Hayden Panettiere

I know there hasn’t exactly been a shortage of Hayden pics on fubar lately, but I figured y’all might be interested in these as they feature her in a bikini.

Seems instead of Save the World, The Cheerleader is more interested in Save the Dolphins/Whales. She attended a demonstration in Japan protesting the fishing industry there, which isn’t exactly marine mammal-friendly.

Hayden Panettiere, star of TVs hit series Heroes, paddled out on behalf of Save The Whales Again! She expressed that she felt the spirit of the dolphins who had been driven into the killing cove over the last 400 years.

“We had a moment of silence for all the dolphins that had been killed here,” said Panettiere, who uses her celebrity to protect dolphins and whales. “It was highly emotional. I wished for peace and for no more pain at this beautiful yet tragic cove.”

Apparently, Hayden also took some time out in Japan to sing some karaoke and throw back a few sake bombs. Saving the animals is hard work. Maybe next time they can get her to wear the mermaid costume.


You know what i miss? The Libby Hoeller and Psycho Girl type vids of this world. You don’t really see much of those them anymore. At least the more noteworthy ones. The Libby vids were good for a dialogue-less (or should that be monologue-less?) fap. She doesn’t talk at all in her vids. Unless you count lip-syncing to ‘I Touch Myself’ as talking.

Now the Psycho Girl vid, man that was some classic shit right there. Even better if your name is Matt.

So i found a similar vid, not as psycho though, but lots of talking! It’s some chick masturbating for her boyfriend.

Check it out if you haven’t already.

Here’s a PREVIEW pic of the vid for the WARY -_-


YES! It’s about that time of year again. Another Halloween, another Saw movie! I’m obviously a fan of the series and can’t wait to see what they’ve come up with this year. I thought Saw III was awesome. Loved how they filled in the blanks (aka the apparent ‘plot holes’) of parts I and II. The endings of the Saw movies never fail to blow my mind.

I loves me some Saw

It’s a shame that my wife refuses to watch them. I once offered to give her $300 if she would watch all three Saw movies in a row with me but she STILL wouldn’t give in! For $300 and she still wouldn’t!!! WTF!

Anyhow, here’s an exclusive teaser trailer for Saw IV. If you’ve seen the teasers for the first three Saw movies, then you know this one will be just as good!


I haven’t seen her sextape but i heard it’s almost as bad as Keeley Hazell’s. Saw her on E! a coupla times so i know she’s got big boobs (WIN). And whaddayaknow! She went out and did a Playboy shoot so why watch some bad sextape for the goods when you can now see her bunny mag spread!



Bought it yesterday (a bootleg, for about US$2.00 kekeke piracy ftw). Beat it. And now my left arm feels like it’s going to fall off. That last boss battle against the Devil (playing The Devil Went Down to Georgia) was fucking insane. And that was just on medium difficulty. I’m not even gonna attempt to beat it on hard, much less expert. Mostly because i can never really hit that fucking orange fret well enough to beat songs on those difficulty levels.

Beating the game on medium though, unlocks a Dragonforce song, which, if you can believe it, is even MORE insane than The Devil Went Down to Georgia.

My arm feels so sore right now. Kinda like when i first played Samba De Amigo on Dreamcast (RIP). I don’t think i’m even gonna be able to fap!

VERDICT: GH3. Better than GH 80’s, just as good, if not better than the first two GH’s combined. Better than Rock Band? We’ll see. The guitar battles with Tom Morello and Slash are pretty cool by the way. Buy it. Or bootleg it/download it if you’re a filthy pirate like myself.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Since we seem to be on somewhat of a big boob kick here this week, what better time for a classic celeb chest to make its return to fubar?

J. Love seems to be back in top form judging from these pics taken at some sort of charity event a couple weeks back.

FUN FACT: In her Playboy interview, Love said of her two best friends, “I just accepted them as a great accessory to every outfit.”