It’s almost 2007 all around the world now (it’s been 2007 for about ten and half hours over here), but some of you might still be in the last hours of 2006. I know this site is, since it’s running on EST. Depends on where you are obviously.

And speaking of different time zones, continuing the theme of the previous ‘what car do you drive’ post, i’d like to ask: where are you guys from?

Country and/or state please, if you don’t mind..!

Anyhow, have a safe and happy new year from dlt.com/.net..!

Kristin Kreuk

Now i don’t watch Smallville. And i’ve only ever really seen her in Eurotrip (“Scotty doesn’t know!”) but still, i just don’t see what the appeal of this girl is. She’s about as appealing to me as Jessica Alba is (i.e. not at all). In fact, i think i don’t really like her. I think i don’t like her at all! I still hate Jessica Alba more though.

So here’s 416 pictures of Kristin Kreuk. Completely plain and boring and unappealing Kristin Kreuk.

She’s almost as ugly as Michelle Trachtenberg. ALMOST.


PS: it was her birthday yesterday.

Hayden Panettiere

Some pretty (and large) Hayden pics within, with the cast of Heroes.

How is Heroes anyway? I’ve only seen the first 3 episodes.

AB UPDATE: I believe someone asked for this pic, but I didn’t think it was worth making a whole new post for, so I’ll just tack it on to Justin’s.

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ps. Heroes is the best new show on TV. Fact.


Saddam: Convicted of crimes against humanity in connection with the killings of 148 people in Dujail = Executed 12/30/2006

GW Bush: 52060 Iraqi civilians confirmed killed by military intervention = business as usual!

In other news:

PS: Watching the South Park movie again is probably going to be funnier this time around.

Black Snake Moan

Seen the trailer yet? I didn’t realize that it’s from the same guy who did Hustle & Flow. That was a pretty good movie. I wasn’t really looking forward to Black Snake Moan but now that i know what i know, Black Snake Moan actually might turn out to be pretty good. Or at least as good as Hustle & Flow was.


PS: Justin Timberlake is in this movie too?