Amanda vs. Amanda

Facially, i’d go for Bynes.

But boobage-wise, it’s Seyfried all the way. Have you seen her knockers? Holy crap. Somebody find screencaps of her cleavage in that one episode of Veronica Mars.

Shame about the weird face though.

Someday, i’m going to fap to this girl.


HAY look at what im boughted lolzz!!!

Actually got it like about 3 weeks ago. It’s a Mazda RX-8 if you couldn’t already tell. Apparently better than Nissan’s 350Z, which is its closest ‘rival’ or something. I dunno.

Who cares.

Now it’s probably just because i suck at taking pictures but i have to say, the car actually looks a lot better in real life than it does in pics.

Kind of like certain celebrities i suppose.

6 speed manual transmission, 4 seater, 4 door (suicide rears), leather interior, 238 horsepower rotary engine, 18 inch rims and it corners like it’s on freakin’ rails.

It is quite the gas guzzler though. That’s pretty much the only major downside.

Conclusion: if it were a girl, i’d hit it.

Brokeback Mountain

Nude caps from the gay cowboy movie!

No pics of two fags though.


Just the chicks. Anne Hathaway and Michelle Williams.

Here’s a scene that’s apparently in the script:


Both are warm inside JACK’S bedroll.

JACK is wide awake now. ENNIS, on his back is half-asleep.

JACK, tentative, takes one of ENNIS’S big hands from outside the bedroll and guides it inside, down toward his own groin.

ENNIS, coming full awake, realizes where his hand is… jerks it away as if he’s touched fire.

Raises up, gets to his knees, unbuckles his belt, shoves his pants down with one hand, uses the other to haul JACK up on all fours.

JACK doesn’t resist.

ENNIS spits in the palm of his hand, puts it on himself.

They go at it in silence, except for a few sharp intakes of breath.

ENNIS shudders.


Have no idea if it’s in the movie though, since i haven’t actually seen it. But it heard it’s good!

(the movie i mean)