Hello boys and girls. Yes i know. I’ve been super lazy. I’ve also been super sick. Well… not really. But i do have the flu. I hear it’s been going around. Anybody else have the case of the sniffles? Apparently a lot of people here on campus are sick too. Must be because of the stupid fall weather.

Anyhow, i think i’ll start off this post with a couple of e-mails. Since i don’t really have anything major to talk to about.

To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: That chick in your class
From: “Robyn Le Loup” r.g.leloup@worldnet.att.net
Date: Fri, Sep 20 2002 9:24:22 PM -0500

You are a fucking genius!!! Taking pics of that Thora Birch looking monkey foreheaded broad is great! You’ve got real balls, man. I only WISH that i had thought of that when I was in school. God damn is that funny as hell

Keep it up.


I’ve gotten quite a number of comments from people telling me how great that little stunt was. It’s really nothing new. I’ve been doing it for years. Like, back in high school, me and my buddy Rory would just go around school taking pictures of girls. We told them it was for some ICT project. And they believed it. Haha. Dumb girls.

Anyway, that was high school. I upgraded from a camera to a videocam when i got to college. Haha.

Just over a year ago, while i was still in Malaysia at WMU Sunway i went around campus and took videos of girls walking around. Here are some video grabs.

As you can see, most of them are Chinese. Because Malaysia is overrun with Chinese people.

Anyway, this year, i have gone from videocam… to webcam! And just last week, i took my webcam into class to take pictures of this hot Thora Birch-y girl in my Interpersonal Communications II class. I posted about her last week. Scroll down back to Friday last week if you haven’t already read about my little adventure.

I have never gotten caught because nobody ever suspects the skinny Asian guy to be a creepy stalker type person.

With that being said and all joking aside, i swear to you that i’m not a pervert. I just get really bored sometimes.

Anyway, speaking of Stephanie, this past Friday, we had to move to another class because i dunno, my professor wanted to use the OHP or something and the room that we were in didn’t have one. So anyway, we moved to another class and i got myself a seat. Then Stephanie walks in and she’s like looking around for a seat and i was like thinking to myself “please please please sit next to me”. And she did! Haha.

That was exciting.

To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: Oh Libby Hoeler You (Are Still A) Fuckwhore
From: vasudeva vasudeva@megarad.com
Date: Sat, Sep 21 2002 10:31:17 AM -0400

Hey man. I’ve realized two things since you posted my last email about
the Libby Hoeler thing.

1) You don’t seem to have the whole thing up.

2) I do have a copy of it after all — I had posted it to Megarad
shortly after doing so on Trollaxor. Here’s the thing in its entirety.

Oh Libby Hoeler,
you fuckwhore,
you gorgeous stupid broad,
you made videos of you touching yourself
for your boyfriend
(whoever he was)
Good for you.

But they got out onto the Internet
when you cheated on him and he found out.
This was his retaliation.
Good for him.

Didn’t see that coming, did you?

I went home today
at lunch
queued up video #4
the one where you sing “I Touch Myself” by the DiVinyls
and do just that
on the bed
in your high-school bedroom
At points
you turn over onto your knees and point your ass at the camera,
hand working all the while,
the dual globes of your soft derriere aiming at the sky like the
battlements of some lazy city
I maximized the window
and joined you,
gently at first
but with mounting lunacy
until my hands were a crazy finger-machine whacking me off
(I had to push one of the cats away with my foot)

and just as I came
I saw the face of Jesus on your left breast

Is it a sign?

Its permanent home is here:

That is the best poem ever.

There’s been a lot of new activity going on in the comments section of the Libby Hoeler post. Some wackos out there are actually calling up her parents and stuff and asking to see if Libby was home!


To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: dvds
From: “Ian Armstrong” ian@miginteractive.com
Date: Wed, Sep 25 2002 4:50:27 PM -0400

You don’t have more DVDs then I do. Last count I had 243. And last count was last month.

I hate you.

In other news, the server fucked itself up earlier this morning and kept telling me that there wasn’t any space left. Making GreyMatter not being able to write new comments to the posts and stuff. So for those of you who tried commenting on Liz’s post only to get a time out message instead, well go back and repost whatever it was you were gonna say. I know Dylan’s comment got cut off halfway. So yeah, go show Lizzie some <3 and comment.

Oh and she’s got a sexy new layout that would’ve been almost perfect if she’d included Kirsten Dunst in there somewhere (thus making it a Bring It On themed layout. Sorta).

