I liked the Transformers movie so much, i bought the toys! Got Optimus Prime and Barricade.

Review of the Optimus Prime figure here.

I got Barricade because he was fucking badass in the movie. Closer look at the Prime figure here. Would’ve been awesome if they were die-cast metal. But oh well, plastic Prime and Barricade for now.

Maybe the Japanese edition of these toys will be die-cast. Which, in that case, i’ll just sell off these plastic ones and get the metal ones.

I leave you with this hilarious video of Optimus Prime’s rude awakening:


I got a ticket to see Transformers tonight. Huzzah!

Would’ve gotten one more ticket for my fiancée but can you believe it she DOESN’T WANT TO WATCH what’s only like, THE BIGGEST MOVIE OF THE SUMMER. She flat out refused. Says she was never interested in Transformers or giant robots. I said “But there’s human drama in there too!!!” Still didn’t want to. She sucks so much.

Managed to get her to go see Die Hard 4.0 with me though. Hence the two tickets. But that’ll be tomorrow night. Tonight, it’s Transformers!

Anybody who’s seen these two movies please post your thoughts in the comments.


What’s with all the online hating on Adrianna Costa?? I don’t get it!

I think she’s pretty hot. Anybody here watch FOX’s On The Lot?

I just started watching the show and made some screencaps Adrianna’s glorious cleavage from episode six. She almost sorta looks like Scarlett Johansson in some of these shots. And she actually sorta sounds like her too (if you’ve seen the show). I think she used to be on CNN or something as an entertainment reporter.

I don’t see how people can think she’s a bad host or anything. But then again, i only started watching On The Lot starting from episode six and was concentrating on her cleavage more than i was her hosting skills.

I don’t care what they say. She’s hot and i’d totally hit it.