AI photo editing

My old phone was a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 from 2018. It did not have native AI photo editing.

My new phone is a Samsung S24+ from 2024. It has native AI photo editing.

Now obviously the first first thing i tried was to fix this photo of Avril Lavigne and remove that star on her boob. And maybe see if it would generate a tit.

Spoilers: AI did not generate the tit.

…i can still fap to this.


Since i didn’t buy that new TV.

I got a PlayStation Portal.

I got a Meta Quest 3.

I got a Samsung Galaxy S24+.

I got a Deco BE65.

I got an Amazfit Balance.

I got a bunch more 4K Blurays.

Oh and i rebought all the Mission Impossible movies again but in steelbooks this time.

I found out about the steelbook releases and now steelbooks are thing i want to start collecting. UGH. So i rebought all the MI movies because i’m stupid like that.

I previously bought the 6 movie collection thing plus the Dead Reckoning steelbook (which got dented in transit thanks to Amazon’s shit packaging).

Speaking of which, Amazon has been doing an incredibly shitty job at packaging and shipping out these Blurays. Like what the fuck is this:

I got half the Mission Impossible steelbooks IN A FLIMSY ENVELOPE WITH NO BUBBLE WRAP.

And the rest of them IN A BOX WITH ZERO PADDING.

I’m surprised none of them got damaged in transit this time. Seriously wtf.

The Darkman steelbook at least got shipped out in a bubble mailer thing.

But still, these things are prone to get dented. Use a box or wrap ’em up in some bubble wrap at the very least.

Oh and not forgetting the time they shipped out my Avril Lavigne Love Sux Vinyl LIKE THIS: