Found these pics of Mena Suvari’s (surprisingly yumby looking!) ass in a thong!

(UPDATE: Now in Hi Res!)

I’m not a fan of Mena and i’m not even really all that into butts but that’s a pretty nice ass!

VERDICT: I’d slap it.

Adriana Lima

Yet another hottie that I can’t believe has never seen the glory of the fubar front page.

Supermodel and self-confessed virgin Adriana got nekkid for a yumby photo spread in the April issue of GQ magazine.

Complete with behind-the-scenes video…

These are the only hi res pics I’ve come across on the tubes so far, and I don’t like the tags or the seams in them anymore than the rest of you. I’ll replace them with better ones as soon as they become available.

Hilary Duff

Teh Duffster was photographed out and about in LA on St. Paddy’s Day wearing a tube top, miniskirt and white fishnets.

She wasn’t wearing any visible green, so if you had seen her on the street you could’ve walked up and pinched her.

Jessica Alba

It’s been a little slow around the celeb pic factory the past few days.

So here’s Jessica Alba in a shoot for some magazine I’ve never heard of.

Obviously, this was shot before she had a bun in the oven.

The Other Lohan Girl

Well, judging by these pics taken recently, it seems as though 14-year old Ali Lohan has started joining her big sis during some of her evenings on the town. She’s probably the designated driver for Lindsay and Mom.

In case anyone is wondering what that green box is that Lindsay is oh-so-conspicuously holding, it’s some kind of “dissolvable tobacco” that she’s apparently been whoring for. And no, I’m not talking about some sort of nicotine lozenge, I’m talking DISSOLVABLE TOBACCO. Ew.