So i wanted a new TV.

Then i didn’t want a new TV.

But one of the local stores here FINALLY posted about them bringing in that 98″ TCL C755 that i wanted, on pre-order.

AND IT ONLY COSTS BND $2999??? (USD $2216)


And here i was thinking of getting a 98″ C755 imported from across the border from Malaysia, which would have cost me BND $6882 (USD $5163)

AND EVEN BETTER THAN A 98″ C755, now there’s a 2024 98″ C855 that they’re ALSO bringing in for BND $3999 (USD $2955)


I bought a 98″ TCL C855, which is better than the 98″ TCL C755.

Oh and there’s the 115″ X955 that they’re also bringing in, but for freakin’ BND $19999 (USD $14779), which is way, WAY out of my league.

But a 98″ C855 for BND $3999, i can definitely do.So i got it all paid off and now i’m just waiting for July to roll on by and for it to get delivered.

My wife doesn’t know and i’m probably gonna get an earful, and fucked in the ass.

But these prices man, so weird. I just don’t understand why the price so much lower than in other neighboring countries.

I checked and the retail price for a 98″ C855 in Singapore is SGD $9199 (USD $6800) compared to BND $3999 (USD $2955).

(Note: Brunei and Singapore currency is pegged, so we share the exact share currency exchange rate)

That’s like, more than HALF off…!

And the price i would have paid to get a C755 (not even a c855) imported from Malaysia (RM $22,999 + RM $1000 for tax and delivery) would’ve ended up twice the price of if i were to just get a C855 here..! (BND $3999 C855 vs BND $6882 imported C755)

But hey, BND $3999 (USD $2955), i’ll take it!

Now granted, these are just TCL TVs. Not exactly Sony or Samsung or LG tier TVs. But for the features and the price, BND $3999 (USD $2955) for a 98″ Mini-LED TV with 3500 nit peak brightness, it just makes sense. And it’s a substantial enough upgrade from my 2020 85″ Sony X90H.

I own two other TCL TV around the house. A 55″ C735 and a 65″ C645, just bedroom and living room TVs. Specs aren’t too crazy on these ones but they’re pretty good for what they are. So i’m pretty familiar with TCL.

Is this the last TV i’ll ever buy?

Well, maybe if 115″ TVs ever become affordable in there future.

I’ll take pics of the TV once it’s here.

I have NO idea what i’m going to do with my 85″ Sony X90H though. Where could i even put that thing.