Julianna Mauriello

Happy Sweet Sixteen, Julianna!

Apparently, our little Stephanie is growing up fast. For those who aren’t aware, there is a legendary thread here (890 comments and counting) that’s gotten so insane lately that I can’t even keep track of all the players. I’m betting that if I checked the various IPs that post on a regular basis there, that more than a couple would come back with 4 or 5 different aliases. It’s really taken on a life of its own, even though many who are active participants seem to have no life to speak of.

However, some interesting things have been popping up in the thread recently. Such as the insistence of “Sascha” that Julianna is a teenage lesbian, and has had a steady girlfriend for the past 2 years:

I told you very first post ever made on this site.
Julianna has a girlfriend, they have been a COUPLE for the last 2 years or so.
She isnt into guys. Just Amanda.
If you guys REALLY knew how much her and Amanda love each other, you’d quit with the sex stuff.
Amanda and Jules are MARRIED as much as you could be, they both sleep over any time they want to at each others house, they both have keys to each others houses, their parents know, their friends know…she is always with Amanda, she sleeps with Amanda every night at her house or at Manda’s.

“Sascha” also dropped this little nugget:

and as for the idiot who asked if her hair upstairs matched the downstairs, as far as i know (like um 2 days ago) Julianna is still bald as a baby because thats how Amanda wants her to be…BTW Julianna wants you to know when her and Amanda are together at night being taken care of, she doesn’t think of you guys AT ALL.


We also have “Sascha” to thank for a batch of candid snaps, supposedly taken on or around Julianna’s recent b-day and posted briefly to her Facebook earlier today. Lucky for y’all (since they were subsequently removed), I just happened to be perusing the thread at that time, and swiped ’em for posterity’s sake…

ZOMG MYTHICAL BIKINI PIC! Didn’t we all just know it would be pink? ^_^

I assume the girl in the close-up pic with Jules is her bedbuddy, Amanda. And Juju seems to be practicing her hands-free technique on a soft taco in that other shot.

Olivia Munn

I’ve been meaning to post about a Eurasian cutie who is probably many a geek’s wet dream, Olivia Munn, co-host of G4TV’s Attack Of The Show.

I only started watching AOTS over the past couple months, but I was quickly won over by the show’s attention to news about stuff that interests the geekette in me, and the humor with which Olivia and Kevin bring it to my TV screen Monday through Friday. Layla Kayleigh, the Brit hottie who does the news segment called ‘The Feed,’ is also worth tuning in for.

Recently, Olivia got dressed up as Princess Leia complete with classic gold slavegirl bikini for some Star Wars nerdfest that G4TV covered…

She’s also portrayed another iconic character beloved by fanboys in a couple skits for the show…

There is plenty more evidence demonstrating Olivia’s awesome levels of yumb, just type her name in YouTube’s search box, sit back and enjoy the fun. Pay special attention to the sex tips segments she does with another girl called ‘In Your Pants,’ always good for some lolz.


Is anybody else as excited as i am for this flick? Reviews are starting to come in and it looks like it’s just as good as 40 Year Old Virgin was.

Two things i’m thankful for:

1. The fact that Anne Hathaway was replaced by Katherine Heigl.
2. The fact that Michael Cera was replaced by Seth Rogen.

Cera was apparently fired from the movie because… well… take a look:

Compare that with Seth Rogan’s performance from this trailer…

… and i think you’ll see that Judd Apatow made the right decision in firing* him. And all for the better!

By the way: Katherine Heigl = far better in this role than Anne Hathaway could ever have been.

Kat’s old Maxim shoot = LEGENDARY (i really need to seek out hi res scans of that shoot)

Why hasn’t this woman done any real nudity yet?

PS: She is not fat you fucking haters.

UPDATE: From an interview with Apatow

The DVD there’s going to be a one- and a two-disc version released at the same time, sometime in the winter time, and we just have so many extras that it’s ridiculous. It’s taken so much time to watch them. They’ve literally handed me DVD’s with 6 hours of footage that I have to go through. One thing we did that I think is really funny is we shot a fake documentary during the making of the movie, and the documentary is about how Seth Rogan was the tenth choice to play the lead. So during our shoot we would have actors come and perform a scene and then I would fire them. And so we had James Franco do it, Justin Long, David Krumholtz, Allen Covert. I did it.

ADDED: *i always knew it wasn’t real btw 😛 i just forgot to include this starred footnote saying that it wasn’t.


Only now, three years later, do i truly realize how fucking awesome the female cast of Mean Girls was. Rachel McAdams, Lacey Chabert, Amanda Seyfried. Lindsay Lohan.

…Lindsay Lohan circa 2004 at least.

What a great lineup. And what a great movie. So great that i even bought a bunch of film strips from the movie AND eBayed a shawl that Lindsay Lohan wore to a press signing for the movie in LA.

Picture of the shawl here. ^_^

I actually gave the shawl to my fiancée but i haven’t seen her wear it once. I think i’m going to have to take it back. What a waste of a good shawl! I hope it still smells like Lindsay…

Anyway, i actually used to think Amanda Seyfried was butt ugly for some reason. Definitely the odd one out of the four plastics. Then i discovered how fucking huge her titties were (thank you Veronica Mars season 1) so now all is forgiven.

FACT: Lacey Chabert is the only Mean Girl that i have NOT fapped to.

Your time will come Lacey. Your time will come.


Building on Angelbaby’s Petra Nemcova post, Petra, along with her brown saggy mudflap labia of an underarm (Faptastic’s description, not mine), was also spotted at the recent Tribeca Film Festival in NY (along with a whole bunch of other celebs, notably Hayden Panettiere).

Read up about what it’s like to be a photographer at the event here.

[…] word had it that Hayden Panettiere (of Heroes) would be making an appearance, since she is dating one of the cast members. Again, I decided to be patient and wait it out. The movie was nearly over, and only one other photographer besides myself remained, but she did get there: so I’ve got a near-exclusive set of shots of her. And you really can’t beat having one of television’s most popular stars look you in the eye, point to her chest, and say, “Seriously, can you see through my dress?” I figured it would be inappropriate to say “I’m sure as hell gonna try…”

Lots more pictures here.

Thanks Nathan!

Petra Nemcova

It’s a crying shame this is the first post dedicated to Petra at fubar. Although I did include some pics of the Czech beauty in a group post once.

If her name sounds familiar, it’s probably because you know her as the model who was caught in the tsunami while on a swimsuit shoot in Thailand. She survived by clinging to the top of a tree for like eight hours with a broken pelvis and internal injuries, but her fiancé drowned. 🙁

The first half of these shots were taken at Cannes this week, while the others are of her at various events over the past couple months. She’s looking quite lovely lately, and her 28th birthday is coming up in June.

I also happen to know that she’s a fave of Suzi’s. ^_^