This day in Amanda Bynes history

– March 31 1992 –

Amanda starts crying like crazy when Dodo The Clown shows up at local birthday party.

(i actually uploaded these like about a month ago, before i got lazy updating the website. lolzzz. amanda is soooo hot. someday, i will fap to her. for great justice of course.)

Winona Ryder

You know, i once said to myself that even if we only get to see an animated Winona Ryder naked in A Scanner Darkly, that i’d probably still fap to it anyway… well it turns out that there WILL be naked animated Winona Ryder in A Scanner Darkly!

The only thing is that while…

There are a couple of scenes in which Winona is topless. I’m sorry to have to break this to you but she filmed the scenes with an exercise top on. The animators had to “imagine” what her specific attributes might look like. So there wont be any bootleg video floating around of nude Winona.

I’m still going to fap to it, i don’t care.