Who is Libby Hoeler?

To: “‘psykotik@gmail.com'”
Subject: RE: Liddy Hoeler
From: Paul Moffatt PMoffatt@imgrisermgmt.com
Date: Fri, Jan 25 2002 11:47:30 AM -0600

Hey.whats up ? Cool site….Whos this Liddy Hoeler doing that strip
thing…? Never heard of her..


First of all. Paul. You are a dick.

Paul = Dick

I was seriously contemplating writing you a sternly worded e-mail after reading those e-mails you sent to Crystal. You were lucky that she didn’t post up your e-mail address back then.

But thanks for writing to me though. Unlike Stal, i actually post up e-mail addresses. Now everyone knows your address. And can potentially flame the living crap out of you.

Paul, i’ll say it again. You’re a dick.

But this isn’t about Paul being a dick, this is about Libby Hoeler!

To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: Your site and a historical question
From: “Furious George” curiouschimp@hotmail.com
Date: Wed, Jan 30 2002 2:54:15 AM -0800

I dig your site. Well designed. But I must know —

Who is Libby Hoeler? Not personally — I mean, what is the Internet mythology built on her? Do we know what happened to her? What her parents said? Is she working in the industry? Was she expelled from her university?

I am curious. Does she have cult status? I’m a journo so this seems to be an interesting story — like the Taiwan political sex scandal video, which I have still not seen but read about. Like the infamous Rob Lowe video years ago, everyone else has allgedely seen it…

‘Internet Mythology’ eh? Well… to answer your first five questions:

I don’t know, i don’t know, i don’t know, i don’t know and i don’t know.

But i’m guessing (for questions number 2 through 5…):

2. She’s gone into hiding.
3. Her parents are super pissed.
4. Probably not (but she sure does have the talent to)
5. I’m guessing she wasn’t.

The videos in question:

  • Libby Hoeler (part 1)
  • Libby Hoeler (part 2)
  • Libby Hoeler (part 3)
  • Libby Hoeler (part 4)
  • Libby Hoeler (part 5)

    Furthermore, here are two e-mails from two students who’re from University of Wisconsin Madison (where the videos originated) that pretty much prove that this all really did happen and isn’t just some hoax or myth.

    I once had someone sign my guestbook pleading to me not to refer to Libby Hoeler as Libby Hoeler because he/she (?) said Libby Hoeler wasn’t actually Libby Hoeler and that the girl in the videos was just some Swedish porn actress or something. HAH. Well fuck you pal. These two e-mails pretty much prove that Libby Hoeler IS Libby Hoeler. Or should i say, Elizabeth Heller? Either way, i’ll just let these two e-mails do the talking.

    Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 17:34:44 -0600
    From: xxxxx@students.wisc.edu
    Subject: libby hoeler

    hey. i came across your site after searching google for libby hoeler, i was bored. anyway, as a student at UW madison i could tell you what i know of her and the story. her real name is elizabeth heller. she is a sophomore now but was a freshman living in university housing when it happened. she lived in sellery hall, i was living across the street in witte hall where one of her good friends lived on my floor. the story i heard from him is that she made them for her boyfriend who was at college in milwaukee. she cheated on him and he found out, and he sent them to her parents, her grandparents, all her friends whose email addresses he knew and naturally they ended up on morpheus and kazaa. i dont know much else about it, i personally dont know her other than seeing her at a few parties.

    Girls who cheat always get their comeuppance.

    Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 20:41:59 -0600
    From: xxxx@students.wisc.edu
    Subject: Libby Hoeller


    Yes, the story is true. Of course, we knew about it about a year and a half ago. It happened sometime at the beginning of the 00-01 school year in Sellery Hall. It was funny; we even looked her up in the student directory. She lived about 3 doors down from where I used to live, but she was long gone by the time the pictures were distributed (and everyone tried to contact her). But yes, it is true. And if I have any credibility on this subject at all, it should be from my wisc.edu email address. Heh.

    Well there you have it. The ‘myth’ debunked.

    Anyway. You mentioned the Taiwan political sex scandal video. Well. I know a place where you can get a sample of it.

    No Rob Lowe video though. Maybe next time.

    And hey, to anyone who’s reading this, if you’re a UW Madison student and you know and/or have heard of Libby Hoeler’s story, please feel free to write me an e-mail or leave a comment or whatever so we can further debunk this ‘internet mythology’.

