Miley Cyrus

Two days ahead of her Sweet Sixteen b-day, Miley got snapped by the paparazzi taking her puppy out for a bike ride. I’m mentally preparing myself for the inevitable comment(s) about her bicycle seat. Pervs.

I’ll assume that’s the infamous 20-year old boyfriend I’ve been hearing about lately (his name is Justin, btw). I’m sure Disney execs couldn’t be happier with that match. There’s no Jamie Lynn-type scandal just waiting to happen there. None at all. Promise.

Leggy teen is leggy.

Monica Bellucci

Thanks to the November issue of Italian GQ, Justin has some new pictures of Monica for his fapping pleasure.

If only more Hollywood actresses shared Monica’s approach to her craft…

“I’m not scared by nudity, because for me, nothing is more beautiful than a body. You can have such an amazing emotion from a body…it’s a part of your job, an object you can work with. When you can have this kind of freedom, it’s the moment where you can give your best as an actress.”

FUN FACT: One of the world’s most beautiful women turned FORTY-FOUR at the end of September. O_O

Ashley Greene

Here’s some new blood for your approval.

Ashley is getting her first big part in the soon-to-hit-theaters Twilight, based on the series of vampire books for emo tweens to cut their teeth on (see wut I did thar) after they’ve grown bored of Harry Potter.


Olga Kurylenko

I would’ve given equal time to both of the newest Bond Girls if they had each decided to wear something sexy to the European premieres last week, but only Gemma obliged.

Thankfully, French FHM got Olga to do a hawt photoshoot for this month’s issue.

Might be hard to believe, but Olga turns 29 a week from today.

UPDATE: Apparently, German Maxim also wanted to get in on the action with their December issue.

Camilla Belle

I’m gonna try this format again where I post recent pics of a celeb cutie and include a shot of her from when she got her start in the biz.

Here’s Camilla at the Hollywood Film Festival’s Gala Ceremony in Beverly Hills last week.

And here she is back in 1997 when she was in Jurassic Park 2 (r.i.p. Michael Crichton) playing a little girl who gets munched on by tiny dinos while feeding them. Isn’t it ironic? Don’tcha think?

Camilla was also in Poison Ivy II (that’s the Alyssa Milano one) as a youngster. Her next film is called Push, and it’s set to be released in February 2009. Also starring Dakota Fanning, the movie is described as “an action packed sci-fi thriller that involves a group of young American ex-pats with telekinetic and clairvoyant abilities, hiding from a clandestine U.S. government agency.”