Kaylee DeFer

She’s pretty cute*

*with her hair down.

But then again i’ve always had a thing for chicks with big foreheads (Thora Birch, Keegan Connor Tracy, Rachel Leigh Cook, etc)

Conclusion: I’d hit it.

Oh blah blah blah

So Lindsay Lohan’s going to ‘bare all’ for a Vanity Fair cover. What a crock of shit. You know it’s just going to be another one of those lame strategic nudes where all the goodies are covered up. Kinda like that EW cover she did with her arms and legs obscuring everything. The only way this VF cover pic will live up to the hype is if it’s a pic that’s similar to that old Jennifer Aniston one where she’s completely topless with only her fingers covering her nipples.

Either that or a hand-bra pic.

But finger-bra > hand-bra.

Rachel Stevens

Screencaps from that stupid S Club movie she was in.

I actually sat down to watch that dumb movie when it was on TV a couple of months ago. It was fucking terrible. But what do you expect. It’s from the same people who made that stupid Spice World movie.

Only reason why i even bothered to watch the whole thing was because there were two Rachel’s in it. The real Rachel (she plays herself in the movie) and a dumb Rachel clone.

Dumb Rachel clone? I’d buy that for a dollar!

The things i’d do with a dumb Rachel clone…

Oh, i’d buy this 2006 Rachel calendar for a dollar too.