It seems like you just can’t avoid not seeing either Kristen Bell or Hayden Panettiere out and about these days. Or Kristen Bell and Hayden Panettiere out and about TOGETHER AT THE SAME TIME FTW!

It’s like they’re new BFFs!


Oh wow. So. Tell me the truth. Has this ever happened to you in some way or another?


I mean, what do you even say to chick after experiencing that? o_O

Clip is from the new Ben Stiller movie, The Heartbreak Kid.

It’s from the guys who brought you There’s Something About Mary so i’m hoping to get some big, if not huge, laughs out of it. Don’t disappoint me Farrelly brothers!

Michelle Monaghan (hottie from M:I-3 and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) and Malin Akerman (she took her top off in Harold and Kumar goes to White Castle) play the love interests.

The Heartbreak Kid starts playing October 5th!


Season 7 of Smallville starts today…yay!

And just in time to help develop a little hype for the show, two of its female stars hit the lad mags for some hawt photoshoot action.

Erica Durance plays Lois Lane, and she’s in the October issue of Maxim.

Laura Vandervoort plays Kara Zor-El (better known as Supergirl) and she’s in the October issue of Stuff.

What the hell is Kristin Kreuk doing?


Now i haven’t actually counted every vote in the Alba vs. Bell post but i’m pret-ty sure that Bell is the winner. How can she not be!? And if she isn’t, well she should be! Because Bell is like, SO much better than Alba anyway! And that’s a fact!

Here she is at the premiere of ‘The Game Plan’.

I love you Kristen Bell. You so pretty!

PS: Anybody here watch Gossip Girl? Did you know Kristen is the narrator on that show?? Well now you know!


Caps of her bare ass from the Hotel Chevalier short!

You can download the video here.

And here are some pics from the special screening of the short at the Apple store in SoHo!

Wow! How weird must it feel to watch yourself bare your own ass on screen in front of a whole bunch of other people watching and knowing that they’re ALL looking and probably thinking dirty thoughts about your ass!?