn’t got into any fights yet. Ooh, i guess i was just ‘too nice’. Please.

Oh…and she actually thought i loved her and wanted to marry her or something like that. What the fuck? All you normal people out there, is it even possible to truly fall in love with someone you BARELY even know and have only spent 9 hours (out of 14 days) getting to know each other? And she thinks i love her. Please. I’m not like that. Again, another case of judging a book by it’s cover. Sure i’ve done pretty stupid things in the past that’ll live with me forever but it doesn’t mean i’m a bad person. And the fucking weird thing is….she was the one who formally approached ME. Okay, so she was only 14, not my fault.

During the breakup, she was like…telling me bout how things were and how things work and shit. I’m 19! I know infinitely more than you! Don’t tell me how things work! I already know! Of course, being the gentleman that i was, i didn’t argue or say anything. I just listened. Oh and another thing, i always told her that if something was wrong, just come to me and tell me. No matter how bad it was going to be. But did she tell me anything? Noooo…she goes on and has a fucking round table discussion with ALL MY FRIENDS (not me…but my fucking friends). She turns the tables on me, states what she THINKS (not the FACTS but what she THINKS) and makes me look like the bad guy. Why are girls like that? Why can’t i meet someone who’s normal for once? Okay so maybe the age thing was a bit too much. But she came to me! Not the other way round!

Just for your information, my first 4 girlfriends were all older than me. Heck when i was 17 i went out with a 21 year old! So sue me for trying to have a relationship with an underage chick. 😛

Anyway, i’m done ranting. Phew, i feel refreshed now. I think i’m gonna play Quake 3 now and just kill everyone online. In Deathmatch of course. Go post something in my Forum please.