I’ve added a new link to the site. She is Liz’s best friend Meg and she is teh hot. I suggest you give her a warm welcoming to the harem family and go visit her. Lizzie and Meggie will be getting a webcam soon and they will be making out live on cam for free. Haha. Those lesbians.

I’m kidding.

“worship her, her attitude, and her massive titties. RAWR.”

(Those are Liz’s words. Not mine.)

Anyway, i think that’s it for now. I will try to post on a more regular basis from now on. All you have to do is motivate me by leaving lots of comments and telling me how great i am or something.

Finally, i would just like to say that
Christina Aguiaerlaaleareleriaeliare is a dirty whore.

drunk wiggers are fun to fuck with at 3am

Hey everyone…It’s been a long time, huh? I’ve just come back from a luxurious extended vacation away from my beloved computer courtesy of my psykotik (haha I spelt it like youuuu, Justin) mother. But now I’m back, and my site finally has a new layout.

Isn’t it great what you can learn at 3am when your friends come online drunk? My friend Marc used to come on and ramble about “Jesus’ technicolour dreamcoat” and “Arnoeld Swartnsopfnsdddsa”. Heh. Tonight’s drunk friend happened to be one from the real world, Adam. Of course, during this amusing convo I was talking to Sami who was thouroughly amused.

Adam: yo wut zup
<--boring misspelled convo here-->
Adam: an whos your bf? come have fun wit me forget himo…lol
((Sami: hahaha! why liz, you are quite the hot commodity, now aren’t you ))
Me: His name is Curt, he goes to West. But my friends have all decided hes gay though, so he might not be my boyfriend for much longer
Adam: haha, well make it official an come over here…lol
Me: It’s 3am
Adam: Wheere u live now?
((Me: adam wants me to come over and fool around with him! haha
Sami: hahaha yeah i got that))
Adam: haha, well drive over here…
Me: Nooo. I don’t even have my beginners! I can drive, but not well
Adam: doooo it
Me: noooooo i cant
Me: i’ll die or something haha. my friends already got in a car accident today lol
Adam: haha, well dont hit anything. c’mon, i know ya considering it
((Sami: hahaha
Me: haha silly horny drunk bastard
Me: i’m gonna have fun with him tomorrow
Me: and be like “oh yeah you were SO hitting on me”
Me: i always thought he had a thing for me
Sami: he’s showing his true colors, wigger, drunk, and has the hots for you))
Me: Why do you think I’m considering it?
<--etc, etc-->

So, for about 20 minutes I fucked around with the guy’s head. Haha, he actually wanted me to drive across town at 3 in the morning. LMAO. I find this amazingly amusing. The BEST way to get information out of them is when they’re drunk. And it helps if you have tits, definitely.

I don’t know why I’m posting here, there’s really no point. WAIT! Yes there is!

For all of you who have become fans of my best friend Meg *coughJUSTINcough*, her SITE is now up and running…So go oogle her goodies or something.

It’s that time of year again

The big 2-0.

Haha. Jenn, you’re old. *grin*

Lots of love. Have a good one..!

(I love this picture)

Leave a comment or e-mail her, say Happy Birthday!!

I’ll post more soon. Promise!

Virginia Tech are taking a go at WMU right now. Anybody watching the game? Western cheerleaders are hot.

Alrighty, i’m out for now. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ONCE AGAIN JENN!

<3 <3 <3

Weekend back

I’ve been on a merry-go-round lately. And I’m getting a nausea attack. First there was moving, then there was moving in, and then school, and all the other things involved with school. I want to throw up a sign on my door that says, “Sorry, closed for business, on personal holiday, please leave message and don’t expect response.” But I can’t very well do that, because I commited myself to live in this world, and now I have to deal with it. *vomit* German school sucks. That’s putting it lightly. I have over 12 subjects, all on different days, no lunch, I have to creep around to smoke off of school grounds and my teachers / fellow class mates are a joke. I’m being a bit dramatic, and cynical, and generally negative. Deal with it, because I have to. Every day is an up and down hill, sometimes I managed to get to my computer and write an offline Deluge entry for my own site, that I hope sometime before the Second Coming will be posted – if I EVER get my phone and net connection up. At least we get free sattelite, but though shall not live off of sattelite alone. I can only handle so much of the German series, and old American series with voice overs that make me cringe.

My new apartment is sweet, and you should all be highly jealous of me and living like a hermit in the mountains with my dad in a 4,000 person town, where the hills outnumber the people evidently. That’s why I’m here in Heidelberg for the weekend – to get the hell away from .. the silence.

So, sorry that I don’t have anything really to say or report, except that I am sick of getting up at 5:30 every morning so I can go to school until 1 pm and not understand 80% of ANYTHING and come home and laugh at my homework before I throw it under the couch and clean the apartment and cook dinner. I am officially a real kitchen/house bitch now.

Justin, email me, you sack.


Aw suki suki!

To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: Can’t blame the great one.
From: BUBWARS@aol.com Add to Contacts
Date: Thu, Sep 19 2002 9:41:18 AM -0400

I can’t blame you if you don’t post in a while. KINGDOM HEARTS!! My friend just got it, I haven’t gotten to play it yet, but LANCE BASS AS SEPHIROTH!!!!! HALEY JOEL OSMENT!!!!! I hate the both of them, but that won’t stop me from playing.


I wish could say that the reason i haven’t been posting is because i’ve been playing Kingdom Hearts… but the truth is, i haven’t. I’ve been playing Animal Crossing instead! Reeee!

I was actually gonna post on Wednesday but i guess i got a little sidetracked. Blame Animal Crossing! That game is so ridiculously addictive. If you have a Gamecube, i highly suggest that you pick it up. It is the most addictive game i’ve ever played in recent memory. If you don’t have this game already, you suck.

Anyway, you all remember Stephanie right? I talked about how i kept staring at her jubblies in my last post. Remember how i said i was gonna maybe bring my webcam into class? Well i did! And i took some pictures of her without her knowing. Hahaha. Anyway, yeah, i brought my webcam into class with me Wednesday morning and i secretly took snaps of her all throughout class. It was kinda hard because i mean come on now, how could anyone not notice the freakin’ webcam sitting on my table. It didn’t help that it was a tiny class too. But i pulled it off anyway. Without her suspecting anything. Har har.

It kinda sucked that she didn’t really dress herself up that morning (or better yet… dress herself down… ha!) but lemme tell ya, get this girl into the right clothes and HOT doesn’t even begin to describe how good she looks.

Anyway, tell me that she doesn’t look like a cross between Thora Birch’s forehead and Zoja of web-decay.net.

Isn’t she cute in that Thora Birch kind of way? Aww…

I want to hump Thora Birch.

Anyway, today in class, she wore a tight white t-shirt again. And her left bra strap fell off her shoulder again. And once again, the highlight of my day was when she reached into her shirt to readjust it. Haha. It’s quite sad that the highlight of my day was seeing a girl adjusting her bra strap. I am easily jollied up. The only real difference today was that her shirt wasn’t as thin or as see-through as it was on Monday. But oh well. At least it was tight. Hee.

I wish i’d brought my webcam into class today but i promised my girlfriend that i wouldn’t take anymore pictures of her. My girlfriend got quite upset when i told her i was staring at her boobs and she accused me of stalking her. Girlfriends suck.

In other news, i have more DVD’s than you.

Yesterday, i decided to unblock everybody so that the people who weren’t on my buddy list could IM me. And right after i unblocked everyone, i immediately set myself as being away.

I come back a while later and i see this on my screen.

And people wonder why i have the general public blocked from contacting me. I’d like to see you try keep up one decent conversation going with that number of people IMing you at the same time.

Urza987654321: Hello, who is this?
Auto response from psykotik2k: I’m not here right now because I’m waiting for you to get offline.
Urza987654321: Hello?
Urza987654321: I need to talk to smeone and you are the only person on my list! Whoever you are….

Die Urza987654321. Die die die.

You know… i’d figure that people would know by now that i’m not really Avril Lavigne. But i guess some people just haven’t caught on…

allyson is on: are you avril lavigne?
Auto response from psykotik2k: I’m not here right now because I’m waiting for you to get offline.

NOSINJECTION458: hey whats up
Auto response from psykotik2k: I’m not here right now because I’m waiting for you to get offline.
NOSINJECTION458: is dis avril?
NOSINJECTION458: avril y wont u talk
NOSINJECTION458: avril talk plz

I’d post up more examples but i’ll just spare you the stupidity.

This one was from a couple of days ago.

AutomatonRex: Hey
AutomatonRex: You rocked at the Rock and Roll hall of fame, wasn’t the John Lennon exibit cool?

Yes. He thought i was Avril Lavigne too.

Okay enough stupid IMs. Time for stupid e-mails now.

I got this e-mail yesterday:

To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: Pics
From: meynardo salapare maythersalapare@ev1.net
Date: Thu, Sep 19 2002 2:21:38 PM -0700

Just take a look at these pics of Avril and be honest if you still think
you’d hump her. You thought Kelly Clarkson was ugly without
makeup…then maybe you cant handle these…



You know i still get people constantly commenting and e-mailing me links to those pictures. I really don’t see why people are obsessed about what she looks like without makeup. All celebrities looks like crap without make up. It’s a fact. And those pictures are so 3 months ago. I saw them while i was looking for good pics of Avril to use for the layout. That was 3 months ago. It’s old news.

Other embarassing Avril Lavigne pictures that i’ve seen a million times over that you don’t need to tell me about:

  • Avril’s Ass Crack
  • Avril’s Yearbook Photos
  • Avril Topless On A Beach

    I’d still hump her if i were given the chance.

    Now for some normal e-mails:

    To: psykotik@gmail.com
    From: David Bowman locke@blackcodex.com
    Date: Wed, Sep 18 2002 4:43:05 PM -0400

    No. I know you’re not Avril. I don’t give a fuck about Avril. I’m just being very clever with my subject so that you will read my email.

    You evil sonofabitch, I noticed yesterday that my small, artsy, for-personal-pleasure-only site (http://dialogues.blackcodex.com/) got upwards of 4000 unique hits in eight hours. The great majority of the referrers seemed to come from your site, which I read once a week when I need a large quantity of breasts in my life.

    Anyway, I was trying in vain to figure out how exactly you got the filepath to the dancing Chinese kids, who I keep in my basement for personal amusement. (I provide them with crack, doughnuts, j-pop and water, they dance for me. It’s a mutually profitable arrangement.)

    My investigation comes down to one of two possibilities… one of my friends gave you the link disguised as Fred Savage porn, which he threatened to do, or I, while drunk, gave you the link disguised as Fred Savage porn, which I have been known to do when drunk.

    In any case I can’t remember. Enlighten me.


    27/8/02 3:26 AM
    Kavlang: Hello.
    Kavlang: I’d just like you to know that I think you’re fuckin’ A.
    Kavlang: Also I have Fred Savage porn.
    Kavlang: FRED SAVAGE PORN!!

    To: psykotik@gmail.com
    Subject: Oh Libby Hoeler You Fuckwhore
    From: vasudeva vasudeva@megarad.com
    Date: Tue, Sep 17 2002 7:13:11 PM -0400

    Hey man, I just found my little piece of writing on Libby Hoeler in your archives. The funny bit is, I’d sent in an email to you months previous about that old made-for-TV movie with Tom Hanks in it. Coincidence?

    Too bad trollaxor.com shut down. That was a fun site.

    I’m glad you liked the Libby Hoeler bit. It cracks me up, but I don’t think I have a copy anymore. If you want more of that kinda stuff, it pops up every so often on Megarad.com, which is a geek culture site I run. Maybe you can toss up a link or something if you like it.

    The Libby Hoeler poem which he wrote that i used here:

    ‘Oh Libby Hoeler You Fuckwhore’

    Oh Libby Hoeler,
    you fuckwhore,
    you gorgeous stupid broad,
    you made videos of you touching yourself
    for your boyfriend
    (whoever he was)
    Good for you.

    But they got out onto the Internet
    when you angered him.
    This was his retaliation.
    Good for him.

    To: psykotik@gmail.com
    Subject: long time reader, first time emailer
    From: josh juniorcaveman@yahoo.com
    Date: Tue, Sep 17 2002 12:28:20 PM -0700 (PDT)


    couple things….first i came to your site by chance on day a long while back (unlike most, i ws not lookinf for libby hoeler videos…i had those already…i did a search on google under fubar and you happened to be the first site)and for the most part have just checked back once a week to read your posts and catch up. your site has gotten very addictive and recently i find myself visiting everyday. damn you!

    anyway…another addiction i have is snood. stupid little game that i can’t stop playing. i don’t know if you have played it or not, but if you haven’t you can get it here.

    and if you have it or if you download it, you’ll need a registration code to play the full version w/all the options. here is the code:

    PKXIofbJxx8%PVpi$UtU (case sensitive, course)

    i guess this is just a lame way of saying thanks for all your wonderful insights into boobs, porn, boobs, dvds, boobs, random weird things, boobs, and boobs.

    so, maybe boobs will get me out of my boobs and into posting on your boobs. boobs. boobs to you boobs,


    It is nice to be appreciated.

    And now, i leave you all with Anne Hathaway’s boobs.

    When in the world did she grow those??

  • Boobs!

    Brrr. Cold. It’s been getting ridiculously chilly up here in these parts over the past coupla nights. So much so that i actually had to sleep with my jeans and socks on last night. My blanket is retardly thin and it has holes in it. It’s actually more like a fish net than a blanket really. I need to go buy a thicker blanket for winter. Blanket, comforter, duvet, whatever. Just something thicker.

    I guess it probably would’ve been a good idea to have just closed the window but it was like 4am in the morning, i was too lazy and the blinds were in the way. Tonight, i have just decided to stay up till sunrise and sleep once the sun is up. So that it won’t be as cold (i am still too lazy to just shut the window).


    In this next paragraph, i am going to talk about boobs so you might want to skip over the whole thing if you’re a girl who couldn’t care less about me talking about boobs.

    Hmm. Lemme see. There’s this girl in my Interpersonal Communications II class that i keep staring at. Her name is Stephanie. She looks like a cross between Thora Birch’s forehead and a 21 year old version of Zoja. I keep sneaking peeks at her boobs. I don’t know why. They’re not exactly huge or anything. And nothing extraordinary. But i just can’t keep my eyes off of them. She is also quite pretty so i think that is why i tend to keep staring at her. Today she was wearing a thin long sleeve white shirt and through it, i could see her left bra strap falling off her shoulder. My highlight of the day was when she reached into her shirt to readjust her falling bra strap. Bliss! Actually no, my highlight of the day was when she reached down into her bag that was on the floor and her boob was mushing down against the table top part of the chair she was sitting on. Goodness. I love how boobs can get mushed up like that. I have class with her again this Wednesday and Friday. Maybe i will bring my webcam into class and try to take pictures of her. Haha. I am a stalker now. Guys, what do you like most about boobs? Comment!

    Okay. For the girls who have just skipped the above paragraph to get to this paragraph, you might want to skip this next one too because i will be talking about DVDs. And i don’t think you girls would really give a damn about me talking about DVDs either.

    It’s DVD Tuesday today. I probably might go out later in the day to get Monsters Inc. And probably the Sleepaway Camp Survival Kit box set. I have never seen those movies and i have never heard of the Sleepaway Camp movies until two days ago. I have read some reviews and they seem to be alright. I hope they are at least of Evil Dead/Re-animator caliber. I will be disappointed if they turn out to be stupid horror movies like… KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE!!! (which i have not yet seen but i know is complete ass). Next week, i will be getting Amadeus: The Director’s Cut. Amadeus is such a tremendous movie with lots of tremendous cleavage shots of Elizabeth Berridge’s tremendous breasts. Actually they’re not really that tremendous but the way her costume pushes up her boobs makes it seem like she has tremendous breasts and tremendous cleavage. Tremendous i say.

    Alright, if you are a girl who has just skipped over to this paragraph, i am sorry to say that you really only have one tiny little paragraph of non DVD, non boob related ‘news’ coming up for you. And after that one tiny little paragraph of non DVD, non boob related ‘news’, you will come across a picture of a pair of boobs. I will try harder to not talk about boobs and DVD’s in my next post i promise.

    Anyway, in other news, after two years of fighting, hell has frozen over and Thess and Suzi have finally settled their differences and made up. Rejoice!

    Now i present to you a pair of anonymous boobs.


    Okay now this is the part where you comment.


    14/9/02 10:21 PM
    DaGaSm: hi
    DaGaSm: who is this???
    psykotik2k: you are a moron
    DaGaSm: u avril??
    psykotik2k: moron!
    DaGaSm: rock on !!!!!

    Yet another reason why i have the general public blocked from contacting me on AIM.

    I called Suzi up on the phone last night for the first time ever. Haha. She was just about to log off AIM when i decided to just call her up and catch her off guard. Hee. I’ve been telling her for the past coupla weeks now that i would call but she never believed me.

    psykotik2k: you know i am going to call you up someday
    psykotik2k: i just dont know when
    psykotik2k: but i will surprise you
    psykotik2k: bwahahaha
    ex0ticnsull3n: SURE.

    So i call and she picks up and she has no idea who i was. So i tell her and she’s like all “Omigawd! Omigawd!”. Haha. That was funny. And yes she does have a Southern accent. And apparently, i have no accent at all. I sound ‘normal’. How boring is that. I want a Southern accent too! Or maybe Canadian. I tried talking to my girlfriend with a Southern accent last night but i ended up sounding really gay.

    Things i learned while talking to Suzi:

    1. She says ‘gosh’ and ‘goodness’ a lot.
    2. That i’ve been pronouncing the word ‘southern’ wrong my entire life (it’s ‘suth-ern’, not ‘south-ern’. what the hell. bah!)
    3. She moves around too much. Never sits still.
    4. She’s a lot nicer to me on the phone than she is online.

    I swear, there isn’t a day that goes by on AIM where we’re not telling each other to ‘shut up’ or calling each other names like ‘stupid’ or ‘tard’ or saying ‘you’re dumb’ or whatever. It happens A LOT. Plus she’s always warning me on AIM too. And for no reason! If you happen to see me online with a high warning level on my SN, you can bet that it’s probably her doing.

    She should be nicer to me. I helped her get 9 hosting offers! 9! She’s got a new URL now by the way. Go bug her and tell her to stop being a meanie head to me online.

    Other people that i wish to someday call up.

    In other news, Eve is still alive. Yay. She posted here yesterday. Get your internet connection up and get back online ASAP woman.

    Cleo is back. You may remember her from earlier this year when she used to post on this site. Before she and her site suddenly disappeared off the face of the earth. But she’s back now so weee.

    Here are some of her posts. Maybe that will refresh your memory.

    I haven’t spoken to her since forever now. I wonder if she remembers me. Oh well.

    I would put up a new link to Meg’s site but it isn’t completely finished yet (because Liz is a horribly lazy Canadian and is taking her time setting up the blog part of Meg’s site) but don’t you agree with me when i say that Meg is teh gorgeous? I think she is.

    Agree with me you fuckers or i will quit the site.

    Have any of you looked in the guestbook lately? It’s always a great source of amusement because not only do people think i’m Avril on AIM, but also in my guestbook! Stupid people of the world unite!

    Here are some samples.

    First, the people who think i have a vagina.

    Comments: Hey is that you on your main page!?! Damn girl! you are FINE!

    Comments: hi nice girl with nice web page

    Then there are the Avril haters.


    Comments: avril lavigne is a fucking poser ass bia-tch. if she is soooo punk…then why is her music the exact opposite AND on the radio and mtv? ok, bands like nfg and good charlotte did sell out, but they are still good. because they, unlike avril, had to start from the ground up and they earned their own fans by being good bands. avril just pops out of canada and acts like she knows what the hell she is doing. if anyone cared about the REAL punk scene, they would know better than to just be into the fashion of punk, and not sell out to mtv, which in turn sells punk into mainstream. now, thanx to avril, we will now see britney and n’sync teeny boppers sporting beaters, chuck taylors, liberty spikes, mohawks, and punk rock gear. thanx avril…for being so gratious to all of us who are punx who actually give a damn about our scene, now we will have these half assed little 10 year old girls running around saying “Punk is sooo cool, like oh my god, i am punk and i shop at hot topic!”…”let’s go to the mall!”

    And then there are the fans.

    Comments: This site kicks ass!! Avrilz tha best female singer out there! keep on rockin avril!!!!!!!!

    Comments: Damn there is some jealous people around here…anyways i just wanted to say that you guys cheer me up when i’m at work cause i hate my job but when avril’s toons are up…it boosts me up and takes away my working melancholy!So it’s pretty chill to see a gurlie singing some reel toons about real life issues compared to all those sellout chicks that just sing about synthetic love that is never gonna happen anyway so peace out and a big up to you guys so keep on kicking those guitars and distort those pedals as much as you want as long you guys remain your own okay! ;0) ciao ciao

    Then there is this one girl.

    Comments: Omg Omg! Avril is so damn awsome! She is my idol! The porn Jokes r very funny. Avril Avril Avril Avril Avril Avril Avril, U know, after u say it a lot it doesnt makes sense……..at all!

    And then there is this one guy who makes fun of that one girl.

    Comments: OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! Justin is so damn awsome!!! He is my idol!!! He is so very funny. Justin Justin Justin Justin Justin Justin Justin, you know, after you say it a lot He’s still so very awsome. OMG!!!! “faint”

    I think Thess said it best when she said:

    Teflon Parakeet: Your readers are so odd.

    Free XXX passwords!

    For use with Bangbus.com and Milfhunter.com.

    There are over 560 (!) logins and passwords for you to try out. I’m sure that at least a handful out of all those passwords will work. The Bangbus passwords can also be used with Boobsquad.com. And the Milfhunter passwords on Bignaturals.com. Passwords will also work with a whole bunch of other sites that are under their respective networks but they all suck compared to the 4 that i just mentioned so i won’t bother listing them out.

    Anyhoo, click on ‘more’ for the passwords you porno freak you.

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