Being sick and becoming a Goonie

Apologies for being such a Zil lately (i.e not updating). I’ve been sick with the flu these past coupla days. Bad timing too because i was planning to do something bigger for Thess’s birthday site wise. At least something bigger than what i did for her last year… but alas, i just HAD to come down with the flu and it just HAD to make me bed ridden for the past two days.

I practically slept the WHOLE day yesterday. Only to wake up at around 6pm in the evening and forcing myself to go online just so i could at least leave a birthday post up for Thess. Because she really means a lot to me.


Anyway, i headed off to the mall right after to get some dinner. And buy groceries and other boring things that you really wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about. So i’m walking around, making my usual rounds around the mall AND THEN I SAW IT.

The Goonies on DVD.

And so i bought it. Hadn’t seen The Goonies in like… 10 years or something. I remember having it on VHS somewhere. Taped it off of TV. It’s good to finally watch it in widescreen. I’ve never seen The Goonies in widescreen. I love widescreen.

Fuck pan and scan.

As a DVD, The Goonies ain’t that hot. But for a non-special edition, it’s pretty decent. You get a commentary (complete with video of the actors actually doing the commentary ala Mallrats/Dogma), a 6 minute making of (only 6 minutes?), a trailer, some outtakes (which are actually deleted scenes… including the infamous octopus scene that was formerly only hinted at towards the end of the movie) and the truly atrocious Cyndi Lauper Goonies music video.

Possibly the worst movie tie-in music video ever. It was… very weird to say the least. It had 80’s WWF wrestlers cameo-ing in it.

But anyway, i watched the movie again. Twice even. The second time with the commentary on. The commentary wasn’t exactly the best ever. Too many people talking over each other the first half hour or so and the dead silences were kinda distracting. And it wasn’t because nobody was saying anything, it was just the way they cut the commentary track i guess. Like they blanked out parts of the commentary to cover up stuff they fucked up on or information they didn’t want disclosed or something and just let the movie dialogue run until said ‘offensive’ parts were over.

Sean Astin also mysteriously disappears halfway through the commentary never to appear again.

I guess he got tired of doing it.

Anyway, it’s still a classic movie. Not exactly the best ever but still, a classic. That redhead chick was hot. I have a thing for redheads. I still have no idea what the hell that Chinese kid was saying throughout the movie. I had to rewind and turn on the subtitles everytime he said something.

Okay maybe i didn’t but still, i had a hard time understanding what the hell he was trying to say most of the time.

And by the way… what the hell is a Goonie anyway? And how would one go about to become a Goonie? They never really explain that in the movie. Or in the commentary.

What the hell is a Goonie??

Sign of life!

Oh look who’s here. Yep it’s me the long lost one. I was gonna put up a post on my site but Blogger seems to be down. As usual.

Anyway, yeah, I’m still alive though my internet life is pretty much dead. No internet access in my room and I can’t even log into my uni login account. I haven’t loaded IE for 5 days, yes FIVE days (oooh), no AIM, no MSN, no nothing and yes have been getting withdrawal symptoms. My hands are shaking as I type this post.

All’s well here. Grey clouds, frozen toes, bad food. Same old shit.

i’ll be damned

… if i didn’t just put my next post for my site up here by accident. notice how i mention this site in the third person (i guess that makes sense since i linked to this site from this site). yeah so i’m a complete fucking idiot. it’s not my fault i swear, i have like three different Greymatter accounts and i wasn’t paying attention. i was going to try and delete it but then i remembered how that is like immpossible in greymatter so i was like fuuuuck. oh well. so yeah.

oh shit, i’m not writing in Justin speak either. what is the world coming to?

edge hill

i’ve been considering writing a program to convert all of fubar‘s archives to greymatter. bleh. it’s doesn’t sound that hard actually. i’m just too lazy to start on it. i’ve been seriously considering writing a program of greymatter improvements or tools or something but again, i’m too lazy. oh well.

yeah so i been considering playing Parasite Eve 2 recently but i’m not sure i’m up for it. after hearing how boring it is i’ll feel bad if i play it for a bit and just give up out of boredom. i hate the idea of doing that to a Square game.

which reminds me what the hell is Square doing with themselves? all i hear about is Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy XI, and remakes for that stupid WonderSwan. which wouldn’t be nearly as stupid if they ported the damned thing here. and another thing. when Square was making games like hot cakes we had all sorts of games coming out four months late here, right? now Square USA has one game to port and it’s taking them four months for that game alone. what the hell do they do over there? they managed to get a game a month out last summer but when they have only one game to translate it takes them just as long. doesn’t that seem a little odd?

well i guess i don’t care too much because i still don’t even have a PlayStation 2 and won’t until these other systems come out. Sony’s obvisiously scared shitless because they don’t seem to be putting up too much of a fight these days. i think they are just trying to hord all the money they can at $300 a pop because they know the glory days won’t last long. well that’s just my opinion.

so yeah, i’m sure you could give a shit about my opinions on games and the gaming market. oh well. i’m sure Brian will understand.

Think beans. Oodles and oodles of beans.

You may all raise one hand (no, Suzi, not one finger) in greeting to the newly-unemployed Thess. (Hi, I’m Thess.) Yup. I walked out of another job today. It just seemed the thing to do at the time, and far be it from me to deny God’s will.

Actually, they were all horrid, horrid bastards. Something about being talked about as if I’m not there (very derogatively) RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME rubs me the wrong way. As does being cursed out by the owner’s son when HE fucks up (I can understand if it was my fault.) Oh, and the overweight, pill-popping alcoholic bitches of waitresses, all of whom had superiority complexes…I could care less if they all went and fucked themselves, too. Maybe I’ll get lucky, and they’ll all die of some horrible side affects from combining meds. One can only hope.

That NIMDA virus hit the servers where my boy works, meaning he’s going to be working late every night this week, and will have to go take care of the Miami and West Palm branches of the company to clean THEM out; since he’s the only field engineer on freakin’ call, this means he’ll miss my birthday. Which is Friday.

I am inconsolable.

Actually, no. There is ONE thing that would make me feel better. What say someone make me a new layout for my birthday, hmmm? 😀

As for Justin’s post below…oh, lord. :\ Wish there was something one could say to someone else on the net about things like that (about anything that matters) that actually meant anything real or helpful. It’s just not in a text-based world to have that ability, though, so all I can do is wish him over his unhappiness, and tell him that if it’ll make him feel better, I’ll go on a porn hunt for him. Any celebrity he wants. Maybe even two.