    Even though it’s already been debunked.

    So to speak.

    Later kiddies!

    update: for more on libby hoeler, go here

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    So i get back from class. Pizza and Sprite in hand (MY DINNER). And i plop myself down on my chair. I check my mail. And ooh:

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    And oh. Look. And e-mail from theweblogreview.com people.

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    EH? I’ve been amongst the few that’ve qualified for the SITE OF THE YEAR over at TWR? How come i didn’t know about this?

    (Obviously i don’t visit TWR that often)

    But WOW! Fuck me gently with a chainsaw! Me! A finalist! For Site Of The Year no less! And in the running to win $100 worth in prizes! Which is always nice!

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    I never knew Zoe McLellan was the type to do nudes and stuff. I mean, who you have ever thought the chick from that HORRIBLE Dungeons & Dragons movie would do a nude scene? But then again, if Katie Holmes; of all people, is willing to take her top off for The Gift, then i guess pretty much anything’s possible.

    My only question is… Kiki, where are you gonna do one?

    ANYWAY. I was supposed to blog dammit. Not discuss nude scenes. Fucking one track mind i can have sometimes…

    But yeah. Monday. The most hectic day of the week for yours truly. Just got out of class over an hour ago. I have classes from 12 noon till 9 PM on Mondays. FUN STUFF.

    Well, actually it’s not as bad as it sounds really. Could be worse. But i guess the heavens are shining down on me this semester.

    • Film Communication: MW 0200-0350P
    • Broadcast Operations: T 0400-0620P
    • American History Since 1877: MWF 1200-1250P
    • Drug Use: M 0630-0900P

    American History’s a pretty nice class. The lecturer’s really nice and all. Nice lady. Nice class. Film Communication… well, i don’t even have to explain why i like that class. Broadcast Operations is alright. The lecturer said “Fuck you” and “Asshole” on the first day of class. In a New York accent no less. So that’s make it pretty cool. And yes. Drug Use.

    Yes. Drug Use.

    Yes. That is an actual class.

    Aside from being the most busiest day of my week, Monday’s also pretty much the only day i actually get to walk and talk with Stacy on the way to our respective classes. You know… Stacy… lives just down the hall. Yeah, Stacy’s nice. I keep thinking her name’s Tiffany but that’s beside the point. The point is that she’s NICE. And i sorta look forward to walking and talking with her on Mondays.


    So i’ll just spare you all the details.

    Lemme see. Updates. Hrm. What else have i been doing?

    Well i still have that 178 bucks that i scored off of selling those T-Shirts for T-Shirt Hell Inc. (THE WEBMASTER AFFILIATES PROGRAM THAT THEY OFFER REALLY WORKS. SO YOU SHOULD SIGN UP AND START EARNING YOURSELF SOME MONEY TOO).

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    I’m heavily considering getting one. And if i do, the first game i’m gonna get for it is Rogue Leader. FUCK that game looks amazing.

    If not, then i’m gonna get myself a pair of good shoes. Maybe some DVD’s. And a PS2 game if i still have some moolah to spare.

    What else… um… OH i got an e-mail today from theweblogreview.com people. But i’m gonna talk about that in the next post. Because it really is a big deal. And i’m still dumbfounded by it all. You’ll see what i mean in the next post.

    In related news, i STILL have over 50 e-mails (i shit you not) that i STILL haven’t replied to that’ve been piling up ever since i left for Michigan about… ooh… A MONTH AGO. And i sincerely apologize to each and every one of you who’ve sent me e-mails, plug/link requests, fan mail, fan signs and telling me how much you like the site and all and how you think it’s really good (in your eyes anyway… i still think it SUCKS) and i just wanna say that i will TRY to get back to as many of them as i can within the next two days or so. I’ll probably just post up replies to them all in a super long e-mail post or whatever so yeah, to those of you who’ve sent me e-mails and whatnot within the past month… and are still waiting for a response, well your wait will soon be over. Just check back with the site in a coupla days and maybe you’ll see your reply up here.

    I’ll eventually get back to them all. Well… okay, maybe not all of them. Definitely not the stupid ones.

    Believe me, i get a lot of stupid e-mail sometimes.

    Anyway. THAT’S IT FOR NOW. If you’ve actually read this far down the post, i commend you. Now go treat yourself and look at the porn or whatever. You know you want to.

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